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La Rosa de Guadalupe - 'Con ojos de amor'

10 Abr 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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>> you've been looking at me since you asked meto dance with you, eugenio. eugenio: what else can i do?i don't want and can't stop looking at you.azucena: i've loved spending our last three weeksof high school with you. eugenio: i have mixed feelings.i want to graduate, but i don't want to stopmeeting you at school every day. azucena: that's the bad partof graduating high school. eugenio: you havesuch beautiful, expressive eyes.i'm bewitched. azucena,i really like you. since we won't beclassmates anymore, i'd like to ask youif you'd like to be my girlfriend.azucena: yes, eugenio. i like you too.let's date. >> [gasps]so eugenio already has another girlfriend.let's see what his ex has to say about the facthe's already dating azucena. [cell phone rings][tv] [text]: you should'vecome to the party. daniela: the partyis at eugenio's house. i doubt he would havewelcomed me. i'm bored at home,but it's better than being humiliatedand having the door closed on my face.>> you're still being humiliated.look at this picture. daniela: why is eugeniokissing that moron? >> he justasked azucena out. your ex alreadyhas a girlfriend. daniela: i'm going there.i won't sit back and do nothing.[text]: i'm there. open the door.eugenio: i told the dj to play chill songs.azucena: i don't think the rest like it.they're getting bored. eugenio: whatever.they can leave if they want. i want to spendas much time as possible hugging my girlfriend.azucena: you're so cute. daniela: where are they?>> over there, being lovey-dovey.daniela: what's wrong with you? eugenio: what's your problem?what are you doing here? i didn't invite you.daniela: of course you wouldn't invite mewhen you were going to flirt with this sweet-talker.eugenio: hey! you can't say thatabout my girlfriend. drama queen.daniela: but you'll disrespect me?eugenio: we aren't together anymore.we broke up weeks ago.the scene you're making is pointless.azucena is my girlfriend. you can't mess with her.azucena: please, stop it. daniela: this won'tbe the end of it. azucena: she shouldn'thave threatened me. i didn't do anything to her.she's not your girlfriend anymore.eugenio: calm down. she's angry,but she won't do anything. don't worry.azucena: you know, my mom was so excitedabout our relationship she told me againabout the time my dad confessed to my hair messy? eugenio: not at look gorgeous. i just love your eyes.they're so alive. azucena: it's my lovefor you. it spills through them.eugenio: hey, should i take you home?azucena: sure, after i've finishedmy chemistry class. i have to stayand do the experiment i couldn't get right in class.i want to practice so i don't fail tomorrow.eugenio: i'm sure you'll do it this time.don't rush. i'll wait for youto take you home. i'll play soccerin the meantime. azucena: you're the best.i'll message you when i'm done, okay?eugenio: sure. >> i was in the playgroundand i managed to hear what those lovebirds,carolina and azucena, were saying.daniela: shut up. i don't want to know.i feel my blood boil when i hear that stuff.all i want is for that moron, azucena,to pay for this. carolina: i knowwhere azucena will be alone. you can make her pay.daniela: where? carolina: the chemistry lab.she said if she can't do the experiment again,she'll fail the subject. daniela: poor thing.she's done for. daniela: hey.don't think you'll get away with it.azucena: not now. i'm in the middleof something important. daniela: relationship with eugenio is important.azucena: no, no. it was importanta long time ago. daniela: i still love him.he'll never stop being mine. why?because you won't take him away from me.i came to tell you this on good terms.azucena: [sighs] look, had your chance. eugenio doesn't love youanymore. get over'll be not only alone but know what? eugenio won'tget back together with you because i'm the onethat he wants. i'm the one he loves.[screams] help me![screams] daniela: let's seeif he loves a freak. azucena: help!please, help me! help!>> how could this happen to my daughter?eugenio: i don't know. when i went toget her at the lab, she was screaming in wasn't the right time to ask her what happened.all i could think of was bringing herto the hospital. >> thank youfor helping her and letting us know.thanks. doctor: azucena's family?consuelo: i'm her mother. how is my daughter?doctor: azucena has severe burns on her face.we need your authorization to operate on herand lessen the damage as much as possible.