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La Rosa de Guadalupe - ‘La pobreza está en el alma’

La madre de una joven muere por no poder pagar un hospital y ella le promete que tendrá dinero. La joven se hace amante de su jefe y el dinero que obtiene de esa relación lo usa para invertir en un negocio, pero es víctima de fraude y es encarcelada.
6 May 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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[music]sara: [grunts] i can't take it anymore!i can't take it anymore! >> push!it's a hard birth, but we have to do itor else the baby will die inside!push! sara: [grunts]i can't! i'm going to die!i can't! felicia: come on, sister,you can do it! push, push!bárbara: yes, mom, push so my brother is bornbecause i don't want to see you suffer anymore, push!sara: [grunts] i can't anymore!bárbara: hold on, mom, hold on. >> the boy is backwardsand the chord is around him. i can't do anything.take her to a hospital. felicia: hey, no, you can'tleave like that. >> i can't do anything!take her to the hospital, felicia!take her to the hospital! bárbara: aunt, what are wegoing to do? felicia: calm down, sweetie.your mom is going to be fine. help me take her to a taxi.bárbara: yes. felicia: come sister.sara, we're going to go to a hospital.hold on, sister, hold on. sara: [grunts]bárbara: hold on, calm down. felicia: look, sit down here.sara: [grunts] bárbara: calm down, calm down.felicia: miss, miss, please help us,she's about to give birth, help us.nurse: does she have insurance? felicia: what?no, she isn't. nurse: then we can't help herhere. take her.felicia: where am i going to take her?this is a hospital, miss. nurse: well, i don't know.take her to another hospital because we won't help her here.take her. felicia: oh.sara: [cries] bárbara: calm down,everything will be fine. sara: [grunts]i can't take it anymore. my stomach is going to explode.aah! aah!felicia: stay with her, bárbara. i'm going inside again.sara: oh, sister! felicia: i'll be right back.bárbara: hold on. sara: fight to be someonein life, to have money. because without money--oh! you're nothing,nothing! bárbara: no, mom!no, don't die! please, mom!mom, don't leave me! mom, please.[cries] i promise you, mom.i'm never going to be poor because that's whyyou left me. damn was what killed you, but i swear that i'm going tohave a lot of money, i swear, mom.felicia: look, sweetie, i found this backpackso you can put your things. you have more things to take,right? bárbara: yes, very littlebecause everything else here is poverty.felicia: welcome to your new home, sweetie.we give it to you with lots of affection.jovita: bárbara, cousin! bárbara: well, it's a lot betterthan the room where my mom and i lived.jovita: and you don't know, cousin, my mom and imade you a cot. look, you like it? you do like it, right?bárbara: yes, it's nice. but i want to sleep on the bed.jovita: but that's my bed, bárbara, yours will be the cot.bárbara: but it's the one that i want.jovita: but that's my bed where i always sleep, bárbara.bárbara: but it's the one that i want.felicia: my love, bárbara just lost her momand we have to make her feel at home.let her sleep in your bed, okay? can i count on you with thisor not? jovita: yes, fine.this is your bed and this is mine.felicia: okay. now let's organizebárbara's things. come, help me, help me.that's it. bárbara: i'm going to putmy mom's picture next to the virgin.felicia: my sister left too soon.that's how life is. bárbara: no, that's nothow life is, aunt. my mom died because she's poor.because if we would have had money they would havehelped her at that hospital. but no one listens to the poor.felicia: sweetie, don't talk that way.bárbara: but it's the truth, aunt, but that won't happento me. jovita: and what are yougoing to do? bárbara: i'm not going tobe poor! i'm going to havea lot of money, a lot! 9 years laterfelicia: oh, lately i've been really thirstyand i don't know why, but i want to drink waterall day. kids, breakfast is're going to be late for school.bárbara: aunt felicia, eggs again?felicia: yes, bárbara, and you have to eat it.this month i barely paid the bills.and the sales at work are lower each day.bárbara: i'm sick of this misery.felicia: but it's what we have so have breakfast.jovita? jovita, what are you doingthat you don't eat breakfast? jovita: sorry, mom,but i didn't realize that this shirt was missinga button. bárbara: there you go,complaining to me again. jovita: but i didn't tell youanything, bárbara. bárbara: but you're thinking itand you don't get tired of your attitude of making mefeel like the prisoner that i am in this house.come on, what else