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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 96

Lucía le cuenta a Nora que se besó con Román. Una mujer le pregunta a Marcelo por su padre y él cree que ella era su amante.
11 Sep 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

announcer: televisa presents... marcelricardo: i have no idea. marcelo: we met a few days agoin a restaurant. but i'm sure you don't rememberme because you were very busy with rebeca murillo.i'm marcelo escalante. ricardo: himself?do you want to come in? marcelo: no, thanks.ricardo: i'm sure you want to know about your legal process,right? marcelo: my lawyer is takingcare of that. ricardo: so?marcelo: i came to ask you politely to leave daniela alone.ricardo: and you're asking me this because you are...?marcelo: someone who cares for her.ricardo: as far as i knew, you left her for someone else,and i was there to console her. marcela: she doesn't need to beconsoled. ricardo: you're going backwith her after all you've done to her?marcelo: that's none of your business, just remember,if you keep going after her, you'll get into trouble,you've been warned. ricardo: see you at court.roman: i hope you think the same about me someday.lucia: roman, i need time.roman: don't worry, i get it,take all the time you need, only one condition.lucia: what? roman: that we spend that timetogether. so we get to know each other.lucia: fine. roman: i'm glad you didn't runaway when i kissed you. lucia: i had no reason to.i love being with you. roman: i hope you don't run awaywhen you try what i made for dinner.sara: who could you tell your dad to come see me?lety: i didn't, he called me and he mentioned you and i toldhim you weren't feeling okay, but i never told him to comesee you. sara: i guess you encouragedhim. because he suddenly showed up,he was here, as if this was his home, the fool!lety: why does it bother you so much that he had a nice gesturewith you? he wants to make amends.sara: i'll never get along with, please, from now on, don't even mention him.lety: your friend magdalena doesn't feel the same and hestood her up at the altar. sara: why do you say that?lety: because i saw them talking in the park.[doorbell] that must be sergio, i'll goget the door. licha: come in.sergio: thanks. licha: you know the way.sergio: yes, thanks. lety: hello.licha: bye, lety. lety: bye, licha.sergio: what's wrong? lety: i argued with my mom.sergio: why? lety: because my dad came tovisit her and since she hates him, she takes it out on me.sergio: sorry, but she must have a good reason to not wantto see him. don't you think?lety: he's not as bad as everybody thinks.i even want you to meet him. sergio: no, i don't know.lety: why not? sergio: i don't think highlyof him either. lety: that's because you heardthings. but you'll see he's nice.besides, he's my dad. sergio: okay.lety: how did it go in court? sergio: where?lety: i don't know, you had to take some papers...sergio: yes, fine. i just dropped them offand that's it. it was routine.[message alert] lety: that was your cell.sergio: it was? lety: yes.sergio: aha. lety: who was it?sergio: rodrigo. he's asking me if i'm coming fordinner, but i'm having dinner with you, right?shall we go out? lety: i rather eat at home.i'll see if licha made anything. sergio: okay.lety: what? won't you help me? sergio: yes, let's go...[phone] nazario: hello.sara: good evening, it's sara esquerra.nazario: hello. sara: i'm calling to let youknow i talked to magdalena and i told her about adriana.nazario: why did you? we had another agreement.sara: it just happened, but i regret it because i don'tknow what this may cause. she already went looking forricardo marquez. nazario: what can i say?did you mention what you think about alonso's death?sara: no, i didn't dare. nazario: don't.sara: don't worry, i won't. i wanted you to know, becausemagdalena might ask you why you never told her about this.nazario: thanks for letting me know.goodnight. mario: you're way too quiet.magdalena: i had a bad day. mario: at the hospital?magdalena: aha. want some more?mario: no, you won't eat? magdalena: i'm not hungry.mario: you know that samuel came to see me?magdalena: what for? mario: to say hello.he said that since i got married, i'm acting strange.and i don't go see him. and we've been talking aboutyou. magdalena: what about me?mario: he asked me how we felt. if we were happy.if you were happy. are you?magdalena: of course i am. very happy.mario: i've been