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Travis Scott proves loyalty to Kylie Jenner by deleting Instagram

Will this fix everything or make it worse
5 Mar 2019 – 10:50 AM EST

Try sliding into Travis Scott's DM box now. You can't because he deleted his Instagram account in attempts to prove his love and devotion to his wife Kylie Jenner.

Kyle Jenner had some accusations last week about a few messages that Travis Scott had between several women whom Scott's been chatting with. Kyle saw the "evidence" that leaded up to Scott missing an "Astroworld" performance due to family issues.

TMZ was told that the messages in his Instagram account were just "innocent flirting" and did not act any further. So Scott thought the best way to handle the situation was to remove it completely.

The Astroworld rapper is now trying to make amends with his baby mama even giving her shoutouts during his performances while on tour.

Kylie has been keeping her distance with her friends and some shopping therapy but only time will tell if she will move forward.