do you have to tell me?what else do you have to complain to me about?go on, tell me. felicia: oh, stop, breakfast without fighting. bárbara: i don't wantto have breakfast anymore, you ruined it for me.i'm going to brush my teeth. felicia: bárbara.bárbara, sweetie. jovita: mom, i swear that ididn't say anything. felicia: have patiencewith your cousin, sweetie. her mom--jovita: yes, yes. i know, cousin's mom died. i've been hearing you saythe same thing for nine years. nine years.felicia: please, sweetie. jovita: no,'ve only turned my cousin into a spoiled brat who thinksshe deserves everything. i can't stand her anymore.bárbara: don't worry, cousin. one day i'm going to leavethis house and i'm never going to bother you guys again.felicia: sweetie, don't say that.bárbara: it's the truth, aunt. i'm going to leave this miserybecause everything you give me is a misery.jovita: hey, don't talk that way to my mom.she does everything she can to give us everything.bárbara: i know, but i'm going to do moreand leave this misery. you'll see.felicia: sweetie, it scares me that you talk that speak as if you were capable of doing something stupidjust to have money. bárbara: and i am, aunt,of course i am. felicia: [gasps]jovita: look, mom, he's horacio. felicia: hello, horacio.welcome to our home. horacio: thank you.felicia: you don't know how much my daughter told me about you,but come in, you're at home. jovita: come in.felicia: sweetie, i forgot to buy the tortillas,can you go buy them? jovita: yes, mom.horacio: i'll go with you. jovita: no, no,, horacio. you're a guestand you wait here. you can talk to my momand get to know each other. i'll be right back.felicia: sit down. jovita: come.oh, bárbara, it's good you're you think you can go buy the tortillas for me?bárbara: why? there's no point in asking meto do it when you're going. jovita: oh, come on,'s just that i have a guest inside and i left him aloneto go buy them. look, here.bárbara: what's wrong with you? i'm not your maid.jovita: i'm the stupid one for asking her for help.horacio: yes, jovita is really cool,i really like her. bárbara: i'm home.felicia: oh, look, horacio. she is bárbara,my other daughter. bárbara: hello, horacio.horacio: hello, bárbara. nice to meet you.felicia: bárbara, sweetie, stay with horaciobecause the food i'm making is burning.horacio: bárbara, you're very beautiful.bárbara: [chuckles] you're so direct.horacio: hey, the world belongs to the intrepids.hey, would you like to go out with me?bárbara: yes, why not? [chuckles]horacio: it was really good, ms. felicia,and the coffee... felicia: it's from a pot.horacio: no wonder. it smells and tastes so good,it's delicious. jovita: i made the cookieslast night. did you like them?horacio: yes, they're really good, jovita.well, thank you so much for your kindness and food,but i have to go because i have a lot to studyfor the exam at law school. thank you, ma'am.felicia: oh, you're welcome, horacio.this is your home. come whenever you'd like.horacio: thank you. see you later, jovita.jovita: yes, horacio. i'll send you a text.horacio: of course. it was a pleasure meeting you,bárbara. bárbara: likewise.jovita: i'll walk you out. horacio: thank you very much.bárbara: i'll pick up the table, aunt, and jovita can washthe dirty dishes. felicia: yes, sweetie.jovita: you're so imprudent. bárbara: what's wrong with younow? jovita: don't act stupid.i saw how you were flirting with horacio.bárbara: me? you're crazy.jovita: i'm not crazy. i saw you and i saw howhe looked at you and smiled at you.bárbara: i'm sorry, cousin, but it's not my faultthat men like me. jovita: yes, you dobecause you smile at them, you flirt with themand insinuate things. bárbara: no.i'm beautiful and that's what you can't standjust like you can't stand that men don't turn aroundto look at you and much lesswhen you're with me. jovita: oh, if being easyis what you call being beautiful now i understandwhere you're going to get the money that you sayyou're going to have some day. of course, you have to sellbeauty to the best better. bárbara: i'm not going tolet you-- felicia: stop, stop!you, jovita, go to the kitchen to wash the dishes.and you, bárbara, pick up the table.go on, and without arguing. horacio: hello, bárbara.bárbara: horacio. what are you doing here?horacio: waiting for you. can i walk with you?bárbara: no. i don't want anymore problemswith my cousin. horacio: i don't knowwhy you have them. she's just my friendand that's it. bárbara: are you sure?horacio: yes, very sure. you can even ask i don't want anymore excuses because i came for youto take you out to eat ice-cream.give me your backpack. come.what ice-cream do you