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5-year-old makes grandparents dress up as 'Up' characters

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13 Sep 2019 – 03:59 PM EDT

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5-year-old Elijah has a huge obsession with the Pixar movie "Up." He had asked his 90-year-old grandparents to dress the part of Carl and Ellie for a photoshoot.

The viral photograph is making it's rounds around social media.

The story takes a twist when the photographer, Elijah's mom, Rachel Perman, who is diganosed with cancer after her son and twin daughter Emilee were born.

Five years later, the cancer has diminished and for the twins' birthday she wanted to do something special.

Grandparents Richard and Caroline Bain, who resemble the up characters Carl and Ellie were thrilled to take part of the special photoshoot.