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La Rosa de Guadalupe - 'Renuncia de amor'

16 Ene 2021 – 12:00 AM EST

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announcer: televisa presents... i know we're young,but i know you're the love of my life.rosa: and you're mine. you came into my life wheni needed you the most and i'll never forget it.fernando: we complete each other, we were born to betogether. i have to go, it's late.rosa: i know, you're mom's waiting.fernando: don't be sad. we'll see each other againtomorrow. rosa: i'll be waiting.julieta: where were you? fernando: i went out.julieta: with who? fernando: with some friends.julieta: don't lie to me. i know you, and you're hidingsomething. who were you with?fernando: a girl. julieta: why didn't you mentionher? who is she? where does she come from?fernando: her name's rosita, i met her at the warehousewhere she works. julieta: oh, an employee!fernando: but she's great! if you could get to know her.julieta: yes, that's what i want. invite her over.fernando: you mean it? julieta. yes, i need to knowwho's that girl who made you lie to me.if your dad was here, i don't know if he wouldapprove. rosa: okay, honey, see youtomorrow, i love you. minerva: what was it? what didfer say? rosa: he wants me to me to gohave dinner with his mom so i meet her.minerva: is it official then? rosa: yes, but i get nervous.for some reason he didn't tell her we were dating.maybe she doesn't like me not having any parents.minerva: so? it's okay if we're orphans.rosa: of course not. but fernando told me his momis really special. minerva: she'll have to change,because her son won't find a better girl than work hard and you want to be better.see, as soon as we had to leave the orphan, we got ourselvesan apartment and we both work. rosa: you're right, we mighthave no parents, but we do want to be better and become someonein this life. julieta: so, you're my son'sgirl. rosa: yes, i'm rosita.julieta: nice name! tell me, what do you dofor a living? rosa: i work at a store,in the perfums department. julieta: do your parents agreewith you working being so young? rosa: i have no parents.i just left the orphanage because i'm an adult now.julieta: so you're an orphan, excuse me, but i just gota migrane. excuse me.fernando: that's okay. julieta: how could you like her?i'm disappointed in you! fernando: she's a great girland has a great heart. julieta: this is not about theheart. she's not cut out for us. she has no family,she's all alone. fernando: i don't care.julieta: it should, our family has kept a good family namefor years for you to mix with that gilr now.fernando: who is best for me? julieta: solange, for instance.your school mate who went to study to england.she's worth it to become a montesinos.she'll inherit the coal mines her family has up north.fernando: i won't fall in love of a name, but of the girlwho makes me happy. julieta: in our position, is notall about feelings. and you have the greatresponsibility of becoming the man of the house.your dad died working hard to keep what we have!you have to follow his steps. that's your only obligation.rosa: today i had a good day, a man bought many perfumsfor his wife and kids. fernando: that's good.rosa: what's wrong? you've been too quiet.fernando: to be honest, my mom didn't approve muchof our relationship. she doesn't like the fact thatyou have no family. rosa: does this mean you'rebreaking up with me? fernando: no, not at all.we'll stay together. i don't care what my mom says,i love you and i want to be with you.rosa: i love you too. i don't want to lose you.i just want to be with you can go check with my mate. bye.julieta: [clears throat] rosa: hello, ma'am.julieta: so this is where you work?rosa: right, can i help you? julieta: i gather you're stillwith my son. rosa: yes, we love each other,i hope you understand. julieta: the one that has tounderstand you're just a hobby for him it's you.fernando would never take a girl like you seriously.rosa: he showed me he loves me. julieta: it's easy to lieto oneselve, but that's on you. is it a problem that i'm here?rosa: if they see me chatting at work, i'll be scolded.julieta: don't worry, show me that perfume, so they thinki'm a costumer. watch it!rosa: you did it! julieta: you'll blame me?