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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 98

Lucía descubre que Rebeca fue amante de Alfredo. Rodrigo le reclama a Lucía por humillarlo frente a la gente. Amador se molesta porque ninguno de los empleados de la fábrica lo obedece.
15 Sep 2021 – 12:31 AM EDT

ena: i don't understandannouncer: televisa presents... magdalena: i don't understandhow did he find out. sara: i don't know,but i'm so sorry. can i help you with anything?magdalena: no, i don't think so, thanks anyway.i just hope he returns soon so we can talk.sara: whatever you need, let me know.milagros: hello! marcelo: hello.milagros: i'm glad you're here. how did it go?marcelo: bad. they won't hire me back.the position has been taken. so, i'll have to lookfor something else. milagros: i'm sure with yourexpertise, you'll get something better.marcelo: i hope so. i met someone who sends you herregards. milagros: really?who? marcelo: aida, aida lugo.milagros: where did you meet her?marcelo: at a restaurant. when i got there, she saidi reminded her of my dad. and she came up to me and ask meif we were related. milagros: what else did she say?marcelo: nothing, she just sent you her regards.what? she should have said anythingelse? milagros: no, i guess not.marcelo: i asked her if she was the woman dad left you for.milagros: why did you do that? marcelo: for a moment i thoughtit was her. she said she didn't knowwhat i was talking about. i still doubt it.tell me, is it her? milagros: no.and it's bad that you talk about that with peopleyou don't know. no one cares that your dadwanted to leave me. and since you didn't even ask,daniela is leaving the hospital tomorrow.she can't walk yet. damn you, aida lugo!marcelo: this will be impossible.lucia: if i don't want to see you, it's not because i hateyou, it's because i need to forget about you.marcelo: the same here. i guess running into each otheris inevitable. don't worry, everything will beover, i'm going back to mexico in a few days.and i'll leave the apartment. daniela: i'll recover for you.i promise everything will be the same and i'm sure that you'llfall in love with me again. magdalena: i was very worriedabout you. where did you spend the night?mario: at a hotel. magdalena: why didn't you answermy calls. mario: because i didn't wantto talk to you. i just came to shower and changemy clothes to go to the office. that's it.magdalena: mario, things can't go on like this.mario: i'm sure you had all night to make something upand i don't want to hear it. okay?magdalena: what will you do then?you'll live without talking to me?as if we were to complete strangers?or do you want to split up? mario: right now, i don't know.magdalena: think quick, because if this is what this is like,i really don't want to live with you.[knock] rafaela: may i?milagros: come in. rafaela: are you sick?milagros: i couldn't sleep at all.rafaela: why? milagros: marcelo, marcelo metthat damned woman. rafaela: what woman?milagros: aida, aida lugo! rafaela: my dear god!where? milagros: at a restaurant,in mexico. he said she approached himand asked if he was related to cristobal.rafaela: they look alike. milagros: you know what marcelodared to ask her? rafaela: what?milagros: if she was the woman for whom my husband wantedto divorce me. rafaela: and did he know?milagros: he didn't. he said he just thoughtthat could be her. rafaela: and?milagros: the witch didn't answer him.but i'm scared, really scared. rafaela: of what?milagros: i'm afraid she comes back into my life.rafaela: and that your son could find out about things you don'twant him to. ma'am, what goes around comesaround. you should tell him directly,tell him everything. before he finds out on his own.milagros: there's nothing to find out.rafaela: then why are you so scared?i'll let you rest. and consider everything i justsaid. milagros: snitch![phone] rebeca: yes, normita?okay, put him through. alfredo: sorry to bother you atwork, but you didn't give me your cell number.rebeca: since we had already said goodbye,i thought you wouldn't try contact me again.alfredo: i want to keep seeing you.rebeca: really? well, there's no're leaving for mexico. alfredo: we could find the way,don't you think? lucia: normita, is my aunt busy?normita: i just put her through a call.lucia: who from? normita: alfredo suarez.lucia: really? normita: he called yesterdaytoo, the curious thing is... nothing.lucia: no, what were you going to say?norma: it's not important. lucia: do we trust each other,yes or no? norma: yes, it's just thata couple of weeks ago, when marcelo was still here,mr. suarez came looking for him, and when he was living,he run into your aunt right here.and he mistook her for adriana. lucia: my mom?normita: yes. he called adriana and asked herif she didn't remember him. she said no and walked away.lucia: i'll go give this to her. rebeca: did