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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 95

Ricardo va a buscar a Daniela, pero cuando Milagros lo ve lo corre del hospital. Román besa a Lucía por primera vez.
10 Sep 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

announcer: televisa presents... magdalena: i feel that latelyyou've been trying to avoid me, to hide something from me.sara: no, you're wrong. magdalena: please, sara,tell me what's going on. i'm your friend and i careabout you more than my sister, so please, talk to me.sara: i promised i wouldn't say anything.i promised. but you're right,you have the right to know. magdalena: no matter what it is,tell me. sara: it's about rebeca.magdalena: what about her? what did she do?tell me what she did to you. sara: she didn't do anythingto me. but she did somethingto lucia's mom. magdalena: what does adrianahave to do with this? sara: come.i'm not sure. all i can say is that alonsodied thinking that rebeca was responsible for your sister'sdeath. magdalena: what?sara: one night alonso came over. he was upset after talkingto ricardo marquez. magdalena: i don't get it.sara: ricardo told him that he had seen adrianaon the day she died, and he told her whyhe had walked out on you on your wedding day.ricardo told alonso that your sister's death had been prettyconvenient for rebeca. magdalena: that's nonsense.alonso wouldn't have to believed that bastard.sara: i doubted his words at the beginning too,but ricardo told him that adriana got sick while they weretalking, so he took her to the hospital.magdalena: what did she have? sara: i don't know, but i thinkit had to do with her baby. alonso was desperate and heasked to find out if there was proof to confirm that adrianahad been admitted twice on the day she died.magdalena: and did you find it? sara: yes, i found the records,but it was too late. alonso had died already.magdalena: no, no, sara. this can't be true.those records can't prove that rebeca had to dowith the accident either. sara: i know.nazario and i are aware of this. magdalena: nazario knew it too?sara: yes, i told him because i had to vent.the only way to find out what happened is to find clara,the maid that worked in the house back then and was therewhen adriana had that accident. maybe she--magdalena: stop it. say no more.say no more, my head's going to explode.sara: i know it's hard to hear this.magdalena: you can't get it, sara. you can't.i wish you hadn't told me this. sara: magdalena, wait.wait! roman: coffee, coffee.all in the same color, silvia. i don't know what i was thinkingwhen i decorated this office. we may get some plants or buysomething with color, right? or we can also remove thewallpaper and paint the wall. silvia: [laughs] okay.roman: why are you laughing? silvia: i'm glad to see youso happy, that's all. roman: that means i'm oftenmoody. silvia: no, you're justa little serious. can i ask you something?roman: okay. silvia: this change hassomething to do with the lady that came the other day,miss lucia? [laughs]roman: partly. silvia: i see.i'm glad, doctor. it's time to rebuild your life.roman: the problem is that she's not ready to rebuildher life. silvia: don't give up, doctor.with all respect, you're a great match for any woman.unfortunately, i'm married. excuse me, doctor.roman: thank you. silvia: don't mention it.lucia: what are you doing here? rodrigo: i don't mean to botheryou. i just brought this. you'll find it interesting.lucia: what is this? rodrigo: the copy of a contractmy dad got some time ago, and alonso cancelled.since he's gone now, my dad wants to do that's not convenient for the factory. if the businessis done, my dad will be the only one favored.lucia: why are you doing this? rodrigo: i'm on your side.lucia: aunt rebeca approves what your dad wants to do?rodrigo: i don't know, but i thought you should know it.just don't tell anyone who told you about this.amador: hey. what were you doingin lucia's office? rodrigo: getting her back.amador: well done. [knocks on door] may i?rebeca: come in. amador: did you have a chanceto read the files? rebeca: yes.amador: what do you think? rebeca: i think the priceis too low. amador: indeed, but as i toldalonso back then, it's just a price to convince the client.we make up for the low profit for each piecewith a high sales volume. this client provides a chainof restaurants with different things and i think that manybranches will open in the area. it's a good deal in the longterm. rebeca: i hope so.if you think it's convenient, then go ahead.amador: okay, thank you. rebeca: after