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La Rosa de Guadalupe - 'Ojos de miel'

Una chica sufre un accidente y pierde la vista. Su novio se inscribe a un programa de donador de órganos con la esperanza de poder ayudar a la chica para que recupere la vista.
4 Jun 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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... announcer: televisa presents...stefy: enrique is taking too long.enrique has gone too far! i'm here waiting for himand he's hanging out with his friends.but i won't forgive it. [glass shatters]viviana: what's up? are you okay?stefy: no! i'm waiting for enrique tocelebrate that we've been dating for 11 months and he'scelebrating with his friends that the barça won.viviana: that sucks, didn't he know that you were waitingfor him? stefy: of course he knew, hetold me that he wanted lasagna. but now he'll eat it fromthe garbage can, because i've just thrown it away.viviana: oh, my friend, i'm starving, i'd have eaten it.stefy: oh, well, we can order some tacos, but i won't serveenrique anymore. if he went out with his friends,i can have fun with you. cheers.viviana: cheers. [electronic music]enrique: thank you, dude. thank you, thank you, thank you.cheers, my friends, cheers! cheers, cheers!to barça, my friends! [all celebrate]>> oh, dude, the match was unbelievable!enrique: of course, messi scored the winning goal!there's no one better! >> but piqué--but piqué didn't let them score any goal either.enrique: it's barça! there's no better teamthan barça, guys! cheers![all sing] barça, barça, barça!stefy: wow, this bottle is empty.the good thing is that we have more.viviana: alright, my friend, because this party has alreadystarted and we won't stop it! stefy: i want enrique to seethat i don't need him. i can have fun without him.i know! i'll kiss the first guy i find,so enrique will see that he's not the only man.but i need you to take a picture and upload it to my profile.viviana: you're crazy, stefy! [doorbell rings]stefy: good, the tacos are here. it's the taco seller lucky day,because i'll kiss him. here's my cell phone to takethe picture, right? conrado: hi, good evening.i brought you your order. stefy: did you take it?viviana: of course! conrado: what did she take?stefy: thank you very much, how much is it?conrado: no, well, nothing. you've paid me with thatkiss. stefy: oh, thank you very much,well. conrado: wait, wait.can you give me your cell phone number?stefy: are you crazy? conrado: what's the problem?hey, if you paid me with that kiss, your cell phonenumber can be the tip, huh? stefy: [giggles]alright. just because you made me laugh.turn around, please. here you are.conrado: okay, okay. stefy: bye.conrado: hey, hey, my pen. stefy: okay, bye.conrado: thank you! stefy: let me see the picture.viviana: [laughs] stefy: oh, my stupid boyfriendwill see that i don't need him at all.viviana: very good, my friend. stefy: [giggles]enrique: can you imagine if we all go to barcelona to seethe barça? it would be great!your father would let you go. imagine it, dude,i can't believe it! >> no, no, no,it's not possible, brother. i have no doubts that whilethe cat's away, the mice will play.enrique: what are you talking about?>> look what your girl has already uploaded.enrique: it's stefy. >> what a nice wayof celebrating. enrique: damn, i had to goto see stefy today. you know what? get this,see you later, right? >> no, dude, the barçawas great. stefy: oh, i'd like to seeenrique's face when he sees the pic i've uploaded.viviana: i'm sure he's going to die.stefy: that's the point, he has to appreciate me.[doorbell rings] enrique: stefy, stefy,we have to talk, please. stefy: no, no, nothing.enrique: stefanía, please, open up!viviana: damn, he'll be knocking on your door all night long.stefy: oh, well, ignore him. look, we won't hear him,let's play some music to continue having fun.oh, i don't want to think about enrique anymore.tonight i want to have fun! viviana: let's do it, my friend.oh, my head. stefy, stefy, wake up.stefy: oh, come on, viviana. let me sleep,the night was heavy. viviana: and it will be evenheavier if we don't take our math exam.stefy: oh, no, i can't fail an subject or my parents will sendme back to aguascalientes. viviana: let's take a shower.linda: stefy, what's up with you? how could you upload apicture kissing another guy when you're my brother's girlfriend?stefy: don't tell me off, linda. he was the first to forgetwe're a couple. linda: yes, perhaps he waswrong, but my brother is pretty upset now.stefy: well, he'd better realize that if he want me to respectour relationship, he must start doing it.let's talk later, i'm late for an exam.