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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 99

Lety sospecha que Nora está enamorada de Sergio. Mario busca a Magdalena para pedirle perdón y demostrarle cuanto la ama. Daniela pasa la noche con Marcelo.
16 Sep 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

announcer: televisa presents... leticia: there's your phone.sergio: we said we wouldn't get worked up over small stuff.leticia: this isn't small stuff! sergio: please.leticia: get out. get out!sergio: please, think about it. leticia: please, go.go. samuel: it must be hardto have your son's ashes in your hands.milagros: you have no idea how hard it is.especially because he was taken away from me.i hope i was a good mother for him.i haven't been one for his older brother.excuse me. samuel: would you liketo confess? milagros: i have nothingto confess. samuel: clearly,something is tormenting you. maybe talking about itwill help you let go of it.milagros: nothing could make me let go.[pants] [cries][rafaela's voice]: ms. milagros, life makes us payfor our sins. milagros: [cries]rafaela: they smashed the cake on his face.they turned around and left.then, everyone behind himleft him alone, like he was in the desert.marcelo: everyone loves and respects mr. nazario there.i'm not surprised they were on his side.rafaela: well... i liked seeinghow he faced that man. he made him seehe's the one who calls the shots there.marcelo: i hope it's like that until i can learn something.rafaela: what do you mean? marcelo: it's notworth explaining. you'll get confused.rafaela: if you say so. is your motherstill in your room? marcelo: no,she went to the church to pick up federico's know... she seemed strange.rafaela: how so? marcelo: i don't fragile. it's weirdbecause i've always seen her as a strong woman.rafaela: did she tell you why she felt that way?marcelo: she says she's emotionalbecause she'll return to méxico, to her home,and federico won't be know, i think it's because ofsomething i told her yesterday. rafaela: about what?marcelo: i'll tell you later. i have an important appointment.see you, sorry. rafaela: you're leaving?marcelo: yeah, sorry. rafaela: you'll make metake care of all-- marcelo: i'll help you later.rafaela: first she left, now he leaves too,and i'm alone. milagros: i haven't beena good mother to my eldest son.samuel: what makes you think that?milagros: i took his father from himwhen he was a child. because of me,he grew up without him. samuel: what exactlydo you mean by that? don't stop.if you've started, it's better to finish it.leticia: my relationship with sergiojust isn't working. first, that moron, gloria,wanted to be with him. now it turns outyour sister too. lucía: are you absolutely sureit was nora who called him? leticia: i'm telling youi saw her name on sergio's cell phone.i was so angry i called back,and she answered. lucía: just becauseshe called him doesn't meanshe wants to be with him. leticia: lucía...let's not be naive. if she didn't respectthe man who was going to marry you,her sister, she definitelywon't respect my boyfriend.lucía: i don't think that's what nora wants.especially because she's still infatuated by--leticia: yes, i know, marcelo.lucía: exactly, marcelo.but anyway, it doesn't matter anymore...marcelo will soon leave puebla.leticia: hey... what happenedwith that guy, román? i don't even know him.lucía: well... we're in a relationship.leticia: are you in love? lucía: not yet,but i'll soon be in love with him,because... he's... he's smart,he's handsome. he's really nice to me.we get along really well. his familydoesn't oppose us. so...everything is perfect with him.leticia: well, if you say so.lucía: if i was able to forget rodrigo,i'll forget marcelo. it's just...a matter of time. leticia: yeah,but the difference is rodrigo gave youreasons to hate him. marcelo didn't.or did he? lucía: you know,let's stop talking about it. i insistyou have to make up with sergio.leticia: i told you no. i was happierwhen i was in love with mr. hernándeznow that my feelings are supposedly returned.lucía: stop it, leti. stop saying nonsense.leticia: it's not nonsense. lucía: no.mario: hello. samuel: hello.why the long face? mario: [sighs]do you have time to listen to a friend?samuel: sure. mario: the same as always.samuel: magdalena. what a surprise.why don't we talk outside?there's time left until the 7 o'clock mass.i'll go get changed. magdalena: i'm gratefulfor your intention, but really,you didn't have to go look for mario.sara: i told you. i feel so guilty.magdalena: and i feel very offended.i can't believe mario doesn't trust me.but to