>> you have our permission. doctor: i also want you to knowwe fear for azucena's eyes. we don't know how muchthey were damaged. consuelo: you think my daughter..? doctor: i don't know,but there's a chance the acid burned her eyes,making azucena go blind. consuelo: [cries] my daughter...>> calm down... consuelo: my daughter...>> it's okay. consuelo: no, doctor, no...police: i'm agent zavala. i'm here to arrestdaniela de la vega for attacking her classmatein the chemistry lab. daniela: no, wasn't my fault. she's lying.i didn't do anything. zavala: you'll havethe chance to declare it at the police station.your friend carolina has confirmed azucena's version.detain her. daniela: you can't arrest! [grunts]no, it's... it's not my's azucena's fault. she stole my loved one from wasn't my fault. zavala: you have the rightto remain silent. anything you say canand will be used against you in a court of law.take her! daniela: mom, call dad!three months later... doctor: you don't havethe bandage anymore. you can open your eyes.azucena: i can't see. doctor: are you sure?azucena: yes, doctor. of course i'm sure.i can't see at all. i'm completely blind.i'm blind! consuelo: it's okay, dear.azucena: [cries] mom, i can't see!consuelo: don't worry, dear. i promise you'll be fine.azucena: i can't see, mom. i'm blind.consuelo: i promise. my gosh...there has to be a way to help our daughter.>> azucena can't be there's a way for azucena to recoversome of her eyesight. a cornea transplant.consuelo: then let's not waste time.please operate on her as soon as we have to wait. there's a list,and it's a long one. >> no, no.we can't wait. we won't let our daughterspend another day blind. tell us how much it's worth.i'll pay for it. i'll pay any pricefor my daughter's eyesight. doctor: i understandyour desperation, but your proposalisn't possible. if you agree,i'll put azucena on the list so when there's a cornea donorand it's your daughter's turn, we can operate her.consuelo: of course we agree, sir.we're sorry for our reaction. >> what's the point of moneywe can't buy eyes for our daughter?[sighs] we'll help youmove forward, dear. consuelo: your dad is right.we're your parents. we love you.we're here with you so you can adaptto this new situation. azucena: how, mom?how can i adapt when i can't do anything?i'll stumble on everything. >> no,'ll learn to walk and move around easily.consuelo: of course. step by step.with help from your other senses,you'll go back to your routine.azucena: i'm scared of even taking a step.i'm really afraid of the darkness.consuelo: take it easy. you'll recreate the spacein your mind, by counting the stepsto the kitchen, from your roomto the toilet, from-- azucena: why, mom?why did this happen to me? why?>> man, you haven't eventouched that beer. it'll get warm.eugenio: i don't think i can swallow it.i'm really upset over azucena's blindness.i don't know what to do. bruno: look.were you in love with her? enough to care?eugenio: no, i don't love her.we just started dating. i really liked her,but i have to admit i don't love her yet.bruno: then don't lose sleep over what you obviouslyhave to do. you betterbreak up with her. eugenio: i don't'd be really mean, considering her condition.bruno: it's because of her conditionthat you have to break up. you don't haveto be stuck with a blind girl. eugenio: i don't know.i don't like it. bruno: you'll get over it,but you have to break up while you can,before azucenita becomes more hopeful.eugenio: i don't know... i don't know what to think.bruno: for now, drink that'll be good for you. eugenio: [sighs]>> i agree with your friend.he gave you good advice. eugenio: i feel i shouldn'tdo this to azucena. >> no,'s yourself you shouldn't do this to.think of your future. you're going to studyinternational relations because you want to bean ambassador, right? eugenio: well, yeah,it's been my life-long dream. >> think about it.will you bear with a disabled personwhile traveling around the world?eugenio: azucena might not become a burden.>> no, she's already a burden. as times passes by,she'll be a heavier burden. please, son.get rid of her. consuelo: chair.okay, i'll leave you alone so you can talk.i'll be in my room. azucena: thanks, mom.eugenio, are you there?you're really quiet. eugenio: yeah, i'm here.azucena: i'm so happy you still come hereafter what happened to me. eugenio: your eyes...aren't the same anymore. they don't havewhat i loved about them anymore. azucena: but i'll stillbe the same. eugenio: no, won't be the same. i don't feel the same.i don't feel comfortable with you.i don't like being with someonewho can't even see me. azucena: but... but istill love you. i love you even thoughi'm inside the darkness. eugenio: you know,i swear i thought about it a lot.i think i'll do as i've been told.azucena: please, don't fail me now.eugenio: i'm sorry, but i can''s beyond me. i don't like the ideaof