>> is something wrong? julieta: your employee, i askedher to show me that perfume and she dropped it and blames me forit. no, no, i can't believe this staff.i thought it was a good store. >> excuse us, ma'am.rosa: she's lying! >> you know we don't take thissituations here, so this was your last're fired. rosa: but...minerva: that woman is a witch! rosa: what are we goingto do now? i need the money for the rent.minerva: don't worry, i can teach you how to make braceletsso we can both sell them. [knock]fernando: hello, mine. what's wrong, why are youcrying? rosa: it's nothing.minerva: what do you mean? tell him you lost your jobbecause of his mother. fernando: is that true?rosa: she went to the store, there was a misunderstandingand i was fired. fernando: she can't do this,i'll talk to her. julieta: i'm so glad you'reback. i've been talking about you with fernando recently.solange: i recall him very dearly, that's why i thank youfor your invitation for coffee. julieta: i hope this is not thelast time you come visit us. [chuckles]fernado: mom, we need to talk. julieta: son, look who's here.fernando: hello, solange, good to see you.solange: same here, fer. you're as handsome as you wereback in school. fernando: mom, can we talk forfive minutes? julieta: we'll talk later,now we have to take care of solange as she deserves.i hope you're staying for dinner solange: sure!julieta: i'll get dinner ready while you two catch up.excuse me. minerva: and that's how youput the stone in and make the bracelet.are you paying attention? rosa: sorry, i just can't stopthinking about fernando and his mom.minerva: stop, she deserves to be put back in her place.what's wrong? rosa: i suddenly got dizzy.minerva: sure, you've been so worried, you haven't eaten.i'll make you some fried beans. what hapenned?rosa: i'm pregnant! minerva: that's good!rosa: i'm dying to tell fernando.minerva: i hope he comes today. he had things to do.rosa: yes, his mother really keeps him, but now i'm surenothing will keep us away. i really need to see him,please. julieta: i was told you'relooking for my son. rosa: i really have to talk tohim, would you call him, please? julieta: he's busy right now,so you better leave and don't bother him.rosa: i wouldn't be here if it wasn't will change his life. julieta: i don't know whatit is but i assure you he's not interested.rosa: you're wrong, i'm sure he'll be thrilledto know he'll be a dad. julieta: why am i not surprisedyou use that trick to trap my son?rosa: it's no trick, i gave myself to him out of love.julieta: you could have used protection, but since you haveno limits, it was easy to get pregnant.rosa: don't offend me, i wasn't trying to, it just happened.julieta: i'm sure fernando doesn't care about that kid.he's not that into you. haven't you wondered why hedoesn't see you that often anymore?[laughter] rosa: who's that?julieta: i told you, he doesn't care about you anymore.rosa: he has to know i'm pregnant.julieta: he will just reject you, or you think he'll chooseyou over a woman who's really worth it? forget about him.rosa: and the child? julieta: it's your decision.but whatever you decide, do it away from fernando.fernando: what do you mean she doesn't live here anymore?minerva: she just left. fernando: where?minerva: i don't know, and i wouldn't tell you anyway,because she said she wanted nothing to do with you.fernando: but... rosa: is he gone?minerva: after slaming the door like that, i'm sure.but he's really worried about you.rosa: that's nonsense, i'm sure he just wants to playme, but once i tell him i'm pregnant, he won't come backfor me. minerva: you're overreacting.rosa: i'm not, i saw him with that girl.minerva: it doesn't mean he's with should let him explain. rosa: it's useless,his mom's right, even if i love him, he never did.minerva: and the child? rosa: i can raise it year later >> i'll take this one.rosa: perfect. >> i love it!rosa: great! thanks.minerva: you really sell! rosa: i have to earn money.lupe: [gasps] rosa: baby, breath.breath, dear, breath. help me.minerva: i don't like it when she gets blue.rosa: i'm glad she didn't get the asma spell.the medication will do her good. minerva: you should go home,you shouldn't be out here with the kid.rosa: i can't leave, it's not fair that you workfor all of us. minerva: it's okay,the girl comes first. go!rosa: thanks, i don't want to leave but, it's for the kid.take the trolley. minerva: yes.rosa: thanks. minerva: take care.julieta: what happened? what did the doctor say?fernando: that solange can't have kids.julieta: what? so there's no heir ofthe montesinos fortune? solange: sorry.julieta: you should have told us before you got married.solange: i didn't know, i never meant to trick you.excuse me. julieta: now what?fernando: i don't know. it was the only good thing aboutmy marriage. julieta: you should have nevermarried her. she won't give you a child orinherit her parents' fortune. because she's a girl.the coal mines will go to her brother.fernando: you set up this can't blame it on me. julieta: i did it all for you.and you can't