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Details on how to win $100 Amazon gift card with Xavier the Freaking Rican

Just in time for the holidays!
3 Dic 2019 – 05:20 PM EST

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Vibe 107.5 joined forces with the CW along with our friends at Amazon to give away $100 gift cards just in time for the holidays each morning with Xavier the Freaking Rican!

Heros will fall and legends will rise on CW's highly-anticipated show superhero crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths! All your questions could be answered in the crossover event. Who will die to save billions of lives on Earth? Will Batman and Supergirl team up again? Will we get to meet the cild that Lois Lane had with Superman?

Supergirl, Batwomen, The Flash, Arrow and DC's Legends of Tomorrow will unite in a five-episode event starting at 7pm central on CW 35.

Don't miss out on the following episodes:

Part 1 on Sunday, 12/8/19: Supergirl (7-8p)

Part 2 on Monday 12/9/19: Batwoman (7-8p)

Part 3 on Tuesday, 12/10/19 The Flash 7-8p)

Part 4 on Tuesday, 1/14/20: Arrow (7-8p)

Part 5 on Tuesday, 1/14/20: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (9-10p)