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La Rosa de Guadalupe - 'Un buen matrimonio'

8 Feb 2021 – 12:00 AM EST

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joaquín: these two years dating are the best that has everhappened to me. you're the most beautifuland wonderful woman in the world.amalia: i love you, darling. joaquín: i'm sure you're the onewith whom i want to share my life.will you marry me? amalia: yes, my life.of course, i want to be your wife.i love very, very much. nothing would make me happierthan sharing my life with you. joaquín: you're the womanof my life. amalita: your engagementis such a great news. wow, this ring, how fine,what a good taste. i can tell it costs a fortune.joaquín: it's the least she deserves.i know she's the right one, and she'll make me very happy.well, i'm off to tell the news to my parents.good night, darling. amalia: yes, honey.joaquín: bye. amalia: see you tomorrow.both: [cheer] amalita: this will be a reallygood marriage. joaquín comes froma well-off family. he'll inherit the companyof the torres and valbuena. amalia: that doesn't matter,but that we love each other deeply and we're madefor one another. amalita: that you love him isa plus, but a good position it's always very important.amalia: mom, but-- amalita: besides, don't forgetthe education i've given you. your beauty is paying offthe fruits i've always wanted. we have to get outof the poverty in which your dad you left uswhen he died, with all i've invested in your education.georgina: good you're here, son. i was asking your dadabout the investment you're about to makeon the textiles factory. joaquín: we'll closethat deal soon, don't worry. i have an amazing news now.>> what about, son? joaquín: i'm goingto marry amalia. i asked her to be my wifeand she accepted. aren't you pleased?>> it's high time you thought about marriagebecause i want a grandson to inherit our fortuneand perpetuate our surname. joaquín: that's how it'll be.georgina: well, if you made up your mind, i'll respect it.the good thing is you chose a womanwith a prestigious surname. her family used to be rich,though they aren't so anymore. joaquín:, with amalia i'll set a gathering for the familiesto celebrate the engagement. amalia: look, this dressis precious. amalita: come on,it's too simple. choose a dress to the levelof joaquín's family, making you look'll be the wedding of the year, don't forget it.everyone has to talk about of dress.amalia: but i like it simple. less is more.amalita: that's nonsense. if there's money,it has to be showed. i'll choose it for you.[knocking on door] come on in, feel at home.joaquín: sorry, i didn't say i was coming,but i preferred telling you personally about this prenuptialmarriage agreement. amalia: what's this about?amalita: it's something common among well-off'd be protected, in case something doesn't workbetween you. amalia: do i have to sign it?joaquín: yes, it's for my parents.amalia: but... what's this clause?i have to run fertility prenuptial tests to make surei can give you a heir? i don't agree with it.joaquín: darling, understand. having a male son is my, he'll carry on with my family heritancein the companies. you know how my parents are.amalita: yes, dear. the torres and valbuenawould protect their surname. and we'll do what they say.sign now. days i finished checking the fertility tests,and i'm sorry to tell you that you have an infant won't be able to get won't be a mother. amalia: i'll never hold a sonin my arms... never.what's going to happen with joaquín?he won't marry me if i don't give him a i can't lose him.miss? lourdes: yes, i hear you.amalia: i already talked with the doctor.unfortunately, he gave me a bad test's results says that i won't be a mother.lourdes: i'm so sorry about it. it's a pity, being so young.amalia: if you truly get my pain, please, help me.change the results. nobody can knowi can't have children. lourdes: i can't do that.amalia: of course you can. you manage the filesof the doctor's patients. you have hospital's can help me. amalita: sweetheart!you look beautiful. joaquín will die of lovewhen he'll see you entering the church.amalia: this is the happiest day of my dream came true. amalita: the dreamof the two of us. that's how i had imagined youat the most important day of your life.amalia: i'll be with the man of my life.amalita: that doesn't matter. as from today, we'll stopbeing poor. and when you'll have the heirthe torres and valbuena wish so much, you'll becomethat family's queen. amalia: come on, let's go.i don't mean to make joaquín wait, despite the bridecan be late. amalita: no, make