Univision co-anchors, Jorge Ramos and María Elena Salinas
María Elena Salinas leaves the Univision news anchor chair after 36 years
The award-winning Mexican-American was a presence in millions of Hispanic homes for several generations, and is now embarking on a new stage of her career as a freelance journalist.
María Elena Salinas fue la primera latina en recibir el premio a...
In photos: María Elena Salinas: a life dedicated to journalism
She started out as a journalist in Los Angeles in 1981 and since then her face and voice have been a fixture in the homes of millions of Hispanic families in the United States. Her last day at the network was Friday Dec 12th.
Former priest John Feit leaves the courtroom following closing arguments...
Ex-priest convicted of 57-year-old Texas crime, the murder of Irene Garza in 1960
The murder of Irene Garza, a Texas teacher of Mexican origin, was an unsolved crime for 57 years. In April of 1960 Garza went to confession in McAllen, Texas. Five days later, his corpse appeared floating in a canal.
In the wake of Hurricane Maria, mainland schools like this one in Florid...
Will Puerto Ricans return home after Hurricane María?
A new survey shows that some Puerto Rican migrants have plans to relocate to the mainland permanently, others have decided to stay on the mainland temporarily. A third, large group is undecided, waiting to see how the island recovers. They represent at least half of those expected to leave Puerto Rico before 2020 – or between 131,925 and 245,186 people.
Christiane Amanpour spoke out about sexual harassment of journalists, with Charlie Rose sitting a few feet away. Now she will replace the PBS star
Rose must have been sweating under his tuxedo as Amanpour laid into her male colleagues. "The floodgates are open, a reckoning is underway," she warned.
She used to be a neo-Nazi; now she helps people leave hate groups
Angela King has a unique insight into the most effective ways to respond to incidences of hate and extremism, and why people are in the life in the first place.
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Migrants shot by security guards aboard notorious "La Bestia" train
Immigrants advocacy groups report 300 shootings aboard the train known as the The Beast. Migrant victims point to security guards hired by the government.
Patricia Janiot
Univision News signs celebrated news anchor Patricia Janiot
After 25 years at CNN, Janiot will join Univision in January 2018 as co-anchor of “Noticiero Univision Edición Nocturna” and Primetime Magazine “Aquí y Ahora.”
Doug Jones
Clash of civilizations: meet Doug Jones, the overlooked Alabama U.S. Senate candidate challenging Roy Moore
The candidates in the Dec. 12 special election couldn't be more different. While Moore is accused of preying on young girls, Jones prosecuted the white supremacists who killed four black girls in a notorious church bombing. But, the Democratic party has not won a U.S. Senate race in Alabama in 25 years.
Elizabeth Guzman and Hala Ayala won seats in the Virginia House of Deleg...
Latinas emerge victorious in elections a year after Trump's presidential win
On Tuesday, minorities pushed back against a climate of intolerance and racial tension in landmark state elections in Virginia and New Jersey. Here's a rundown of minority winners from around the nation.
Chicago police
Former Chicago police detective is accused of framing dozens of innocent victims
Reynaldo Guevara has come under fire over allegations he bullied witnesses and framed innocent people in dozens of cases. Aquí y Ahora examines the allegations this Sunday, 7pm EST.
This October 15, 2017, photo shows workers from Whitefish Energy Holding...
Puerto Rico struggles to untangle itself from Whitefish
Governor Ricardo Rosselló described work done on the grid by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as "simply unacceptable," adding that the military team had shown "no sense of urgency."
Promo Martí
In photos: New York gifts Jose Marti statue to Cuba, with typos
The gift of international friendship by the Bronx Museum in New York was unveiled last Friday in Havana where a sharp eye spotted a couple of Spanish typos on the inscription under the 16-foot bronze statue. The work is a replica of a statue that portrays Marti, wounded, on a rearing horse in New York’s Central Park. It was funded with a $2.5 million campaign by the Bronx Museum in New York.
Interview: Meet the cartel wives, Olivia and Mia Flores
How two, well-brought up daughters of Chicago cops married into the drug trade, and survived to tell the tale, helping bring down El Chapo Guzman in the process. They agreed to an interview with Univision, but only under the most secretive conditions.
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The daughters of Chicago cops, Olivia and Mia Flores became drug cartel wives
They grew up in Chicago and their husbands, the Flores twins (aka ‘Los Mellizos’), worked for the Sinaloa cartel. The twins later became DEA informants in Mexico who helped bring down El Chapo Guzman. They have written a book, Cartel Wives, telling their story as a lesson to others not to fall for the narco life, and they regret what they put their families through. "Our fathers put on their suit of armor and their badge, and they are going out there on the streets of Chicago,” Mia confesses. “It’s the very same streets that our husbands were flooding with drugs.”