>> i still can't believe that you didn't charge the girl forher order last night, conrado. conrado: i've already told you,mom. she didn't have enough moneyto pay for it and i just couldn't take it away.>> i think that you didn't charge her because she's a girl.conrado: well, well, that's true, but she's the mostbeautiful girl i've ever seen. >> if you keep doing that,you'll lead your father's business to ruin.conrado: mom, it's not so serious, it's the first time.and look, i know that i have to take care of the inheritancemy father left us, may he rest in peace, huh?sandra: and when will you introduce our sister-in-lawto us? conrado: i wish she wasmy girlfriend, little sister. because meeting her has beena great pleasure. sandra: what are you waitingfor? ask her to be your girlfriend!>> oh, yes, it's so easy. you'd better hurry upor you'll be late for school. conrado: no, no, no,don't worry, mom. i'll take my sisters and theni'll go to the university, huh? >> well, i have nothingto complain about. god took your father away,but he left me three children that are my greatest pride.conrado: [giggles] enrique: who were you kissing?stefy: don't tell me off. i should have been kissing you,but as you were late because you were with your friends--enrique: alright, but is that a reason to kiss someone else?stefy: i did it to make you see that you can't act as ifyou don't care about me. if you don't want to take careof me, don't do it. but there's someone elsethat will care. enrique: look, i know that iruined it, i should have been there at the time we arranged.but is that enough reason to cheat on me?stefy: i didn't do it, it was just a kiss to open your eyes.enrique: alright. but, please, delete that picon your profile. stefy: i'll do it, don't youthink i want to brag about it. i just hope that you don'tchange me again for a soccer match, let alone when we weregoing to celebrate that we've been dating for 11 months.enrique: we can celebrate today. look, don't be angry,can we meet tonight? what do you think?stefy: alright, let's go on with the plan.see you at my apartment to have dinner.enrique: alright, see you there. hi, how are you?stefy: fine, thank you. enrique: i brought you this.stefy: oh, how nice, thank you, quique.come in, come in. enrique: oh, it looks tasty.stefy: yes! look, you can sit down there.enrique: there is fine? stefy: yes, i'll put themin water, they are so beautiful. enrique: hey, it's looks great,and there's wine too. stefy: hey, do we start eating?enrique: yes, please, i'd love to, i'm very hungry.yes, yes, i'm very hungry. stefy: okay, may i serve you?enrique: thank you very much. stefy: it's very tasty, huh?enrique: thank you very much. stefy: enjoy your meal.enrique: thank you, huh? i'm very hungry, i swear.stefy: what's wrong? enrique: it's justthat it's awful. stefy: is that what i getafter cooking for you? enrique: no, no, i mean--please, eat it. it's undercookedand it's too salty. stefy: well, yes, but there's noneed to exaggerate and put that look on your face.enrique: okay, i don't want to fight.why don't we order something to eat?viviana told me that we can order some good tacos near here.stefy: no, no, not tacos. we ate them yesterday.i'd rather have sushi. enrique: okay, whateveryou want, but, please, throw this away, the truth isthat nobody will eat it. we'll have sushi, right?conrado: you want these five with everything?>> yes, and prepare four without corianderfor table three. conrado: okay, perfect.juan: look at you, don't go that far, or i'll lose my job.conrado: no, don't worry, juan. you know that i like to servethe pastor, huh? i'll finish with these fourand you'll be in charge. juan: alright, let's do it.>> mom, get me the check for table two, please.>> yes, my love. this is the last tableand we'll go home, huh? sandra: yes, mom, i'm fallingasleep. conrado: yes, becauseit's very late, so go home. i'll close and catch upwith you. >> oh, darling, you're so sweet.don't be late, huh? oh, those crooks again.conrado: hey, hey, hey. i've already told you that youcan't ask for money here. get out.>> what's up? we're not doing anything wrong.conrado: no, but here-- >> we just want to buy food.conrado: here our customers just want to eat quietly, notprovide for slackers like you, right?get out, get out! what?