thinking. since we had to return from ourhoney moon, we should go somewhere,what do you think? magdalena: i can't right now,i have too much work. thanks, dear.roman: i'm sorry the lasagna was so bad.i could tell by your look when you tried it.well, i did well with the salad. i'm sure you're starving.are you okay? [honking]lucia: yes. lalo: clara, you made me lookbad with normita. i can't refer you anywhere elsenow. clara: i know,i'm embarrassed but it was an emergency.lalo: it must have been something serious to leave work.clara: i had to... >> it was my fault.i left the house without telling anyone.and my godmother called my mom. that's why she come looking for me. lalo: where did you go?>> i went for a walk. i feel locked up in hereall day long. lalo: i can imagine, butwhenever you want to go out, i can go with you after work.>> thanks. clara: that's kind of you,and even if norma doesn't want me working there anymore,i'll go offer my apologies. lalo: as you wish, she'll likethat, i'll leave now, excuse me.don't run away, kid. clara: i'm glad you didn't saywhere you went. >> that's between us, one has to know. rafaela: do you want me to takeoff the quilt? milagros: leave's been cold early in the morning.marcelo: hello. milagros : where were you?i was about to call you. marcelo: i went to see someoneand then passed by the hospital to see if alfredo wanted meto stay with daniela. but he wanted to stay.milagros: i offered to stay too, but he wants to be with her.rafaela: must be the guilt. for leaving her alone so long.i'm just saying. marcelo: since you're both here,i'll tell you that as soon as daniela can travel,i'm going back to mexico city. milagros: you mean we are.marcelo: yes, of course. in the meantime,tomorrow i'll go see my ex boss to see if i can get my job back.rafaela: what about the trial? marcelo: i'll come backwhen they need me. may i ask you a favor?help me pack, because i have to leave this apartment.milagros: gladly, son. thank god!things are finally getting back to normal.rafaela: who know what that really means?lucia: nora? you're awake!nora: yes, i can't sleep with this thing.lucia: roman said you're going back to therapy.nora: yes, it's for the best, thanks for asking to come seeme. i know he did it for you,it shows he cares for you. lucia: i hope i can be with himone day, at least i'll try. nora: so that means you'realready dating him? lucia: no.well, yes, i am. i love that you're the firstperson to know. nora: i hope he's not as bad asthe others you had, because you don't make good choices.lucia: thanks for that. rest.hey, tere told me sergio came to see you.did you call him? nora: no, no, i don't know howhe found out about what happened and he called to see if he couldcome visit me. he's so nice, he came to see me.lucia: you do know he's already dating lety, right?nora: he is? lucia: yes.nora: he didn't tell me. lucia: maybe he forgot,but they are dating. goodnight.rodrigo: don't be silly, why did you go see her?sergio: she called me and i couldn't refuse,i don't regret it, she sounded honest.maybe she really changed. rodrigo: she never will,never. i'd be careful.i'm sure she's up to something. sergio: what could it be?she doesn't care about me, she never did.rodrigo: don't be stubborn and listen, she's a snake.did you tell lety? sergio: no, of course not,i'm not crazy. rodrigo: i'd tell her, if shefinds out... brigida: amador?amador: i'm here. brigida: won't you come to bed?amador: yes, as soon as i open this.brigida: are we celebrating something?amador: yes, want some? okay.yes, we're celebrating that things in the factory are goinga lot better than i thought. and that deserves a toast.brigida: you didn't tell me about rodrigo, did they give hima warm welcome? do they respect him?you haven't told me. amador: yes, everything's fine.but that's not important, what's important is that hefeels fine because he's close to lucia.brigida: you think she'll forgive him?amador: i don't know. it depends on how he handlesthings with her. brigida: i like nora more.amador: nora? she's got nothing.brigida: she's cute. just like her mother.amador: that's all she got from rebeca, because she's not thatelegant, or smart, or that clever.brigida: do you like rebeca that much?amador: i don't, please. i see her abilities.that's it. rebeca: what?don't you knock? magdalena: i'll ask yousomething and i demand you tell me the truth.did you kill adriana? rebeca: what?magdalena: answer me! rebeca: i see!who the hell have you