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El Color de la Pasión - Nora le juró a Lucía que no sabe la razón por la que Rodrigo la plantó en el altar - Escena del día

28 Abr 2021 – 07:00 PM EDT

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he's upset because i blew him off.and he wants to take it out. lucia: how's that related to me?what would he get out of telling me something like that?nora: don't you get it? he wants us to fight!lucia: swear to me you know nothing.swear me you don't know why rodrigo stood me up.please! nora: i swear,all i know is that they left you some unsigned lettersbefore the wedding and then, that happened.lucia: maybe he was referring to the woman who wrote thembecause you know who that is. nora: i said no, leave me alone!rebeca: what's going on here? nora: she's convinced i know whyrodrigo stood her up. but i don't.lucia: it didn't just popped into my head, sergio told me toask her because she knows why. and there's a reason why he saidthat. rebeca: are you insane?how could you doubt your own sister?lucia: i just want to know the truth.nora, i need to know. rebeca: you won't find outthrough her and stop blaming everyone for what he did to you.lucia: i'll believe you. but listen.if i ever find out you knew and you didn't tell me,i'll never forgive you. never.

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