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La Rosa de Guadalupe - 'El centro de tu vida'

7 Dic 2020 – 12:00 AM EST

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fernando: yes, dear, i want our grandchild to welcome us,your mother and i are getting home.if your cooking, tell your useless husband to get the childout to welcome us. i'm already parked and i don'tsee her. no, let's see.there. i saw her.see you inside. see you.sara: hello, fernandita. happy birthday.fernando: [chuckles] my girl, my girl!look what we got for you, thanks.a big cake. sara: you're so grown up.fernando: take the cake, nestorcito.i'll hold my grandchild. come here, my dear.sara: we should go in, right? fernando: that cake is all foryou, all of it. alba: mom, dad, come in,food is ready. fernando: your mom is calling usfor lunch, let's go. come on, my princess,come on. my dear.sara: dear! alba: mom!fernando: hey, it smells great. alba: i cooked your favoritefood to celebrate my girl's birthday.please, sit. sara: sure.fernando: thanks, dear. alba: i'm so happy, it's herbirthday. time flies.fernando: don't even mention it. five years ago, you dropped outof school, you left the house and got married to this guy.alba: dad, it's my daughter's birthday, can we celebrate itin peace? fernando: is this the cutlery wegave you as a wedding gift? sara: yes, but look at itscondition, the plates are made of fine porcelain.we bought it on our trip to china.and we thought it would be a nice wedding gift.but look at it, well, it hurts to see it likethis. it's best to throw it awaythan feeling sorry for it. fernando: sure.sara: why didn't you get other plates?fernando: right, sara, you're asking too much,please, what can nestitor buy them?he can't buy anything better than're asking too much, he can't afford it, poor him.right, nestitor? alba: it's not that,i just didn't throw it away, because i like it too much.look, it was our wedding gift and it has great sentimentalvalue to me. that's why i didn't throw itaway. fernando: okay, serve the food,we're starving. thank you!my dear! once we're done eating,my child, me and grandma will take youto buy all the toys you want. that will be our birthday you like the idea? sure!nestor: in law? couldn't you take her anotherday? today is my only day off,and i'd like to spend it with her.fernando: i won't let you make me look bad, nestitor.or that you don't let me spend her birthday at the mall.okay? if you can't buy her thepresents she deserves, i'll buy them for her.whether you like it or not. nestor: okay.fernando: so cute. [chuckles]alba: why did you come to the room?i'm talking to you, don't ignore me.nestor: i'm tired of your parents, their humiliations,their orders, it's always the same, i'm tired.alba: you shouldn't talk about them like that,i remind you we owe them everything we have.nestor: i worked for what we have.alba: you work at dad's company. nestor: yes, but i earn mymoney, he doesn't give it away.i'm like his slave. alba: dad's not a bad person,he's good to us, we wouldn't havethis house if it wasn't for him. nestor: house i owe the bankfor, and that's why i'm tied up to your dad.i can't quit because of the mortgage.alba, i'm tired of his humiliations and for himto treat like a fool. tired.fernando: look at all the presents she picked.they are for her birthday. alba: you almost bought herthe whole store. fernando: she's my onlygrandchild, and therefore, the center of my life.i'll get her anything she wants. that's what she has amillionaire grandpa for, right? too bad for the father your momchose for you. sara: dear, guess what we saw?alba: what? sara: a great house.fernando: [chuckles] a beautiful one, with a greatgarden. the girl will be able to playgladly there. alba: dad, you know thatmy husband... fernando: that useless man,no one is taking him into account.why do you and the child have to sacrifice yourselves?he's a bad provider, that's what he is.alba: dad, he really does a lot for his family.he works hard to give us everything.fernando: oh! neither you, nor my childdeserve to live in this slum. you're a millionaire's daughter,get it in your head. not the child of a mediocre guy,i'm tired of coming to this ugly house.just look at it. aren't you tired?i choke in here. you didn't grow up like this.and i won't allow you to live in this misery.that house will be for you and for my's already decided. alba: you can't make that kindof decisions. i'm married and i haveto discuss it with my husband. fernando: no, there's nothingto discuss with him. end of the discussion,it's over. bring your mother and ia glass of juice, we're thirsty. we walked for the presents,up and down. you're so cute!nestor: yes, sir, i'll be right there.uriel: the boss called you to scold you again?nestor: i hope it's just for work.having your father in law as your boss is not goodat all. uriel: [laughs]nestor: don't laugh, it's not fun.i'm going. uriel: nestor is a fool,no wonder his father in law does with him whatever he wants.