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La Rosa de Guadalupe - 'Mi dulce compañía'

1 May 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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... announcer: televisa presents...miguel: one, two, three, four, five, six,seven, eight, nine, ten.i'm going to look for you. mónica: you found me.miguel: yes, i'd stay hiding with you for good.mónica: but you don't play hide and seek like this.miguel: if you want i let you and free everyone. mónica: really?miguel: that's right. there's nothing thati wouldn't do for you. mónica: one, two, three,i free up all my friends! christopher: mónica saved us.miguel: yes, i lost. i have to count again.luisa: mónica. come home, we're going to eat.mónica: ok. bye. miguel: i walk you.mónica: can we invite miguel? luisa: wouldn't you mindeating with us? miguel: no, madam.i just would like telling my mom.luisa: come in, we'll call your mom from the house.mónica: mommy, while we were playing, we saw they'removing in to the house in front. luisa: i didn't notice itwhen i went for you. who are they?mónica: i don't know. we just saw a man.luisa: well, perhaps his family comes after.that house is too big for a single person.mónica: yes, i hope he has daughtersbecause i want more friends. luisa: yes, dear.let's hope so. both: guardian angel,sweet companion, don't forsake meby day or by night. luisa: well, my little girl,to sleep. tomorrow you have to getready because holidays are over and we have to go backto school. mónica: mommy, but my friendswill play tomorrow outside. luisa: what did we settle?mónica: that i'd play till today saturday,but it's the last sunday. luisa: fine,play for a while and then come to get readyto be back in classes on monday.mónica: thanks, mommy. luisa: dream with angels,my pretty girl. mónica: hey, mom.when is daddy coming back? luisa: soon.your daddy will be back soon. mónica: that's great.good night. luisa: good night, dear.our lady of guadalupe, how will i tell my daughterthat her dad won't ever be back? never.miguel: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven,eight, nine, ten. i'm going for you!i found you! how weird,where would mónica have hidden? christopher: one, two, threefor me and for all my friends. miguel: you won me again.all for looking only for mónica.christopher: yes, you just think of her.miguel: hey, where's mónica? why didn't she come outlike everyone? christopher: perhaps she didn'thear that i sang for everyone. miguel: mónica, come out.christopher already sang for all.mónica. she doesn't answer.maybe she hid somewhere else. miguel: mónica, mónica.mónica! mónica!mónica, mónica! madam, isn't mónica here?luisa: no, my daughter is playing with you.miguel: we're playing hide and seek,but we didn't find her and thought she came here.luisa: i'll check her room. dear, are you here?miguel: we're playing hide and seek,but we didn't find her and thought she came here.luisa: dear, where are you? you're here!the game is over, dear. where are you? come out.mónica. mónica is not in the house.we have to look for her. liz, have you seen mónica?liz: no, but she was playing with the kids here.luisa: yes, but she doesn't appear.mónica! mónica!agent: i was talking with the kids who were playingwith your daughter before disappearing,and also with your neighbor, liz.luisa: please, you have to find my's her, look. she's an innocent,beautiful girl. agent: what was she wearing?luisa: pink joggings, a kakhi sweater,and brown shoes. miguel: no, madam.mónica had pink trainers. luisa: oh, yes.miguel is right. i'm very confusedwith all this. i just want my daughter back.she's my sweet companion. agent: don't worry.we'll look for her. your daughter will appear.luisa: [sobs] how is it possiblethat three days went by and you have no newsabout my daughter? liz: mellow out,the police are doing its job. luisa: it doesn't seem so.if they would, my girl would be back with me.agent: madam, i get your desperation.and, i'm here to ask you some question aboutthe girl's dad. luisa: my daughter's dad?what does he have to do? agent: is it likelythat he had come for her? luisa: i don't think so.he abandoned us, and left with another womani don't know where. agent: do you havea photo of him? luisa: no, i broke them all.agent: try to get one. it's very important, please.luisa: do you think he... oh, my god.he couldn't have taken her. anabel: let's not's only police suspicion. luisa: don't you see?he