being with a disabled person. so...we're over. azucena: i can't believeyour love died as quickly as my eyes.eugenio: it's just... i don't even love you.i liked you, and i wanted to love you,but it's impossible now that you're... blind.i hope you understand. bye.consuelo: what's wrong? did eugenio leave so soon?azucena: eugenio broke up with me.consuelo: dear... i'm really do you feel? azucena: bad.terrible. but i came looking for youbecause i need you to help me be independent.consuelo: okay, i understand, but there'll be timeswhen you'll need someone's help. azucena: no, mom.even if i can't see, i won't dependon anyone or anything ever was so humiliating that eugenio broke up with mebecause i'm blind. no one else will everlook down on me again. consuelo: pleasedon't respond like this. azucena: it's the only way.why don't you get it? i don't want anyoneto humiliate me like eugenio just didever again. no one will be ableto defeat me. i'll be invincible.invincible. [music][music] >> don't worryabout the bus fare. it's on the house.this is your seat. >> thank you, dear.>> is everyone in their seats?i don't want anyone to get hurt on the road.let's get going. >> what's up, rené?are you up for a race?>> if you're going to street race,i'll get off now. rené: of course not.i may be the most professional driver.>> come on. no?how boring. rené: whatever.i won't put my passengers at risk.>> i'm going. rené: let's go.we're here. good luck.good afternoon. your driver, rené,hopes you enjoyed the trip.>> thanks. osvaldo: [whistles]you're finally here. i've been waitingfor over half an hour. rené: sure,because you ignore red lightsand don't respect speed limits,and i do. osvaldo: how's payday. let's go grab some beer.rené: i can't. i have to goto a cybercafe for my's the last one before i graduate.osvaldo: you're so hardworking. i don't know whyyou study so hard when you have a stable jobas a bus driver. rené: to better can only move forward by studying.osvaldo: sure. as your protector,i just want you to have a good timewith us. but it's fineif you don't want to. >> come on, the charro beans i made you for dinner.>> they look delicious. they're just rightto get some rest after running aroundall day with the cab. >> i'm really worriedthat you spend so much time on the street.josé: don't worry, antonia. i have my rosaryof the virgin of guadalupe hanging from the rear mirrorso she takes care of me. antonia: i know,but so much awful stuff is going on.what if you're mistaken for those cabsthat don't pay taxes? josé: those areinformal cabs. i'm fine.i pass my driving exam every year.i pay my taxes. every timethere's a new training, i take it.antonia: yeah, but discredit hurts everyone,both saints and sinners. josé: i know that.those informal cabs that attack passengershave dirtied our image. rené: i'm home.all: rené! antonia: how was the exam?rené: good, mom. i know i'll soon come homewith my diploma. josé: i'm so proudyou're my son, rené. i'm so happyi know you'll be much better than me.rené: no way, dad. me, better than you?there's no one as great as you. together, we'll move forward.we're a family. here, mom.i was paid today. here you go.antonia: you're so sweet. but keep somethingfor yourself so you can have fun.josé: yeah. rené: okay, mom.i'll take it. i'll go out for dinnersometime. josé: with a girl, right?>> yeah! antonia: okay, okay.stop bothering him. let him have dinner.have some food. let me give it to you.charro beans. consuelo: [thinks]she won't make it. >> come on, hurry up.azucena: hey! hey, don't push!i want to get on too. consuelo: [thinks] what's sogood about getting on the bus? azucena: hey,stop it! hey, let me get on.consuelo: [thinks] azucena won't make it.azucena: hey, are you really never going to let me through?i'll be here forever. rené: hey, hey, hey.what's your problem, people? don't you realizethis young lady wants to get on?you don't have to pile in. you can all get onif you're organized. azucena: what are you doing?let go of me. let go of me!rené: i'll let you go, but on the seati have for you. go to the back, man.don't be mean. >> why me?azucena: thanks. thank you very much.i never thought i'd come acrossthe most gentlemanly man in the world.rené: i never thought i'd fall for youat first sight... with the eyes of love.[music] [music]three months later... rené: i'm here.azucena: i love how punctual you are.rené: let's go. time is precious,especially when i'm with you. azucena: you don'thave to carry me. no one's pushing meto get on the bus here. rené: let your exclusive drivergive you a special service. from now on,i'll come get you to take you wherever you want.azucena: thank you. i imagineeverything looks really pretty, because it feels that way.i'm so happy by your side.i never thought i'd experience something like what we have.rené: hey, i just saw a couple of squirrels in loveon a tree. azucena: how do you knowthey're a couple? rené: because they're kissing.azucena: i don't believe you. rené: i'm serious!you do know squirrels kiss,like us, humans, do, right? azucena: of course not.