him wait.i go for my purse. oh, dear.why do you take all these clothes?joaquín will buy you all you wantand even better quality. amalia: yes, but there's no needto waste clothes if they are in perfect conditions.amalita: and this? what?you can't get pregnant? amalia: i'm sorry,i wasn't brave to tell you, but i'll never be a mother.amalita: so, what tests did you show joaquín?amalia: they're fake. these are the true ones.i didn't want lose him. what could i do?amalita: tell me, so we could look for a solution.amalia: i hope the day he finds out,he'll forgive me for having hidden from himsomething so serious. but i'm already married,that soothes me. amalita: don't be stupid.he can't find it out. he'll divorce you.we'll be left with nothing, if you don't give him a heir.that's stipulated in the prenuptial, not a word about this. is it clear?amalia: yes, yes... ms. georgina is startingto pressure because i don't get pregnantand months go by. amalita: her reactionis logical. that was the conditionfor you to marry. amalia: mom...i don't want to lose him, but i'll have to say the truth.amalita: of course not. i won't lose my moneyjust because you can't get pregnant.don't cry, honey. feeling sad is useless.we have to grab the bull by its horns.amalia: sooner or later joaquín and his familywill realize i can't be a mom. i have no choice.amalita: not you, but i do. we'll buy a childand pretend he's yours. amalia: no.i can't get so low. amalita: then, get ready to losejoaquín and all his fortune. months after.>> sir, it's time. >> yes, go ahead.joaquín: well, i'm off to the meetingwith the colombian investors. >> yes, but i wanted to knowsomething first. what's going on with your wife?she still doesn't get pregnant. it's been a yearsince you get married. joaquín: the child will comeas he will. georgina: wouldn't it bethat she can't have children? joaquín: you sawthe fertility results. she can get pregnant any time.georgina: if you're not taking care,she should be pregnant already. amalia: what's wrong?is everything fine? georgina: no, nothing is's high time you gave us a grandson,and nothing has happened. so, we'll take youwith the doctor of the family so he sees you.amalia: no. joaquín: why not?amalia: we won't need it. i was just coming to tell youthat everything signals that i'm pregnant.joaquín: seriously, darling? why haven't you told usanything? amalia: i still needthe doctor's confirmation. but i already have daysof delay. don't take it bad,but i want to see my gynecologist.he's my reliable doctor. how am i going to do now?amalita: it's simple. though you don't want to,you'll have to buy a child to make him their heir.that's the best decision to ensure our future.amalia: i don't know... i don't know if i can do it.a lie always takes you to another one.amalita: yes, the lie about your pregnancyis leading you to buy a child. so, you have no choice.otherwise, not only you will be ruined, but me too.amalia: you're right. let's buy a you think it'll be easy? >> vitamin c...i'm sorry. i was distracted.i'm really worried about my niece, actually.amalita: what happened to her? >> she turned out pregnantand aborted her kiddo, before her dad found it out.he's too conservative. that's why i hadto bring her home, with a holiday excuse.amalita: but she took a risk at the clinic, didn't she?>> no, that's their job and lots of young girlsgo there to abort. amalita: where's that clinic?>> nearby, a few blocks from san fernando...what's wrong with you? are you okay?can i help you? noemí: nobody can help me.i don't what am i going to do. amalita: maybe i can.noemí: i'm pregnant. i have to abort.i'm still on time. my parents chucked me outof the house. i have to get rid of the babyfor them to accept me again. i don't have where to stay.the problem is, i have no money to abort.amalita: i propose you a solution to your problems.take care of your pregnancy, and give me the can stay in my house until you give birth.what do you think? noemí: all right.the only condition is that you give mea good amount of money. amalita: all right,but you won't see the money until i'll havethe child in my arms. bruno: ms. amalita, come on in.what a miracle seeing you here. feel at home.come on in. you didn't comesince your husband died. amalita: once again, i needto borrow money from you. but this time i need a lot.look, this amount. bruno: [whistles]you're really needy. this is too much.i need a guarantee that you'll pay me back.amalita: i've never let you daughter married the heir of the torres and valbuena.what other guarantee do you need?bruno: that's true. you've always paid your debts.i'll lend