These are the latest victims of a wave of anti-government protests in Venezuela

At least eight people have died as a result of the crackdown on a wave of anti-government protests in Venezuela. The majority of the victims were very young students hit by bullets from security forces or paramilitary "collectives."
Por: Univision
Publicado: 24 Apr | 12:53 PM EDT
Jairo Johan Ortiz Bustamante tenía 19 años y fue la primera víctima de l...
Jairo Johan Ortiz Bustamante, 19, was the first victim in protests against the government of Nicolas Maduro. He died from a gunshot in the chest on April 6 during a nighttime protest in Montaña Alta, Miranda state. According to local media reports, a policeman was charged with his death and detained. Ortiz was a student and hoped to leave Venezuela in June to live in Colombia. Foto: Instagram Jairo Ortiz | Univision
Daniel Queliz acababa de cumplir 20 años cuando falleció el pasado 10 de...
Daniel Queliz had just turned 20 when he died on April 10 from a gunshot in the neck at a protest in Valencia (Carabobo). The young man had taken to the streets with a group of neighbors and was shot by a Carabobo Police agent. He studied law and was a baseball and soccer fan. Foto: Facebook | Univision
Miguel Ángel Colmenares tenía 36 años. El pasado 12 de abril falleció de...
Miguel Ángel Colmenares was 36 years old when he died April 12 from 11 gunshots during a demonstration in Barquisimeto, the capital of the state of Lara. It's suspected that he was shot by members of armed groups, known as collectives. Foto: Twitter / El Pitazo | Univision
En la misma noche que falleció Colmenares, se cree que los colectivos de...
The same night that Colmenares died, the Barquisimeto collective is believed to have killed another person by gunshot: Bryan Principal. Only 14 years old, he and his three siblings were orphans, so he worked to help the family with expenses. According to information provided by his relatives to the website Pitazo, the young man went out to buy coffee when he was shot. Foto: El Pitazo | Univision
Gruseny Antonio (Tony) Canelón murió el 13 de abril en el Hospital Centr...
Gruseny Antonio (Tony) Canelón died April 13 at the Central Hospital of Barquisimeto, two days after Bolivarian National Guard shot him several times with bird shot pellets. Doctor Jesus Guarecuco confirmed his death was due to being "shot with a firearm, multiple times at point blank by the [National Guard] from about 50 centimeters away." Tony was 32 years old and lived in the urbanization El Trigal, in Los Rastrojos (Lara state). He studied Civil Engineering, was an athlete and sometimes worked as a model. Friends who migrated said he wanted to stay to fight for Venezuela. Foto: El Pitazo | Univision
Carlos J. Moreno tenía 17 años. Falleció el pasado 19 de abril por un di...
Carlos J. Moreno was 17 years old. He passed away in Caracas during a protest on April 19, after being shot in the head. "My boy did not make it, my boy died and I wanted him to graduate," said his mother, Ana, after the hospital confirmed her son's death. It's believed that the "collectives" killed Moreno. He was a first-year economics student at the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV). Foto: Twitter Vladimir Padrino | Univision
Paola Andreína Ramírez Gómez tenía 23 años. Como Moreno, falleció el pas...
Paola Andreína Ramírez Gómez was 23 years old. Like Moreno, she died April 19 from a gunshot wound to the head, in the western state of Táchira. The Venezuelan prosecutor's office confirmed the death occurred in a square in that city and explained, without giving more details, that the girl was passing through when she was beaten. Witnesses quoted by different media say that the shot was made by the "collectives." Foto: Facebook | Univision
El sargento segundo Neomar Sanclemente Barrios falleció el pasado 19 de...
The second sergeant of the National Guard Neomar Sanclemente Barrios died April 19 from a gunshot amid the protests. He was 26 years old and had a six-month-old daughter. Attached to the command of zone 44 of Miranda, Sanclemente Barrios was sent to control the protests in the capital. Foto: Twitter Vladimir Padrino | Univision
Además de los fallecidos directamente en las protestas, el ministro de C...
In addition to those killed in the protests, Venezuelan Communications Minister Ernesto Villegas confirmed the deaths of 12 people between Thursday and Friday in El Valle, southwest of Caracas, and another in the Petare neighborhood to the east of the capital. According to Villegas, three were killed by firearms and nine were electrocuted "during the looting of a bakery." Foto: Ronaldo Schedimdt/AFP/Getty Images | Univision