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College student lucky to be alive after yoga pose goes wrong

She's lucky
29 Ago 2019 – 12:21 PM EDT

Monterrey, NL, MX - 23-year-old Alexa Terrazas is very lucky to live another day after she fell six floors while practicing yoga on her balcony. Terrazas was using her balcony as support for some of her extreme yoga poses. One of her risky moves almost cost her, her life Saturday and she flipped over the balcony landing on the pavement. It appears on her social media that she had indeed tried this pose before as pictured.

Neighbors said they witnessed Terrazas doing an upside-down pose when she flipped over the edge of her terrace. Investigators said that the railing was structurally sound and nothing was wrong with it. Claimed that she fell on accident and found no foul play.

She was treated by paramedics with the Red Cross and Nuevo León Civil Protection then transported to a local hospital in Monterrey where she was pronounced in critical condition. Terrazas suffered fractures to both legs and arms, her hips and head.

Doctors had to reconstruct her legs and it may be three years before she is able to walk again.