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Voter turnout was under 50 percent in Venezuela’s Dec. 10 mayor election...
Venezuelan regime sweeps mayors races, tightening Maduro’s grip on power
Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro used voter frustration and confusion to crush the opposition at the ballot box in December’s mayoral elections. Now Maduro may call for a snap presidential election in the first half of 2018.
Jorge Ramos y María Elena Salinas en el set del Noticiero Univision
Thank you María Elena
María Elena was one of the first people to welcome me when I started working as a local reporter at the Univision station in Los Angeles in 1984. Nothing changed when we started presenting the national news together. But now it's time to say goodbye.
Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto annointed his would-be succe...
‘El Dedazo' makes a comeback in Mexico
When it came to selecting the PRI candidate to succeed President Enrique Peña Nieto, there wasn’t even the false pretense of a democratic process. The president is likely concerned that his successor might investigate him for possible corruption so he had to resort to Mexico's old political tradition.
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Trump’s EPA: pro-pollution, anti-public health
The Trump Administration has turned its back on basic health protections all Americans have fought for generations to obtain, including the Clean Water Rule that helps protect drinking water from harmful pollution.
Trump women lie
The wizards of fake news
I’m not surprised by Trump’s lies. He’s just like many other liars I’ve met. Mexican, Cuban and Venezuelan politicians have taught me, first and foremost, that you cannot trust them.
Dreamers protesting in Washington outside the Capitol in October 2017.
Congress must act now to protect Dreamers
When President Donald Trump and Congressional leaders meet on Tuesday at the White House to discuss unresolved issues before Congress goes home for the holidays, the need for a permanent legislative solution for Dreamers must be a top priority.
Under President Enrique Peña Nieto the fight against organized cr...
Who’s really ‘bullying’ Mexico?
The Peña Nieto administration is on track to become the deadliest in modern Mexican history, deadlier even than that of Felipe Calderón, whose war against drugs left 104,089 people dead.
Trump addressed his immigration policy in Phoenix in August 2016.
Our Anti-Immigrant President
When Trump speaks against “chain migration” he’s using coded language. What the president really means is that he doesn’t want any more immigrants from Asia or Latin America coming to this country and staying. His message seems to be: You can stay, but your siblings and parents cannot.
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Rises Up
"A few days in Puerto Rico have convinced me that its people are rising to the challenge, and they will indeed move beyond the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria. And though today it may seem impossible, things may become even better than before."
Parent-teacher conference
Tools for the Hispanic parent in teacher conferences: An Interview with Dr. Andrea Ramirez
For millions of parents all around the country, it’s that time of year again for parent-teacher conferences. And yet, while much of our child’s educational success hangs in the balance, many of us approach this critical conversation without a plan.
Mexican Presidente Enrique Peña Nieto during a visit to Argentina...
A simple proposal to combat corruption in Mexico
Was President Enrique Peña Nieto’s 2012 presidential campaign financed by illegal money? There must be an independent investigation in order for us to find it out.
salud aborto
"I was once 'Jane Doe', too, and today I suffer for her"
In legal terminology, the name Jane Doe is used to identify a woman filing a lawsuit as an anonymous plaintiff. Today, one young Jane Doe was finally able to access an abortion after being held hostage in Brownsville, Texas, because of her age and her immigration status. This is the story of a reproductive rights activist who was once Jane Doe herself.
President Donald Trump tosses paper towels into a crowd as he hands out...
A battered island
Puerto Rico was hit twice this year: First by Hurricane Maria, then by President Donald Trump. His tardy visit to the island only reinforced the perception that he was not treating the 3.5 million American citizens there the same way he had treated the victims of Hurricane Harvey, in Texas, and Hurricane Irma, in Florida, earlier this year.
People come together to clean up debris and look for survivors.
Mexico rises
In the wake of the recent earthquakes in Mexico, film director Alfonso Cuarón, with support from Anonymous Content and Participant Media, has launched a multi-platform initiative called Mexico Rises, aimed at providing urgent relief to impacted communities.
El presidente Richard Nixon y el presidente de México Gustavo D&i...
How a Texas border hug became an annual ceremony celebrating 'Amistad'
This weekend, the sister-cities of Del Rio and Acuña will celebrate the historic partnership between the people of United States and Mexico during the annual Fiesta de Amistad.