>> hey, it's done. i increased the budgetand the earnings will be 12%. uriel: i'd like to go deeper.>> we can make more in 15 days. uriel: that's good!fernando: right, nestitor, wait up.wait up. wait up.a donkey's tail? you're the laughing stock.everybody makes fun of you. no one respects you, nestitor.poor daughter of mine. i'm not asking you,i'm telling you, specially not here, in my office, don't forgeti'm your boss and you do as i say, okay?everyone should do as i say. these are the keys to the housei bought for my child and grandchild,that's a real home, not your are the keys. nestor: i won't take them,because i don't agree... fernando: be quiet, and do as isay. i'm not just your boss,i'm your wife's father and your child's, take the keys. take them, i say.because my kid and her kid won't be suffering in that mediocrehouse they live in. just because of your fake, take them. you're moving into that housei bought and that's final. are you listening?nestor: yes, sir. fernando: i knew you'd indulgeme. now, get to work, nestitor.go! nestor: yes, sir.fernando: quick! nestor: hey, you did this to me,didn't you? one day i'll get back at you.>> yes, nestitor, get to work and stop fooling around.nestor: i'm not joking, i swear you'll pay.>> oh! what's wrong with you?weeks later sara: dear, my grandchild is sohappy. that's what she needed,a beautiful garden. fernando: right.sara: you know, dear? i've been thinking, i'll get mygrandchild a doll house. and we'll put it...there. in that part of the yard,what do you think? alba: thanks, mom, really,the house is great. i love it, thanks a lot.sara: what wouldn't your dad do for you, dear?you know, we want the best for you, you're our only child.and well, there's mistakes. fernando: you're what i love themost, you're the most important thingto me, remember. you're the center of my life,my dear. another one, higher!higher! nestor: of course you know whati'm talking about, stop seeing me as a fooland making fun of me. we paid 12% more for some increased the price, i'm sure you kept that 12%.uriel: i don't know what you're talking about.nestor: don't try to fool me, you did that for a long time.i'm sure the legal department and fernando will be veryinterested in this and investigate you.okay, i tried to be nice and keep you from going to jail.>> nestor! we'll share the earnings,give you half the total. don't tell on us.uriel: we know you hate your father in lawbecause he's mean to you. keep quiet and get something outit. you'd get good money.nestor: i do hate him, but that's not the amounti want. i want a lot more.and since you like easy money, i'll make you a deal to getmillions of dollars from my father in law.uriel: i didn't know you hated him so sounds interesting, what's it about?nestor: he loves my child, so much, he even made us nameher after him. i'm sure he'd pay eight or 10million dollars for her. >> [laughs]he's joking, right? nestor: no, it's no joke,this is serious. uriel: are you telling usto kidnap your kid? >> are you insane?nestor: no, i hate my father in law, and this is the way to makehim suffer and get something out of will be under control, because we'll kidnap her.we get the money from the old man and my child will be's simple. uriel: it's dangerous.what if something goes wrong? nestor: i have it all plannedout, and either you help me, or yougo to jail for some miserable 300,000 pesos.but if you work with me, you'll get one million dollarseach. pick, jail, or a milliondollars? uriel: okay, let's kidnapyour kid. what's the plan?alba: dad, the puppy is so cute. fernando: we adopted it,not because i don't have the money to buy it,but because the poor animal didn't have a place to live.actually, your mother adopted know her and animals. she doesn't want to see themsuffer and just to indulgethose i love, i do anything for them.sara: i love you. fernando: i love you.what wouldn't i do for you? for my child, my grandchild,everything! you're what i love the most.alba: oh, dad. i love you were always so nice to me. thanks for everything,for buying this house for me. for loving fernanda so much.fernando: she's the center of my life.go play, dear. sara: go with's nice to see kids happy. hey, but you can't live likethat. you need furniture.fernando, we have to buy them everything they need.fernando: and we will, dear, we will, you'll see.