you write downthe number? that's good.what's the matter with you? lucia: you messed with daniela'sdad pretending to be my mom too? huh?rebeca: i don't know what you're talking about.lucia: please, stop pretending. rebeca: fine, years ago, when imet alfredo suarez, i told him my name was adriana, so?lucia: how many men did you that with? with how many did youcheat my dad on with? rebeca: that's none of yourbusiness. lucia: yes, it is, he's my dad.and my mom's name. rebeca: come on, it's not likeshe was a saint, you should be flattered i pickedher name. lucia: you'll never be like her.never. you two were very different.rebeca: if you're done with your nonsense, you may leave.lucia: you're full of surprises. how many other secrets doi still have to find out? tell me the truth,aren't you scared your daughter finds out of all the bad thingsyou've done? rebeca: are you threatening me?lucia: i don't need to open her eyes.federico is already dead and he can't talk.but alfredo suarez can, or any of your other lovers.and if that ever happens, you'll be the only oneresponsible for how my sister will react.rebeca: are you done? lucia: no, i came to give youthis. it's the new design.and i'm not asking for your approval.this goes, that's it. mario: good morning.felicia: sir, she's waiting for you.mario: who? felicia: dr. sara esquerra.i let her in because she said she's leticia's mother.and since you're so condescending with her.mario: that's okay. mario: hello, sara.what a surprise. sara: sorry for comingunannounced. mario: that's okay, sit please.tell me, what can i do for you? sara: i came to talk aboutmagdalena. mario: did she ask you to?sara: no, of course not, she doesn't even know i'm here.i came on my own because you argued because of me.mario: i don't get it. sara: you should know that ifyour wife looked for ricardo marquez, it's because somehowi forced her to. i told her about this problem,and magdalena... mario: sara, sara.i rather not know. sara: at least know she's notcheating on you with that man. ricardo marquez means nothingto her. mario: if he doesn't, why didn'tshe tell me she saw him? sara: if she did, she had totell you why. and i made her promise shewouldn't tell you or anyone. it's true, so,don't be hard on her. mario: i don't mean to be rudeto you but i don't have time for this, so please.sara: mario, magdalena loves you with all her heart.don't ever doubt that. mario: sara.i'm sorry to tell you i'm not pleased with your visit.sara: hello, sergio. sergio: i didn't expect to seeyou here. sara: i came to see hernandez.lety will be here later, she had something to do somewhere.please don't tell her i was here.sergio: count on it. sara: bye.felicia: my god! alfredo: i'll hire a nurseto help you. daniela: there's no need,marcelo can do it. right, dear?marcelo: yes, sure. alfredo: i insist we'll needanother person. and it's a lot better if she's awoman, you'll be more comfortable.daniela: i said no, there's no need, we'll only be herefor a few days. we'll see in mexico.alfredo: okay. >> here's the wheelchair yourequested. alfredo: thanks.marcelo: there. ricardo: i just want to know howthe patient is doing. >> what's her name?ricardo: daniela suarez. i don't know her other lastname. >> she's been discharged.ricardo: thank you very much. >> you are welcome.ricardo: that's good news. excuse me.magdalena? magdalena: excuse me.what are you doing here? ricardo: i came to see howa friend is doing. i'm glad i found you,i guess you're in trouble with your husband because we met.magdalena: why did you tell him? ricardo: i didn't.magdalena: how did he find out? and how do you know i got intotrouble? ricardo: i can guess.i swear on my child i didn't see or tell mario.magdalena: as if you cared so much for her.ricardo: magdalena, did you have the chance to ask rebeca aboutadriana's death? magdalena: leave me alone,leave and stay away from me. i should have never looked foryou, ricardo! ricardo: magdalena...alfredo: he doesn't get it, does he?daniela: no, dad, it's not worth it.marcelo: she's right. norma: here you go, thanks.rebeca: norma, i'm going home. if anything comes up, call methere, please. norma: yes, ma'am.rebeca: oh, i forgot to tell you that youobey me, not lucia. norma: why do you say that?rebeca: you know, so please, discretion and loyalty.if you can't do that, let me know, i'll get someoneelse. rodrigo: good afternoon.lucia: thanks. what do you need?rodrigo: to tell you i didn't like the way you treated mein front of your friend. lucia: no, roman is a lot morethan a friend. rodrigo: that's obvious.but that's not a reason for you to treat me like that.not in front of him, or anyone don't have to humiliate me in public.lucia: i remind you that you humiliated me a thousand timesworse. and in front of many people.did you forget? rodrigo: no, i know i'm trash toyou and that i'm worthless. that what i did to youis