like? bárbara: strawberry.horacio: angel kiss? bárbara: [chuckles]horacio: ever since i met you i haven't stoppedthinking about you. bárbara: how strange,the same thing is happening to me.but we can't be together because of my cousin.i feel that she's in love with you.she presented you to my aunt with lots of hopeand you also went because maybe you like her.i don't want to be the reason why you two aren't a couple.horacio: bárbara, i already told you,we're friends. nothing else will happenbetween me and her. bárbara: that's not whatshe thinks. i'm not going to be the oneto ask if you guys are a couple or not.horacio: you're right. the best thing to do is for meto talk to your cousin. i'm going to make it very clearto her what her and i are. i know she's going to suffera little when i tell her this because, yes,she seems hopeful with me. bárbara: see?no, i don't want my cousin to you'll have to forgive me, but i'm leaving.don't look for me again, okay? horacio: bárbara!wait, bárbara! bárbara!jovita: oh, horacio, i'm really nervous.what did you want to talk to me about?what do you need to tell me? horacio: oh, look,what i have to tell you is something very serious.jovita: yes, well, tell me. i have all the timein the world. i've waited a long timefor you to tell me this. come on.horacio: jovita, i'm in love. jovita: [chuckles]horacio: in love with your cousin bárbara.i wanted to ask you for the chanceto let us love each other. bárbara: really, aunt,i didn't want to, but you can't choosewho you love and i really love horacio.felicia: oh, i understand, sweetie, but--bárbara: aunt, i swear that i didn't want to hurt my was horacio who insisted in talking to herto ask for her permission so that he and i...cousin. i...jovita: don't worry, bárbara. horacio talked to meand i already told him there's no and him can date. bárbara: cousin, thank're so nice. there really isn't a problem?jovita: no, none. go see him, he's waiting.bárbara: aunt, can i? felicia: yes, go.jovita. jovita, sweetie!horacio: done. everything is cleared upwith your cousin. we can be a couple now.bárbara: yes, we can. months laterbárbara: i'm running late to work.aunt, i don't have time to pick up my plate.working isn't for me, but oh well.i have to do it to get into collegebecause being poor isn't my thing.i'll brush my teeth and leave. felicia: sweetie, you shouldn'tbe so ambitious and conform yourselfwith what you have. bárbara: and die at the entranceof a hospital like my mom and brother diedbecause of lack of money? no, day i'm going to have a lot of money, a lot.okay, i'm leaving. >> bárbara, here,i need you to take these documentsto mr. arozamena, it's urgent. bárbara: to the corporate owner?>> yes, the owner, but move because he sent meto the bank and he needs them. román: yes, buy the majorityof the shares. wait until they're listedand then sell them before the stock exchange closes.[knocking] román: come in.yes, i want a detailed operation and the report ofall the movements. okay.yes, i want to see the earnings. send them to me by mailtoday in the afternoon. [barbara] what a handsome manand he's the owner of all of this.i'm going to win him over. all of this will be mine,mine. román: go ahead, do it, but don't forget to let me know about any operation.[music] [music]horacio: bárbara, i'm your boyfriendand you know that i love you, you can tell me've been acting strange lately.what's wrong? bárbara: [sighs]fine, i'm going to tell you. i also love you,but i don't know. i feel like we're notgoing anywhere. horacio: i don't understand,bárbara. bárbara: yes, you're cuteand handsome, you're studying, sooner or later you'll havea good job, but i don't have patience.i want other things. horacio: like what?bárbara: the first thing i want, for example,is that we break up. horacio: what?you can't end our relationship just like that.bárbara: i already did, i'm just letting you knowthat you and i are no longer a coupleso you can stop looking for me. jovita: what do you meanyou broke up with horacio? he called me because he wasupset and didn't understand anything.bárbara: there's nothing to understand, jovita.that's how life is, love ends. jovita: that's why youtook him from me? because horacio came hereinterested in me and you got in the way!bárbara: i didn't take anything from's not my fault that you went to buy the tortillas.felicia: jovita, bárbara, please stop arguing!jovita: well, she only takes advantage of peoplewithout caring what we feel! felicia: i've asked youto understand your cousin. jovita: no, i can't understandher! the only thing i knowis that she does what's convenient for herlike a hooker! bárbara: shut up!what you can't stand is the