>> i'm glad to see you, mariana. i've come to see my daughter,like every month. but i wanted to see you first,i need to know if you've heard anything about the picturestefy uploaded to her profile. mariana: oh, i asked enrique,but he told me that it was the result of a fight they know how young people are. >> well, my daughter shouldn'thave uploaded that picture kissing a stranger.she shouldn't have done it. let alone make it public.mariana: i didn't like it either, but fortunately she tookit away from her profile. >> [sighs]i'll talk to her anyway. stefy can't be kissing any man.stefy: it's not that serious, mom, don't be a drama queen.>> of course it is. who would even think of kissinga guy that's not your boyfriend? stefy: i know that what i didwasn't good, but enrique made me really angrywhen he stood me up. mother: that's not the wayyou have to react, let alone upload that kind of picturesto your profile, as if it was a joke.stefy: i told you that i was just angry,but it won't happen again. >> i hope so, stefanía,because we didn't send you to mexico city to see you doingthis kind of things. enrique: what's up?hey, david recommended me a very good film.will you make some popcorn? stefy: and what's that film?enrique: look, i'll show you. look, that's it.stefy: action? you know that i don't likethose films. enrique: will you start again?stefy: what do you want? do you expect me to watcha film i don't want to? enrique: well, you could pleaseme from time to time, huh? stefy: well, you set the pace.why don't we see a romantic film and then we can see yours.enrique: you know that's cheesy. i don't want to watch any film.and i don't want to fight either, i'm leaving.viviana: hey, what happened with enrique?i couldn't even greet him, you started to fightsince he entered here. stefy: you know what he is like.when he gets that unbearable, no one would stand him.but the worst is that he's getting more and moreunbearable. [cell phone rings]hi? conrado: hi, stefy, how are you?stefy: who is it? conrado: i'm conrado, who tookyou the tacos the other night. do you remember?stefy: oh, i never thought you'd call me.conrado: look, it's just that i couldn't forget about the kissand i'd like to as you out. would you like to goto the cinema? stefy: and what film do you wantto see? conrado: whatever you want, huh?i just want to watch it with you.stefy: alright. see you at five o'clock?perfect, see you later. viviana: who was it?stefy: the guy that brought us the tacos the other night.viviana: and will you go out with him?stefy: why not? i was a bit drunk that night,but i remember that he was okay. conrado: the movie you chosewas great. stefy: did you really like it?conrado: yes, why are you asking me that?stefy: because the truth is that guys never like romantic films.they say it's cheesy. conrado: i did like is something you can feel every day.hey, do you want have lunch while we chat?but, it must be at the family business, because i haveto work. stefy: i like the idea.besides, your tacos are very tasty.[giggles] oh, this stew is very tasty,ma'am. i can see why your businessis so successful. >> if you want, i can give youthe recipe, it's not difficult. stefy: oh, ma'am, i'm very badat cooking. sandra: really? my mother canteach you how to cook. stefy: really?>> it would be a pleasure. besides, remember you getto a man's heart through his stomach.conrado: oh, mom, what are you saying?[all laugh] don't laugh.stefy: [giggles] conrado: [groans]i don't know how you convinced me to come to the ice.i swear that i'll be all day long in the ice.stefy: oh, don't be a drama queen.conrado: [imitates] don't be a drama queen.stefy: look, you'll see that i'll teach you.come on, leave the wall. [laughs]conrado: [moans] stefy: oh, you're really badat it. conrado: oh, my buttocksare going to suffer. stefy: [laughs]conrado: you know what? i'd rather see you.stefy: no, no, not at all. you'll see that very soon youwon't fall down anymore. come on, get up.conrado: oh, everything i'm doing...stefy: come on, just look at my feet, are you ready?conrado: okay. [giggles]stefy: the good thing is that you were like a mattress to me.conrado: i can't stand it anymore, my honey eyes.[music] [music]conrado: i like you, i like you, your kisses,i like everything about you, my honey eyes.linda: hey, isn't that stefy? viviana: wow, my friend can'tactually control herself. linda: who's that guy?isn't it the guy she kissed before?viviana: yes, he has a taco shop near our apartment, but i neverthought that stefy would see him again.linda: well, of course she'll see him again, she's a tramp.enrique: yes, yes, do it, do it, goal!that's it, messi! linda: i don't know how you canbe so relaxed while she deceives you, huh?enrique: what are you talking about?linda: stefy is cheating on you. i've just seen her with the guythat appeared in her picture. enrique: are you sure?linda: of course! she's really taking you fora fool and you're just paying attention to the soccer.conrado: i'm really in love with my honey eyes.sandra: is she your girlfriend? stefy: well, before saying yes,i have some matters to solve. >> then it means that very soonyou'll be a couple. >> oh, now i'll teach you howto cook, because apart from being a nice girl, you're goingto be my daughter-in-law. sandra: how did you kiss?