all, i don'tthink you'll plot against your own interests, right?amador: why would i? okay, i'll issue the productionorder. thank you. by the way,brigida's been a little nervous after your niece's visit.rebeca: really? why? amador: she asked herabout the time you visited her the day alonso diedand all that. don't worry. i taught my wife well and sheknows what she should answer. rebeca: i don't give a damnabout what you, brigida and everybody think about me.i have a clear conscience. amador: so do i.thank you. i got this.magdalena: [sobs] samuel: magdalena?what's wrong? magdalena: it's about my family.i don't know how to deal with this, it's too painful.samuel: tell me about it, i may help you.magdalena: i'm sorry, samuel, but i can't even talk to younow. please, don't tell marioyou saw me, okay? don't tell him what i was like.samuel: don't worry, i won't tell him.magdalena: thank you. [cell phone rings]lucia: hello. marcelo: hi. i just want to knowhow's your sister. lucia: fine, thanks for asking.marcelo: yesterday you just left without saying goodbye.lucia: you had to see daniela and i couldn't is she? marcelo: she's getting better,but she still has a long way to go to be full recovered.lucia: i'm sorry for her. it's kind of you to support her.marcelo: i feel i have to do it. lucia: i have to seemy godfather. i have to go. bye.marcelo: bye. nazario: don't worry about yourboy, i'll lend you some money. we'll find a solution,just keep working. >> thank you.nazario: go. lucia: godfather.nazario: yeah? lucia: can i ask you something?nazario: sure. lucia: do you know somethingabout this? nazario: provider--yeah.if you want to know the details, you have to talk to marcelo.lucia: i don't want to talk or see him.nazario: okay, don't get mad. lucia: godfather,rodrigo told me that amador zuñiga made this deal andmy dad cancelled it afterwards. nazario: yes, your dad thoughtit was quite shady and he preferred to cancel it.lucia: that's what rodrigo said. nazario: right.lucia: now that my dad's gone, amador wants to do this deal.rodrigo said that his dad would be the only one favored.nazario: i have no doubt. what does your aunt say?lucia: i haven't told her yet. i can't tell her that rodrigotold me. nazario: sure.let's do this. let him issue the productionorder. i'll stop it and explain to your aunt why i did so.lucia: okay, perfect. i hope she'll understand.nazario: i hope so. let's go.sergio: you don't have to worry about gloria. she won't botheryou anymore. leticia: are you sure?sergio: absolutely. trust me.leticia: stop, stop. we can't kiss here.i'm sorry for the scene. it's not your faultif she came to see you. sergio: just get it straight.don't be jealous. you're the only one i love.that's all. leticia: stop.just promise something. if gloria or another womanbother you, tell me and i'll beat them up myself.sergio: i promise, okay? you said stop.stop. [cell phone rings]hello. nora: hi, it's nora.sergio: hi. nora: hey, i need to see you.can you come over? sergio: i don't think so.nora: please, i have to tell you something important,but you have to come. sergio: i can't.nora: do you want me to go to your job?sergio: no, i think we'll do it your way.nora: okay. i'll see you later then.thank you. leticia: who was it?sergio: er-- a secretary from court.she needs the files of the trial we have tomorrow.i'll take it after work. leticia: i can go with youif you want. sergio: no, that's notnecessary. it's boring and quick.i'll see you in your place later, okay?i'll give it to felicia. i'll be right back, baby.samuel: as you never go to church, i have no choicebut to come here. mario: you're right, i'm sorry.i've had a lot of work lately. samuel: i guess you've been busywith your wife too. mario: that too.samuel: how's your married life going?mario: very good, i can't complain. magdalena's was worth the wait. samuel: and how is she?mario: i think she's happy too, but i'm a little worried.samuel: why? mario: she wants to havechildren so badly. she's obsessed with it.i don't want her to suffer if children never come.samuel: it's natural, women are pretty sensitiveabout those matters. magdalena isn't the exception.mario: i don't want her to suffer for it.samuel: don't worry about that now, just got married, a child will come eventually.mario: do you want a coffee or something?samuel: what do you have? mario: sure.