[chuckles] rené: sure they do.i saw it on a cartoon. azucena: [laughs]rené: your smile is so big and brightit pours into the park. azucena: because i havesuch a huge reason to smile. i want to kiss you.rené: but... azucena: no buts.these three months of going out as friendshave been wonderful. the best months of my pure. or... do you mindi can't see? rené: i've dreamedof kissing you this whole time.>> did our daughter tell you when she'll be back?consuelo: no, but i don't think she'll be late.she was just going to a field day rené prepared.don't worry. >> i'm not that worriedbecause i know you know that man, rené.consuelo: yeah. he's a good boy.he's humble. of a different race.but it doesn't matter. they're friends,that's all. it's good for azucenato have a friend. [cell phone rings]hello? what is it, doctor?no, my daughter isn't home.of course we'll see you tomorrow.see you later. >> was it mr. ayala?consuelo: he didn't say what for,but he wants us to go with azucena to see himtomorrow at the hospital. rené: here,something to drink. azucena: thanks.rené: what are you thinking about?azucena: how much i'd like to see your face.i've been asking the virgin of guadalupefor that these days. rené: she's reliable.i have her on my bus to take care of meand i've always been fine. azucena: i askthe virgin of guadalupe to let me see again.i've begged her so i can seethe blue sky again. but most of all,so i can see your face, rené. i've asked her so many parents told me you were looking for that's right. i asked them tocome with you because i have newsto share with you. >> what is it?doctor: there's a cornea donor. consuelo: [laughs]great news! do you think my daughtercan have the surgery? doctor: that's right.azucena's turn is next. we'll make the cornea transplantso she can see. all: [laugh]azucena: i couldn't keep my happiness to myself,so i asked you to meet at the parkto share with you how happy i feeli'll finally get a cornea donationso i can see again! rené: congratulations.there's no doubt this is a day of good news.i have good news too. azucena: what's up?rené: i've graduated from high school.i passed all the exams and i have my diploma.azucena: that's great! your hard workhas been rewarded. this is the best momentfor me to recover my eyesight, so i can see you happyafter your dreams came true. rené: yeah,life is wonderful. hey, my mom is going tomake my favorite stew. come overso we can celebrate that i graduatedand you'll have the surgery.azucena: sure! let's go.josé: i asked you to come with mewhile your mom is talking to your girlfriendto ask you if azucena's parents know she's your girlfriend.rené: no, they don't know yet. josé: [sighs]rené: they still think we're just friends.josé: son, i don't want to discourage you,but keep in mind you could get in troublefor being white a white girl like azucena.rené: i know. though i'm happy with her,i'm also afraid of her reaction.i haven't even told azucenai'm black. she might reject mewhen she can see me. she might despise mewhen she sees i'm black. weeks so, azucena? azucena: i can see.the light bothers me a bit, but i can see!consuelo: it's such a blessing that you've been ableto recover your eyesight! azucena: yes, mom!i want to see what i wanted so badlywhile i was in the darkness. please, call rené.i want to see him. >> dear,this is an important moment. even if you're good friends,only family should be here. consuelo: yeah.azucena: dad, rené is family too.i didn't tell you before, but rené has been my boyfriendfor a few months. consuelo: what?>> you can't be his girlfriend.azucena: i'm not surprised you're against it.rené... is humble,but he studies. he wants to progress in lifeand be better. >> you can't berené's girlfriend because he's black.azucena: what? no way.consuelo: you couldn't see, but rené is fromanother race. rené is black.