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El Color de la Pasión - Lucía golpeó a Rebeca por usar el nombre de su madre para ser infiel - Escena del día

En la mejor escena del capítulo 54 de El Color de la Pasión, Lucía explotó al saber que Rebeca utilizó el nombre de su madre para engañar a Federico y serle infiel a Alonso. Al tenerla frente a frente, no se contuvo y la abofeteó. Lunes a viernes 6P / 5C por UniMás.
29 Jun 2021 – 07:00 PM EDT

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lucía: you're leaving the house right now!rebeca: i told you i needed time!lucía: no, i don't want you to be here for one more minute!did you hear me?! rebeca: what are you doing,lucía? lucía, what are you doing?!leave that. lucía, please. lucía: i won't forgive youfor what you did! rebeca: what did i do?lucía: you dared to use my mother's nameto be unfaithful to my dad! rebeca: how do you know that?lucía: i know it. and that's it.rebeca: sure. as your dear marcelowants to correct his mistakes, he's staining my name, right?lucía: i still don't forget that when you last wentto mexico to supposedly pick up my wedding dress,a man called your cellphone asking about adriana murillo.i asked you about that and your explanationwas completely absurd! rebeca: [laughs] sure.i accept that i told marcelo's brotheri was called adriana, but you know what?not because of that will you force me to gobecause you won't make it now or ever.lucía: we'll see that. rebeca: let me go!lucía: get out of the house now! alonso: what's going on here?lucía: this woman is leaving this housebecause she can't go on living here!alonso: why? lucía: tell him!explain to my dad what you did! explain to him what you didwith my mom's name!

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