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El Color de la Pasión - Lucía enfrentó a Milagros por el amor de Marcelo - Escena del día

En la mejor escena del capítulo 49 de El Color de la Pasión, Lucía buscó a la madre de Marcelo para defender su amor y tratar de ganarse su confianza, pero Milagros la rechazó y hasta la insultó. Lunes a viernes 6P / 5C por UniMás.
8 Jun 2021 – 07:00 PM EDT

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bad, and you shouldn't make me the villain here.milagros: you should have thought of that earlier.milagros: i know you don't like me, you can't stand me,but i want that to change. milagros: i don't know how,since they one, i knew you were no good for my son.lucia: i know you think daniela is much better than me.and i know what happened a few months ago, and i'm reallysorry. milagros: don't say?lucia: even if you doubt it, i am.the thing is marcelo is with me now, and there's no reason thatwould make me give him up. and do you know why?milagros: i guess you'll tell me.lucia: because i love him. as i never loved anyonein my life. milagros: even more thanthat boyfriend you were going to marry?the one who stood you up? lucia: a lot more,a million times more. ma'am, you also love marceloin a different way, we both share a feeling for him,we shouldn't be enemies. don't you think?milagros: i think you're too cocky and proud.lucia: please, i know you won't change your mind about meovernight, but think about what i just said,

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