blame me. we must find a solution.i think i know what it is. [knock]rosa: what are you doing here? julieta: i just come to checkthings out. rosa: you have nothing to dohere, leave. julieta: so this is our girl?rosa: she's nothing to you. you rejected her when she wascoming. julieta: what if i told youit was a mistake? rosa: that's not my problem,i don't want you close to us. lupe: [gasps]rosa: lupita, dear. julieta: what can i do?rosa: give me the nebulizer that's on the table.julieta: here. rosa: no, she's not coming back.there's no medication. julieta: don't waste more time,let's go to the hospital. careful.what do you need? here's your bag.let's go. >> you brought her in time.if you had taken longer, she wouldn't have lived.rosa: can i see her? >> sure, the nurse will come getyou. excuse me.rosa: poor lupita. julieta: unfortunately she'll bein danger as long as she stays with you.rosa: what do you mean? julieta: your daughter's indanger with you. so you better give her to me.rosa: are you crazy? julieta: quite the opposite,i'm being true, i was here to help you, but itwon't always be like that, you heard the doctor.we were in time, next time, she can don't have the resources to look after her but i can gether the best doctors, i'll even hire a nurse 24 hours.rosa: stop, be quiet. julieta: she'll be okay with us.she'll have a better life with her dad than the oneyou can give her. saving her life depends on you,but if you keep her, you're killing her.stop drinking, take your child into your arms.fernando: where did you get that baby from?julieta: careful. does it matter?fernando: i don't want an addopted child.julieta: she's not. this kid is your blood.she's yours and rosita's. but she'll grow with youand solange will be her only mom.[music] [music]15 years later lupe: hello, mom,this is the water for your medication.solange: you're a dear, thanks. lupe: of course, you're the bestmom in the world. solange: a sick mom who can'ttake care of you. lupe: but you'll get better andeverything will be as it was. solange: "mom".what a great word. i never want to stop listeningto it. lupe: and you won't.because that's what you are, my mom.fernando: time for school. lupe: yes, dad, i just cameto say goodbye to mom. see you after school.fernando: have a good day. lupe: bye!fernando: how did you wake up this morning?solange: a little better, i hope i can soon get off this bed.fernando: time will tell, unfortunately, your disease ishard to cure. well, see you later.julieta: you'll soon finish high school and i'm planning a tripto europe to celebrate. lupe: thanks, but it all dependson whether my mom can come or not.julieta: i she can't, then we'll go.i wouldn't want anything more than being in the eiffel towerwith you. fernando: are you ready?the driver must be waiting. lupe: bye.fernando: bye. julieta: your kid brings nothingbut joy to this house. i don't know what would havebeen of us without her. fernando: she's all that keepsme going. i'll go to the office.minerva: the hardest thing to do. we did it, all our jeweleryis in every store. rosa: to think this was theexact store they fired me from thanks to fernando's mother.minerva: no, don't think about that.let's enjoy our achievements. our effort, and that's why wehave to go celebrate. rosa: you're right, let'scelebrate our brand becoming bigger.minerva: there you go! >> do you need anything?minerva: no, we're fine. both: [laugh]minerva: are we leaving? rosa: sorry, i was lookingat lupita's profile. i mean victoria's.minerva: i'm not surprised, you do that everyday.rosa: i have to know about her, you know how i suffered for nothaving her with me. minerva: yes, but you have to beover with it, look for her and tell herthe truth. she has to know you're hermother. rosa: no, i can't, i'm sureshe'll suffer to find out the truth,her life would crumble if she finds out i'm her mother.i don't want her to reject me. i couldn't take it.minerva: but you can't go on like this, you worked hardto get distracted and overcome your never even started your life over.rosa: what for? i loved once and things didn'tturn out. i have my job and i can recallmy child. that's all i need to keep going.minerva: yes. >> i'm the principal here andthe course is about to finish. rosa: what can we do for you?>> we usually give the graduates a pin, as a souvenir.rosa: here you'll find the new designs we have.but we can do something special for could be a pendant. >> they are all so cool,i don't know which one to choose.lupe: sorry to be late, i had to go see my mother.>> look at the designs, you have to help us pick.rosa: what about... this one?