unforgivable. but you're not like me,or at least, i thought you were better.lucia: what do you mean? rodrigo: i never thought youwould make someone feel so bad. lucia: i apologize.daniela: there. marcelo: are you okay?daniela: yes. alfredo: here are your cushionsso you're more comfortable. daniela: thanks, dad.marcelo: let's see. is that good?okay, i'll leave. daniela: so soon?marcelo: yes, i have to arrange the moving, and get you thewheelchair. i'll come back later.daniela: okay. marcelo: excuse me.alfredo: i'll walk you out. marcelo: thanks.alfredo: would you tell me what's going on between my childand you? and don't say "nothing",i see the way she looks at you. the way she talks to you.marcelo: i said i'd give her all my support and that's whati'm doing. alfredo: i know you're not inlove with her, you said it many don't get her hopes up and then ditch her again.marcelo: don't worry, that won't happen.alfredo: i'll believe you. thanks for helping withthe wheelchair. marcelo: mr. alfredo?i wanted to ask you a question. alfredo: tell me.marcelo: you told me you hired an investigator to find out whowas seeing my brother when he killed himself.and he was good, because he located rebeca murillo.could you give me his name? alfredo: why would you needan investigator? marcelo: a friend needssomething, and he might be able to help him.alfredo: i think i have his card here somewhere.marcelo: thanks. vinicio: did you call me, boss?amador: close the door. did you hear any otherconversation between treviño and lucia?vinicio: no, nothing. amador: are you alreadyproducing yesterday's request for the central provider?vinicio: not that i know of. amador: damned old man.lucia: mrs. rafaela, i'm glad to see you.what are you doing here? rafaela: admiring these beautiesand looking for your godfather to give him the keys.i won't be able to do the cleaning anymore.we're going back to mexico. lucia: i know you are.rafaela: lucia, i don't know why you and my boy are apart whenyou love each other so much. lucia: i guess marcelo told you.rafaela: yes, i was surprised. may i tell you something?lucia: yes, sure. rafaela: it doesn't matter wherehe goes, or if you have someone new, it doesn't matter what youdo, because that love will never end,and you know why? lucia: why?rafaela: because the heart can't be tricked.lucia: my godfather's office is this way.[music] [music]amador: let's see, nazario, can you tell me why you didn'tstart working on the new request?nazario: the central provider's? amador: that's's the order, in case you misplaced it.nazario: no, i didn't misplace it.i just won't make them, those plates won't be whatever you want. amador: what gives you the rightto be so cocky? follow the contract.nazario: if you want to fire me again, i'll disappoint you.because even if i'm smaller, i'm still a partner here.amador: where are you going? where are you going?start with this right now. lalo: sorry, but nazario is incharge here. amador: omar, come here.take this request right now. where are you going?what are you doing? where are you going?if you leave, don't come back. fools!strikers! fools!rafaela: who's that man yelling? lucia: no one, he's no one.lalo: it was about time someone put that guy in his place.>> yes! nazario: this is somethingpersonal between zuñiga and me, stay out of it.go back to work. lalo: we won't take orders fromhim, the only boss we obey is you, right, guys?>> right! nazario: don't be stubborn,stay out of trouble. lalo: they should fire us all,we'll go on strike, we'll write an act,you, mandrilio will write it, and get the spelling checkedout. and you dictate and take it tothe printer. norma: if you're looking for thelady, she left, but she told me that if something came up,i could call her at home. do you want me to call her?amador: it's not something to be discussed over the phone,there's old gossip who talk later.rodrigo: here are the budgets you asked for.what's wrong? amador: that old man nazariois bothering me. rodrigo: what happened?amador: he doesn't want to start the production for the centralprovider. and the worst thing is thoselame, stupid, suck-up employees support him, they are goingon strike. rodrigo: don't worry, it willget better. amador: will i make it better?rodrigo: could you speak with rebeca?amador: not yet, but i'll go to her house.rodrigo: relax, if you're mad, you won't be able to thinkclearly. amador: i'm tired of that oldman, and he'll pay. i wished he died in the fire.rodrigo: no matter how mad you're at him, you can't saythat. amador: look, rodrigo,when somebody bothers you, you have two options in life,either you move away, or you remove him,and that's what i'll do. nora: he went to see me,we talked, he was so nervous. gloria: you think this willwork? nora: sure, and rememberthat after this you owe me a favor.gloria: yes, i didn't forget. did you already think of whatyou'll ask me, so i get my