>> don't be tactless, sandra. conrado: oh, mom, don't worry.look, we went ice skating and when i fell down, we kissed.sandra: cool! i'd like to learn how to skate.stefy: well, the next time we go, you can come with usand i'll teach you. conrado: and i'm surethat you'll actually learn. i'm not bragging, but apartfrom having such beautiful eyes, stefy is very, very goodat skating. sandra: cool!then, can i, mom? >> yes, my love.[doorbell rings] stefy: hi, come in.i'm glad that you're here. i was about to call you,because i need to talk. enrique: well, i can imaginewhat the reason is. stefy: sit down, so it's goingto be easier. i hope that you understandthat we don't get along anymore. and it's pointless to go onwith this relationship. enrique: no, that's not reason,stefanía. it's because you're kissingwith a taco seller. stefy: that has nothingto do with this. but you have to admitthat we're very different. we even fight to choose a film.enrique: you know what? i won't beg you, you can staywith that guy. after all, it's not me who willsmell of taco and onion. conrado: ready.well, go to rest, see you tomorrow.juan: sleep tight, conrado. see you tomorrow.conrado: see you. >> now you see i have partners.conrado: i don't care, that's your problem.>> no, it's your problem too. and you know why?because from this week on, you'll have to give me10 thousand pesos to stay protected.conrado: no, i've already told you that i won't give a singlepeso, did you get it? if you want money, get a jobinstead of getting it from honest people.>> as you wish. i hope nothing happensto your taco shop. conrado: don't you-->> or to you. stefy: i think that my boyfrienddidn't like the idea, but i just broke up with him.conrado: does it mean that you can finally be my girlfriend?stefy: yes. nothing can stop us.conrado: grab this. stefy: what are you doing,madman? conrado: you'll see.stefy: [giggles] conrado: my honey eyes,give me this. do you want to be my girlfriend?stefy: yes. conrado: yes?yes? hey! she said yes! [applause]>> bravo! enrique: so you're stefanía'snew boyfriend, huh? conrado: it's none of yourbusiness. enrique: the truth is thati don't care, i just wanted to see what poor thingtook my place. you're just a taco seller.conrado: and i'm still better than you, that's why stefaníachanged you. enrique: you can have her,because i don't care about her. and i'm sure that is that she'llbreak up with you when she gets tired of smellingof tacos al pastor. >> who are you to insult my son,huh? enrique: look, dirty onion,it's between your son and me! conrado: hey, you won't insultmy mother! >> no, son, son, juan!juan! juan, come here, help me separate them!juan: what's going on? >> come here, come!juan: hey, hey, stop! hey, stop!>> oh, i'm glad that we're going to skate, i want to learn.sandra: yes, i have only been thinking of this.conrado: [laughs] then, go take a sweater.>> let's go. stefy: hurry up.will you tell me who you fought with?because it's obvious that you fought with somebody.conrado: i fought your ex. he went to provoke me at thetaco shop and when he insulted my mother, i couldn't containmyself. stefy: it's obvious thatenrique is hurt because i broke up with him.but you have to promise me that you won't listen to himif he provokes you again. conrado: i promise you,my honey eyes. because i can't tell you no.stefy: girls, if you don't leave the wall, you'll never learnhow to skate. >> i fear i can fall down.conrado: that's how you learn. i still fall down, despitethe fact that stefy taught me. [giggles]and i'm still learning, but i'll never skate better than stefy.sandra: show us how you skate, stefy, perhaps it encourages us.stefy: alright, i'll show you a turn i can moderately do, huh?conrado: stefy, baby-- stefy, baby,, baby, answer me, baby. my love, my, please, don't die, baby. baby, baby, please, my, wake up, please. please, please, baby.[music] [music]doctor: are you stefanía's boyfriend?conrado: yes, yes, how is she? doctor: is there any otherrelative? conrado: no, i called her motherand she said that she was coming, but she livesin aguascalientes. doctor: i can only tell herrelatives about the patient condition, i'm sorry.conrado: but you can't leave me with no all i can tell you is that stefanía is in a delicatecondition and that the blow he had on her head can resultin severe consequences. excuse me.