idea that everyonewants to be with me. felicia: calm down, sweetie.violence doesn't solve things. and it's not okay that you hitand speak that way to your cousin, bárbara.bárbara: don't worry, aunt. i'm not going to be a botherfor jovita anymore. i'm going to leave the houseso my cousin can finally have a life.felicia: sweetie, calm down. stop.days later bárbara: wow, román,this place is incredible. román: this is the love nestthat you deserve, precious. the apartment is yours,it's under your name. bárbara: my love,ever since the first time i saw you in your officei knew it'd be irresistable to give myself to you,that i'd always be willing to please you for the nice giftsthat you give me. román: [chuckles]the gifts only correspond to how happy it makes meto be with you, and that you let yourselfbe won over by me. bárbara: oh.and how can i not be won over by such a loveable man?put it on me, please. román: ask me forwhatever you want. you know that i'm willingto fulfill all your dreams. bárbara: i want to study, romá dream is to go to college. román: well, say no're going to get into the best private collegein this city. bárbara: [chuckles]consuelo: even the teacher was left with his mouth openby your answer, friend. bárbara: i've prepared myselfvery well to take advantage of this opportunity that i gotto study, consuelo. consuelo: i admire you so much,bárbara. you're so really are... bárbara: that guy is sohandsome, consuelo. i've never seen him before.consuelo: oh, friend, not only are you smart,but you have really good taste. he is really handsome.bárbara: he's going to be mine. mine.[music] [music]bárbara: román, i have to tell you something important.i don't like doing this, but...i need money. the truth is that i'm sick ofalways having to ask you. román: it's fine.i'm going to give you a credit card.bárbara: but i also need cash. román: it's's fine, tomorrow we'll go to the bank and we'll opena master account for you. bárbara: you're so kind, román.come. let's go to the bedroomso i can give you the gift i have for deserve it for how nice you've been to've made me so happy. arturo: oh, sorry.i'm stupid, forgive me, i didn't look.bárbara: don't worry, i was also distracted.arturo: hello, my name is arturo and you?bárbara: bárbara. arturo: hey, what are yougoing to do? class is over.bárbara: nothing. arturo: then why don't wego out to eat and i'll invite you for a drink.bárbara: [chuckles] i'd love to.felicia: it's been days since your cousin left this houseand i haven't heard from her. it worries me thatshe's not okay. jovita: mom, stop being worriedabout bárbara. if she left this houseit's because surely she had a better roof to go to.don't think she's stupid. felicia: do you knowwhere she is? jovita: yes, mom.and i think it's best that you know.bárbara is living with a man. felicia: oh,, it can't be. jovita: the man bought heran apartment in a nice area. felicia: oh, no.i failed my sister. i didn't know how to take careof her daughter. jovita: no, of course it's notyour fault that bárbara is mean. felicia: no, jovita,bárbara isn't mean. it's because i spoiled herso much. please.please, mother, i ask that bárbara understandsthat what she's doing isn't's true that she suffered a trauma because ofher mother's death, but she needs to understandthat the path she's taking is the wrong one.please, virgin of guadalupe, i beg you to make bárbaraunderstand and return to her family.and that she realizes that the only povertyis the one in the soul. [door bell]bárbara: aunt. it's so nice to see you.come in. please, aunt, don't stay there.what do you think about my apartment?felicia: no. no, no, bárbara,i only came to tell you that i love youand that i don't agree that you're hurting yourself.bárbara: i'm not hurting myself, aunt.look, look at how i live now. i have money.i always told you i was going to have moneyand now i have it. felicia: i know that so muchluxury doesn't let you see the harm you're causingyourself, sweetie, but when you realize iti'll be waiting for you at my house,at our house, sweetie. bárbara: forgive me, aunt,but i will never go back to that misery.felicia: okay, sweetie. i wish you the best.[door bell] bárbara: look, aunt,i already told you that i'm not going to go.soledad: are you bárbara? bárbara: yes, that's me.who are you? soledad: you're so could be my age. bárbara: sorry, but i'm going tocall the security guard if you don't tell me who you areand how you got here. soledad: my name is soledadand román is my dad. i'm your lover's daughter.