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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 97

Nora le dice a Brígida que está interesada en Sergio. Rebeca pasa la noche con Rafael. Amador teme que Rodrigo pueda traicionarlo.
14 Sep 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

announcer: televisa presents... mario: check on this.sergio: sure, sir. you had to ruin it.lety: i know. sara: i feel worse for tellingyou about this. you caught me at a veryvulnerable moment. and now i don't know howto justify myself. magdalena: i thank you, sara.sara: what was it good for? i just unsettled you, that's it.magdalena: i went to talk to rebeca this morning,and she swore on her child's life she had nothing to dowith adriana's death. sara: and you believed her?magdalena: i want to. she's my only sisterand i can't stand that she was involved in this.sara: adriana was your sister too.magdalena: i know. i know.sara, i'm so upset,so confused. i couldn't even tell marioabout all this. sara: don't, please.don't make that mistake. you'll just make a big dealout of it. what if lucia finds out?magdalena: no, don't even mention it.lucia: you said the only one getting something out of thatcontract was your dad. why?rodrigo: i told you, i don't want him to fool you.lucia: stop playing the good guy and give me informationi can use. why does he want the contract?i need to know. rodrigo: i don't know exactly.i don't know. but the client could be givinghim money for getting him such a low price.what do i know? lucia: what do you know?next time you want to show me you're on my side,be more precise. and give me something solidfor me to defend myself. if you can't do that,just be quiet. rodrigo: lucia, i...lucia: nothing! nothing! marcelo: are you the womanfor whom my dad was getting divorced?>> ready to go? aida: anytime.marcelo: sorry, you haven't answered my question.aida: i just don't know what you're talking about.say hello to your mom for me. i'm sure she'll remember me.marcelo: who do i send her regards from?aida: aida, aida lugo. i'm glad to meet you.>> bye. aida: [gasps]>> who was that? aida: cristobal escalante's son.>> really? aida: and he looks so much likehim. >> hello, your ticket, please.>> yes. >> i'll bring it right away.>> something to drink while you pick?marcelo: give me a minute. sorry, have you seen two womenby any chance who just walked out?>> yes, they just left. magdalena: hello.this time you beat me home. dinner will be ready in 20minutes. mario: why didn't you tell meyou met ricardo marquez? magdalena: how did you find out?mario: that's not important. no wonder you were so quiet lastnight, no wonder you refused to go on a trip together.magdalena: i don't know what you are thinking, but that's not it.mario: then why did you keep it from me?there must have been a reason. if you did it, there must havebeen a reason. why? magdalena: i admit i didn't wantyou to find out. and i didn't, because it'ssomething very hard to explain, something that has to do with...mario: you know what? drop it, if you didn't tell melast night, you don't have to tell me know that i'm pushingyou to do it. the worst thing is you don'ttrust me at all. and this is not the first time.magdalena: no, mario, you're the one who doesn't trust me at all.if you trusted me, you wouldn't be questioning me.mario: that's exactly what's happening, i'm losing my trustin you. you know?let's drop the subject. magdalena: mario, don't leavelike that, we need to talk. ricardo: where are you from?sergio: a town that's really calm, close to iguacan calledsanta maria de cuapa. ricardo: oh.i never heard of it. i don't really know this state.i'm not from puebla either. how long have you lived here?sergio: a couple of years. i came to study my careerbecause there... ricardo: where did you meet him?lety: why are you still seeing magdalena murillo?ricardo: excuse me? lety: i saw you with her lastnight in the park across your apartment.ricardo: we had things to discuss, that's it.lety: you're not courting her again, are you?ricardo: of course not. lety: okay, because she'sa married woman now. ricardo: i know, and i have nointention of getting her into trouble.lety: i already did. ricardo: what do you mean?lety: i'll skip the details, but the boss heard me say youtwo met and he didn't like it. ricardo: i'm sure.lety: why don't you talk to him and tell him there's nothingwrong about having met her? sergio: i think this is notthe moment to talk about this. lety: yes it is.we need to clear this out. will you talk to him or not?ricardo: my relationship with him is strictly professional.i have nothing to talk to him about,shall we keep eating? marcelo: there were two goodlooking ladies, sitting at this table, i believe.