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Man breaks into bank to heat up snack

29 May 2020 – 03:28 PM EDT

SAN DIEGO, CA - On Wednesday night, San Diego Police reported a man breaking into a bank in California. He did so just to heat up his "Hot Pocket" in the break room microwave.

When officers arrived they found a broken window by the drive-thru. The alarm company alerted the police from surveillance cameras describing the individual.

When police arrived they found the man with the Hot Pocket.

  • Reporter: "You did that for a Hot Pocket?"
  • The man: "Yes, all that for a hot pocket."
  • Reporter: "You broke into a bank for a hot pocket?"
  • The man: "Hot Pocket. Hot Pocket."
  • Reporter: "Was it worth it?"
  • The man: "Hell yeah it was worth it. *bleep* yes, it was worth it. A Hot Pocket? Hell yeah."

The man was arrested on suspicion of being inside the bank.