[music] [music]soledad: my dad is a married manand i'm your lover's daughter. bárbara: i already imaginedthat román wasn't single, but i'm not willing to leave himbecause of the declaration you come to give me,or for any reason in the world. soledad: my dad is nevergoing to divorce my mom, i assure you.bárbara: do you want to see how i make him divorce your mom?soledad: you're worse than i imagined.bárbara: don't worry, soledad, i'm not interestedin marrying your dad. the only thing i'm interestedabout román is his money. soledad: that sounds goodbecause it's the only thing you're going to have from him,money. román: it can't be!we have to save ourselves. yes, i know that the exchangefell.'s a tragedy, but we have to agreeon the movements we're going to makeso we don't go bankrupt. bárbara: arturo, what's wrong?you've been very pensive. is something wrong?arturo: no, nothing. actually, that's why i'mthinking so there's no problem. bárbara: tell me.maybe i can help me. arturo: okay.the thing is that i have a businessthat's about to become solid. it's about the constructionof the popular housing. i already have the investorsand everything but i just need a partner.bárbara: a partner? arturo: as long as you'reinterested in supporting me so i can start the business.bárbara: of course i'm're my boyfriend and i'm going to support youwith everything. arturo: thank you very much,bárbara. i really didn't make a mistakein asking you to be my girlfriend.i adore you. bárbara: romá's strange to see you here, you didn't let me know.román: i lost it, i lost it all.bárbara: what are you saying? román: the exchange changed,my shares are no longer worth anything.i lost everything, my company, my cash,my children's patrimony. bárbara: well, i'm sorry.román: bárbara, i need you to help me.i need to sell this apartment and get the moneythat i deposited for you. bárbara: not at all.this apartment and that money is mine.román: but i gave it to you. bárbara: because i earned them.or what did you think, that i loved you?no, sweetie. i only cared about your money.román: i can't believe it. bárbara: oh, please.are you going to tell me that i'm the only loveryou've ever had? well, i don't care.that money and this apartment is my payment for putting upwith your disgusting caresses. román: you're...a hooker. bárbara: i don't carewhat they think. all of this is mine.mine. felicia: oh, get rid of thatface, sweetie. everything will be fine.jovita: no, mom, how can it be fine?you have diabetes, we don't have insuranceor any medical service. [sighs]and the medicine to lower blood sugarare expensive. felicia: we're going tofind the way so i get better. jovita: well, i don't see how,mom. i already made a budgetand we need 3,000 pesos per month.felicia: oh, well, jovita. i'm going to take careof myself. i'm going to go on a dietand eat healthy and surely i'll geta little better. [knocking]bárbara, sweetie. bárbara: yes, aunt felicia,it's me. felicia: oh, how nice.come in, come in. jovita: what are you doing here?bárbara: i came to visit my aunt and to bring yousome food. jovita: you can go backfrom where you came from. we don't want anything from you.bárbara: what's this? jovita: nothing that youcare about. bárbara: are you sick, aunt?felicia: well, yes, a little. bárbara: let me give you moneyso you go to a good doctor and buy your medication.jovita: i already told you that we don't want anythingfrom you. it's dirty money.felicia: jovita, please. jovita: leave and never return.felicia: bárbara, it's best that you leave.i promise that later i'll go see you, okay?bárbara: okay, aunt, just so you won't feel badand because you ask me to. felicia: you were very unfairwith your cousin, jovita. jovita: no, mom.she always looked down on us and this house.well, now i'm doing that to her. felicia: she came withgood intentions. i always told youthat your cousin isn't mean. jovita: you're the onewho's going to feel bad with her presence.bárbara only brings problems and that's the last thingyou need right now so your blood sugar doens't riseand you get worse from your diabetes.bárbara: diabetes? my aunt has diabetes.doña cleta, how have you been? cleta: thank god i'm finebecause you already know how illnesses are.bárbara: you're saying it because of my aunt felicia,right? cleta: yes, barbarita,the poor woman has been looking very ill lately and i don't seeher getting better. bárbara: take these 5,000 pesos,doña cleta. cleta: no, i can' bárbara: take them, doña cleta.jovita didn't want me to offer them to her,but you need to help me so that my aunt gets the medicines she needs and please tell herthat you got them at the dispensary or something.cleta: okay, barbarita, all so doña feliciacan get better. bárbara: thank you.arturo, love, take the check with the money you needto formalize our partnership