been talking to? dumb sara esquerra?or stupid ricardo marquez? magdalena: both.rebeca: you know? it's pointless to talk about this,i can't believe you believe them.he made things up, first she told alonso, then sara,and now you. but i won't take it,i have to stop him. magdalena: look at me,and swear to me you had nothing to do with her death,on your daughter's life. rebeca: you don't have to get mychild into this. magdalena: swear it, on nora.rebeca: okay, i swear. are you happy?magdalena: if i ever find out you had something to do withadriana's death, i'll put you in jail myself.i won't hesitate to bring you down.lucia: aunt, what are you doing here so early?magdalena: i just got here. i want to ask you to movein with me. lucia: we talked about this.i don't want to move out. this is my house,i won't leave until i'm married. as my dad said.magdalena: i'm not at ease knowing you live herewith rebeca. she doesn't love you, lucia.she hates you for being who you are.lucia: i know. but i won't leave this houseto her over that. we have some things pendinganyway. i won't leave until we solvethat. magdalena: what are you talkingabout? lucia: it's between her and me,but i know how to handle it. magdalena: please, move in withme. lucia: why the urgency?what's going on? magdalena: because i love you,i want to protect you. lucia: aunt, i'll be fine,really, let's go have breakfast. magdalena: i have to go to thehospital. lucia: i'll walk you out.magdalena: i'd like to use the restroom first, if you don'tmind. lucia: go ahead,i'll wait downstairs. magdalena: yes.[cries] [music][music] milagros: it's been years sincei slept so well. what are you doing?rafaela: marcelo asked us to start packing, i alreadystarted. milagros: that's great.where's marcelo? rafaela: he's in mexico.milagros: without saying goodbye?rafaela: he didn't want to wake you.he said he returns today. milagros: i hope he's rehired.i don't know when he decided to quit that job, it was way betterthan the one here. rafaela: there's no bad jobsas long as they are honest. he was happy workingat lucia's dad's factory after all.milagros: i'll ask you, from now own, avoid saying hername, will you? rafaela: whatever you say.whatever you say, ma'am. and what about federico's ashes?milagros: i'll take them, of course, i brought them heretemporarily. but we are all going backtogether. marcelo: [cries]forgive me for failing you. >> [chuckles]how was your morning? daniela: a lot better, thanks.>> that's good! we'll start walking today.daniela: that's good, i can't be in this bed anymore.>> let's see, there we go. alfredo: careful!careful. relax.let's try again, i'll help you. >> easy, it's okay.daniela: i can't stand up. alfredo: dear, please,let's try one more time. careful, it's okay, calm down.relax. daniela: dad, i don't feelmy legs. i don't.alfredo: please, let's try one more time.daniela: i said i can't. alfredo: one more time.relax. go get the doctor.>> he's in the o.r. alfredo: i don't care,this is urgent, go get him. relax, relax.calm down. lalo: nazario?i want to apologize for what i said to you yesterday,about you defending normita as if she was your wife.i could tell you didn't like it. nazario: you don't haveto apologize. lalo: you mean that?nazario: yes, i shouldn't have taken offense.normita is an impeccable woman, she just needs companyand i can give her that. lalo: so you two...?nazario: that means i'm a grown man, i have too little timeto live, and i don't want to die alone.lalo: i like that, not that you have little timeto live. the part about normita.and about her... nazario: hey, lucia?forgive me, lalo, i need to talk to her.lucia: what is it? nazario: the production requestis here. lucia: what are we going to do?nazario: take care of it, we have to talk to your aunt.lucia: yes. >> feel this?daniela: yes. not much but i do.