be honest, rather than angry,i feel scared. sara: scared of what?magdalena: that he'll leave me. that he doesn't wantto be with me anymore. sara: gosh...gosh, magdalena. that won't happen.your husband loves you. he won't lose youfor such a small matter. magdalena: ricardo márquezisn't a small matter for mario.he gets really jealous. he can't realizeall i feel for that manis hate. not even that now.sara: it's the same for me. it's funny, isn't it?that what we have in common is ricardo márquez.right? magdalena: no.we're together because of something much stronger.i'm really grateful for it. our friendship.sara: you're right. magdalena: i thank god so muchfor putting you in my life. my only sisterwho is alive... she's never been there for you're like a sister.sara: magdalena... i've thought about it a lot.i want to tell you if it's necessaryfor you to tell mario about adriana,so he understands why you met ricardo,you can do it. magdalena: yeah.sara: yeah. samuel: as always,the problem is your lack of confidence.mario: it's not that. it's reality.the fact is magdalena met with that guyand hid it from me. samuel: sorryto put it like this, but the factshe's your wife doesn't make hertell her everything she does with her life.especially if, apparently, she met with this manfor someone else. she doesn't have to tell youwhat her friend trusted her with.mario: no, no, no. look, sorry, but...that's no excuse. samuel: look, you love magdalena? yes or no?mario: wholeheartedly. samuel: do you want to lose her?mario: of course not. samuel: are you happyabout how you're managing your relationship with her?mario: obviously not. i feel furious.i feel i'm right... until i'm in a mess.samuel: that's your answer. you're in trouble.look... rafaela: i didn't notice itwhen you came home. you were in the churchfor a long time. don't tell meyou went to mass. milagros: no.i spent some time there because i confessed.rafaela: you did? milagros: yes.thought i don't believe in that stuff,i needed to vent. rafaela: could you?milagros: to be honest, not much.but at least i tried.rafaela: well... that's something.have you packed up everything?marcelo told me tomorrow the moving companywill be here early. milagros: yes, yes,i know, but... i don't wantto go back to méxico. rafaela: but you werethe one who wanted us to go back the most.milagros: yes, but... i know my son.i know he'll look for that woman.i don't want him to find her.rafaela: what's destined to happen,will happen. whether you like it or not.marcelo: the company is called proovedora del centro s.a.d.s.b.the legal agent is callededilberto gaitán. >> edilberto...gaitán... marcelo: right.i need you to find out who are his partners,what the business is about. everything you can.>> we'll see. as soon as i learn anything,i'll let you know. marcelo: thanks.that's not all. on another note,i need to find someone. >> okay.tell me. marcelo: this personis called aída lugo.>> aída lugo. marcelo: right.>> do you know her second surname?marcelo: no, all i know is her name is aída lugo.she's about... around 55 years old.she's pretty. she's elegant.and apparently she lives in mexico city.>> all right. it won't be easy.because... that nameand those characteristics could belong to many women.marcelo: yeah. but i need to find only one.lucía: nora, tell me the truth.why did you contact sergio again?nora: i told you! sergio was the onewho called me, okay? he heard aboutwhat happened to me. i called himto thank him. i didn't knowleti would call. lucía: was it reallyonly because of that? leti and sergioare in a relationship. you know that, nora.nora: what do you want me to say?all i can tell you is like sergio.i have good memories with him. i want to keep himas my friend. that's all.lucía: leti thinks otherwise. nora: leti is nuts.i'm offended you're on her side.lucía: hey. i'm not on anyone's side.i'm not accusing you. but stop doing good thingsthat look bad. nora: [laughs]you're lecturing me like you're my mom.lucía: your mother doesn't even have the moral authorityto lecture anyone. nora: you hate her.lucía: i don't like her or many of the things she does.and i really hope she never...nora: you hope she never..? lucía: disappoints you, nora.after all, she's your'd be really sad if you ended uprejecting her someday. nora: but...