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El Color de la Pasión - Rebeca le exigió a Nora alejarse de Marcelo - Escena del día

En la mejor escena del capítulo 22 de El Color de la Pasión, después de que Nora encontrara a Rebeca y a Marcelo muy cerca, la joven se molestó con su madre, quien no dudó en decirle que él no está interesado en ella y le pidió que lo deje de buscar. Sin embargo, Nora le aclaró que conquistará su amor a como dé lugar. Lunes a viernes 6P / 5C por UniMás.
30 Abr 2021 – 07:00 PM EDT

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if i think that despite the fact that i'm a womanolder than you and that i'm married,you can think that i'm still attractiveto somebody. [whispers] thank you.nora? nora: i'm sorryfor the interruption. rebeca: nora!nora, wait, please! nora!nora! don't leave me speaking alone!did you hear me?! nora: i don't want to talkto you. rebeca: well, i do!i want you to explain to me what it means: "i'm sorryfor the interruption". nora: it means that i know nowwhy you don't want me to have anything to dowith marcelo because you want him for want to get involved with him and be with him!rebeca: oh, don't say stupid things, girl!nora: they aren't stupid things! what's more,now everything is so clear. rebeca: don't offend me.nora: i saw you, mom. i saw you kissing marcelo!rebeca: i wasn't kissing him, i was just saying goodbye to himas anybody else does! what's wrong with that?!nora: nothing! if you weren't married!rebeca: stop, nora! don't disrespect me!nora: come on, tell me, why did you come?why did you come to talk to marcelo?rebeca: i came to talk to him about you.i'm so worried. you're obsessed with himand i want to know which his intentions are.nora: why do you think you have the right to do that?!rebeca: it's the right i have for being your mother!don't you understand, honey? i'm so worried about're stuck on marcelo and i don't want youto get hurt! i don't want you to do another stupid thingas the one you did with rodrigo! nora: [snorts]i'm fed up with you reminding me about rodrigoevery five minutes! i've already told youhe's a past story to me! now the only one i care about

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