[chuckles] [music][music] alba: i love those furniture.i went there once just to look at them because i know myhusband can't afford them. fernando: but your dad can.nestor: alba, who gave my kid that dog?fernando: me, why? nestor: i don't want it here,so send it back. fernando: what? your house?this is my child and grandchild's house.i paid for it, don't forget. you useless man!nestor: that's the last time you talk to me like that.whether you like it or not, i'm married to your child.fernando: i don't like it, i never liked you,you're a nobody. you're nothing, weak,good for nothing. she deserved something else.another man, not a fool like you!nestor: you'll sallow each and every word.fernando: no, i won't. and you, be quiet!no one yells at me at my house. whether you like it or not,this is my house. i bought it with my, be quiet! nestor: look, i won't arguewith you. alba, this is an ultimatum,that dog is leaving and then you go upstairs and you go toa house i can afford. or we're getting divorced.fernando: get divorced, because neither my child nor thedog are leaving this house. you have no idea how long i'vebeen waiting for this, get divorced, you'd do mea great favor. sara: stop arguing, we'll allregret what was said here later. let's go to the tableas the family we are. go, order the food.and you, go to the table, no arguing.i'll get the child for her to come for lunch.fernando: no, i'll get her, you go help our child.i'll get her. sara: let's go.fernando: fernandita? dear, let's go eat.fernanda? dear, where are you?the girl is not in the yard! alba: she must have got inand we didn't see her. nestor: that's not possible,we're all here, i didn't see her come in.we have to look for her. the front gate is open.sara: what if she went off to the streets?let's go get her. fernando: no, we'll go,you look for her around the house.we're going to the street. alba: dear, child?sara: what happened? alba: she's not in the house.sara: what do you mean? fernando: we didn't find her,we looked all around, on every street, but we didn'tfind her. [cell phone]hello? uriel: listen, you fool,we kidnapped your grandchild. and we want eight milliondollars for her. fernando: what?she was kidnapped? please, don't hurt her.i beg you, please, not her. uriel: if you want to see heralive, you'll give us eight million dollars.if you don't pay, we'll kill her.fernando: no, not her! uriel: did you hear me?we'll kill her. sara: fernando? what's wrong?alba: dad? dad? sara: what's wrong, dear?fernando, what is it? no, fernando![music] [music]uriel: i hope this is just for a few days.playing the kidnapper is not my's too much, too risky. >> when you get your share,you won't say the same, so keep quiet.nestor will give us the money when this is over.that lucky bastard is the son in law of a millionaire.tonight, the death of the business man, fernandovillareal, who died after finding out hisgrandchild was kidnapped. uriel: they just killedthe boss. is that true?>> yes, that's what she said, he died when he found out hisgrandchild was kidnapped. what do we do now?uriel: we have to get rid of the girl.sara: yes, she was playing in the yard with the dog my dad hadjust given her. i want her back,get her back. [phone rings]nestor: hello? yes, doctor.get everything ready for the funeral.thanks, doctor. sara: who was that?nestor: the doctor that performed the autopsy.he died from a heart attack. sara: how did all this happened?how? alba: mom, where do thosecriminals have my child? where?sara: i don't know. your dad is gone.