[cell phone rings] rebeca: hello?alfredo: what are you doing? rebeca: nothing, really.alfredo: i'd love to ask you to come over,but my daughter's here. how about we go outfor dinner? rebeca:'s not a good idea. alfredo: why?rebeca: well, because... people would see us.there'd be gossip. remember i justlost my husband. alfredo: what's wrongabout being seen having dinner with an old friend?rebeca: you're right. besides, i don't havehousemaids today. daniela: dad!alfredo: i'll call you in a soon as the person who'll be with my daughterarrives, i'll be free. i'll tell youthe place later. rebeca: all right.i'll be waiting for your call. daniela: don't youhear me calling you? alfredo: [sighs] coming!benito: come on, mom. let me go.i told lalo i'd go. i can't tell himi can't go now. clara: no.i don't think you should's late now. what if you're tiredor you feel sick and you don'tknow what to do? benito: i'll be fine.if i feel sick, i'll just tell laloto take me home. besides,he'll introduce me to his girlfriend.clara: he has a girlfriend? benito: yeah.[knocking on door] he's here.clara: hey, hey. where are you rushing to?i'll open the door. benito: hi, lalo!come in! lalo: excuse me, ms. clara.clara: hi, lalo. lalo: hello.i came to pick up benito to go out.are you ready? sorry.can he go out? clara: all can go. benito: thanks, mom.clara: but don't come back late.if you need anything, call me.i'll give you my number. lalo: sure.don't worry. i'll take good care of'll see. benito: let's go.lalo: yeah, teresita is waiting.benito: is that your girlfriend's name?lalo: yeah. you'll love her.clara: here you go. lalo: thanks.come on. good luck.benito: thanks, mom. clara: hey, kid.benito: thanks. clara: have fun.lalo: let's go. teresita will kill meif i'm late. [ambulance]magdalena: good night, karen. karen: good night.mario: hi. magdalena: why are you here?mario: i came to get you. magdalena: i thoughtyou didn't want to see me. mario: thoughi'm still upset about what happened,it's not bad enough to not want to see you matter what you do, i...i love you. i've never loved anyonethe way i love you. magdalena: and i love didn't give me a chance to--mario: no, don't say anything. just please, promise methat guy isn't important to you anymore.that's all. magdalena: i swearon my sister. mario: let's go home.i don't want to sleep at a hotel again.magdalena: unless... you sleep in a hotelwith me. mario: [laughs]magdalena: right? marcelo: there you go.daniela: right. marcelo: i was toldthis one's the most comfortable. i hope it's true.daniela: kind of. it took you a long timeto get it. you were gonefor the entire day. marcelo: rememberi'm going back to méxico. i had to go over some stufffor the move and my apartment. daniela: i'm so excitedabout that. i can't waitfor us to go back. marcelo: too. daniela: for now,you could stay at my house.marcelo: i think your dad wouldn't like it.daniela: don't worry about him. he's really tired.he need someone who substitute him.marcelo: well... what can i say?we should support him. well, so,how's the chair? daniela: well...i don't know if i'll be able to standbeing on this all day. marcelo: why don't you stand up?maybe you can try walking-- daniela: no, i can't.please, don't pressure me. marcelo: all right.sorry. [sighs]daniela: hey. thanks for being with me.[footsteps] alfredo: [clears throat]marcelo, could you staywith daniela for a bit? daniela: where are you going?alfredo: i have to go out. i need to getsomething for dinner. marcelo: don't worry, sir.i'll stay here. alfredo: thanks.see you later. daniela: see? it's fineif you stay with me. [music][music] benito: lalo,this place is awesome. how tall is it?lalo: you like it? it's calledpuebla's star. it's 262''s part of this park. it's the perfect placeto visit with your family. benito: i really like it.can i go on it? lalo: no way, don't you might feel dizzy or fall down.what would i tell your mom? benito: lalo,you're acting like my mom. i'll be fine.i'll just hold on tight.lalo: fine. tere: [laughs]lalo: all right, but i'll go with you.benito: okay. lalo: teresita up for it? tere: no, i'm scared.i'll wait here. lalo: okay,as you wish. but let me tell youpuebla's star's capsules are completely sealed offand safe. but as you wish.tere: yeah, i'd prefer being here.lalo: would you take care of our pop corn?tere: sure. but i can't assure youthat they'll last. [laughs]lalo: hey, you! careful.slowly. we'll get there fasterif we walk slowly. román: so...your sister kept her word.she came to her appointment today.lucía: [gasps] really? so?how was it? román: [sighs] i can'tgive you details. i'd be breachingprofessional ethics. it's a good start.although... [sighs]lucía: but what? román: i'm not sureif i'm the right person to treat her.nora is your sister. you and iare starting a relationship. i don't knowif i can be impartial. lucía: no, no.don't leave her. was really hard for nora to go backto therapy with you. it'll be much harderfor her to want to go with someone