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Anthony Almanzar

Whether 'Cuffin' Season' or 'Revenge Is Sweet Season'... ¡Aquí te decimos how to be ready!

You don't know what 'Cuffin Season' means? Don't look any further! We got your answers and more.
4 Nov 2016 – 02:28 PM EDT

A couple weeks ago, our boy Anthony A gave the gentleman some tips to get ready for 'Cuffin' Season'. A time of the year when guys have to start looking for a lady to spend the rest of the year with. You know, thorughout the holidays. How does it work? He has all the answers for you on this video.

Now even celebrities are getting ready for 'Cuffin' Season'. Check out what Jacquees had to say about it...

However, he wasn't expecting that K-Love 107.5's own 'Mujer Maravilla', Donaji, would come to the rescue and get back at him with her version of 'Cuffin' Season', but with a twist: 'Revenge Is Sweet Season'. Stepping up for the ladies out there, who could easily fall for all the 'trampas' guys come up with. ¡Y también dejo sus tips para las chicas! Watch and listen the video below.

Who will win this battle? ¡Se va a poner bueno! **Grabbing popcorn**