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La Rosa de Guadalupe - 'Inocente amenaza'

13 Abr 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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frida: what happened? did you send the messageto your ex? melissa: no, i'd better not sendany message to my ex. frida: are you sure?melissa: yes, here you are. thanks for letting me useyour cell phone, but you'd better take it beforei do something stupid. frida: no, it's okay.melissa: if my cell phone runs out of battery, it must bea sign. it means that i don't haveto text my ex. and i don't have to goagainst signals. i shouldn't have used your cellphone just because a couple of drinks encouraged me.frida: no, you're right. because of alcohol we sendmessages, then we regret it. melissa: well, it was toooverfamiliar of me to ask you a favor without introducingmyself. i'm melissa.frida: i'm frida. melissa: what school do you goto? frida: oh, i go tothe "instituto cultural de occidente."melissa: are you going to the ico?really? i'm also going there. frida: really?i've never seen you. i'm in third grade "c."melissa: i'm in third grade "b." it's funny that we never metat the playground and we met at this club.would you give me two tequilas, please?frida: oh, i've never drunk tequila alone.i always drink cocktails. melissa: there's always a firsttime and this is a good time. cheers to our new friendship.cheers. frida: cheers.melissa: i promise that we'll have a great time tonight.and i know who are going to help us have a lot of fun.frida: no, no, not a chance. i don't know them.melissa: i don't know them either, but we can solve iteasily. let's go to those guys.miguel: hi, chicks. i'm miguel and he's juan.melissa: nice to meet you. she's my friend fridaand i'm melissa. juan: you're the prettiestin this club. melissa: of courseand you have to brag about the prettiest let's dance, the music is great.[electronic music] [laughter]miguel: that's it, frida. you're safe and sound at home.frida: thank you very much, miguel.miguel: we have each other's cell phone number, so we cankeep in touch. frida: yes, miguel.we had a great time. now you'd better leave my friendat her home, huh? miguel: sure.melissa: hey, frida, do you think i can stay at your house?you may not believe me, but i have no keys and there's no oneat home to open the door. juan: you can stay with metonight if you want. melissa: oh, no way, need more than a funny night and a couple of drinks to takeme to your bed. frida: of course you can stayat home, my friend. melissa: thank you.frida: bye, guys. juan: take care!bye! the night was incredible, we hada great time. melissa: i know.hey, can i really stay at your house or you just wanted to saveme from juan? frida: well, melissa, it's justthat my parents don't allow me, but--melissa: alright, i understand and i don't want to cause youany problem. frida: look, never are my friend and i don't care if i'm punished, right?let's go in. melissa: thank you very much,frida. have you seen juan tryingto catch me? frida: shh, shh, stay silentso you don't wake my parents up and they don't see that you'rewith me. melissa: it's just that i can'tbelieve those guys that think that later we're going to bedwith them. frida: let's go, let's go.melissa: shh, shut down. frida: [giggles]melissa: thank you very much for letting me stay here, frida.frida: oh, no, don't worry. what's more, i'm going to giveyou some clothes, i think that-- [knocking on door]esther: frida, open up, my love. i've heard you laughing.who's her? frida: she's melissa, mom.and we go to the same school. she's my mother.melissa: nice to meet you, ma'am.esther: and what is she doing here? you know that you can'tbring anyone. frida: i know,'s just that melissa doesn't have her keys and her motherisn't waiting for her, like others.i can't leave her in the streets, huh?esther: alright, you're right, we can't leave herin the streets. your friend can stay, but youperfectly know that your father doesn't like it.stay silent. good night.frida: oh, i thought that my mother was going to ruinour fun with a larger discourse. melissa: i know.hey, frida, who is this man?frida: oh, he's my father. melissa: wow, he's veryhandsome. frida: yes, my father is veryhandsome. well, you're going to sleepin this couch and we'll turn it into a bed.melissa: oh, i'm sorry, sir. i almost fall over you.frida: melissa, we have to hurry up, before my father comes--you ran very fast today, huh? i thought that you were stillat the park. horacio: i left earlier, becausei have an important meeting. who's your friend?frida: oh, she's melissa. i invited her