else.besides... there's nobodybetter than you to take care of her.i'm completely sure. román: you trust me that much?lucía: yeah. román: you still feel peace and calmwhen you're with me? lucía: [laughs] yes.especially when i'm in this're like a haven of peace in the middle of a storm.román: i imagine it mustn't be easyto share a place with your aunt.lucía: it isn't easy at all. especially when...she'd love it if i left.but of course i won't do, no, it's not because i care aboutthe house's economical worth. it's because...román, my dadbuilt this house for my mom.i feel like... like it's mine.román: i have an idea. lucía: what is it?román: why... don't the two of usgo on a trip somewhere this weekend?that way you can forget about all this.lucía: yeah! i'd love to.but... where?román: i don't know. wherever you choose. lucía: i don't know.maybe... román: look.don't feel obliged. think about it.we'll discuss it later. lucía: yeah.rebeca: hi. have you been waiting?alfredo: no, i just got here. rebeca: thanks.who did you leave your daughter with?alfredo: marcelo escalante. rebeca: right.since they were together some time ago...alfredo: i don't know. i think they're back together.some wine? rebeca: thanks.alfredo: cheers. rebeca: cheers.alfredo: what do you think? rebeca: excellent.alfredo: for your beauty. rebeca: thanks.nora: why are you here with that man?!answer me! why are you datingthis man in secret? don't be quiet.tell me. rebeca: stopmaking a scene. sit down.nora: no. i won't sit downuntil you tell me why you told meyou didn't know this man and now you're having dinnerwith him. alfredo: you shouldn'ttalk to your mother like this. nora: don't meddle.rebeca: stop it, nora. lower your voice.let's go. let's go!nora: let go of me! rebeca: have a good trip.nora: let go of me. stop it!let go of me. rebeca: what's your problem?nora: my problem is you're a liar.i talked to brígida. she told me it isn't trueyou went out with her yesterday. that's why i cameto see who you were with. tell me.have you been meeting that man?rebeca: yes, that's right. what's wrong with that?nora: that you lied to me. if you did,it's because you know you're doing something wrong.rebeca: i didn't tell you because i knewwhat you'd do. i didn't wantto argue with you. nora: that doesn't justify you.rebeca: it doesn't justify you either.don't get hysterical. i've known alfredo suárezfor a long time. all he wantedwas to say goodbye. he's going back to méxico.what's wrong with that? nora: i told you.the problem's you told me you barely remembered it turns out you're good friends?rebeca: stop it, nora. nora: that's what i'm's enough, mom! lucía was have no right to scold anyone.not me or anyone else.daniela: [sighs] i'm tiredof sitting around doing nothing all day.marcelo: should i help you get on the wheelchair?daniela: no... come read me something.marcelo: all right. daniela: closer.marcelo: better now? daniela: much better.marcelo: what are you doing? daniela: you saidyou'd stay with me, right? marcelo: no, daniela...not like this. daniela: what's wrong?we've been together so many times.marcelo: yes, but... you are not in conditionfor that. you need to rest.daniela: what i need is for you to be with me.marcelo: here i am. i promisei won't go anywhere. daniela: but i needto feel you closer. marcelo: please, daniela.what's most important now is for you to get better.daniela: all right. you win.marcelo: it's late. your dad isn't back yet.i'll get you something to eat.daniela: thanks. [sighs]brígida: look at this. doesn't it look great?i hope it fits. did you see the shirt?i love this shirt. it really suits your style.look, it's great. rodrigo: why did youbuy me these clothes? brígida: well, just started working need to look decent. rodrigo: but i haveenough clothes. brígida: well,let me enjoy giving you something.if you won't go back home and i won't be ableto take care of you, at least let megive you this. rodrigo: all's awesome. thank you so much.brígida: i'm glad you like it. hey, you really... like living here?rodrigo: i really do. being here is great.brígida: won't you feel uncomfortablewhen your friend brings nora gaxiola over?rodrigo: when sergio brings who?brígida: nora. the one we know.i came across her and she told meshe was very interested in your friend.she's so pretty. sergio would be a foolto ignore her. be honest, i don't know what he sees--rodrigo: lower your voice. sergio is upstairsin his room. stop complaining.he's my best friend. the best friendi've ever had. he's done more thanmy own father for me. brígida: don't complainabout your father. i know he worriesabout you a lot. he even begged