[music] [music]antonia: holy mary, mother of god,pray for us sinners, now and at the hourof our death. amen.rené: yeah, thanks. bye.antonia: what's up? who were you talking to?rené: an employee from college.she called me to tell me i've been accepted.antonia: i knew it! you'll be an amazing accountant.but why are you here? why aren't you at the hospitalwith your girlfriend? rené: i was outside the room.the nurses told me she recovered her eyesight.azucena can see again. and... and... i don't know.i left because i don't want to lose her.antonia: you won't lose her. azucena loves you.she met you with different eyes.she fell in love with you through her soul,which has the eyes of love. >> what a pretty rose.consuelo: yeah, gonzalo. i've been changing its waterso it's still as pretty as when as azucenafound it in her room. rené: hello, mr. gonzalo.gonzalo: why are you here? rené: i came to see azucena.consuelo: azucena told us what kind of relationshipyou have. and it can't be.gonzalo: you never told my daughter you're black.she was shocked when we told heron the day she recovered her eyesight.rené: i know. that's why i'm hereto talk to her. consuelo: your relationshipcan't go on. we don't want to be rudebecause we know how much you supported herthese last few months. but it can't be.gonzalo: it'll be a mistake. society is won't forgive you two. i'll say it matter what happens between you two,you won't have our support. consuelo: come daughter is waiting for you in her room.rené: excuse me. azucena: i'm looking at youand i can't believe it. i can see you.rené: yeah, your parents have already told meyou're shocked i'm black. azucena: no, not at all.i'm not shocked you're black.i was surprised because you never told me,but i then realized it's not a big parents were the ones who were shocked.gonzalo: you can't be rené's girlfriendbecause he's black. azucena: what?no way. consuelo: you couldn't see,but rené is from another race.rené is black. azucena: but renénever told me about it. gonzalo: of coursehe wouldn't tell you. he knew you'd break upbecause you're from different races.azucena: no, no. why should thatbe a reason to break up? i don't thinkit's a big deal. consuelo: you think sobecause you've never seen him. azucena: you're wrong, mom.i was blind, but i did see rené.i saw his soul and its beautiful.i won't leave him like i was broken up with,when i was seen differently because i lost my eyesight.gonzalo: don't be confused by gratefulness,which is what you feel for him because he supported you.azucena: no, dad. it's not just gratefulness,it's love. i love renébecause love doesn't care about characteristics.both of us are people. one was blindand the other black, but both love.gonzalo: those are just romantic ideas.there's no way your mom and iwill agree to you having a black break up with him. azucena: i'm sorry,because i love you, and i don't meanto disobey you, but i won't committhe same injustice that hurt me so much.eugenio left me because i was blind.i won't leave rené because his skinis a different color. rené: even if you'redetermined to go out with me, your parents are right.society won't forgive it. azucena: so what?i'm the one who won't forgive societyfor pushing me aside when i couldn't see.they are the ones who are blind,not you and me. you're beautifuland noble. i've known itsince the day i couldn't geton your bus because peoplepushed me aside without thinkingthat i couldn't get on. who was the onewho got off the bus, carried meand took me to my seat? rené: i was.azucena: yes, you. my chocolate prince.kiss me. [music][music] four years later...azucena: [hushes] he's coming!he's coming! all: [cheer][applause] congratulations!rené: this is so cool. i didn't expect this.thanks. josé: we had to celebratethe happiness we feel. you're now an accountant.we're really proud of you. all: [cheer]azucena: i only hope you don't countthe kisses i'll give you, because they'll be so,so many! rené: since youprepared a party, i'll share with you newsazucena and i have. azucena: we're getting married!all: [cheer] antonia: congratulations!consuelo: dear, have our blessings. gonzalo: yes.azucena, rené, we're sorry for beingso close-minded. during these four yearsof seeing you happy, we've realizedwe should always be open-mindedwhen it comes to love. azucena: thanks, dad.rené: thank you, azucena, for being so niceand supporting me. azucena: no,my chocolate prince. thank youfor looking at me with the eyes of is so important for all human beings,but love comes from the soul. it's the soulthat doesn't distinguish skin color or disabilitiesor anything else. though all human beingshave unique characteristics, we're all the samebecause we can all love the helps us fight the darknesswe live in. love helps usopen our minds and free themfrom racial prejudice. when we take love's hands,it leads us to happiness. that sublime happinesswe reach when we stop seeing with only our eyesand use our soul to see with the eyes of love.>> ♪ on a beautiful morning from the skyon a beautiful morning our lady of guadalupeour lady of guadalupe our lady of guadalupecame down to tepeyac >> juan dieguitothe virgin told him juan dieguitothe virgin told him i choose this hilli choose this hill i choose this hillto be my altar >> our lady of guadalupeour lady of guadalupe our lady of guadalupecame down to tepeyac ♪

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