cheated on me with a yankee woman.agent: this is part of the investigation.what's the sir name? luisa: silvio herrera montes.agent: i'll investigate him. and please, do all you canto get me a photo. luisa: i'll call my sister.perhaps she has a photo where that guy appears.and i'll look too in the boxes i keepin the basement. and if he took my daughter?damned miserable! i have to find a photoof my daughter's dad. i have to find granddad's gun. i didn't remember i had it must not even work. perla: luisa...luisa, that's why you didn't hear mewhen i came in. you're in here.luisa: what happened? did you findany photo of silvio? perla:'s my husband and i, you and silvio.luisa: let's take it right now with agent leal.this is the photo. it's him.agent: thanks, madam. but i think his investigationis closed. luisa: why?agent: we've been researching, and according to migrations,silvio herrera monte left mexico in octoberand hasn't come back. luisa: then, silviodidn't take my daughter? agent: no, madam.luisa: then where's my daughter? who has her?perla: mellow out. the police will keepinvestigating. luisa: i can''s been three days without knowing anythingabout her. what's going on?where's my daughter? [doorbell rings]liz: good morning. luisa: good morning.liz: excuse my bothering you with my husband, but there'ssomething you have to know. luisa: did you see my daughter?did my little girl appear? liz: no, but it has to dowith her. luisa: come on, pleasetell me. gilberto: i'm not so sureto tell her. liz: of course, she has to know.anything can be important so she can find her daughter.luisa: come on, what is it? gilberto: i had an acquaintancein the police. and i found out somethingabout the neighbor who just moved in.luisa: what about him? gilberto: he was accusedsexual depredation. liz: he was in jailfor raping a little girl. don't expose yourself, please.that man is a criminal! [knocks on door]luisa: this miserable has to tell mewhere's my daughter. where's my daughter?nestor: madam, i don't know what you mean.luisa: you took my daughter! you damned!nestor: madam, i assure i have nothing to do.luisa: of course, you miserable. gilberto: get a grip, don't solve things like this.luisa: this miserable has to give me my daughter back.gilberto: call the police. nestor: i didn't do anything.luisa: where do you have her? you miserable, where's she?nestor: no, i don't know this little girl.agent: you were already in jail for a good while.i don't think it's a experience you'd want to go through again.nestor: no, and let alone for something i didn't do.i assure you i don't know anythingabout that girl. i don't even know her.agent: mellow out. my men are insidenestor aguilar's house looking for your daughter.luisa: this shouldn't been's because you released that sick man.agent: no, we didn't. nestor aguilarserved his sentence and was granted freedom.luisa: you shouldn't let guys like thatgo back to the street to keep hurting girls!agent: i repeat he paid for his guilt and nowhe's under rehabilitation, supervised by authoritiesso he won't commit offenses again.luisa: you supervise so well, that he took my daughter.liz: you should've warn us that a sexual depredatorhad moved in here. if our sons are in danger,and you're not good at looking out for them,at least be good at warning us! officer: agent.agent: what happened? what did you find?luisa: where's my daughter? why didn't you come outwith her? officer: you daughterisn't inside the house, and there's nothingsignaling that she was here. luisa: it can't be.that man took her. a sexual depredator moves into our street and right after my daughter disappears.that man has my daughter. agent: madam, it seemsnestor aguilar isn't lying. we didn't find the girl,and there aren't evidences that she was here.luisa: i'm sure she took her somewhere have to find my daughter. you have to get the truthfrom that man about what he did with my daughter.agent: i promise we'll keep on investigating.luisa: do it, do it and get the truth from him.