>> it's normal for her to lose sensibility in the extremities.more on one side than the other. it doesn't mean you won't walk.daniela: i really can't. >> we have to see how youimprove, i suggest physical therapy.alfredo: when will i take her home?i need to take her to mexico. >> be patient.alfredo: i can't. >> take her back tomorrow.under your care. alfredo: i'll take theresponsibility. >> i'll come check on youtomorrow. excuse me. alfredo: daniela,'ll be better in mexico, you'll get a better treatment.daniela: i don't know if i want to leave.alfredo: don't worry. marcelo is going back too.lucia: we can't take that contract back because my dadhad cancelled it. and there must have beena reason. rebeca: why did he?nazario: it was little money, and alonso never agreedwith the deal amador signed. rebeca: okay, but why not?be more specific. i don't know exactly, but iheard him say he'd rather pay the penalty for not followingthrough than dealing with a dark and inconsistent contract.rebeca: normita, ask mr. zuñiga to come to my office right now.if he's not there, find him. tell him to be here.vinicio: i don't know what lucia and the old guy are up to.but they meet to talk all the time.i think they are planning something.amador: something like what? vinicio: i don't know,but i heard them say your name. amador: okay, stay alert and letme know. vinicio: don't you think thisneeds to be rewarded? amador: you're insane if youthink you'll be rewarded for the first thing you tell me.settle with your new job. vinicio: okay, but give me somemoney in advanced. i don't have much.amador: you're always short of money, it's never enough,that's not my problem. norma: sir, rebeca is lookingfor you. amador: good, go back to work.[music] milagros: i understand yougot scared, but you has to keep calm, specially in front of her.alfredo: i almost die when she said she couldn't walk.milagros: we knew there could be side effects.but the doctor said that's temporary.and daniela will recover. alfredo: i hope so, all this hasbeen overwhelming. milagros: why don't you goshower, get some rest? i'll stay with daniela.alfredo: thanks for everything, you're here all day,you don't have to do it. milagros: i want to, i lovedaniela as if she was my own. i would have loved to havea daughter. alfredo: you had two boys,and by the way, nice ones. milagros: everyone knowsdaughters are closer to the mother.alfredo: what if you had gotten remarried?you wouldn't be saying this. milagros: i was a widow twice.i can't risk going through that again.alfredo: right, i'm sure you suffered.milagros: leave already, i'll take care of daniela.alfredo: yes, thanks again. sara: these are the testsfor the patient in 203. urgent, please.alfredo: are you feeling better? sara: excuse me?alfredo: i heard you were on a sick leave.sara: yes, i'm better now. alfredo: may i buy you a coffee?sara: now? alfredo: my daughter is aboutto be discharged. that's the least i can do tothank you for everything. sara: well...>> would you come for a second, please?sara: i'll be right with you. >> thanks.sara: let's go. alfredo: okay.amador: alonso didn't cancel the contract because he thoughtit was a bad deal, he did it because we startedthinking differently, he even wanted to dissolvethe partnership. lucia: no, that's not true!he cancelled it because he realized you were upto something. and you would be the only onewho got something out of this. that's why you want to movealong with it. amador: how would i do that ifthe money goes from the client to the factory's accounts?nazario: i don't know, but that's how it is.and that's precisely why you agreed to a lower price.amador: i explained that to you many times.we agreed to a low price, with little earnings, whichbalances out with the amount of products' sales.lucia: aunt, please, realize, he wants to take advantage ofyou and everyone here. rebeca: there's nothing i can doif you're not more convincing in your words.i need a reason to cancel that contract.lucia: fine, it's two votes and two are we going to solve this? rebeca: we can call nora.she's the only share holder who's not here.but it's obvious who's side she's going to take.lucia: i can't believe you're going against a decision my dadmade. rebeca: things have changed.and will be done differently now.nazario: lucia, let's go, there's nothing to discuss.amador: thanks. rebeca: i didn't do it for you.i did it to show that girl who's in the way, they just refreshed my memory.amador: what do you mean? rebeca: alonso mentioned thisto me once. and i won't let you trick me.if i find out ricardo marquez is behind all this,i'll dissolve the partnership. amador: don't worry,there's nothing to find out. rebeca: i hope so.lucia: either she's in it with him, or she's just doing it tocontradict us. nazario: relax.lucia: i can't. we can't let this happen.nazario: it's not over. let me try to stop them.lucia: how? nazario: i have my ways.lucia: yes. sara: i'm glad for youthat you're kid is getting better so quickly.alfredo: yes. can we just call each otherby our names? sara: sure, as long as you don'tcall me "dr. esquerra". my name's sara.alfredo: i know, i'm