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Resumen de La Rosa de Guadalupe capítulo 'La última flor del asfalto'

10 Jul 2020 – 08:00 PM EDT


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here makes me forget about

studying, about work,

look at you!

javi: the ones from the 8th.

started the fight, you know how

it is.

and i don't know why you're

still dating one of them!

aurelio: i do live there,

but i'm not like basilio

kenia: i miss you.

and you pay no attention to me.

you should take me for a walk.

aurelio: i don't have time,

susy: hello.

francisco: a pleasure, susy.

aurora: as i said, the gentleman

is looking for someone to clean

up his house and as i know

you're hard working, i thought

it's a sketch of painting i want

to start of you.

susy: what?

you want to paint me nude?

francisco: yes, it would be

artistically speaking.

if you accept, i'll pay you what

you'd make in a year.

got mad at the artist.

i won't work for him anymore.

javi: why not?

susy: because! i decided it,

and that's better because i have

a better body than her.

and then you'll add her face.

that's it.

help me smash his face,

and get back at him for

i'm disappointed in you.

don't ever come looking for me

susy: aurelio, please listen

to me.

may we talk?

kenia: no, you may not,

store where he works.

basilio: be quiet, and don't

tell aurelio or i'll beat you

so hard you'll have bruises

have to prove your innocence.

you have to get out of jail.

i know you will because the

virgin of guadalupe will help


with her help, we'll prove your

carried away by bad influences,

and i couldn't see you could be

for me.

i knew your face by heart.

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