[sobs] liz: mellow out.agent: we didn't find anything in your house,neither the minor disappeared nor signalsthat you've had her there. nestor: because i didn't takethat girl, i already said it. agent: tell me the truth,where's mónica? nestor: i said i don't knowanything about that girl. lawyer: good afternoon.i'm licentiate otamez, mister aguilar's client won't answer more of your questions.agent: but he's signaled responsiblefor a minor's disappearance. lawyer: i know that you alreadywent to his house and you didn't find anything validatingthe suspicitions against him. any other accusation?agent: no, there's no other accusation, at least for fine. then, we can leave's the order. let's go.luisa: come in. they released him!they let him go! luisa: what do you mean?liz: nestor aguilar, the sick neighborof the house in front. the police released him.that sexual depredator is on the streets again.luisa: no, it can't be. that man can't keep my daughter.he has to give her back to me. he has to give memy daughter back. [sobs][music] [music]luisa: i come to demand an explanation.why did you release that rapist? you're not doing your job.agent: we didn't find anything signaling that nestor aguilaris responsible for your daughter's disappearance.the day of the facts, he traveled to hidalgoto pick up boxes of his removal. he did it by a bus company.we checked the videos at the station, and nestortook a bus three hours before your daughterdisappeared. he didn't take her.luisa: no matter what you say, i'm absolutely sureit was him. and each minute you don't doyour job, my daughter must be being raped by that man.if you're decided not to do anything,i'll do it. i won't resttill retrieving my daughter. where are you, dear?i took you this photo on january 6th.your first photo with the wise kings.i have to find the way to make that man confessedwhere is my daughter. i have to get her backbecause each minute passing by her life is in danger.and that rose? how weirdthat's in the basement. nestor: i swear i don't haveyour daughter. i haven't done anything to her.luisa: no, don't worry. i come because the policetold me you had nothing to do with what happenedto my daughter. they even mentioned thatyou weren't in town when mónica disappeared.nestor: i tried to tell you since the beginning.luisa: you should've insisted until i'd hear you.nestor: you don't know how hard is to keep onwith my family after having made that mistake.luisa: the thing is that i want to invite youto my house. nestor: really?luisa: yes, to show you my regret.i'm sorry for what happened, i was too unfair with you.nestor: no, your reaction is general, people don't invite meto their houses, they stay as far as they can from me.luisa: i want you to come eat some cake.i don't bring it because i'd like to serve you,as a way to apologize. nestor: yes, i just leavemy bags and i'm right with you. luisa: ok, i wait for youin my house. luisa: so, you're from hidalgo.nestor: uh- huh. i lived there before,but now i don't have anyone parents died and after what happened--luisa: yes, the mistake you made.nestor: yes... one is rather left alone.don't you eat cake? luisa: it has sugarand i'm pre-diabetic. nestor: i'm really sorrybecause your daughter disappeared.if i can help you with anything. it seems, the policeare doing his job. luisa: no. they aren't.they haven't found my daughter. whomever took her is you feel fine? nestor: yes--no.yes. [mumbles]wha-- what happened? where am i?what happened to me? luisa: at last you're awake.nestor: what happened? what did you do to me?luisa: i put sleeping pills in the cake to lock you upin this prison, from which you won't get outuntil you tell me where's my daughter.nestor: i don't know. luisa: you told thatto the police, but i don't believe you.nestor: please, believe me. i already paid my guiltwith society. i was already in jail.there, i learned i don't have to make the same mistake.luisa: stop calling mistake to what you's no mistake. call it by its destroyed a little girl's life, as you must have alreadydone with my little girl. where's my daughter?nestor: i don't know, madam! don't point at me with that don't even know to use it. luisa: of course, i do.i swear if you don't tell me where you have my daughter,i shoot at your head. nestor: [shouts] i don't know.please, someone help me! luisa: no one can hear you.sooner or later, you'll tell me where you have her.nestor: where do you do? you can't leave me here.luisa: listen well, damned'll stay there until i have my daughter back.nestor: madam... please.eleven years after. luisa: here's your i went to the police again and eleven years after,there's nothing about my daughter.come on, tell me where you leftmy daughter's corpse. if you would talk to've been more than ten years in silence.