[laughs] [phone rings]sara: hello. magdalena: i'm sorry for actinglike crazy in your house and storming off.sara: don't worry, i shouldn't have told you.i feel terrible. magdalena: you don't have to.thank you for telling me. after all,it's about my two sisters. sara: i shouldn't have botheredyou with something that we can't prove.magdalena: do you know where i can find ricardo marquez?daniela: thank you. don't you have to go, sir?ricardo: nobody's waiting for me.i have no commitments. please, call me ricardo.daniela: [laughs] as you wish, ricardo.alfredo: you had an accident. it seems your car was speeding,you passed a red light and a truck hit you.milagros: don't you remember? daniela: no.marcelo: don't worry, she'll remember little by little.alfredo: i think there're many people in here. marcelo, let'sgo have coffee. that way daniela will get some rest and your momcan stay. milagros: don't worry,i'll be here. alfredo: thank you.we'll be right back. milagros: son's been so worried. he's come every day.daniela: that doesn't mean he cares.milagros: of course he does, and a lot.don't worry about lucia gaxiola, she's in the past now.daniela: i don't want to talk about that or head hurts. can you call someone?milagros: yes, of course. i think this doesn't work.this hospital is terrible. daniela: call a nurse.milagros: i can't leave you alone.daniela: i'll be fine. please, i can't stand the pain.[music] [music]norma: nazario. nazario: yeah?norma: mr. zuñiga sends this order.nazario: thank you. norma: i had a good timelast night. the restaurant was lovely.nazario: good. excuse me, i have to see this.daniela: marcelo. ricardo: hi.daniela: [gasps] ricardo: they didn't let me inbefore. i was so worried.when i heard what happened to you, i wanted to die.daniela: go. ricardo: what?daniela. daniela, i'm sorry i hurt you.forgive me, please. daniela: go.[gasps] milagros: how dare you to comehere? daniela: get him out.ricardo: i just wanted to see how she's, that's all.milagros: see the way she is. go.get out! get out, please!calm down. that man's gone.daniela: where's marcelo? milagros: he'll comein a minute. calm down. daniela: i need to talk to him.milagros: calm down, it's not good for you.daniela: call marcelo. milagros: calm down.daniela: where is marcelo? alfredo: i wanted us to get outbecause i have to talk to you and it couldn't be in frontof my daughter. marcelo: i noticed.alfredo: i'll take daniela to mexico as soon as i can.marcelo: it's logical. coming back home will be good for her.alfredo: indeed. i want to ask you something.marcelo: okay. alfredo: are you willing toleave puebla and go back to mexico too? i want to know ifmy daughter can count on you. marcelo: she's time to resume my life. alfredo: thanks for yoursupport. i'm really sorry for the way i treated yousome days ago. you're not responsible forwhat happened to my daughter. marcelo: somehow i am.i feel i have to-- milagros: marcelo, marcelo.marcelo: what? milagros: daniela's too upset,i can't calm her down. alfredo: what's wrong?milagros: ricardo marquez showed up and upset her.she wants to talk to you, son. i don't know what she wants,but she won't stop calling you. alfredo: how could let that manin? milagros: i don't know.norma: are you leaving? lucia: yes.i'll see you tomorrow. norma: goodbye.lucia: what's wrong? are you okay?norma: yes, i'm fine. lucia: normita,tell me what's wrong or i'll go home concerned.norma: it's quite embarrassing. lucia: why? you've known meall your life. what's wrong?norma: i've always cared about nazario,and as long as trini was alive, i respected their marriage.i'm sorry. i better shut up. lucia: normita,speak to me. norma: your godfather'sgetting close to me. we had dinner togetherlast night. like a fool,i thought he liked me. but today he's been distant,so i don't know what to think. lucia: don't get it godfather's been busy with so much work and pressure,you know. i'm sure that's the reason.norma: yeah, sure. i'm sorry to tell youabout this. what are you going to think?i know how much you loved your godmother.lucia: that has nothing to do. she would've loved to seemy godfather with someone like you.norma: do you really think so? lucia: i do.daniela: i remember what happened,i know why i had the accident. alfredo: okay, honey, okay,but calm down. daniela: i was at ricardo'sapartment with him. i saw some papers with your nameon them. i don't know what it was, but it was somethingagainst you. i got out of thereand got into my car. that's-- marcelo: calm down. i don'tknow if you know it, but ricardo's the lawyer of amadorzuñiga and rebeca murillo. they're accusing me of fraud.milagros: but the trial still has to be carried out.everything will be okay. marcelo's innocent,so calm down. daniela: i was so silly.i didn't know what kind of man ricardo was.alfredo: daniela, none of