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A throwback to the PlayStation 2

The game console debuted on March 4, 2000
4 Mar 2020 – 12:08 PM EST

Video games have been part of our culture for many years. It was Sony who took the popular gaming machine to a different level. When Sony unveiled the PlayStation 2 on March 4, 2000 in Japan and October 26, 2000 it was for sale in North America, it was literally a game changer.

The PlayStation 2 was not only a cool, got-to-have gaming machine but it was also a DVD player as well. The machine had dual purpose by not only reading games that were made on DVD discs but you could watch your favorite movie too on one machine.

Back then, home DVD players were expensive and had only been out for a few years, but for the same price, it was a no brainer. No other console could play DVDs back then. The machine also could play your favorite album on CD as well making it an all around entertainment power house.

Another unique feature about the unit was the controller. It was a DualShock wired controller with two joy sticks with force feedback to really feel the games that you were playing.

A fun fact to know is that the best selling game for the PS2 was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas with over 17.33 million units sold.

The PS2 had backwards compatibility meaning that you could keep and play your favorite original PlayStation 1 games.

Sony sold over 155 million PlayStation 2 units worldwide, making it the most played console of all time.

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