in your business.arturo: thank you so much, love. i love're going to see that i'm going to work hardso that with this money we form our patrimony.bárbara: i know, love. and i support you with pleasure.i have a lot and what i have is to share with those i love.arturo: okay, now i just need you to sign this documentto begin your partnership in the construction agency.bárbara: done. i'm your partner. arturo: that sounds so nice.i adore you. bárbara: and i love you,and everything that's mine is yours.days later bárbara: it can't be,it's voicemail again. arturo, love,it's been two weeks since i've heard from you.please call me. i'm starting to worrythinking that something happened to you.kisses. [door bell]it must be arturo. i'm coming!coming! gaitan: ms. bárbara guillen?bárbara: yes, that's me. gaitan: i'm agent gaitan.i come for you. you're detained for the crimeof theft and fraud. bárbara: hey, no!this is a mistake! gaitan: it's not a mistake.bárbara: i didn't steal or defraud anyone.this is a mistake! gaitan: let's go.[music] [music]bárbara: [cries] i don't understandwhy i'm in jail. why am i here?please, find arturo! he's guilty!please, i'm innocent! horacio: hello, bárbara.bárbara: horacio? horacio, it's you.what are you doing here? horacio: i'm herebecause i'm a lawyer, your lawyer.bárbara: horacio, i don't have money,i can't pay you. arturo is the man who fooled meand got me into this. he took away all my money!horacio: don't worry. i'm a public lawyerand it won't cost you anything. i need to knowif you signed this document. do you recognize this signature?bárbara: it's my signature. horacio: arturo defrauded and hundreds of investors. bárbara: but i didn't doanything, horacio, i don't even know any investors.why am i locked up? horacio: because you appear asthe company's principal associate.bárbara: please, help me, horacio, i didn't do anything.i swear, i'm being honest. i swear, i didn't do anything.i'm innocent. [cries]horacio: bárbara, it's best that you accept thatyou're guilty. the penalty would be less.felicia: listen to horacio, one wants the best for you than he does.bárbara: [cries] fine.i'm going to declare myself guilty.[cries] i was so wrong.felicia: oh, but you're nice, sweetie.and like you said, you only made a mistake.jovita and i, your family, will always be with you.bárbara: no. i don't think that jovitawill support me. felicia: oh, sweetie,don't worry about her. jovita is niceand knows how to forgive. you'll see.besides, when she finds out that you've been the onewho's been paying my medicine for my diabetes,you'll see that she'll forgive you.yes, yes, yes, i know. oh, sweetie,did you think that doña cleta was going to keep your secret?[chuckles] cry, sweetie, cry.horacio: yes, bárbara, cry. we're all going to be with you.5 years later jovita: mmm, the posole you madesmells so good, mom. felicia: they're here!they're here. [laughs]sweetie. oh, it's so goodthat you're out of jail. bárbara: yes, aunt.and it was thanks to horacio who is a great lawyer.horacio: your good behavior helped reduced your penalty,bárbara. felicia: we made the posolethat you like so much, bárbara. bárbara: smells so good. jovita, i--jovita: don't say anything. my mom is right,it's starting over. felicia: we're a familyand family forgives mistakes to move on in life.jovita: my mom is right. you suffered a lotwith your mother's death. bárbara: i went crazybecause of the pain, but we're back here, mom,with our family. with your photo and this rosehoracio was able to recover the photo and the rosefrom the apartment where i lived.and i promised it'd be the first thing i'd dowhen i'd come home... to leave them with you,virgin of guadalupe. [cries]i imagine that you are sarita. sarita: aunt.bárbara: [chuckles] jovita: yes, she's our daughter.we named her sara like your mom. bárbara: you're's good that you guys found love and got married.horacio: yes. and the truth is thatwe're very happy. felicia: and you will be too,sweetie. you'll see.bárbara: [chuckles] i'm already happy, aunt.i returned home, i'm with my familywhich is the biggest wealth that we havebecause poverty is in the soul. felicia: sweetie.yes, family is here to forgive mistakesand to move on with life. especially when oneof the members of our family have suffered the deathof a loved one in such an unfair manner.poverty, misery, unequality is fertile land for hate,vengeance and despair. very unfair feelingsthat only produce more pain and that pain makes us takethe wrong paths. misunderstood ambitioncould be so bad that it could prevent usfrom realizing that... poverty is in the soul.[music] [music]

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