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El Color de la Pasión - Lucía golpeó y culpó a Rebeca por la muerte de Alonso - Escena del día

En la mejor escena del capítulo 90 de El Color de la Pasión, Lucía no tuvo dudas de que Rebeca causó la muerte de su padre Alonso y la enfrentó a cachetadas para exigirle una explicación. Sin embargo, su madrastra se llenó excusas sin sentido. Lunes a viernes 6P / 5C por UniMás.
2 Sep 2021 – 07:00 PM EDT

you talked to my father before he died.he did complain about you cheating on him and about whatyou did to marcelo's brother! and i'm sure that he threw itback in your face that you had used my mother's nameto sleep with who knows how many other men!rebeca: i told you i wasn't here all day that day!i came back at night, and when i arrived,your father was already dead. you can ask your mother-in-lawor the doctor-- lucia: tell me why tere foundthis earring here, then! the same earring you leftnext to federico's body. marcelo gave it to my fatherand i'm sure that he threw it into your facewhen you were arguing. this is the one you keptin your jewel case and this is the one you lost.if my father didn't show it to you as the evidence of whatyou'd done, explain how it's here in this bedroom.rebeca: i have no idea! i guess he didn't realizeit had fallen onto the floor. lucia: you're lying!i'm sure that you are! i'm sure that you sawand you talked to my father that night!i could even swear that you were here when he died.what did you do to my father? what the hell did you do to him?rebeca: i did nothing to him! he was sick!and i guess he had an attack when there was nobody hereto help him! and i'm sure that he died