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7 minutes: how long it takes to load 300 kilos of cocaine on a small plane in the Peruvian jungle
A video obtained by Univision Investiga, shows step by step a drug trafficking operation from the moment a small plane lands on a clandestine dirt landing strip until it takes off with the cargo seven minutes later, on a round-trip to and from Bolivia.
The demons of La Bestia: migrants accuse train guards of shooting them
Criminal complaints, testimonies and exclusive documents obtained by Univision News reveal that in recent years more than 300 migrants have been attacked and shot on board the train by security guards. These are their stories.
Migrantes que viajaban a Estados Unidos y fueron baleados en La Bestia,...
In photos: The security guards who terrorize migrants on La Bestia
Criminal complaints, testimonies and exclusive documents obtained by Univision reveal that in the last three years more than 300 migrants who were heading to the United States were attacked aboard the notorious train known as La Bestia (The Beast). Many of the victims blame armed guards from a mysterious security company, CUSAEM, operating on behalf of the State of Mexico.
La violencia desbordada ha provocado el desplazamiento forzado de ciento...
El Salvador, a country sown with death
Death haunts Salvadorans in every corner of the country, and families left behind by refugees are paralyzed by fear. The government does not officially acknowledge that violence has caused the forcible displacement of thousands of Salvadorans citizens.
Emilio Azcárraga Jean steps down as CEO of Televisa. Oct 26, 2017
Televisa CEO Emilio Azcarraga to step down, will stay on as chairman
At a time of transformation in the television business, Azcarraga cedes control of the world's largest Spanish-language content producer to his top advisers.
Promo Martí
In photos: New York gifts Jose Marti statue to Cuba, with typos
The gift of international friendship by the Bronx Museum in New York was unveiled last Friday in Havana where a sharp eye spotted a couple of Spanish typos on the inscription under the 16-foot bronze statue. The work is a replica of a statue that portrays Marti, wounded, on a rearing horse in New York’s Central Park. It was funded with a $2.5 million campaign by the Bronx Museum in New York.
Interview: Meet the cartel wives, Olivia and Mia Flores
How two, well-brought up daughters of Chicago cops married into the drug trade, and survived to tell the tale, helping bring down El Chapo Guzman in the process. They agreed to an interview with Univision, but only under the most secretive conditions.
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The daughters of Chicago cops, Olivia and Mia Flores became drug cartel wives
They grew up in Chicago and their husbands, the Flores twins (aka ‘Los Mellizos’), worked for the Sinaloa cartel. The twins later became DEA informants in Mexico who helped bring down El Chapo Guzman. They have written a book, Cartel Wives, telling their story as a lesson to others not to fall for the narco life, and they regret what they put their families through. "Our fathers put on their suit of armor and their badge, and they are going out there on the streets of Chicago,” Mia confesses. “It’s the very same streets that our husbands were flooding with drugs.”
Moreno vs Pettis in Mexico City.
Mixed martial arts has its sights set on Latin America
It remains to be seen whether Mexico will embrace mixed martial arts en masse. Mexicans and Mexican-Americans remain a dedicated fan base of boxing.
Terremo México
In photos: Mexico's slow recovery a month after the earthquake
On Sept 19, 2017 Mexico City was shaken by a strong earthquake and relived the nightmare of a similar day 32 years ago. This is how things look today.
Cesar Duarte, ex-Governor of Chihuahua state
Udder impunity: Cows for Mexican farmers ended up at ranch of ex-Governor
An investigation by an anti-corruption group alleges that 900 cows from New Zealand ended up at ranch of ex-Chihuahua Governor Cesar Duarte.
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Costa Rica, the southern route
Asylum applications have increased fivefold in Costa Rica over the last three years, due to an influx of people fleeing the Northern Triangle. The country has the most efficient legal system in the region.
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Belize is afraid
In two decades, Belize hasn’t granted a single asylum request. The government guards zealously the personal information of every Central American that has escaped violence and has requested protection in recent years. It won’t even share this information with the United Nations.
The image of a soldier in tears has gone viral after Marco Gil published...
How the earthquake helped Mexico’s army win back the people (for now)
The actions of one soldier who tried in vain to rescue a woman and her child in the rubble has become a symbol of gratitude many Mexicans feel towards an institution that until the earthquake seemed at odds with the people.
Cuban embassy, Washington DC
US expels half Cuba's diplomats over sonic "attacks"
The Trump administration ordered the expulsion of 15 Cuban diplomats from Washington, the State Department announced on Tuesday. It said the move was necessary to ensure "equitable staffing levels" after last week’s U.S. move to cut its own embassy staff in Havana. Cuba protested the expulsion calling it "unfounded and unacceptable."