[doorbell rings] [grunts]how can i help you? mónica: mom, mom...don't you recognize me? luisa: what?mónica: mom, it's me. mónica, your daughter.luisa: daughter. mónica.little daughter! [music][music] luisa: my little daughter,my sweet companion. i still can't believeyou're here, with me. mónica: it's been so manyyears wishing to see you again. luisa: sit down.what happened? where were you?you disappeared that day playing hide and seek.mónica: yes, but someone found me before miguel.miguel: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven...silvio: hi, little daughter. mónica: daddy!how are you? silvio: fine, and you?mónica: fine too. mom said you'd be back soon.silvio: yes, here i am. i came for you to gofor an ice cream. your mom is waiting for us.would you like to? mónica: yes, i want a chocolateice cream with you and mom. silvio: let's go before they'dfind us and we can't go. mónica: let's, you said mom would be at the ice cream store,but she was never there. silvio: i don't knowwhat could've happened to her. but don't be sad, you're with meand with sharon. she's my wife nowand will look out for you as if she were your mom.sharon: we had an awesome time having chocolate ice cream.mónica: but you said that mom would come.silvio: i settled that with your mom, that we'd meet upat the ice cream store and then we'd go on a trip.mónica: yes, i want to go! but, is mom coming?silvio: yes, of course. she'll reach us in the uswhere we're going tomorrow. mónica: yes!great! that's great.year after year, day after day,second after second, i just wanted to be with mom.i was away, in another country without knowing neitheryour phone nor your answer, without being able to leavethe country because i was a minor.but, when i turned 18 years old, my dad couldn't stop meand i came for you. i didn't get whyyou hadn't appeared in all these years.i felt something weird had happened...and it was then, right before coming for you,when dad confessed me the truth.silvio: you can't go for your mom.mónica: of course i go for her because you don't wantto tell me the truth. silvio: i told you what i know.i never knew why your mom didn't reach us here, in the us,as we've settled on. mónica: for god's sake.i'm not a little girl anymore as to believe that.i have to know what happened with my mom,why did she never call or look for me.i'm sorry, but i'm going back to my mom's house.silvio: sit down. all right, i'll tell youthe truth. your mom doesn't knowyou're here with me. she never knew that i broughtyou to live with me in the us. mónica: what?silvio: yes. when i met you playingon the street, i made up that i had agreed with your momso you wouldn't resist. but she doesn't know thati brought you here with me. sharon crossed the bordereasily, but you and i had to do it illegallybecause i didn't have your passport and not to leavetrack that i had gone back to the country.that way, your mom wouldn't know i had brought you with me.mónica: more than ever i have to go for my mom.imagine how she must be suffering for not knowingwhere i am. i'll never forget you this,never! luisa: you were right.i've suffered the unmentionable since i lost you.i never stopped looking for you.i went to the police. they investigated your dadand told me he was in the us. mónica: it was like that,but he came back for me. he wasn't a bad father.he treated me well, and sharon became a friend,a sort of aunt or older sister. luisa: so, were you happy?mónica: all in all, yes, though i'll neverforgive my dad the way in whichhe separated me from you. i was always sadbecause your memory that wouldn't leave my mindbecause you've always been a good mom.luisa: because you're a good daughter.i wished i was with you so much. mónica: me too, i'd ask itto the our lady all the time. [music][music] mónica: our lady of guadalupe,i want to be back with my mom. i want to see her again.give me the miracle to be back with mommy.i beg you, our lady. help me being back with my mombecause she is... my sweet companion.luisa: thanks, mother for hearingmy daughter's prayers and bring her back.mónica: what a lovely rose. luisa: it's suddenly appeared in the basement when you left,and it never withered. mónica: how strange.luisa: yes, perhaps they put something on it to keep itlike that. go figure.what matters is that you're here and we won't ever get apart.miguel: when your mom called my mom and i to say she hada surprise, i never thought it'd be seeing you again.mónica: i'm very surprised to be here again,on this street where we played so many times.that house... i remember a man moved in therejust a day before my dad