you the money with that guarantee.but you'll have to sign some promissory notes.needless to say, if you don't pay,you lose all you have. amalita: okay,i'm more than sure than i'll pay you backin nine months. bruno: if that's so,i'll take the money and promissory notesto your house later on. i don't have that amountat home. amalita: i'll wait for you.excuse me. bruno: go ahead,thanks for coming. amalita: see you there.amalia: mom, what's that important thing to tell me?i asked joaquín to bring me as soon as possible.he's parking the car. amalita: then, i won't losemore time. i'll let you knowbefore he comes in. you'll thank that i finallysaved your marriage. amalia: i don't get you.amalita: i already solved your pregnancy problem.noemí, come, please. this is noemí,your child's mother. [music][music] amalia: this is insane.i won't let you take her-- joaquín: i'm sorry,i didn't find a place. parking on this street is hard.good afternoon, ms. hi, do we know each other?amalita: she's noemí. she's the daughterof the distant cousin who lives nearby zacatecas.she's just arrived to stay with me for a season.joaquín: welcome. you'll be a companyfor my mother-in-law. amalita: joaquín, feel at home.i'm going to prepare the food. can you help me, dear?amalia: yes, mom. amalita: you go to takeyour things to the room. i call you when food is ready.come, let's go. amalia: i barely can believeyou bring a stranger home. you're risking to revealthat i can't get pregnant. amalita: i already thoughtof everything. don't fret.having her home, i can watch her and make surethat the child will be yours. don't'll show all her tests as if they were yoursto the torres and valbuena. amalia: i don't knowhow i'll keep this lie. amalita: with cold blood.thinking that it's all for your well-being.just make sure joaquín won't come home.but don't forget you have to bring me your future son doesn't lack anything.>> the exportation of that lot of garmentswas a success. now your son will bea real well-off. [cell phone rings]joaquín: hello. how are you, mother-in-law?amalita: amalia's been bleeding. joaquín: where are you?i'm on my way right now. amalita: no, don't worry.see you at home. we're about to leavethe doctor. i'm sorry, i couldn't tell youbefore, but i was so scared i couldn't think of anythingbut bringing her to the doctor. joaquín: thanks for looking outfor my wife. i'm on my way to your house.amalita: thank you. amalia: do you think the planwill work? amalita: it has just need to fake well and start using that.noemí: poor joaquín. if he knew what you're doing,not only would he abandon you, but he'd also sue you.amalia: she's right. deceiving joaquínand his parents like this is very wrong.amalita: no, wrong would be letting go the stabilitythe give us escape. do you want your momdying in misery? no, can't do this to me. we have to go on.try this other one. you'll use it in some months.thanks god, she's stable. but she'll have to have daysof lots of quietness. georgina: but i don't get whythey have to sleep in separate rooms.i'm sure joaquín'd be careful with her.amalita: yes, but the doctor gave those instructionsand we have to follow them to have this baby safe.georgina: then, we should hire a nurse to look after her.amalita: there's no need. her mother is here for that.i'll come daily to look after her.having a stranger rather than a relative looking after you,it's not the same. joaquín: i agree with amalita.i prefer her doing it. amalita: as i'm here,why don't you invite me a coffee served in thatfine silverware you have? come on, after the fright,it'll feel pretty good. joaquín: i was so worried.i thought something happened to you or the baby.amalia: there's no need to worry.everything's going to be fine. just never forget thati love you. and i'd do anythingnot to lose you. joaquín: don't be childish.don't say those things. you'll never lose mebecause i love you. [music]amalita: my grandson's room looks lovely.georgina's tasteful, undoubtedly.i'd have liked helping with the decoration.amalia: i get nervous when you say my grandsonor when i see joaquín and his parent's longingfor a baby that doesn't exist. amalita: shut you want them to hear you? amalia: i'm fed up with faking.i feel my nerves will betray me anytime.i even had to get away from joaquínto fake this pregnancy. amalita: you have to go ontill the end. it'll be soon. you can't step back now.noemí, your folic acid, so that baby growsstrong and healthy. this is always suggestedfor pregnant women. noemí: oh, yeah?why don't you give it to your daughter?isn't she pregnant? amalita: you're not funny.drink this and the