[cell phone] nestor: what is it, uriel?uriel: you tell us. we just heard fernando died!is that true? nestor: yes, it is, he couldn'ttake it. he died from a heart attack.where's my kid, uriel? uriel: look, we're getting ridof her, we're leaving her in the parkclose to work. nestor: no, don't leave her,look, i'll be on my way, don't leave her.uriel: no, you got us into this, fernando is dead and we don'twant to go to jail. so, if you want to find yourchild, run, because we're leaving her here.nestor: don't! i'm on my way.wait for me, please. uriel: no, mate.if you don't find her when you get here, ask the officer.but we're not going to jail because of run! nestor: uriel, please.sara: i don't know, it all happened so fast, son in law got here and started arguing about the husband started getting upset,and to make things milder, i told them to go husband went to get the girl and returned shockedbecause she wasn't home. and that the gate was was so hard for him. and then the kidnap wasthe final blow. nestor: alba, i have to go out,they called from the funeral home, we have to sign somedocuments so they get the funeral ready.i'll be right back. agent: the man that just leftis the father of the child. he's acting strange.we'll follow him, guys. nestor: fernanda!fernanda! fernanda! have you seen my daughter?look at her closely. this is she.>> i haven't seen her. sorry.nestor: officer, i was told they were leavingthe child with you. where is she?where's my child? she's wearing an orange dressand white ribbons. officer: i haven't seen her.nestor: think, they said they were leaving her with you.agent: what's going on? i heard you ask the officerabout your kid. the kidnappers called and saidthey were leaving her here. please, help me find her.agent: what are you not telling me?nestor: nothing, i swear, if she's here, she can't thatfar, help me, officer. torres: close the perimeter,we have to find her quick. diaz: yes, sir.nestor: thanks, thanks. agent: we'll find her, nestor.we didn't find her, we closed the perimeter, looked for her onthe streets, but nothing. nestor, what are you not tellingus? nestor: nothing,it's my child the one that was kidnapped and left in that's normal for me to feel this way.i'm in pain for not knowing anything about her.and you're telling me i'm hiding something?what's this about? agent: about finding your child.back in the house you were the only one i didn'tinterrogate. and you leave all mysteriousto answer the phone. inside the house.and you return all jumpy. and you ran off,i followed you because you were acting strange.we got to the park, looked for the girl and we found nothing.a girl wouldn't walk that fast and disappear as your kid did.we closed the perimeter and we found nothing.tell me, the kidnappers called you.why didn't you tell me? i'm the police.nestor: they told me not to tell anyone.specially not the police, or they would kill her.that's why i didn't tell you. i didn't want them to kill her.understand, please. i just want to be with her.diaz: boss? agent: what is it?we just got a forensics report. they found a girls that could befernanda. nestor: forensics?diaz: yes, she was found on the streets, dead.nestor: no, no, no! no, she can't be dead![music] [music]nestor: no, it's not her! it's not my daughter.agent: we'll keep looking for fernanda.we broaden the search perimeter and we hope to find her.nestor: thanks, she's the most important thing to me.what i love the most. agent, please find her.agent: we will, we'll find her. give me your phone, please.nestor: what for? agent: to analyze it,you said the kidnappers had contacted tell you the girl was in the park.nestor: yes, that's right. agent: that cell has informationthat could help us find the kidnappers.and get your child safe and sound.give me your phone, please. nestor: here.[knock] >> the police!the police is here for us. we have to escape!uriel: where? we're on the sixth floor.[knock] >> go, go.uriel: it's nestor. you scared us, nestitor!nestor: where's my child? uriel: what do you mean?in the park! nestor: don't lie!she wasn't there. where is she? give her back!uriel: calm down, i told you she's in the park.nestor: she's not there! uriel: it's all your fault.diaz: sir? agent: what happened to you?nestor: you have to help me. i kidnapped my child!agent: what? nestor: yes, i planned it all.and now my accomplices betrayed me.they beat me, they did something to her,please, help me. agent: i will, but you shouldtell me everything from the start.nestor: i hated my father in law, he humiliated me,he made me feel bad, he mistreated me.i hated him so much, i decided's all my fault. please, virgin of guadalupe,i know i was a fool to kidnap my child.i realized too late of my mistake.i beg you, help me find her. please.sara: oh, virgin, help me deal with the pain of losingmy husband. i can't take the fact thathe's no longer with me. help me with this pain,help me. uriel: we better leavebefore things get worse. >> yes, we better run than die,let's go! >> don't move!agent: freeze! federal the ground! to the ground.uriel: we didn't do anything. it was nestor's idea to kidnapthe kid. agent: you're under arrest forkidnapping. take them, guys.uriel: we're innocent. >> we are, i promise.uriel: we didn't do anything. >> i didn't do anything.uriel: why are you taking us? uriel: yes, sir.we left her in the park. we told her to go to the park'sofficer and tell him she was lost.agent: did you see her approach him?>> we left, we didn't want to be caught.uriel: we ran off and we don't know what happened to her,i swear, agent. that's the truth,we don't know where she is. alba: nestor.nestor: alba! alba: is it true you kidnappedour child? [music][music] alba: answer me, nestor.nestor: yes, i did. alba: where is she, you bastard?nestor: i don't know, everything went out of controland i don't know where she is. alba: i'll kill you if somethinghappens to her. nestor: i'm sorry.alba: shut up, my dad died because of you,i'll make sure you never get out.sara: yes, i promise, i saw this rose appear rightnext to the virgin. i promise, i'm not crazy.alba: mom, sometimes we think we see things.but a rose can't appear out of the blue.sara: it did and i saw it. and here it is.look at how beautiful it is. i think it's a sign from yourdad that we'll find fernandita safe and sound.come with me and put in a vase. [phone]alba: i'll get it. hello?yes, that's me. what?yes, agent, we're on our way. mom.sara: what now? more bad news?sara: no, mom, you were right, that rose was a sign from dad.that we were going to find our daughter.torres said fernandita was found.sara: thank god. what are we waiting for?let's go get her! alba: thank god, they found her!torres: your mom is coming to get you want a soda, water, or coffee?manuel: i'd like some coffee. torres: sure.diaz, bring us two cups of coffee.diaz: yes. alba: dear!fernanda! where was she?where was she? torres: manuel found her.alba: where did you find her? manuel: i sell balloons ina park and that's where i found her.the girl was all alone in a corner,first, i thought she was playing hide and seek.but time went by and i thought it was odd that no one wentto get her. so i asked her about herparents. she couldn't tell me, i took her home with my wife and kids.alba: dear, you must have been through so much.manuel: no, ma'am, she's brave, she never cried.back home, my wife fed her. then she started playing withmy kids and she played so much she fell asleep.then, while my wife was watching her soap operas, we heard abouther in the news. i promise you as i didthe agent, that we didn't kidnap her.alba: it was her own father. sara: what?alba: yes, mom. nestor planned the whole thing.sara: what a bastard. alba: thanks, sir.torres: we found your child. she's with her mom now.nestor: thanks, virgin. thanks for listeningto my prayers. thank you.torres: you're accused for kidnapping and it's aggravatedfor it being your own kid. and for murder.nestor: i made a mistake. i made hate the center of mylife. alba: welcome home, dear.look who's here. "puas".puas: [barks] alba: he's happy to see you.he missed you. sara: there's something good outof all we've been through. the innocence of kids is great.alba: go caress him. fernanda: come, puas.nestor: lack of respect, physical and verbal aggressions,build up hate and resentment. when people are too full ofhate, it's considered emotional illness.and a sick person will become more aggressive than theaggressors he was a victim of. to take revenge, he'll make hateand resentment the center of his life.but the center of your life, has to be love and can't be hate, confrontation or humiliation.because when the center of our life is made of bad feelings,we're doomed as humans. because a humanity full of hatewill only destroy the center of your life.[music] [music]>> ♪ it was a great morning it was a great morningthe one from guadalupe the one from guadalupethe one from guadalupe went to tepeyac>> the virgin said the virgin saidi choose this mount i choose this mounti choose this mount to be my shrine>> the one from guadalupe the one from guadalupethe one from guadalupe went to tepeyac ♪

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