>> how's my daughter? what did the doctors sayabout stefy? conrado: they didn't wantto say much, because i'm not a relative.i just know that she's in a delicate condition.>> you may go. from now on, i'll take careof my daughter. conrado: no, ma'am.let me stay with you. i need to know about stefy.>> no, you've already done too much damage and i don't wantyou near my daughter. conrado: damage?but--but i just wanted-- >> i know who you are.enrique's mother told me everything, you're a're even capable of fighting. conrado: no, i was justdefending my mother. mother: whatever, i don't wantto see you near my daughter. so you'd better go, if you don'twant me to ask the security to take you out.>> actually, it was very bad of stefy's mother to kick youout of the hospital. conrado: who knows whatenrique's mother has told her that she didn't even wantto hear me. >> oh, you'll have the chanceto make things clear with that woman, son.she's now very affected by stefy's accident.sandra: yes, brother. as soon as stefy, i'm surethat this woman will love you and she'll realizethat you're awesome. conrado: well, i hope so,because nothing will take my honey eyes away from me.nothing. stefy: mom?conrado: no, it's me, my honey eyes.they didn't let me in, but-- but i couldn't spend one moreday without you. stefy: you didn't have to come,you'd better go. conrado: why?i just want to be with you, help you.stefy: but i don't want you to be near me.conrado: why? you and i have--stefy: what happened between us wasn't meant to mother is right, you are not good for me.conrado: because i only have a small shop?stefy: yes, you'll never give me everything i'm used you'd better go and forget me.conrado: no, i'll never forget you.stefy: i asked you to leave! get out!conrado: no, please. stefy: get out![sobs] nurse: is everything alright?stefy: no, this guy is bothering me, i want him to leave.nurse: you've already heard the young woman, you'd better goif you don't want to be taken out.conrado: perhaps you don't want me to be with you, but there'ssomething you won't prevent me from:loving you, my honey eyes. stefy: [sobs]nurse: don't worry, he's gone. stefy: [sobs]>> don't you understand that i don't want to see younear my daughter? conrado: no, please,try to understand, ma'am. stefy is everything to me.mother: that's your problem. i don't want to see you nearmy daughter. conrado: but i can help you.>> i don't want anything from you.i have enough with my daughter, i don't want to worry about youfor being near us. conrado: do you know whathappened to stefy? mother: the blow she hadon her head caused her retinal detachment in both daughter is completely blind, and she won't be able to seeuntil we find a donor. >> i'm sorry, brother,but the waiting list for a corneal transplantis very long. conrado: so stefy won't see?>> no, and i'm really sorry. stefy was too good to be throughthis situation. sandra: i don't want stefyto be blind. conrado: no, and she won't be.i'll do whatever it takes to make my honey eyes see again.what do you need to become a donor?>> in the national transplant center site it says that you canget a card by registering yourself as a donor.conrado: well, i'll do it right now.because it's not fair that people like stefy can't seebecause other people don't donate their corneaswhen they die. sandra: i also want to bea donor. >> you're under age, daughter.but when you grow up, we'll get you a donor card.conrado: done. i'm a i just hope that my stefy can see very soon.please, virgin, i beg you to help stefy.i pray that they find a donor to make my honey eyes see again.i beg you, virgin of guadalupe. >> i'm here, daughter.stefy: alright, mom. >> what a nice rose you've gothere, who brought you this? i haven't seen it.stefy: the one that came is conrado.he must have brought it. and as i asked him to leave,i didn't give him time to tell me that he brought it.mother: oh, you're suffering too much for that young man.and, although i don't like how things happened, if you wanti can ask him to come. stefy: no, mom, conradois so good that i don't want him to be tied to a blind womanlike me. >> but he's the one that musttake the decision. stefy: i know that he won'tleave me alone. that's why i had to be hardon him, to make him go away. because i want him to be happywith someone that can see, even though it breaks my heart.juan: that's it. conrado: thank you very much,juan. despite i couldn't focus onmy job these last days, the taco shop is still working.juan: don't worry. you know that your familyand you count on us. you're very good bosses andyou'll always count on our help. conrado: thank you very much,juan, we know it. now go to rest,see you tomorrow. juan: good night, see you.conrado: bye. >> how are you, conrado?i've come for my payment. conrado: i've already told youthat i won't give you a single peso, get out of here.