>> i remember them. marcelo: one of them is a familyfriend and i didn't get her contact information.i'm sure she left a number when she made the reservation.could you give it to me? >> i don't have it,she didn't make a reservation, just like you.marcelo: are you sure? >> yes, sorry i can't help you.marcelo: that's okay, thanks anyway.sara: i could say bad things about rebeca too.alfredo: like what? sara: she hurts people aroundher. alfredo: gaxiola talavera?is rebeca murillo available? sergio: how could you tell yourdad to talk to hernandez? lety: you said i screwed upand i wanted to fix it. that's it.sergio: yes, but not like that. you'll just make things worse.lety: of course not. sergio: yes, you will, shouldn't even have told your dad you saw them together,and specially not that your boss knew all about're making it huge. lety: are you calling mea gossip? sergio: yes, sorry, but yes.lety: you know what? i'll go back on my own,i don't want to get you in trouble to be seen with me.sergio: don't take offense. you want to leave? go!lety: yes, i do, bye. mario: felicia, cancel all myappointments this afternoon. i'm not going back tothe office. yes, cancel them, cancel them.that's it, i'll reschedule them.>> let's see if this works. mario: i hope so.[grunts] [cell phone]lucia: what are you doing here? roman: i wanted to see where youworked. does it bother you?lucia: no, not at all. sorry i didn't invite youearlier. roman: don't worry,but i'd love to see the factory. lucia: really?roman: yes, really. lucia: okay, i'll give youa tour myself. come, let's go.>> normita. norma: hello.lucia: i'll ask my godfather to come with us because he'sthe expert. roman: who's that?lucia: a man you're going to already know normita. this way.amador: who's that? norma: roman andrade.he asked for lucia's office. and he didn't let me announcehim because he wanted to give her a surprise.brigida: my god! what happened to you?nora: i got hit by a car. i'm fine but i have to wear thisfor a few days. brigida: that must beuncomfortable. nora: yes.hey, mom is not here, since she's a business woman now,she's at the factory all day. brigida: i'm actuallyhere to see you. nora: why?brigida: you know i always cared for you.and now that your mom and i are friends again,i want to be close to you. nora: yes, sure, thanks.brigida: i'm so sorry you and rodrigo didn't work out.i always liked you better than lucia.but that's our secret. and i want to ask you directly,is there any chance you and rodrigo...nora: no. there's none.brigida: just like that? nora: i'll be honest,i'm interested in someone else. brigida: and who's that?nora: sure, sergio mondragon. you must know him well.brigida: the boy who's sharing the apartment with my son?the skinny one? nora: that one.why don't you tell rodrigo? in case he's considering me asan option. brigida: he didn't mentionanything to me. i wanted to come ask you.nora: you should mention it to him he knows. amador: you're here doingnothing while your ex is walking around the factory with thatroman guy. do you know who he is?rodrigo: yes. i know, nora told me she hasa new sweetheart. amador: for what i could see,he's much more than that. they are taking your girl away.rodrigo: what do you want me to do? make her take me backor what? amador: don't be disrespectfuland don't raise your voice at me.i'm just telling you what i saw, that's the way, did you know your ex is totallyagainst reactivate the contract you already know about?rodrigo: really? amador: aha, and did you knowshe refuses to do it because she says i'd be the only one gettingsomething out of it? do you know anything about it?did she ask you anything? rodrigo: no, but she's not dumb.amador: she's not, but she's not a fortune teller.she can't be guessing things. do you know where she gotthat information from? rodrigo: you think i told her?amador: you are my son, and your my blood.i don't want to think you'd betray me like that.roman: it's incredible. lucia: yes.roman: everything you do is great.did your dad founded the factory?lucia: no. my great granddad.too bad my godfather wasn't here to tell you all about it.of course, he knows it better than me.who knows where he is? roman: don't worry, you didgreat. lucia: and this is amsterdam.rodrigo: sorry, i heard you were giving yourfriend a tour. i wanted to see if you neededhelp. lucia: no, thanks, we're done.rodrigo: rodrigo zuñiga. a pleasure.roman: roman andrade. lucia: oh, rodrigo is the man iwas going to marry, and he stood me up at the altar,because he was involved with my sister.i told you already, didn't i? boring to tell you again.roman: i knew something about it.lucia: anything else? rodrigo: no.lucia: sorry. roman: that's okay.i think it's time for me to leave.i know you're busy and i don't want to waste more of your time.lucia: i'll walk you out. roman: i didn't know rodrigoworked here. too close to you.lucia: his dad is a partner and when dad died, he broughthim in. roman: what does nora think?lucia: she doesn't even care. she cared about him when he waswith me. what can i say?nora