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This is what it's like to tour with Alejandro Sanz

On the U-LAB Podcast, pianist and singer-songwriter Glenda del E talks about life on the road as part of Sanz's band and her own projects.
24 Sep 2017 – 08:11 PM EDT

Glenda del Monte Escalante, artistically known as Glenda del E, grew up in a musical family in Cuba: her grandparents, parents and extended family are all musicians. After studying piano in music convervatory starting at age 7 in Havana and later completing her studies in Toronto, Canada, Glenda got a call from Alejandro Sanz's musical director to join his Sirope tour in 2015.

Since then, Glenda has been performing with Sanz - including his massive anniversary concert for a crowd of 50,000 in Madrid this past June. She has also been honing her own style - which she calles "Q-ban mixology" - in her own compositions and with her Miami-based band, whhich includes her father, percussionist Mario del Monte Jr.

Glenda del E is U-LAB Music's Resident Artist of the Month and we will be collaborating with her in the coming weeks creating music and special content. On September 27, join Glenda as well as COASTCITY and DJ Dale Dale for a jam session at our U-LAB Music Space in Little River in Miami to raise funds for those in South Florida affected by hurricane Irma. We'll also be sharing information on how to help victims of hurricane Maria and the Mexico earthquake.

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