[thinks] my daughter, my lupita. [music][music] lupe: is something wrong, ma'am?rosa: no, sorry, you reminded me of someone.this is the bracelet i want to show you.why don't you try it on? lupe: careful!you pinched me. rosa: sorry, you can do ityourself if you want. lupe: give it to someone else.>> i'll try it on, it will look great.lupe: the seller was acting weird, after she pinched me,she wouldn't stop staring at me. solange: i'm sure she has neverseen such a beautiful girl like you.julieta: you can't ask for manners to those who don't haveany. lupe: it was really mates wanted to buy from her, but i don't want to see heragain. solange: [gasps]lupe: what is it? what?julieta: another spell. i'll call the doctor.lupe: try to breath. slowly.please, calm down, don't get nervous.the doctor will be here soon. i promise, he'll be right here.what do i do? julieta: how is she, doctor?>> unfortunately, there's nothing we can's a matter of hours for her to pass away.lupe: not mom! julieta: it was a matter oftime, her illness was going to kill her eventually.lupe: you have to fight, you have to make it through.solange: i wish, but i'm body is tired of fighting. lupe: you can't leave me.what will i do without you? solange: you won't be have your dad and julieta. they'll take care of you.lupe: i need you with me. solange: i don't want to go,but my time is up. don't ever forgetyou were my biggest blessing. lupe: please, mom,don't give up. solange: i'll go happily,since you got here, i was happy. don't ever forget how muchi love you. and i'll with you. always.lupe: [cries] no, mom,don't leave me. mom!mom! three months laterjulieta: beautiful mass. lupe: excuse me,i'll be in my room. fernando: poor kid,she's a wreck. julieta: she'll be okay.and so will you. it's been three months and youhave to start your life over. fernando: you're so cold,i don't get you sometimes. julieta: what do you expect?for me to sit a cry for the death of a woman who gave youno kids? fernando: she's a human being,and she's been next to my kid all the time.julieta: it was her duty as a mother.and please, let's not discuss over things that are worthless.why don't you think about restarting your life?you're young and you have the chance to start a finally thatkeeps the family name. fernando: i only have the chanceto love, as i only loved once. and that's why i'm going to lookfor rosita. julieta: you won't!anyone but her! fernando: i assure you i'llnever get married without being in love.i always cared and respected solange.but i never loved her because it was always rosita.julieta: my god! don't do anything crazy.she'll never be for you. she has no limits.fernando: i'm no kid you can manipulate.and even if you don't agree, i'll go look for rosita.mari: these are the appointments today.rosa: thanks, mari. i'll barely have time for lunch.fernando: rosita! rosa: you?[music] [music]fernando: i looked for you, minerva said you left and ididn't know where to find you. rosa: i asked her to tell youthat. i was upset.i saw you with that girl. fernando: i'm sure it wassolange, my wife. but we were not involved backthen. and i only married her becausei was sure i had already lost you.although i never stopped loving you.rosa: your mom said you didn't care about me.fernando: my mom, she always manipulated me.but not anymore, that's why i'm here to ask for yourforgiveness for being a coward.please, forgive me, i'm sorry. i can get on my knees too.rosa: i think we both have to forgive each for letting her intervene, and i for assuming thingswithout letting you explain. fernando: things can bedifferent now. although we were apart, therewas always something that kept us together.and that's victoria, our child, so please, let her backinto your life. let's give ourselves the chancewe lost so long ago. rosa: and that's how i gave herup for love. i wanted her to live.fernando: she wouldn't tell me about you when she gave mevictoria. and she kept me alive becausei knew she was the result of our love.rosa: i wanted to look for her, but i didn't dare,i don't want to ruin her life or her to reject me.fernando: i'll help you avoid it.minerva: i'm home! fernando?rosa: minerva. fernando: good evening, minerva.sorry, i have to go. i hope you let me see you again.rosa: of course. see you soon.fernando: good evening. minerva: why was he here?rosa: he went to the office and i invited him over for coffee.we had a lot to talk about. he said he'll help me get closeto my daughter without her rejecting me.minerva: tell me every detail. but first, tell me what you feltwhen you saw him again. rosa: i won't deny i gotnervous. all the love between us cameback to me. minerva: do you still love him?rosa: now i saw him, i know i do.i should have forgotten him but i