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Immigrant families ready plans in case of deportation 3:40
Immigrant families ready plans in case of deportation
A climate of fear around Trump's immigration policies has lead many parents in Immokalee, Florida, to prepare for the worst: deportation. Many are making plans for their children, in the case that they're left alone in the United States, such as coordinating a legal guardian. Others are processing passports for their children, so that the entire family can leave the country in the event of a deportation.
Ahead of the Super Bowl, Mexico’s avocado growers say they don’t fear Trump 2:03
Ahead of the Super Bowl, Mexico’s avocado growers say they don’t fear Trump
Twelve percent of annual U.S. demand for avocados — or about 100,000 tons — will be consumed in the days before and after the Super Bowl. Mexican producers say that Trump's threats would only mean higher prices for U.S. consumers.
Letters of support flooded in after Ramírez wrote to her customers.
María Ramírez letters of support
Letters flooded in after María Ramírez wrote to her 800 customers.
Video: How the women's march took Washington by storm 2:02
Video: How the women's march took Washington by storm
A day after Trump's inauguration, the U.S. capital was filled by hundreds of thousands of protesters who stole some of the limelight from the newly sworn-in president.
Poet’s perspective: Cuba, Trump and democracy 3:03
A poet's perspective: Cuba, Trump and democracy
Obama’s inaugural poet, Richard Blanco, reflects on last week’s dramatic shift in U.S. policy towards Cuban immigrants, as well as Donald Trump and democracy.
#DisruptingGender live from Davos
Watch the livestream of Univision and Fusion's World Economic Forum panel on the struggle to reach gender equality at 10:30 a.m. ET on January 18. Univision anchor Enrique Acevedo will moderate the discussion.
How a group of recently arrived Cubans found out about the end of the ‘w... 1:49
How a group of recently arrived Cuban arrivals found out about the end of the ‘wet foot, dry foot’ policy
The announcement to scrap the benefits came as a bucket of cold water for the Cuban migrants who just arrived in the United States. As this group waits for their papers, the uncertainty grows on whether they will ever be reunited with the relatives they left on the island.
Jorge Ramos y Trump
Trump and Chávez: united by their intolerance against the press (PHOTOS)
Inspired by the president elect's recent press conference, where he accused a CNN journalist telling him "you are fake news", here is a review of clashes between Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and the press.
The evolution of the U.S.-Mexico border 2:35
The evolution of the U.S.-Mexico border
This is the story of how land along the frontier between the U.S. and Mexico passed through Spanish and Mexican hands before becoming part of the United States. In those days there was no wall.
Trump during a veterans fundraiser in January
Trump considers Luis Quiñonez for Veterans Affairs post
The businessman and Vietnam War veteran confirmed the news to Univision News after leaving a meeting with the president-elect in Mar-A-Lago, Florida. Trump is expected to confirm the nominations "in the next two days."
This image, released by the Bolivian football federation on Nov 29 2016,...
The airline that footballers trusted with their lives
Ricardo Albacete opened his air transport company in Venezuela, but when things didn't go well he sought the support of the controversial Panamanian lawfirm Mossack Fonseca. He is also associated with a blacklisted Chinese businessman.
Before crashing, the LaMia aircraft pushed its fuel limit on eight other flights
In the last six months, the aircraft endangered the life of three different football teams by failing to comply with regulations requiring a fuel reserve of at least 45 minutes.
Former CIA analyst: "Fidel Castro discovered me"
Fidel Castro: 'The ultimate spymaster'
In a new book, former CIA analyst Brian Latell looks back on his efforts to track and understand Castro and how the Cuban leader outwitted U.S. intelligence officials.
How to fight hate incidents
Here's how you can denounce hate and racism
Whether you’re the target of a prejudiced slur or the victim of assault, every incident of hate is important, and should be reported. Here’s how.
Migrants turn to prostitution to escape Venezuela's crisis
Brothels, bars, and dating sites in Colombia are full of Venezuelans who offer sexual services in exchange for hard currency. The state simply calls them irregular migrants, but their illegal status makes them vulnerable to abuse.