always wanted what's mine. roman: so i guess she's notinterested in marcelo. the only thing left is thatshe's interested in me, and that's the only reasonwhy she decided to go back to therapy.lucia: don't even joke about it. no, i don't want to fightwith nora anymore. roman: it won't happen.we won't let her. i'll call you later.nora: i didn't know you were home already.oh! why are you getting all dressedup? rebeca: i'm going out withbrigida. nora: you are?she didn't mention anything when she was here earlier.rebeca: she was here? nora: aha. she came to visit me.rebeca: oh, what did she want? nora: to tell me i'm the perfectwoman for her son. rebeca: i hope you didn't giveher reasons for her to think... nora: of course not, please.rebeca: and what you said about wanting to get back with sergio,is that true? nora: aha.rebeca: you're not interested in marcelo anymore?nora: not anymore. you insisted so much in tellingme he wasn't worth it, that i believe you.rebeca: that's great. nora: hey, i didn't tell sister is already dating my psychiatrist.rebeca: how do you know? nora: she told me herself.rebeca: that's good, don't you think?which dress do you like better? not this one.nora: i insist, you're getting way too dressedup for going out with mrs. frigid.rebeca: it's the first time i'm going out since your dad died,i want to look and feel great. what about this one?nora: that one looks great on you.rebeca: i'll get dressed. marcelo: is mom back from thehospital? rafaela: no, she didn't callor anything. marcelo: i need to talk to her.rafaela: go get her. marcelo: i rather talk to herhere. rafaela: is something wrong?marcelo: no, nothing. rafaela: you don't have to tellme if you don't want to. nazario has been lookingfor you. he said he couldn't reach you.marcelo: i was out of battery. rafaela: he said you shouldgo to his house, that he'd be there.marcelo: did he say what he wanted?rafaela: no. nobody tells me only job is to work like hell.marcelo: stop that, i'll take care of the end, it's my apartment. [doorbell]rebeca: okay, here i am.alfredo: thanks for coming. rebeca: you don't need to thankme. i wanted to say goodbye to youtoo. alfredo: rebeca,why doesn't anyone like you? why does everyone say bad thingsabout you? rebeca: who's everybody?alfredo: marcelo escalante, sara esquerra, for instance.rebeca: marcelo escalante because of his brother and youalready know that. and sara, because she liked myhusband. alfredo: you mean that?rebeca: yes. and the rest, i honestly don'tcare. as i don't care what you's obvious, you already judge me, don't you?well, i'm sorry our goodbye had to be so short.alfredo: wait. i couldn't forget you either.[music] [music]marcelo: sorry, but i don't know why you're telling me all this.nazario: because you're the only one who knows the contractin detail. and the only who can help mebreak it. marcelo: back then i researchedthe company but i didn't find anything odd.nazario: go deeper. marcelo: sorry, but i don't wantto get in to this. nazario: so you mean you don'tcare? marcelo: no, i just want to getaway of all that, and you're pressuring me to getback in. i'm trying to start overand i'm about to go to mexico. nazario: i'm asking you, not forthe factory, not for lucia, do it for me.i don't want amador to get away with his.marcelo: okay, let me see what i can do.nazario: thanks, kid. milagros: it's odd that your dadisn't back yet. daniela: he never cared much,he's always been like that. milagros: don't be unfair,i know he had it rough all these days and that he didn't leave atall. daniela: why don't you call him?it's not fair that you have to take care of don't have to. milagros: it's my pleasure.daniela: the one who didn't show up at all was marcelo.milagros: he had to go to mexico to arrange everything to goback. he really wants to be backwith you. daniela: ma'am, sorry foreverything i told you and for kicking you out ofthe apartment, i was unfair. milagros: forget it, you werenot well advised back then and you didn't know whatyou were doing. everything is forgotten.and we're as friends as we used to.daniela: yes. milagros: want to lay down?daniela: no! i can't be in this bed anymore,this is fine, thanks. alfredo: i looked for you allover. i was desperate when you left.rebeca: i couldn't stay with you.alfredo: why not? rebeca: because i was marriedand so were you. alfredo: i would have leftdaniela's mom for you. rebeca: really?alfredo: yes. rebeca: i didn't know that,i'm flattered. alfredo: well, we're free now.rebeca: no, you have a child and i have a million thingsto solve. but it was worth it,don't you think? alfredo: sure.rebeca: i have to go back home, and you to the hospital.alfredo: look at me. give me five more minutes.lucia: i didn't know you were here.if i had known... marcelo: if you had known, youwouldn't have come so you didn't run into me.lucia: if i don't want to see you, it's not because i hateyou, it's