to have breakfastbefore she goes home. melissa: don't tell frida off,sir. it was my fault, i forgotmy keys and i asked my friend to stay at her house.horacio: alright. i hope you don't forget to askfor permission again, frida. frida: yes, dad, don't worry.come, come, melissa, let's have breakfast.melissa: excuse me, sir. nice to meet you.horacio: why didn't you tell me that frida's friend slept here?esther: oh, i'm sorry, my love, it's just that last night, whenthe girls came, you were asleep and i forgot to tell you beforeyou went out to run. horacio: you know that i don'tlike this kind of things, esther.esther: yes, i know and i've told frida as well.but it was dawn and i couldn't kick that girl out of the house.that's why i let her stay. horacio: i don't like thesethings to happen behind my back and in my house.esther: i promise that it won't happen again.horacio: i hope so. i also told frida, now thati saw them out of her bedroom. esther: it will be okay,my love. look, go take a shower, soyou're not late to your meeting, right?horacio: alright. melissa: it sucks that yourmother couldn't have breakfast with us.frida: oh, i'm sure that my father must be telling her off,just like me. because he came across usin the corridor. my father must be in a bad mood,because he has to attend meetings on saturdays.melissa: oh, if i had known that you live with a white-collarogre, i wouldn't have come. frida: no, my father isn'ta white-collar ogre. he has some strange ideas,you know? melissa: oh, thank you very muchfor everything. you're inviting my to havebreakfast when i'm causing you problems with your father.frida: oh, we're friends and i told you that i could dealwith the punishment s long as i could help you, my friend.melissa: please, say sorry to your father.even though he looked at us very angrily, he looked stillvery handsome. frida: you're crazy.melissa: i'm serious, your father is very handsome.he looks good in pictures, but personally he looks better.frida: you're incredible, melissa.melissa: well, thank you very much for everythingand for this breakfast. it was very tasty, but i'll seeyou on monday at school, right? frida: see you, i'll walk youto the door. melissa: oh, thank you.frida: let's go. melissa: let's go.[knocking on door] esther: daughter, my love,i need to talk to you. frida: what happens, mom?esther: it's just that your friend stayed here and youperfectly know that your father doesn't like that.the worst is that we hid that from him, my love.he saw her leaving your bedroom. frida: i know, that was badluck, mom. if he had stayed some moreminutes at the park, everything would have been fine.esther: no, frida, you shouldn't have let your friend stay here.frida: mom, what did you want me to do?she couldn't go to her house. esther: well, they should havetaken her to her door. frida: mom, she's my friendand i can't do that to her. esther: you didn't think of theconsequences because you were drunk, right?frida: of course not, i wasn't drunk, mom.esther: of course not, mom. do you think that i didn'tnotice it when i came in your bedroom and it smelledof alcohol? frida: but i drank just twoor three, mom. esther: no, you know what?i don't want you to get used to that, to get drunk, to bringfriends to sleep here, and all that, is it clear?frida: mom, yes, i'm serious. don't worry, right?okay, come, come, it's okay. don't worry, i promise.[knocking on door] queta: i'm coming.oh, it's just you. melissa: yes, mom, it's won't get rid of me yet. queta: but i will someday.someday i'll be lucky, huh? melissa: i'm glad thatyou're having breakfast, don't worry about friend invited me, where i spent the night.queta: i'm happy for you. don't keep talking to me,you've already bothered me a lot when i opened the door.melissa: that's your problem for not giving me the keysof this house. queta: and i won't give themto you, you already use it like a hotel.melissa: that's what this place seems to me, a hotel.not a place for a family. queta: and what do you want?your father abandoned us and we're alone now.melissa: but at least you could try to love me a little bit,huh? queta: yes, i love you.a little bit, as you've said. but i love you.and you're lucky, it was your fault that i married yourfather, because i was pregnant. but well, when you were bornthat bastard left us. and he left me alone with sucha mistake and it was your fault. melissa: it was your fault,because you didn't use protection and you were too hot.queta: but i'm still paying the price for having you,every day. melissa: at least you're notalone, mom, i don't like to be with you either.queta: it's your fault that your