>> i'm fed up with you! oh, i think that i can use youto teach the rest of the shops a lesson.[music] [music]>> i'm conrado sánchez's mother, who can tell me how my son is?doctor: i fear that i have very bad news, ma' of the shots your son received, pierced the abdominalaorta and it couldn't be repaired.>> what does it mean, doctor? doctor: that your son losttoo much blood and he won't live much longer.i'm so sorry. >> can i see him?doctor: that's what i was about to suggest.go see him and say goodbye to him.>> [cries] [heart monitor]>> [sobs] conrado,my son, here's your mom,here's your mom to tell you how much i love youand that you've been a blessing to my life.i know that from heaven, together with your father,you'll take care of us, right? you can be at ease, your sistersand i will be alright, my love. thank you for all the loveyou've given us. my boy, my boy,my love. conrado: mom-->> here's your mom, here i am. conrado: my eyes,give my corneas to stefy.>> yes, my love, i'll do it. don't worry, my love.conrado: i love you. [flat line sound]>> no, son! no, no, my love, no, my love.don't go, no. please, don't go, no.please, my love, don't go. my love, don't go.[cries] my love.viviana: do you need anything else, ma'am?>> no, viviana , thank you. i've got stefy's stuff.i'll just have breakfast and then i'll go to the hospitalto take her to aguascalientes. viviana: tell stefy that i'llvisit her during my holidays. >> oh, we'll be very happyto see you. [doorbell rings]>> good morning, are you stefy's mother?>> yes, and who are you? >> conrado's mother,can i come in? >> excuse me, ma'am,i don't want to be rude, but we don't need to talk.>> ma'am, i beg you, listen to me, you may see, my heart is broken because my son died.>> what? >> he was killed.he was killed out of the shop we own.>> oh, i'm so sorry, ma'am. i can understand how you feelas a mother. >> and i understand that you'realso suffering for what happened to stefy, that's why i'm son's last will was to give his corneasto stefy so she can see again. days later.[music] [music]doctor: please, little by little open your eyes, so the lightdoesn't hurt you. stefy: i can's a bit blurry, but i can see.i can see you, mom. >> oh, it was a successful surgery.but you'll have to follow my instructionsto get completely well. your sight will get betterlittle by little, don't worry. excuse me.stefy: ma'am, i'm glad that you're here.please, tell conrado that i want to see him, that i needto explain to him why i broke up with him.>> conrado can't come to see you.stefy: is he mad at me? >> my son never got mad at you.he always loved you. you were always on his mind.stefy: why does it sound as if conrado was-->> daughter, you have to be strong, conrado will never bewith you again, because he died.stefy: no, it's not possible. >> it's very painful,but it's true. and thanks to himyou can see again. you've got conrado's corneasin your eyes. stefy: conrado's lovewas very big. thanks to him i can see again.>> i beg you to remember him with so much loveand a big smile, just the way he was, joyful and happy.always remember him like that. the day he realized youcouldn't see, he wrote this letter to you, after heregistered himself as a donor. conrado: my honey eyes.stefy, my love, the truth is that i don't know what is morepainful: the fact that we can't be together or wait for a donorto get your sight back. i know that i can have your loveagain, i'll do whatever it takes to be with you,because i need you. i need your eyes,your honey eyes. i'd give my life as long as youcan see again. don't give up, stefy.every day is a new opportunity and there might be a donorthat can give you his corneas so you can see again.don't lose heart, my love. because, even though i can't bewith you right now, i'll always be with mind and my heart will go with you, no matterwhere you are. because my love for you is sobig that there's no time or distance capableof defeating it. in contrast, it will growstronger every day, because you're what i needed to betotally happy. and once you get your sightback, enjoy even the tiniest detail in the world, becausewith your look and my love you'll always have a smilein your honey eyes.

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