would took me with him.miguel: yes, a man who was accused to have kidnapped youlived here. mónica: what?miguel: yes, he had been in jail for raping a little girl.therefore, your mom suspected him and was a big scandal. and overnight, that mannever came back to his house. we never knew about him again.mónica: how strange. miguel: let's don't talkabout the past. you've gotten so beautiful.mónica: don't start with it. miguel: all these timei thought a lot about you. i've always liked you.mónica: i liked you too, but you must have a girlfriend.miguel: yes, i had, but there's nothing seriousin my life. mónica: for god's sake.nothing is serious when we're 18 years old.miguel: i think you're wrong. at least so far, the kid's lovei've felt for you has been the deepest feeling of my life.mónica: it feels so nice being loved like this.but give me the chance to get back, to be with my momand get to know each other better.miguel: all the chances and time you'd want.mónica: the guardian angel! it's still here.i remember it perfectly. luisa: your room is intanct,just as you left it, waiting for you to be back.just as when we were happy before we're separated.mónica: can we say the guardian angel prayer?luisa: yes, of course. both: guardian angel,my sweet companion, don't forsake meby day or by night. luisa: good night, daughter.mónica: good night, mom. luisa: what am i going to do?what am i going to do now? nestor,my daughter appeared. she appeared, her dad took were right. you were innocent.nestor: [mumbles] luisa: you were always innocent.nestor: [sobs] mónica: mom.luisa: mónica. mónica: i came for a glassof milk and i heard noises. i came to what happens?why is that man locked up there?who is he? what does this mean?[music] [music]luisa: i thought he took you. he was in jailfor abusing a little girl. i was desperate.i wanted to get the truth from this man, no matter what.mónica: i can't believe you had him locked up herefor so long. luisa: the police released himand i couldn't let him free. i was sure he was guiltyand that's why i locked him here till i'd know somethingabout you. mónica: but this personhad nothing to do with my disapearance.luisa: now i see the police was right.nestor was innocent. mónica: you kidnapped him.luisa: i had to do anything to get you back,so he would tell me where were time went by, i even thought he had killed youand i just wanted him telling me where he had left your corpse.mónica: what are you going to do?luisa: forgive me, forgive me. nestor: [sobs]luisa: mellow out, mellow out. everything is going to be fine.forgive me, forgive me. nestor: [sobs]agent: we reported the case with the police.they won't take long to come. excuse me.luisa: it can't be. mónica: you were wrong.luisa: yes, but because i was mad out of desperation.i wanted to find you no matter what.get me, please. mónica: of course, i getthe reasons, but i don't justifythe decisions you took. luisa: i know, i was a fool.i was terribly wrong. at least,i have the satisfaction that you're back with me.mónica: yes, mommy, and i'll always be with you.i'll never abandon you. luisa: i don't know how longi'll be in jail. mónica: as long as it'd have to be brave. with good behavior,we can make them reduce the sentence.[sirens wailing] luisa: they're coming.they're getting close. mónica: don't be afraid.we'll face this together. neither jail,nor anyone or anything will separate us again.luisa: yes, dear. you're right.i'll be strong for you and face this mistake.mónica: i love you, mom. luisa: i love you,and while you'll be with me, i'll be strongbecause i'll feel you near, my sweet companion.mónica: there are such bitter pains, like losing a son,that cause us a thirst we want to extinguishon our own, but nothing can end up wellwhen we search for justice by our own means.we can understand the reasons we had to let ourselvesbe carried by rage, and powerlessnessin front of the authorities that don't solve anything.we get blind and don't see beyond that justicewe long for so much. nothing justifiesour taking wrong decisions that lead us on wrong pathswhich sooner or later make us pay with your freedom.we can't tread over the law. it's too much the painwe feel when we're separated from our beloved ones.but under no circumstance, should we solve it on our ownbecause far from soothing our wounds, we make them deeperwhen the only thing we wish is retrieving oursweet companion. [music]

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