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Resumen de La Rosa de Guadalupe capítulo 'Hierba mala'

11 Jul 2020 – 08:00 PM EDT


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my girlfriend?

minerva: i won't lie.

i like you, you're handsome

and i'd like to date you,

saul: i won't let you talk to

her that way or disrespect her,

involved with many men,

but god knows that i'm still

hell, i can't take it anymore.

berenice: your mom doesn't

defend you?

minerva: my mom is another piece

of furniture. when we argue,

she cries all the time.

berenice: if you don't like your

parents, why don't you move out?

you can work and make your own

money and move out. that would

minerva: how much do you love

me? would you let me move in

with you?

saul: do you want to live with


minerva: yes.

saul: but if you moved in with

me, you would have to give me

your treasure. i really want it.

minerva: no way. i won't give

you my treasure just like that.

saul: then we should get


minerva: to get married?

your girlfriend won't go home

or what?

saul: that's precisely what

i wanted to talk about that.

minerva, my girlfriend,

will move into our house.

dorita: what? are you crazy?

no way, she can't live here.

go home right now, come on.

saul: mom, if she leaves,

i'll leave with her,

because i love her.

so think it carefully.

i need your support, but if i

clean the whole house. i have

to wash the dishes at breakfast,

lunch and dinner,

do the laundry and the ironing.

your mom's crazy.

saul: stand it. she's my mom

and the owner of this house,

and my dad's right. i have to

teach you a lesson. you're my

woman and you'll do what you're

told to do without complaining.

i'm the one who wears the pants

here. got it?

minerva: [thinks] what did i do?

a mother fights everything

to make her children happy.

didn't know what i was doing.

don't go.

minerva: i won't forgive you.

saul: please, don't leave me,

i love you.

minerva: you should've thought

my life at home with you.

enedina: baby.

lesson from all of this.

now learn your lesson, dad.

i know i've been rebellious

and mouthy,

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