didn't.fernando is still the love of my life.and now that he's back, things can be different for me.i have the chance to have the family i never had.minerva: what if you don't? rosa: i'll fight for it.i beg you, mary, help me get my child back,it's been a long time since i'm not with her.please, make victoria accept me. and understand that if shedidn't grow up by my side, it was because i gave her upfor love. lupe: what a nice rose.i wish you were here, mommy. fernado: your jewelery is ofvery good quality. i could export it.rosa: minerva and i will thank you.tell us what to do to start exporting it.fernando: don't worry, i'll take care of it.rosita, it's great that we're together again and that we tryto make up for the lost time. lupe: dad, what are you doing?fernando: dear, she's... rosa: rosita, a friend of yourdad's. lupe: i can guess what type offriend. you let me down, dad.i can't believe it, my mom just died and dad'salready flirting with someone else.julieta: what's that woman like? lupe: thin, black hair,small eyes. tall. julieta: do you know her name?lupe: rosita. and she introduced herselfjust like that. julieta: don't let her be closeto your dad. do everything you can to keepher away. lupe: don't worry, i'll neverlet anyone take my mom's place. no one!julieta: fernando! lupe: what's she doing here?fernando: she has something important to tell you.and please listen. lupe: she has nothing to tellme. i want her out of my lifeand my house. rosa: just let me explain.lupe: what? you're his lover since mom died.fernando: don't say things you'll regret.lupe: i won't. i know why she was nervous wheni first saw her. you knew you were destroyingmy family! get out!never get back. fernando: stop!rosa: it's okay. i'll better leave.fernando: wait, rosita. julieta: let her go.she better stay away. fernando: no more lying,victoria has to know the truth. lupe: what truth?julieta: don't. fernando: that woman you justrejected is your real mother.[music] [music]lupe: is that true? julieta: yes,solange couldn't have kids so we raised you as her own.lupe: i'm addopted? fernando: you are my child,i met rosita long before your mom.but she didn't approve of her. and she pushed rosita awaybefore she told me she was pregnant.lupe: you did that? julieta: you don't get it now,but i did it for your own good. lupe: how is it good to be awayfrom my real mother? julieta: you would have died,you were a sick child, now you're healthy and you'repart of the best families. lupe: i don't know if this wasthe best. i don't know.julieta: are you happy? look what you did.fernando: you're responsible for this.with all your pride and torned a family apart. rosa: i can't go back.i can't take rejection again. fernando: things will bedifferent. rosa: how can you be sure?fernando: she knows the truth. she knows you're her mother.rosa: your dad said you already know i'm your mother.what do you think? lupe: i don't know.i can't believe they lied for so long.rosa: i know it's not easy. i'm so sorry i gave you away.but i was desperate. you almost died with me.julieta gave me a choice, painful but a choice in the end.lupe: she told me the same thing.rosa: i always dreamed about this moment, but i was afraidyou'd reject me and you wouldn't forgive me.lupe: i try to understand, but it's hard.i forgive you, if you hadn't given me up,i wouldn't be who i am now. don't ask me to call you "mom".it's too soon for me. rosa: i'll be as patient as ihave to. may i hug you?dinner was great, but you didn't tell me whatwe're celebrating. fernando: the chance of a newbeggining. rosita,will you marry me? rosa: fernando, i don't knowwhat to say. lupe: say yes, mom.don't wait another 15 years to be happy.rosa: what did you call me? lupe: "mom".that's who you are, my mother.rosa: daughter! what a joy.and i will marry you. and be the family we shouldhave always been. rosa: family is the base,it's the shelter and support. we live in joy andhappiness for our achievements. moms are animportant part of families. those hearts full of love, whowould do the biggest sacrifice for their kids.there's nothing like their love, because they give it all.waiting for nothing in return. they hold no grudges.and they will always have a caress and a smile for us.our heart are never lonely, because they are with us.they are fighters. and nothing is impossible whenit comes to their kids happiness.that's why families become our support and strength,and if we don't have a family, we can make our own.and we can feel that bond that keeps us tgether despiteadversity. our family will keep us going,even if we have to give it all up for love.[music] [music]

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