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Resumen de La Rosa de Guadalupe capítulo 'En busca del perdón'

21 Ene 2021 – 08:00 PM EST

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xóchitl: but you bought my sister more clothes.the best things and i just get the leftovers.melisa: that's not true, but we can share our clothesif you want. i don't mind.we have to start planning it. horacio: about that--we won't be able to throw a party.xóchitl: why? mom and you had told me you would.horacio: we thought that the shop would be sellingwith that angel look of hers, she makes my parents give hermy classmates are making fun of me because i won't havea 15th birthday party. i think they're rightyour sister see i love you both the same.melisa: she's mad because she won't have a party, mom.certificate to enter the volleyball competition.jazmín: okay, i'll give it to youwe considered you our daughter and we've always consideredyou so. melisa: why didn't you tell me?why did you lie to me all this time?don't you see your jealousy has destroyed your family?you wanted to hurt melisa, but you've also hurt us.xóchitl: you know what? i don't regret telling melisajazmín: what are you doing here? >> i came for my daughter.melisa: don't call me daughter! why didn't you tell me thatmy mother was a drug addict? why? how many more liesyou're just an abandoned child! melisa: listen to me, dumb girl.i can't lose my daughter. i didn't give her birth,i need to gain her affection back to make her be a good girlto avoid seeing you. get out!i would be very happy to have you by my was your fault that i lost one of my daughters.xóchitl: she's not yours. jazmín: in my heart, she isi won't miss the chance to give a pretty girl like youmelisa: susana has a partner and he tried to rape me.melisa: even though i treated you very badly, you still wantme to be with you? jazmín: of course, honey.your mistakes will never be bigger than the love we have

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