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The outside of the E. Barrett Prettyman court in Washington, D.C.
Federal judge says government must allow an undocumented teenager to have an abortion
Lawyers at the Department of Justice said the girl, who crossed the border illegally and is in a refugee center in Texas, did not have the right to an abortion.
The international arrivals area at Dulles International Airport in Virgi...
Authorities to begin checking immigrants’ social media, starting this Wednesday
Data collected by DHS may be shared among agencies including ICE, Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and the Border Patrol (CBP).
James Matthew Bradley Jr., 61, faces up to life imprisonment.
Driver pleads guilty in fatal immigrant truck smuggling that killed 10
Authorities say at least 39 immigrants, most of them Mexicans, were packed into the sweltering trailer found by San Antonio police last July in a Walmart parking lot.
Cristina Jiménez Moreta leading a demonstration outside Congress...
Cristina Jiménez Moreta: from undocumented immigrant to winner of 'genius' award
Born in Ecuador, she is one of the three Latinos who were awarded a MacArthur Foundation 'genius grant' this week, for her work in defense of immigrants.
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Costa Rica, the southern route
Asylum applications have increased fivefold in Costa Rica over the last three years, due to an influx of people fleeing the Northern Triangle. The country has the most efficient legal system in the region.
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Belize is afraid
In two decades, Belize hasn’t granted a single asylum request. The government guards zealously the personal information of every Central American that has escaped violence and has requested protection in recent years. It won’t even share this information with the United Nations.
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Innocent 'Kikito', the larger than life photo of a child who knows no walls or borders
The 70-foot-tall artwork, created by the French artist JR, is an eye-catching attraction at the Tecate border, designed to highlight the innocence of young immigrants such as those awaiting word of possible deportation after the rescinding of DACA.
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What is this curious child thinking as he peers over the border wall?
The work titled 'Kikito, shows a little one-year-old looking over the rusted border fence in Tecate, Mexico. It was inspired by a dream of the French artist' JR '. When he woke up, he wondered what thoughts were going through the baby's head and decided to translate that idea into a work of art, measuring 70 feet in height.
Marcha en contra de la terminación de DACA en Los Ángeles,...
Deadline for DACA arrives
A month after U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the rescinding of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, the 800,000 recipients are still waiting for Congress to work out a deal with the Trump administration.
Guzman comenzó su activismo a los 20 años buscando mejoras...
Without DACA, fears of being forced back into the shadows
Victor Guzman was 10 when he came to America with his father. DACA allowed him to secure a job, study and start a career as an activist. Today, after failing to renew his DACA application, he lives in fear of deportation.
Guzman comenzó su activismo a los 20 años buscando mejoras...
Victor Guzman: "DACA has given me the opportunity to fight in the United States for my people"
"I have been fighting for social justice for five years, that I feel that I can no longer return to the shadows, I cannot remain silent. I don't know how I can contribute to this movement in the United States, but I feel like I'm going to keep fighting in any way I can," says the young activist.
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SPECIAL REPORT: Escaping death, asylum seekers surge in Mexico
The UN Refugee Agency estimates that by the end of 2017, there will be 20,000 refugee applications in Mexico. Nine out of 10 come from three countries: Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, in that order.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio during a recent interview in his private office in Fo...
Despite Arpaio's pardon, his Arizona victims say: "We won"
Saved from a humiliating end by his friend, President Trump, the former sheriff from Maricopa county shows no remorse. His victims feel defrauded, but find comfort in the fact that Arpaio will go down in history as a symbol of intolerance.
The coming storm: Are these 'temporary' immigrants Trump's next target?
In November, the Department of Homeland Security has to decide whether to extend Temporary Protected Status, or TPS, for some 59,000 Central Americans who received the status 18 years ago, after a powerful hurricane devastated their countries.
When a judge denies asylum to an immigrant who legitimately needs protec...
Asylum roulette: randomly selected judges decide the fate of immigrants
There is a growing gap between U.S. immigration judges who approve high numbers of asylum requests and those who approve the least, even though cases are assigned randomly. That signals that decisions are based more on ideology than fact.