head around it?nora: are you going to eat that? gloria: just tell me.nora: i don't know. i don't know yet.what i don't get is why are you doing all this just to bugleticia, i mean, sergio is not that cool.gloria: he is to me. why did you do all this forrodrigo zuñiga? he's not a big even snatched him away from your sister.nora: you don't get it, and i don't have time to know? i'm leaving, i have a shrink's appointment.gloria: are you seeing a psychiatrist?nora: yes, at home they think i'm crazy.and they might be right. i'm telling you so that youknow. bye.lety: impossible. i've been in that officeall day. hey, felicia, do you know wheresergio is? felicia: with mr. hernandez.lety: could you tell him i'm here?felicia: i met your mom. lety: where?felicia: here. she came to see the boss.lety: what for? felicia: that i don't know,but it seems he didn't like her visit much.he kicked her out of the office. do you know where the gonzales'files are? lety: yes, i have them.mario: okay, i think this is all, make the correctionsi asked you for and give it back.sergio: yes, sir. i ran into lety's mom thismorning here. mario: yes, she was here.sergio: sorry to tell you, but i heard the way you talked to herand it didn't sound right. mario: the fact that she's yourmother in law, doesn't give you the right to get involved,so please don't tell lety about this.i don't want her to know her mother came to see me.sergio: yes, she told me the same thing.mario: there you go, that's it, you may leave.mario: since i started working here, i have never seen youin this mood or treating people like that, i think i know whyyou're mad. and you're right to be,but you shouldn't take it out on others.mario: enough. i don't need to explain to you.sergio: i don't need to be quiet either.marcelo: hey, mom. milagros: huh?marcelo: what are you looking for?milagros: a glass, i want some water.but it seems rafaela put them all are we going to survive until we leave?marcelo: i can get disposable ones or whatever you need.the moving truck is coming tomorrow morning.milagros: so soon? marcelo: i thought you were ina rush to get back to mexico. milagros: yes, i just didn'tthink it would be this soon. marcelo: why are you in a robeat this time of the day? milagros: i haven't been feelingwell. marcelo: do you want me to callthe doctor? i could ask dr. esquerra to comehere. milagros: there's no need,it's not physical. marcelo: so?milagros: i'm just sensitive about going back to mexico,that's all. i'll go back to the house wherei always lived with your brother.but he'll no longer be there. marcelo: it's okay.milagros: speaking of him, i need to go to the churchand get his ashes. marcelo: sure, let's go.milagros: don't worry, you have many things to take care ofbefore we go and i can take care of that.yes. marcelo?marcelo: yes? milagros: nothing, i'll go getdressed to go to the church. [music]alfredo: i insist we should have hired someone, because to behonest, i won't be able to. see? i can barely make somethingdecent to eat. daniela: don't worry, we canorder. i've been months leaving likethat. alfredo: i'm sure, but i'llthink of something. daniela: has marcelo called?alfredo: he just left a while ago.daniela: i just wanted to know if he was worried about me.alfredo: i know what you're doing and i don't think it'sright. daniela: what?alfredo: to force him to be with you.daniela: i'm not, he wanted to come back with me.alfredo: okay, whatever, i advise you not to pressurehim, let things run its course. daniela: thanks for the advice.where's my cell phone? alfredo: it broke in theaccident. daniela: please get me anotherone because i need it. alfredo: i'll get one tomorrow.amador: i just hope you back me up, you put the old man in hisplace and let him understand he's not in charge.rebeca: i don't like what happened, but there's nothing ican do until i talk to him. amador: we can't wait,we have to start the production now.rebeca: i don't think a couple of days of delay will changeanything. amador: it wouldn't be a coupleof days, it would be the second time we don't follow throughwith the contract. they'll get tired, and send usto hell with every right to cancel the contract.rebeca: we'll get another client, less sensitive.amador: things will be done your doubt about it, i can't let the old man go overme. that old man has to understandthat just because he thinks i had something to do his wife'sdeath, he can take revenge on me, he's crazy.rebeca: isn't it true? amador: please, don't offend me.rebeca: knowing you, i know you'd do anything when you feeltrapped. amador: that's curious,i think exactly the same about you.wasn't this the exact place where alonso died alone?rebeca: you know what? leave! amador: you know what?sometimes i think you and me have a lot more things in commonthan we think. excuse me.lucia: i'm so happy about what happened today at the factory.nazario: i'm