vitamins. oh, the ultra sound pix!this boy will be lovely. i'm sure georgina will bepleased to see them. noemí: whatever.i just want to go out. i'm fed up with beinglocked up. you only get me out of here,hidden, to see the doctor. amalita: and don't you darepeeping out. i don't want the neighborsgossiping around. noemí: you can't keep me hereby force. amalita: that's right, i can't.but we have a deal. so, keep quietif you don't want me to harm you.i can give you in with the police and tell themyou tried to sell me your son. noemí: it's you the onewho wants to buy him. amalita: who do you thinkthey'll believe? i'm a respectable woman.instead, you're nothing. so you'd better behave.otherwise, you'll lose the money i offered you,and even your freedom. noemí: damn old woman.i can't put up with her anymore.amalita: i thought you'd like to have the ultrasound photoof your only grandson. that's why i framed it for you.georgina: thank you. i couldn't be presentat any of amalia's tests. it's a pity.amalita: we don't want to bother you.we know you're a busy woman. next time, we'll be honoredif you come along. georgina: i hope so.i want to hear his heart's beating.amalia: i'm sorry, ma'am. i go to the toilet.amalita: excuse her. she's way too know, a pregnant woman in on the edge.georgina: you're right. as a woman, i know perfectlywhat's to be pregnant. amalita: mr. bruno.good to see you here, at your home. come on in.bruno: thanks. amalita: sit down.bruno: i bring the rest of money you asked me on a loan.i brought it home so you wouldn't carrythis amount on the street. amalita: thank you.bruno: you just have to sign the last promissory note.amalita: there's no need. soon you'll haveall that money back. bruno: i hope it's soon.the first promissory note you signed is about to expire.well, i don't take more of your time.see you soon. amalita: see you.bruno: excuse me. amalita: thank you.go ahead. noemí.come to have breakfast. hurry, i have to go outwith my daughter. noemí.[gasps] no!oh, no. amalita: [shouts]damn it. it can't be was here. no, no, no!noemí stole me. she stole all the money, my money... [sobs][music] [music]amalita: damned noemí screwed me up. she stole me.she took all the money. you have to help me pay it.amalia: how am i supposed to get all that money?amalita: ask it to joaquín. amalia: with what explanation?amalita: you'll think of that. i have to think how i'll doto find another child for you to showas torres and valbuena's heir. amalia: dear god,what am i going to do? this became a huge snow ballthat i can't stop now. joaquín: you're here.i was looking for you in the other room.i bring roses to the most beautiful womanin this world. amalia: thank you.joaquín: what's wrong, darling? why do you cry?amalia: my mom is real trouble. she owes a strong amountof money. she can lose the housewhere she lives, if she doesn't pay.joaquín: don't worry. i can deal with that debt.amalia: no, it wouldn't be fair.joaquín: i don't care about it, just to see you happy.amalia: you're so good, that i actuallydon't deserve you. joaquín: no, that's me.i'm the happiest man in the world since we married.and with your son, our happiness will be even greater.amalia: i can't afford paying the half of it even pawningmy most expensive jewelry. [knocking on door]come on in. both: good morning.bruno: as we said, here i am for the moneyof my first promissory note. amalia: yes, sure.please, sit down. no, no, no, it's better. i'm really sorry,but i don't have the money. bruno: ma'am, you and ihave a deal. i still have morepromissory notes you signed. if you don't pay this one,you'll have more interests. amalia: yes, i know.but things didn't turn out as i had planned them.bruno: you said your guarantee were the torres and any case, they'd give you the money.amalia: yes, but they still haven't done it.bruno: then you'd better hurry. the interests keep increasing.i'll sue you if you don't pay within a week,and i'll keep your house. you'll go to the street.georgina: my maid said you're looking for me.say what you want and get away.noemí: i actually wanted to talk with your son.but i was told he's not here. and as i have to go,i just came to open your eyes because you're being fooled.georgina: what are you talking about?noemí: amalia is not pregnant. her mom wanted to buy my sonto pretend that he's your grandson.joaquín: look at what i bought for our son.i couldn't help it. amalia: it's all very pretty.joaquín: you look so beautiful pregnant.i'm sure you'll be the best mom.georgina: you look so good together, it's hard to believethere exist happy couples. joaquín: well, we are, mom.and we'll