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El Color de la Pasión - Marcelo fue arrestado acusado de fraude - Escena del día

En la mejor escena del capítulo 88 de El Color de la Pasión, Marcelo se convirtió en víctima de Rebeca y Amador, pues ambos se unieron para alejarlo de la fábrica acusándolo de fraude. Lunes a viernes 6P / 5C por UniMás.
31 Ago 2021 – 07:00 PM EDT

[panting] why didn't daniela's father tell us last night?marcelo: i don't know. maybe it's not that bad.calm down. milagros: yeah.god hear you. but he was so worriedi'm really scared things might be bad.marcelo: mom, let's not get ahead of things.calm down. let's go.>> by any chance, are you marcelo escalante?marcelo: yes, that's me. >> please, come with us.marcelo: where? >> there's a lawsuitfor fraud against you. you're detained.milagros: what fraud? my son is a decent can't take him anywhere. marcelo: please, calm down.can i talk to my mother for a moment?>> please, make it quick. marcelo: i need a i need you to make two calls.the first is to the lawyer, mario hernández.explain to him what's going on. milagros: who's that?marcelo: he's a lawyer who'll know what to do.the second call is to sara ezquerra.she's a trust-worthy doctor who can help uswith daniela. milagros: hey,you don't have to handcuff him. >> you never know.