because i need to forget about you.marcelo: the same here. i guess running into each otheris inevitable. don't worry, everything will beover, i'm going back to mexico in a few days.and i'll leave the apartment. lucia: that's good.marcelo: i'll call you when everything's ready and i'll handyou the keys. lucia: godfather?nazario: lucia? here i am.who opened the door for you? lucia: you were gone allafternoon, i though you were feeling sick.nazario: not at all. i had things to do.lucia: with marcelo? i'm asking because i justrun into him. nazario: yes, i asked him tohelp me with the contract. he knows how to breakthat contract. lucia: why do you do that?i don't want him involved in the factory's matters.understand, i need to avoid any contact with him.nazario: yes, but it was a personal has nothing to do with you, you won't even have to talk tohim. lucia: i hope so.and i don't want to know about anything he does.nazario: i get it, but why do you get mad?lucia: because i need to forget i can go on with my life. and if you do this,you're not helping. nazario: what do you mean by goon with your life? lucia: i wanted to introduce youto someone this afternoon. but you were so busy withmarcelo, that i couldn't. some other time.nazario: lucia! teresa: what are you doing here?lalo: i wanted to see you. teresa: why the rush?i have the afternoon off tomorrow and we'll meet.lalo: yes, but i wanted to ask you something.teresa: what is it? lalo: can i ask someone to comealong with us? teresa: don't tell me you wantme to meet your mom? lalo: don't make fun, shealready died, she's not with me anymore.teresa: sorry, so? lalo: it's a friend, his name'sbenito. he's a kid, clara's child,my neighbor. the poor kid is sick, he canbarely walk and so he's locked up all day, i'm sure he's boredso i thought i could invite him. if you don't mind.teresa: sure, let's take him. lalo: good.teresa: don't waste my time because then i'll get scoldedbecause of you, i'll go get the bread.lalo: i'll go with you. we can talk a little longer.teresa: sure, come along. clara: i'm ashamed.i just wanted to apologize. norma: don't worry, lalo alreadytold me you had a problem with your old is he? clara: 16.norma: so young? i'm sorry he's sick.i just want you to tell me next time.clara: next time? norma: yes, you'll still workhere. clara: yes, sure, thanksfor giving me another chance. and if i may,i'd like to ask you something. norma: yes?clara: i don't always have someone to watch benito for me,could i bring him over? norma: here?to the house? clara: yes.he's no a kid anymore, and since i have to watch him,but if you don't want me to, i get it.norma: okay, bring him. clara: thanks, thanks.norma: you are welcome. [music][music] nora: how did it go?rebeca: very well, i didn't have that much fun in a long time.nora: it's odd you have so much fun with brigida.i thought you couldn't stand her.rebeca: well, people change. alfredo: good evening.milagros: she just fell asleep. i was worried about you.alfredo: sorry, i was so tired i fell asleep and when i woke up,it was night time. i'm sorry i left you here allday. milagros: i had nothing betterto do, so don't worry. but i warn you that daniela feltabandoned, and i suggest that you take care of her,now you got her back. alfredo: yes.milagros: nothing is more important than your child.alfredo: i know. milagros: i'll leave.i need to know about marcelo, he went to mexico and didn'ttell me if he was back. see you tomorrow.alfredo: thanks again. thanks a lot.milagros: you smell of women's perfume.alfredo: really? milagros: yes.alfredo: it must have been dr. esquerra when i said helloto her. milagros: she wears too muchperfume to come to work. bye.alfredo: thanks again. brigida: you know what i've beenthinking? we should ask rebeca overfor dinner one of these days. so that she realizes we arefriends. that our relationship is notjust because you work together all day.what do you think? are you listening?amador: sorry, i wasn't listening, i wasn't payingattention. i'm worried about something.brigida: what is it? amador: i'm not sure i did theright thing by pressuring rodrigo to work at the factory?brigida: why do you say that? amador: i'm afraid he wouldbetray me just to get lucia back.brigida: no, of course not, he wouldn't do're his father, which means you're much more important thanlucia or any other woman. amador: you're right,i don't know why i thought that. forget it.rodrigo: you have no idea how she talked to me in front ofthat guy. i was humiliated.sergio: well, wake up. you have to understand,you're never going back with lucia.never. say it.rodrigo: what? sergio: repeat it."i'm never going back with lucia."repeat it. rodrigo: i'm never going backwith lucia. sergio: right, it's time toforget her, look for someone else.rodrigo: who? rodrigo: daniela suarez,for instance. besides, i remember you weregetting along. right?rodrigo: and i