be even more with our baby.georgina: i see she hasn't stopped knitting for her son.she does it so devotedly and so well,i think you're very lucky. some people believe thatyou have everything when you have money,and they let themselves be carried by ambition.but for you, the greatest is that baby, my grandson.joaquín: yes, people who believe that money can save themfrom anything must be very unhappy.but amalia and i are united by true love.georgina: poor you, son. you have so much to learn.amalia: i think i'll lie down for a while.i feel tired-- georgina: no, no, don't lovely your knitting. joaquín: i don't getwhy you say all this. georgina: because of this!joaquín: have you gone crazy? georgina: move aside.i just want to prove she's not pregnant.she's been fooling us all, specially you.i already saw the doctor and he said she'll neverhave children! amalia: [wails][music] [music]amalia: let me explain you, my love--georgina: shut up! what other lie will you say?you're the worst of women. amalia: please, joaquín.joaquín: get out, get out! i don't even want to see you.get out! georgina: you heard it.get out of my house, or i'll ask the maidto chuck you out. get out!amalia: [sobs] i told you they'd find it out.faking a pregnancy was impossible.amalita: you ruined it all. amalia: enough, mom!stop lying and deceiving. let's face responsibilityfor our deeds. we're both, because of your ambition and i because i let myselfbe manipulated by you. i lost joaquínbecause i'm so weak. i lost him.amalita: that doesn't matter. love comes and the problem is where we're going to bruno will take the house from us.amalia: quite the opposite. material thingsare the least important. what matters is love,our feelings. and i played with joaquín's.our lady, my mother, from the deep of my hearti beg your forgiveness. i'm very sorryto have lied to joaquín. if i did it,it was for love. forgive me and give methe chance to amend my mistakesto be happy with joaquín, whom i love with all my, we could be a good marriage together.joaquín: and this rose? how beautiful.why isn't it in water? georgina: son, drinking again!since that woman left, you've been just drinking.come on, overcome what amalia did to us.go to work, get distracted. you haven't wantedto get in this room again. joaquín: but today i daredand i came in. actually, it wasn't justamalia's fault. georgina: will you justify her?she deceived us faking her pregnancy.joaquín: yes, but we pressured her with thatstupid prenuptial agreement so that she'd give us a heir.georgina: i won't let you justify that woman.joaquín: no, i'm not. i'm understanding her.i felt pressured by you too. parents don't knowhow much they harm their sons by pressuring them, mom.both: hi. joaquín: amalia!amalia. amalia: joaquín?how did you find me? nobody knew we livein this neighborhood. joaquín: that's the leastimportant. amalia: did you come to ask meto divorce you? joaquín: no, before takinga decision, we need to talk. amalia: i know there's nojustification for what i did, but...i didn't want to lose you. joaquín: i'd have triedto get you, if you had told me the truth.amalia: even so, i had to give you a son to be your was stipulated in the prenuptial agreement.forgive me. i felt corralled...i didn't want to break away from youbecause i love you too much. but i know that a liealways leads to another. despite it may hurt,i'll set you free again, so you find the womanwho can give you a child and with whom to makea good marriage. joaquín: no.i was a fool letting myself be pressured by my parents.but, i don't want to lose you either...because i love you deeply too. amalia: despite i can't give youchildren? joaquín: never mind about it.there'll always be another way to be parents.we can adopt or find the way to have a child,but only when it's up to us, to nobody else's.amalia: and your family? joaquín: they'll haveto accept it. and if they don't, i don't carelosing their fortune because you'remy greatest wealth... and we'll make a good marriagetogether. amalia: my love...marriage is all about the vows of two loving one another,it's not a business. it's the will and desireto stay for good with the one you's a contract, yes, but a contract of love,respect, fidelity and above all,honesty with your partner. we shouldn't liebecause apart from harming lots, lies become snow ballsthat you can't stop later on. talk with the truth betterand let love overcome all the obstacles.leave lies out. they can destroy allthe beautiful things you may have with your partner.only love is the foundation of a good marriage.[music]

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