not sure i did the right thing.lucia: why not? nazario: i didn't expect theworkers to leave and ditch work. now rebeca and amadorwill take it out on them. lucia: yes, i haven't thought ofthat. but we won't let that happen.nazario: let's not get ahead of ourselves.lucia: you know what was the most exciting thing?that all the staff walked out behind you.but one didn't. i don't know who that is.i think it was the former night guard.nazario: vinicio guerrido, he's amador's joker, that's whyhe can't look bad with him. lucia: that's logical.nazario: i'll get you something to drink.lucia: thanks. oh, godfather, before i forget.rafaela wanted to give them to you personally.but with all that happened, she couldn't.she's moving back to mexico with marcelo.nazario: that's bad, i'll have to get someone else to helparound the house. too bad, i liked her.lucia: me too, i'll miss her. nazario: more than marcelo?lucia: i won't answer that. what do you want to drink?nazario: i'll go with you. nora: i feel ridiculous lyinghere. roman: no one asked you to laydown, you can sit if you want. nora: it is comfortable,but i can't. roman: i'm glad to see you,i thought you were not coming back.nora: i told you. i'm convinced i need help.roman: are you really, or is that what you want all ofus to believe? nora: no one ever trusts me.roman: okay, let's start and tell me how you've been feeling.nora: happy, because you and my sister are dating.roman: we're not here to talk about me, but to talk about you.last time you were here, you insisted you wanted that's still on, or is it over?nora: it's over. roman: you don't care or you arenot interested because he's no longer with your sister?nora: of course not, i realized i was wasting mytime. and for you to know,i like someone else. roman: who? tell me.nora: his name is sergio, sergio mondragon.i dated him before, but i took him for granted and now i wanthim back. [music][music] lety: i don't understand why momwent to see mr. hernandez. are you sure you don't know?sergio: no, i ran into her and just said hi.lety: it's weird she didn't even tell me she was going.sergio: she must have had a reason, but gossip feliciahad to come tell you everything. lety: is she a gossip like me?sergio: i don't know. maybe.lety: shut up! forgive me for the sceneyesterday. i don't want to fight with youfor everything. sergio: me neither, i reallydon't like it, i'm tired of it. [cell phone]lety: who was that? sergio: no one special.lety: let me see, let me see. sergio: lety, lety!lety: why the hell is she calling you?sergio: i swear i have no idea. lety: let's ask her.sergio: what are you going to do? please!lety! nora: i thought you didn't wantto talk to me. lety: he doesn't! and stopcalling or you'll see. there's your cell.sergio: we said we won't get mad over nothing.lety: this is not nothing. sergio: please.lety: get out. get out!sergio: think, i... lety: please leave.leave. samuel: it must be hard to holdyour son's ashes in your hands. milagros: you have no idea howhard, specially if he was taken away from you.i hope i was a good mother to him.because i wasn't to his big brother.excuse me. samuel: would you like to takeconfession? milagros: i have nothingto confess. samuel: it's obvious something'stormenting you and maybe talking about it will take the load off.milagros: nothing would. [sobs]rafaela: what goes around comes around.rafaela: he tore the paper to his face, turned aroundand left. and everybody left behind him.they left him alone. as if he was in the middleof the desert. marcelo: everyone there lovesnazario. i'm sure they all took his side.rafaela: i loved seeing him stand up for himselfand make him see he's the boss. marcelo: i hope it stays likethat until i can find something out.rafaela: what? marcelo: it's hard to explain,you'll get confused. rafaela: if you say your mom still in her room? marcelo: she went to getfederico's ashes. you know? she was actingstrange. rafaela: strange, how?marcelo: like fragile. i hate seeing her like thatbecause i always saw her as a strong woman.rafaela: did she tell you why? marcelo: she said she'ssensitive about going back home and federico won't be know? i think it's related to something i told heryesterday. rafaela: about what?marcelo: i'll tell you later, i have an important meeting,see you, sorry. rafaela: you're leaving already?and you'll leave me here with everything?they all leave and i'm all alone.milagros: is it father samuel? >> yes.samuel: hail mary. milagros: i was never veryreligious. i don't believe in the churchor anything like that. but i know that what i'll tellyou, it's secret and maybe sharing it helps me takethe load off. samuel: i'm listening.milagros: as i said before, i wasn't a good mother to myeldest son. samuel: why do you think that?milagros: because i took his father awaywhen he was just a boy. because of me he grew up withouthim. [music][music]