remember he accused me of killingher cousin. sergio: no, it wasn't like that.she just said she saw you together hours before she died.rodrigo: it's the same thing. that's why i was arrested.besides, she's in a coma, what are you talking about?sergio: no. not anymore, lety told me her mom saidshe's recovering fast. rodrigo: and why didn't you goout with lety tonight? sergio: she's mad at me,for a change. rodrigo: again?sergio: yes. i don't know what's going on,but every time we meet, we end up arguing.every single day. rodrigo: you're a fool.repeat it. sergio: what?rodrigo: "i'm a fool." sergio: it's not the same thing.rodrigo: it is. you don't have to arguewith lety. she's a good catch.sergio: i know, but i don't get why we end up in a fight.rodrigo: i don't know, handle it.sara: who would do that? how could you tell hernandezyou saw magdalena with your dad? lety: i didn't tell him.i was telling sergio and he overheard, that's different.sara: the things you do. lety: i know i screwed up.and to fix it, i asked dad to talk to him and tell himthere's nothing wrong with it. sara: what? are you insane?what the hell is wrong with you? lety: mom, relax, he saidhe won't talk to him. sara: be quiet! i don't wantto keep listening to you. and don't tell this to anyoneelse. lety: who, for example?sara: your friend lucia. i forbid you to tell her a wordabout this. not to her or to anyone, okay?i don't want you making a mess. lety: you think i'm a gossip,as sergio does? sara: have no limit. [phone]magdalena: hello? sara: it's are you? magdalena: bad, mario found outi met ricardo last night. and he was so mad.we argued, he left the house, and he hasn't returned yet.sara: did you try calling him? magdalena: yes, many times.but he's not answering. sara: this is all my fault.magdalena: no, it's not. i should be offended becausemario obviously doesn't trust have no idea how that hurts. sara: did you explain to himwhy you met ricardo? magdalena: i couldn't,he didn't give me a chance. what i don't understandis how did he find out. sara: i don't know,but i'm so sorry. can i help you with anything?magdalena: no, i don't think so, thanks anyway.i just hope he returns soon so we can talk.sara: whatever you need, let me know.[music] [music]milagros: hello! marcelo: hello.milagros: i'm glad you're here. how did it go?marcelo: bad. they won't hire me back.the position has been taken. so, i'll have to lookfor something else. milagros: i'm sure with yourexpertise, you'll get something better.marcelo: i hope so. i met someone who sends you herregards. milagros: really?who? marcelo: aida, aida lugo.milagros: where did you meet her?marcelo: at a restaurant. when i got there, she saidi reminded her of my dad. and she came up to me and ask meif we were related. milagros: what else did she say?marcelo: nothing, she just sent you her regards.what? she should have said anythingelse? milagros: no, i guess not.marcelo: i asked her if she was the woman dad left you for.milagros: why did you do that? marcelo: for a moment i thoughtit was her. she said she didn't knowwhat i was talking about. i still doubt it.tell me, is it her? milagros: no.and it's bad for you to be talking about that with peopleyou don't know. no one cares that your dadwanted to leave me. and since you didn't even ask,daniela is leaving the hospital tomorrow.she can't walk yet. damn you, aida lugo!marcelo: this will be impossible.lucia: if i don't want to see you, it's not because i hateyou, it's because i need to forget about you.marcelo: the same here. i guess running into each otheris inevitable. don't worry, everything will beover, i'm going back to mexico in a few days.and i'll leave the apartment. alfredo: i'll have to go back tothe apartment, i left my wallet. do you want me to bring you someclothes for when you leave the hospital?daniela: yes, thanks. alfredo: i'll be right back.marcelo: may i? alfredo: come in.marcelo: good morning. how are you feeling?daniela: a lot better, thanks. marcelo: that's good, mom saidyou're being discharged today. daniela: so it seems.alfredo: we are waiting for the doctor to discharge her.marcelo: when are you going back to mexico?alfredo: we don't know. we'll take a few days for herto get better. and then we'll be on our way.marcelo: sounds logical. alfredo: could you stay withher? i have to go back to the apartment, shower, and pack someof her clothes. marcelo: yes, i'll stay.alfredo: i'll check the health insurance too.excuse me. marcelo: go ahead.alfredo: thanks. marcelo: mom said you can'twalk. daniela: yes, the doctor saysit's temporary but i don't know. is it true you're going backto mexico? marcelo: yes, it is.daniela: i thought you liked it here.marcelo: not anymore. besides, i want to be with you.daniela: really? marcelo: yes.daniela: you have no idea how much i need you.promise me this time we won't be apart.promise me. marcelo: yes, i promise.[music] [music]