this is your fault.milagros: yes, forget about that and try to rest.lucia: there, okay? leticia: yes.check this out. sergio and i are dating.lucia: [laughs] i'm so glad!leticia: yes, i couldn't tell you on the phone.luciana: i'm sure you'll be so happy together.leticia: i hope so. we've been dating for some daysand we already argued. all because of stupid gloria.lucia: yeah, sure. she must be totally jealous.leticia: right, but he said that he only loves meand she has to accept it. besides, i'm sure sergio lovesme. i don't think he'll cheat on me or lie.lucia: no way. i'm sure he's an honest man.leticia: yes, like marcelo. he's crazy about you.i saw him at the office yesterday.lucia: i don't want to talk about him.leticia: okay. just tell me you still love him? lucia: absolutely.but he's not for me. besides, he's with someone elseand i'll do the same. leticia: what?what do you mean? are you seeing someone?lucia: maybe. leticia: [gasps] tell meevery detail about it, come on. lucia: don't be nosy.leticia: i'm not nosy. tell me. let's order mezcal to celebrate.waiter! mezcal and two glasses, please.lucia: thanks. leticia: who is him?[music] [mustere: it's nice to see you, sir. come on in.sergio: thank you. is nora home? tere: sure,she's in her bedroom. sergio: do you want me to goto her bedroom? tere: yes, she told meto send you to her bedroom when you come.sergio: don't you think she should come down here?tere: that's not possible. she had an accident,a car almost hit her-- sergio: what?tere: yes. sergio: how is she now?tere: i think nothing happened to her, you know she lovesto overreact. go see her. sergio: tere, i don't even knowwhich one of her bedroom. tell her to come.tere: hold on. nidiyare. nidiyare: yes?tere: please, take this man to miss nora's bedroom.nidiyare: okay. sergio: excuse me.what's your name again? nidiyare: nidiyare.sergio: nidiyare. nidiyare: nidiyare'sa name from india. sergio: thank you.hi. nora: hi. come in.don't stay there. come on in. sit down, please.sergio: why didn't you tell me that you had an accident?nora: because i didn't want to blackmail you.sergio: how are you? how do you feel?nora: so-so, but i'll survive. sit down, hurts to see upwards. sergio: okay,what do you want? nora: i'll be direct.your friend rodrigo is working at the factory again.lucia's there too. i want to knowwhich are his intentions. sergio: nora, you knowhe's always loved lucia. he never stopped loving her,even after-- nora: you can say it.despite what happened with me. sergio: why are you concernedabout that? nora: he might hurt my sisteragain. sergio: really?nora: yes, even if nobody believes me, i've changed.i want us to be friends again. sergio: i don't believe it.nora: why? sergio: i don't needyour friendship, and you don't mine either.nora: you're wrong. i do need you.i feel lonely, as if everybody would wantto avoid me because i'm troublesome.rebeca: i'm sorry. i didn't know you had company.sergio: i was leaving. excuse me.nora: thanks. goodbye and thanks for coming.rebeca: why did he come? nora: i called him.i could use a friend now and think about something else.alfredo: at least she fell asleep.i don't know why that man came. i told him not to dare.he'll listen to me. marcelo: alfredo,let me talk to him. alfredo: that's notyour problem. marcelo: do you want meto help daniela or not? alfredo:'s not a bad idea anyway. marcelo: do you havehis address? alfredo: yes, i'll give itto you later. first tell me something.marcelo: what? alfredo: you told danielathat ricardo marquez is rebeca murillo's lawyer.marcelo: yes, rebeca and her partner amador zuñigaare suing me. alfredo: why does she hate you?why does she want to destroy you?marcelo: if i hadn't come to puebla, nobody would havelearned what happened between her and my brother federico.he wants me to stay away from her family and lucia.she's terrified because nora may know what she's done.magdalena: ricardo. ricardo: wow, this day's beenfull of surprises. magdalena: i need to talkto you. ricardo: about what?magdalena: adriana's death. sara told me everything.ricardo: do you want to come in? magdalena: no, i want to goto a public place. ricardo: okay.we can go to a park nearby. magdalena: okay.lucia: tere, did doctor roman come?tere: no, but sergio came. lucia: sergio mondragon?tere: yes, the same. your sister invited him. she asked meto send him to her bedroom. he was embarrassed and evenblushed, but he had to go there because your sister can't comedown. lucia: yes, sure.tere: i'll prepare dinner, do you want something?lucia: no, thanks. i'll wait for the doctor here.tere: okay. don't you want some tea?lucia: no, thanks. tere: okay.ricardo: so i took her to the hospital and made suresomeone called your family to pick her up.i didn't talk to her again after that.magdalena: i don't understand. why do you think thatrebeca did something to her? ricardo: afterwards i heardthat alonso wasn't in the city that rebeca's the only one that could've picked herfrom the hospital. i wasn't there, but i canimagine that they argued. magdalena: yes.yes, adriana must've confronted her.ricardo: she has an accident, dies,and nobody knows what we talked top it off, rebeca marries alonso.magdalena: how do you know about all these details?you left puebla. ricardo: i've always beenin touch with amador zuñiga. magdalena: i can't believe it.i can't-- i don't want to believe it.ricardo: magdalena, please. forget about your feelingsfor me. i know you hate me. don't you think it's timeto open your eyes and see what rebeca is capable of?magdalena: if that's true, i don't know what i would do.ricardo: magdalena, if i can do anythingto find out the truth, just say it.i owe you. i want to pay for my sins.magdalena: that's not possible, but thanks for talking to me.ricardo: magdalena. [knocks on door]rebeca: who is it? lucia: lucia, may i?rebeca: come in. lucia: roman came to see nora.rebeca: did you call him? lucia: yes, and if nora acceptsto resume her treatment, support her.rebeca: do you think i don't care about my own daughter?lucia: of course i know you do, but yesterday you saidthat she doesn't need a doctor-- [phone rings]rebeca: okay. i'll accept whatever you decide.hello. alfredo: good night,it's alfredo. rebeca: oh, hi.can you excuse me, please? lucia: sure.rebeca: what? alfredo: how's your daughter?rebeca: she's better, thanks. how is yours?alfredo: better too, thank you. she'll be discharged soonand i'll take her to mexico. i want to see you first.rebeca: what for? alfredo: to say goodbye.can we meet? rebeca: sure.alfredo: i'll call you tomorrow. goodnight.[music] [music]nora: yes, i want to resume our therapy.roman: are you sure? nora: totally.i didn't try to kill myself, but i accept that i havesome issues and i need help. i mean, if everybody says so,there must be a reason. roman: you shouldn't taketherapy because others say so. you should do it becauseyou feel you need it. nora: yes, and i'll repeat,i'm sure. i want to be a normal person.and i want people to stop thinking that i'm insane.roman: okay, i'll be waiting for you.nora: i'll get an appointment. hey,thanks for your support again. roman: thank your sister.she told me what happened and convinced me of coming.nora: again the same. it was an accident.roman: we'll talk about that later.get well. lucia: how did it go?roman: i didn't have to insist. lucia: that's good.roman: not quite. lucia: why?roman: nora's playing with me and everybody.she doesn't want to resume her treatment. she's justpretending that she wants to fix what she did.later we'll see if she's taking it seriously.lucia: i hope so. roman: well,are you ready? we're having dinner tonight,right? lucia: i didn't forget.we can go whenever you want. roman: let's go then.marcelo: ricardo. do you know who i am?ricardo: i have no idea. marcelo: we met in a restaurantsome days ago, but i'm sure you don't remember me. you lookedtoo busy with rebeca murillo. i'm marcelo escalante.ricardo: the selfsame. do you want to come in?marcelo: no, thank you. ricardo: i'm sure you'rebecause of your lawsuit. marcelo: my lawyer's workingon that. ricardo: so?marcelo: i came to ask you to leave daniela alone.ricardo: why are you asking me this?marcelo: i'm someone who cares about her.ricardo: as far as i know, you left her for another woman,and i was there to comfort her. marcelo: daniela doesn't needyour comfort anymore. ricardo: will you get backtogether after what you did to her?marcelo: that's my problem. all you have to knowif that you'll be in trouble if you don't leave her're warned. ricardo: i'll see you in court.roman: come on in. lucia: wow.your house is beautiful. you have a good taste.roman: irene took care of the decor.lucia: irene, your wife? marcelo: you want a glass of wine? lucia: yes, thank you.marcelo: i'll be right back. marcelo: i hope you'll likewhat i cooked. lucia: did you cook?roman: when you live on your own, you have to learn to doeverything. lucia: it's a nice family.your wife was pretty. did you love her?roman: i adored her. i never thought i'd fall in lovewith another woman until i met you.lucia: i'm not that special. roman: you're to me,and much. i hope you'll feel the same wayabout me someday.