alfredo. sara: perfect.alfredo: any kids? sara: yes, just one daughter.alfredo: that's good, so you're married.sara: no, i'm a single mother. alfredo: did the father takeresponsibility of her? sara: no, he didn't find outi was pregnant until recently. in fact, i'm sure you know him.he's name is ricardo marquez. alfredo: yes, i know him.he was dating my daughter. sara: i don't know why i toldyou this. maybe i trust you.alfredo: the same happens to me. and may i ask you something?you know rebeca murillo, don't you?sara: how do you know? alfredo: i met her a long timeago, and i ran into her here the other day.and i mentioned your name for some reason, she didn't saygood things about you. sara: i could say bad thingsabout her too. alfredo: like what?sara: she hurts people close to her.alfredo: that means...? sara: that, precisely,but sorry, i have to go check on my patients.thanks for the coffee. and i hope you and your child goback home safely. alfredo: thanks.sara: excuse me. [music]lety: why don't we go eat? yes, the three of us.i really want you to meet him. sure we have time.okay, see you. sergio: hello.lety: hello, you're late. i hope you weren't with anotherwoman. sergio: no, no way!remember i had to be in court early.i have to tell you something. lety: me too.i talked to my dad and he invited us to dinner tonight.sergio: what? i didn't think it'll be so soon.i didn't know you were that excited about that.lety: i don't know what's like to have a dad and i wantto know. about him, i forgot to tell yousomething last night. sergio: what?i saw him in the park with magdalena murillo.sergio: so what? lety: maybe you don't know,him and magdalena murillo were going to get married.and he stood her up at the's weird they met late at night in the park.what do you think hernandez will think?mario: when did you see them? lety: i...mario: just answer. when did you see them?lety: last night, but i'm not sure it was them,i was far away, and it was dark. mario: check on this.sergio: sure, sir. you had to ruin it.lety: i know. sara: what did he say?magdalena: the same thing you did.sara: i feel worse for telling you about caught me at a very vulnerable moment.and now i don't know how to justify myself.magdalena: i thank you, sara. sara: what was it good for?i just unsettled you, that's it. magdalena: i went to talkto rebeca this morning, and she swore on her child'slife she had nothing to do with adriana's death.sara: and you believed her? magdalena: i want to.she's my only sister and i can't stand that she wasinvolved in this. sara: adriana was your sistertoo. magdalena: i know.i know. sara,i'm so upset, so confused.i couldn't ' even tell mario about all this.sara: don't, please. don't make that'll just make a big deal out of it.what if lucia finds out? magdalena: no, don't evenmention it. lucia: you said he only onegetting something out of that contract was your dad.why? rodrigo: i told you,i don't want him to fool you. lucia: stop playing the good guyand give me information i can use.why does he want the contract? i need to know.rodrigo: i don't know exactly. i don't know.but the client could be giving him money for getting himsuch a low price. what do i know?lucia: what do you know? next time you want to show meyou're on my side, be more precise.and give me something solid for me to defend myself.if you can't do that, just be quiet.rodrigo: lucia, i... lucia: nothing! nothing!marcelo: good evening. >> good evening, are you meetingsomeone? marcelo: no, it's just me.>> this way. marcelo: thanks.>> we should go out more often. aida: i'd love are the one that can't. >> me?marcelo: rafaela, it's me. is mom there?rafaela: she's at the hospital. how did it go?marcelo: bad, the position was taken and they won't fire theperson to rehire me. rafaela: maybe it means youdon't have to go back. marcelo: i don't have a jobin puebla either, so it's the same thing.don't tell mom about this. i'll tell her once i get there.rafaela: are you on your way? marcelo: i'll grab a bite and beon my way back. rafaela: be careful, okay?marcelo: yes, don't worry. thanks.aida: excuse me, are you related to cristobalescalante by any chance? marcelo: yes, i'm his son.aida: you look just like him. since i saw you walk by i wassurprised by the resemblance. that's why i dared to ask you.marcelo: you knew my dad? aida: yes, very well,and i was sorry for his death. a lot more than you can guess.marcelo: are you the woman for whom my dad was gettingdivorced? [music][music]