father left us.melissa: no, no, don't get father left you because you're a bad person.queta: well, i'd be very happy if you left this house.i want you to disappear and leave me alone.melissa: you're very unlucky, mom, i'll stay here, you'llmaintain me and you'll have to deal with it.frida: i'm so glad that you called me, miguel.yes, yes, that's a great idea. perhaps we can go outthis weekend. we're in touch and we canarrange to meet. thanks you, miguel, have a niceday too, bye. melissa: yes, juan, but i haveto hang up, i have to go to classes.we're in touch, take care, bye. frida: it was juan, right?melissa: oh, yes, it seems that he arranged with miguel to callus at the same time. frida: well, those guys we metat the club are really trying to win us, huh?melissa: well, erick won first. frida: is that your ex?the guy you were about to text from my cell phone the night wemet at the club? melissa: uh-huh.he's erick, he's my ex. the love of my life.that guy really hurt me. frida: and why did you break upif you still love him that much? melissa: because everythingthat starts then comes to an end.but if erick wanted to get back together with me, i'd acceptto be always with him. frida: well, perhaps one dayhe has the guts to do it. try to get him back.melissa: it's useless, frida. we won't get back togetherwith erick after-- after what happened, but i don'twant to talk about that. so what? next time juanand miguel talk to us, will we say yes to go with themto the cinema? frida: oh, sure.[bell rings] melissa: horacio?i never thought i could see you here.i'm sorry, i'm too overfamiliar. do you remember me?horacio: yes, i think i've seen you, but i can't remember where.melissa: i'm frida's friend, my name is melissa, you saw meat your corridor when i was coming out of your daughter'sbedroom. horacio: yes, sure, i know whoyou are. it's the first time i see youin this park. do you come often?melissa: well, i've been coming here for a couple of days,but the park is very big. horacio: well, nice to see you.i'll keep running, huh? melissa: excuse me, i'll keeprunning too, is there a problem if we run together?horacio: no, it's okay. let's go.horacio: let's go, i can't believe i run faster when i'molder than you. melissa: oh, but my conditionisn't as good as yours. horacio: but it will've been disciplined, you've come here every day since wefirst met. melissa: i must confess that iwas about to give up, because it's pretty boring to run alone.but now that we're running together, i think it's veryfunny. horacio: yes, i also think it'sa good idea to run together. so let's keep running before weget cold, right? i'll give you some advantage.let's go! i'm glad to seethat even though you're young, you want to work out.melissa: i never thought that it was true that sweatingand working out make you happy. but it's true, i feel very goodwhen we run. horacio: working out will helpyou stay healthy and keep you as beautiful as you're now.melissa: do you think i'm beautiful?horacio: i'd have to be blind to avoid noticingthat you're beautiful. melissa: oh, i'm sorry, i justwanted to sleep five more minutes, but they were 15.horacio: it's okay, don't worry, melissa.melissa: you called my name. horacio: yes, and i hope youalso call my name and stop addressing me formally.melissa: yes, sure, horacio. i never thought that you'd askme that, after you got angry when you realized i sleptat your house. horacio: back then you werea stranger and i don't like strangers at home.melissa: so i'm no longer a stranger for you?horacio: no, all this time we've been running together, i'vestarted to like you. you're like a friend to me.melissa: i love that you're seeing me in a different way.horacio: shall we start? melissa: yes, sure.[moans] melissa: what happened?melissa: oh, i think it's a cramp.horacio: where does it hurt? melissa: oh, here.[music] [music]one month later. frida: mom, will we have dinner?esther: yes, my love. your father called to saythat he left the office. frida: hey, but put anotherplate, melissa will come to have dinner with us.we'll watch some movies. esther: once again?well, that girl is coming every day lately.doesn't she have a house, a family?frida: mom, you know that her father abandoned her and hermother doesn't care about her. esther: well, exactly.she should stay at her house to fix her relationshipwith her, instead of causing trouble in other places.frida: mom, don't you be unpleasant.esther: no, i'm not unpleasant. i just don't want her to get mein trouble with your father. you know that he doesn't liketo see strangers at this house. frida: melissa isn't a strangerto my father. i can't