youso you'd work with him at the factory again.rodrigo: speaking of dad, he had a serious problemat the factory today. prepare yourself.he's going to be in a really bad mood.norma: come in, mr. nazario. please, sit down.nazario: thank you very much. good evening.norma: good evening. nazario: is here okay?norma: yes, that's fine. nazario: i'm sorryfor coming this late, but... i wanted to let you knowso you wouldn't worry. norma: worry about what?nazario: well, obviously, you haven't, at the factory, the guys called a a way, i was responsible for it.norma: i didn't hear. so... what happened?nazario: i had an argument with amador zúñiga.the fact is tomorrow the guys won't go to work.i wanted you to know beforehand.norma: well... thank you very muchfor letting me know. and...i'm really surprised you came to tell me.nazario: well... that wasn't all.i also wanted to tell you that last time,during dinner, i wasn't...i also had a good time. norma: really?nazario: really. it's just i didn'ttreat you properly. i've been distant lately.don't be offended. an old man'sbad habits. norma: don't worry.i understand nobody's alwaysin a good mood. nazario: i'm gladyou think that way. by the way,do you still have some of the dessert you gave me?norma: [chuckles] no, i finished it.nazario: too bad. norma: but i havea better one. [laughs]would you like to try it? nazario: sure.great. norma: with some tea?nazario: all right. perfect, thank you.norma: i'll bring it now. excuse me.rebeca: nora. [knocks on door]nora! nora!lucía: what's wrong? rebeca: what did youtell your sister? lucía: excuse me?rebeca: i just had an argument with her.i realized you filled her headwith nonsense. lucía: i didn'ttell her anything. but i'd sure like to.why did you fight? rebeca: she saw mehaving dinner with alfredo suárez.lucía: if she got upset over that,imagine how she'll feel when she finds outyou didn't only have dinner with him.besides cheating on my father,you used my mother's name to cover yourself.rebeca: shut up. why don't you leave already?we'd both live much better lives.lucía: i agree. i'm not leavingbecause i want to see you go down.rebeca: i almost forgot to tell youyour dear marcelo is back togetherwith daniela. but you don't caremuch about that, right? because thank god,you quickly found comfortin román's arms. good night.sleep tight. [music]alfredo: i hope you like italian food.marcelo: thank you. sorry, we had dinner.alfredo: you had..? what a shame.the traffic was so heavy-- marcelo: you don't haveexplain yourself, don't worry. i imaginebesides dinner, you had something else to do.alfredo: did daniela tell you anything?marcelo: no, she didn't. she also didn't realizeyou weren't home yet because she fell asleep.alfredo: thank you very much for staying with can go now if you want. marcelo: daniela asked meto stay with her, but i imagineyou wouldn't like that. alfredo: no,'s pointless. i suggest you don'tpressure yourself. daniela is being very demanding.she needs limits. marcelo: yes, i know.i guess she'll change as she starts feeling better.alfredo: i hope so. it'll be tough otherwise.very tough. benito: i haven't hadso much fun in a long time. thanks for inviting me.lalo: great. that's what it's time, we can go to the movies.what do you think, ms. teresa? tere: sure.but i'll choose the movie. benito: you're dating,so why do you speak formally? lalo: because we haveso much respect for each other. benito: i see.well, thanks again. see you later, teresita.tere: see you later. take care.benito: it was nice to meet you. lalo: i'll help you.benito: please open the door. lalo: careful.sleep tight. say hi to your mom for me.benito: sure. lalo: be good.don't stay up late. [door closes]do you mind that i speak to you formally?tere: no, as you said, we respect each other.well, at least i respect you know why? lalo: no, why?tere: because you're a good have a heart of gold. lalo: you think so?tere: of course. not anyone would dowhat you just did for benito. i'm proud of you.i'm glad you introduced him to me.i really liked him. lalo: i told youhe's really nice. it makes me really sadto see him with his canes. poor thing.tere: me too. let's's late again. i have to wake upearly tomorrow. and you too.lalo: no, i don't. tere: how come?lalo: i haven't told you what happened at the factory.tere: how can you not tell me when we're together all day?lalo: no, well... hold tight. there's even a strike.benito: and then i rode the star.of course, lalo went with me.he was afraid i'd feel dizzy.but teresita stayed on the ground.she ate all the popcorn. [chuckles]clara: that's great. i'm really gladyou had a good time. benito: yeah.i didn't feel sick or anything like fact, i feel great. i think i'm startingto get better. clara: i hope so, sweetie.okay, go to your room. it's really late.i'll make you dinner and take it to your i don't knowhow to pay lalo back for so many favors.benito: hey! stop it, mom![laughs] vinicio: look who's here.what a surprise! what happened?you left me waiting. ricardo: waiting for what?vinicio: what do you mean? you said you'd call me.that you were starting a businessand you'd offer me something. you even gave me a cigar.don't you remember? ricardo: far as i know, you're doing wellwith amador zúñiga, right? you work for him.vinicio: i work for him, but the truth isi'm not happy there anymore. ricardo: how come?vinicio: well... since the ownerof the factory died, things have's not the same. ricardo: what has changed?vinicio: everything. for starters,though mr. zúñiga has the widow's support,nobody listens to him. he isn't respected.all i need to say is today all the workers quit.he wanted to make them prepare an orderfor... proveedora del centro, or something.there was a scene and everyone left.ricardo: what are you drinking? vinicio: well...the same as you. [music][music] brígida: drinking again?amador: one drink won't hurt anyone.brígida: i highly doubt it's just one drinkafter what happened at the factory.rodrigo told me. amador: it'll be definitely will. brígida: will rebeccasupport you? amador: she better.brígida: speaking of her, i'm... very happywe're friends again, but...there's something i'm not liking.amador: what? brígida: she's using meas a cover up. amador: why?brígida: well, first with the issueof the exact time she came to see methe day alonso died. and then,on another day, she went god knows whereand she told her daughter she was with you get it? amador: no.brígida: who knows what she's up to.amador: no idea. daniela: careful,'re hurting me! alfredo: sorry, sorry.daniela: i don't know why you didn't let marcelo stayso he'd help me. alfredo: it was pointless.besides, don't pressure him. don't yank too hardor you might break him. daniela: since whendo you care so much about my life?i've lived without your advice for a long time.i can assure you i can continue like this.alfredo: that's enough! i'm sick of your insults.i have a limit. daniela: it's obviousyou aren't the one tied to this wheelchair.alfredo: it's not my fault your car crashed.daniela: but it is your fault you abandoned me for so long.alfredo: [sighs] i'll ask you a favor.let's put it like this. i think living together 24/7between these walls is getting to both of us.daniela: then what are we waiting forto go back to méxico? that house is can go out and take care of your matters.alfredo: all right. daniela: marcelo leaves today.i want to leave with him today. alfredo: we'll go backto méxico. princess.i'll pack my things and help you with yours.daniela: [sighs] [knocking on door]lucía: come in. tere: i'm glad you're're always out, who know where,and we can never talk. lucía: what happened?tere: i met one of lalo's friendsyesterday. he was really cute,but it turns out he has a strange illness.he can't walk well. lucía: what a shame.tere: yeah. i was heartbrokenall night. i've been thinking about itand i want to ask you a favor.lucía: what is it? tere: i knowyour friend leti's mother is a seems she is a prominent figure.lucía: yeah. tere: i thoughtmaybe she can help benito.that's the kid's name. like the cartoon.lucía: [laughs] tere: could you tell herto see him? lucía: sure.but i don't know if sara is the right doctor for him.maybe he needs a specialist.tere: yeah, but... she can at least do a check up,don't you think? lucía: sure can count on it. tere: thank you.hey... will the billbe expensive? benito's mom kind of...doesn't have much money. lucía: don't worry.but first let me talk to sara.we'll talk later, okay? tere: thanks.lucía: you're welcome. tere: excuse me.[knocking on door] lalo: i'm coming!coming! [knocking on door]geez, these people. i'm coming!wait a second, please! darn,'s not like i'm god. clara: [pants]lalo, please, help me. lalo: what's wrong?clara: benito is sick. he can't breathe.he's suffocating. he has to go to the hospital.lalo: oh my gosh. i'll call a cab.i'll be right there. clara: okay.i'll go home. lalo: just what i needed.daniela: when are we leaving? dad?what is this? can you tell mewhy you have pictures of marcelo's brotherand of lucía gaxiola's aunt? alfredo: give it to's none of your business. daniela: nowi understand everything. she's the woman who madefederico kill himself, isn't she?none other than rebeca murillo.i'll be so happy to tell the newsto marcelo's mother.