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A “Laundry Hack” Can Save Time and Your Mental State

17 Jun 2014 – 09:35 AM EDT

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Doing laundry can be excruciating, and even more so for parents. Kids find new and incredible ways to get dirty, and keeping their clothes clean can seem like a losing battle. As someone who is incredibly lazy when it comes to these chores, I will often use a “laundry hack,” to make the job a little easier.

Grass/Blood Stains

Any active child’s clothes is going to have plenty of both of these stains, which if they make it through the dryer are seemingly with you forever. Not so if you take advantage of the scientific magic of hydrogen peroxide. Pour a small amount—enough to cover the stained area—and wait a few moments. The peroxide should fizz and bubble, which indicates it’s breaking down the biological components of the stains. Depending on the severity, it could take repeated attempts before it’s ready to go in the washer.

Ink Stains

I’m a writer, Madison’s mother is an amateur portraitist, and Madison herself is more artistic than both of us combined. Thus, her clothes have always had ink stains because there are pens everywhere around her houses. Yet alcohol-based hairspray or hand sanitizer can work wonders on an ink stain.

Grease Stains

A good grease stain can mean the end of a piece of clothing, whether it’s grease-based paint or simply an oily meal served to a messy-eater. If the stain dries, you might as well give it a name because it will be with you forever. If you catch it while it’s fresh, use ground-up chalk or baby powder to absorb the oil (with a little elbow grease).


As far as laundry hacks go, vinegar is one of the most versatile substances you can use. Madison had sensitive skin as a baby, so bleach was out of the question. Instead, we used white vinegar and direct sunlight to help get stains out of white items. You can also use vinegar in lieu of fabric softener in the washer. It also helps to break down soap residue, so dark clothes don’t come out gray. It also works wonders on perspiration or deodorant stains and spraying clothes with it can even keep them fresh in-between washings.


The Dryer is an amazing piece of technology, but with the fast pace of modern life it can still take too long. And who has time to iron clothes anymore? The fact is, with access to a dryer, you can kill both of these birds with a time-saving stone. To dry clothes more quickly, throw in a (dry) towel, sweater, or anything that can help soak up the water. If you have (dry) wrinkled clothes, use those and when you take everything it out, the wrinkles will have vanished.

Everyone has a few of these tricks up their sleeves, what is your best laundry hack? Share in the comments below!