believe it, my fatherlikes her. you're the one thatdoesn't like her. besides i've already invitedher, mom, i can't say no now. esther: oh, maribel!maribel, bring another plate, please!queta: you won't sleep here once again?i mean, i'm asking this because you're taking your bag with you.melissa: so you're now worried about where i spend the night?queta: oh, no, not at all. but before you leave i wantto tell you that i want to move to the countryside.i want to be in peace. perhaps it's time to go backto veracruz. melissa: no, i don't wantto leave this city. queta: no, darling, i neverthought of taking you with me. you're about to be 18 years'll be a woman, i'm done here.besides, you can take care of nothing will happen to you now that i won't be here.melissa: as if you had ever been here, mom.queta: oh, don't start complaining now, girl.melissa: no, i'm not complaining, it's the truth.if you go to veracruz or if you stay, i don't care.well, no, if you leave, i won't have to see you anymore.queta: i just wanted you to know it.if you want to visit me at veracruz, i'll welcome you.but it's time for you to face life.horacio: hi, esther, i'm home. what happens?are you ill? are you hurt?esther: no, the truth is that i don't want this girl, frida'sfriend, to be always here. horacio: well, don't pay muchattention to her, it's just a friend of frida.and it's just the phase they need to be always together,they are friends, like best friends.esther: oh, and what's wrong with you now?you never wanted a stranger to stay at home.horacio: well, that's true. i was scared when she wasyounger, but now she's a woman. besides melissa is her friend.we're getting to know her little by little, she's not a strangerwe should be afraid of. esther: no, no, i think she canbe a bad influence for frida. she's a girl with no familyto teach her values, principles. horacio: that shouldn't bea bother, she's just trying to find in our house what shedoesn't have at her house. she has problems,family conflicts. and she needs help,poor girl, huh? [music][music] horacio: and what films will youwatch? frida: i think that we'll choosea trending love story. melissa: oh, yes, i love to seelove stories before i go to bed to have nice dreams.horacio: i just hope that you don't want to make those dreamscome true. because you're very young tohave that kind of relationships. i mean, you haven't evenfinished school. frida: dad, it's our last yearand it's almost finished. i can't believe it, dad.the first time you saw melissa, you didn't like her at all.and now you even seem to be jealous, as if she was yourdaughter. melissa: i also remember thattime, i thought you were a white-collar ogre.horacio: first impressions can be wrong.i can see that it happened to us both.frida: oh, and i hope you don't want us to go to bed early justbecause you'll get up to run, dad.tomorrow is saturday. horacio: don't worry, frida.i think i won't go to run. melissa: oh, well, who are you?because my father has never stopped running.melissa: i brought more popcorn for the next film we'll watch.have you chosen one? frida: there are some good ones,but i'm feeling sleepy. melissa: oh, no, don't bea killjoy. we can't waste the popcorni've just brought. frida: i'm sure that as soon asthe film gets interesting, you'll wake up.frida: do you want to watch this one?melissa: oh, yes. besides, that actor is veryhandsome. he's an eye candy,he always takes his t-shirt off. i just hope that you won't tryto make those dreams come true later, because you're stillvery young to have that kind of relationship.i mean, you haven't even finished school.esther: i hope to be wrong. oh, virgin of guadalupe, please,don't let my suspicion come true.i beg you, please, i hope that this girl, melissa, doesn'tcause me trouble with my husband.i beg you, mother, don't let that girl split my family up.i beg you. [tv]horacio: melissa, i pretended to be asleep until esther felldeeply asleep. melissa: frida is alsocompletely asleep. we're free to make love.horacio: wait, melissa, i'm worried about what you wrotein the mail you sent me. what does it mean that yourmother is about to leave? melissa: not now, now i justwant to kiss you. melissa: what is it, horacio?horacio: this is the surprise i told you that i had for told me that your mother is leaving, so i rented thisfor you. melissa: are you serious, daddy?horacio: yes, it's yours. wait, wait.melissa: i don't want to wait. i want--i want to make love,here and i want it to be the first thing we doin our nest of love. [music][music] melissa: come that it's furnished, i'll come to live here.don't you like this apartment? frida: hey, yes.i love it, it's beautiful. besides it's very big.melissa: yes, and the best part is that it's my space.and i wanted to share it with you because we're friendsand it's going to be at your disposal.frida: thank you, but how did you pay it?melissa: my mother is paying it, as she's going to veracruz shewanted to pay this apartment. frida: well, congratulations,my friend. melissa: so what? will we goto the club tonight to celebrate?frida: yes, we're going to the club.melissa: i'm leaving the house definitely, mom, i won't comeback. queta: oh, i've wanted itfor so long. finally the day i've beenwaiting for is here. melissa: yes, i know that youwant to get rid of me. you've always wanted it.queta: don't think that, melissa.i'm not disappearing, i'll be in veracruz and you can visit we both will be fine. melissa: and won't you ask wherei'm leaving or who is coming with me?queta: no, you're smart. i raised you to survive.and i'm sure that you made the best decisions for you.and i guess that i'll also start to pack to move as soon aspossible to veracruz. esther: horacio, the dinneris ready. frida has just gone to the club.horacio: yes, i'll go to the bathroom to wash my hands.[incoming call] [slam]horacio: [clears his throat] esther: horacio, are you havingan affair with another woman? horacio: of course not, wheredid you get that idea from? esther: where did i getthat idea from? you make me feel like're always late, you're absent, you smell of anotherperfume. horacio: i've already said no.esther: oh, no? so why do you have melissa'snumber in your cell phone? horacio: it's because she's ourdaughter's friend and we have to have her contacts in caseshe needs something, huh? esther: and that's why melissacalls you? horacio: it must be frida.i'm sure that she ran out of battery and she needs something.i'll answer her right now. but i'm going to do it outthere, because you're a bit unbearable tonight.erick: hey, excuse me, let me help you.frida: thank you. erick: hey, i think i know you.frida: well, yes, you've seen me around here, but we don't knoweach other. we are in different classes.erick: yes, sure. hey, can i invite you a coffeesomeday? frida: i'd love to, but i don'tknow what will my best friend think.i'm melissa's friend, your ex. erick: well, yes, you're right.i'm leaving, see you. look, i don't want to look likea bastard, i know that a man doesn't have to speak illof a woman, let alone if she is his ex-girlfriend.but you have to be careful with melissa.frida: why? erick: i don't want to give youany detail, it's just that she's not what she seems to be.and it's a pity that we can't go for that coffee.frida: oh, don't cry, my friend. erick just said those thingsto bother you. melissa: i don't know why hesaid that and he makes me cry because despite everythingi love him. frida: dad?what are you doing here? and why do you have the keys ofmelissa's apartment? horacio: well, daughter--melissa: my friend, i can explain it.frida: are you paying the rent of melissa's apartment.horacio: no, daughter, it's not what you think.frida: no, of course it's what i think.melissa: please, my friend-- frida: no, don't call me friend,i'm sure that you planned all this.melissa: no, i swear that it wasn't my intention.i really love you as a friend. i didn't plan this.i didn't even know your father. frida: no, but you met him.and then you saw he was someone that would like you and give youa house, now that your mother left you to go to veracruz!melissa: don't say it like that, because it sounds terrible.i didn't come to your life to be a threat to your family.frida: the fact that you did it innocently, it doesn't mean thatyou didn't use my affection! melissa: no, frida, please,don't doubt our friendship. i'm really your friend.frida: shut up! don't you talk to me!you aren't even my friend! you're just a damned tramp!how could you mess with my father?how could you do this? horacio: daughter, wait.frida: don't you even touch me. melissa: why did you comewithout telling me? why?horacio: i never thought that my daughter was here.i can't believe you're so stupid to bring her here.melissa: i'm not stupid. i brought her because i wantfrida like a friend, i really love her.esther: and in fresh water it will look as beautifulas the day i found it. it's beautiful, huh?what happened, frida, my love? what's wrong?frida: come here, mom. i have to talk to you, please.esther: what happened? come, come, what happens,my love? calm down, please.what happened? you know what?you're scaring me. frida: i wish it was justa scare, mom. but i know that i'll causea lot of pain after what i have to say about my father.esther: but why? what happened to your father?frida: he went to melissa's apartment when i was theretalking to her-- and my father came in using hisown keys, mom. esther: your father and melissa?frida: yes, mom, you were right when you didn't want melissato be here. she's a tramp, mom, she messedwith my father. my father cheated on youwith my best friend. [music][music] horacio: yes, what frida toldyou is true! i have a relationshipwith melissa, i'm sorry! esther: well, then why didn'tyou admit it when i asked you if you had an affair.horacio: because it's not an affair!esther: what are you saying? horacio: i think thati'm in love with melissa. esther: your daughter'sbest friend? horacio: yes, and i know it'sreprehensible, but that's how things are.i'm so sorry, but i'm going to leave you.some months later. frida: erick, erick, erick!erick: frida? what happened?frida: i have to tell you something about melissa.i feel sick just when i see her. erick: i'm so sorry for givingyou the information so late. frida: hey, she cheated on you,did she? erick: yes, she messed with oneof my uncles. apparently she loves adults.frida: i guess that's because his father was absent.but i have to do something to get my family back.erick: what happened? can i do something for you?frida: in fact you can help me. do me a very big favor.erick: tell me. frida: look, it's just that imet her... [doorbell rings]melissa: erick! come in, come in.erick: thank you. melissa: i never expected to seeyou here. erick: i never expectedto regret leaving you either. but i miss you, melissa and iwant to be with you. melissa: yes, of course!yes, of course! i love you, i love you very muchand i want to be with you again. that's what i really want!horacio: come in, come in. i'm glad that you cameto my office. i'm happy to see you.frida: i'm not here for pleasure, dad.horacio: frida, i know that things haven't been easy sincethat day, but-- but if you're here it meansthat we can get our relationship back.frida: no, don't get confused, dad, i'm not here to make up.i just wanted to tell you that melissa got back togetherwith her boyfriend. and right now he's cheatingon you in your nest of love. melissa: you don't know how longi've waited for this moment. erick: me too.i waited so long to have you like this.horacio: melissa! melissa: horacio!what are you doing here? horacio: i'm making surethat my daughter was right. you're a tramp!melissa: frida is saying that because she's resentful, becauseyou love me. horacio: yes, i thought that iloved you. it's painful to see that youonly played with me. melissa: yes, i don't reallylove you. i just want your money.i really love erick and now i'm only his girl.horacio: i was so stupid. erick: you'll never stop beinga tramp. melissa: but, erick, you--erick: nothing, melissa! i came here just to help fridaexpose you in front of her dad. but i don't want to seeyou again. never!horacio: esther, i beg you to forgive me.please. please.esther: no, i don't know,'s still very painful and if you cheated on me,it's because i-- horacio: no, no, don't say're wonderful, perfect, you're divine.i was a fool. i was weak.i let her captivate me. please, i'm so sorry.i thought that i loved that girl, but i don' that i can see everything clear, i realize that you'rethe one i love. esther: i also love you, butit's not that easy. we have to get our confidenceback, know each other again. i don't know.look, what if--? if you stay for dinner?our girl will be here soon. horacio: who could rejectyour molletes? of course i'll stay.frida: mom, i thought that we'd have dinner alone.esther: no, your father will join us.horacio: darling, i-- frida: look, dad, you don't haveto win my love. i'll always be your daughterand you my father. and i support my mother,if she invited you to eat her molletes, then we have to eather molletes. later life will show ushow things are, after an innocent threat.esther: well, then help me prepare the molletes.come on, help me. my love, get the roll.horacio: just tell me what to do.esther: pour some guacamole on it, cheese.we have to be very careful with the people our childrenbring home, most of all new friends.we have to be cautious in our house.we don't know how to react before a person that lacksattention and has personal problems, most of all beforeour happiness. not all threats are direct,obvious, deliberate. and those are the most dangerousones, because we open the door and we don't know that theyare a threat to our families. and we don't know it until theycause us pain, so we notice that we're dealing with aninnocent threat.

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