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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 91

Marcelo le cuenta a Rafaela que terminó su relación con Lucía. Magdalena le reclama a Rebeca por aceptar que Amador sea el abogado de Ricardo. Nora le aconseja a Rodrigo que luche por el amor de Lucía.
4 Sep 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

announcer: televisa presents... interested in what happensto lucía so don't worry, but she gave me a can't get near nora. rodrigo: dad, it'd be the lastthing i'd do in life. amador: perfect.are you going to tell me it's the exact same thingwith lucía? rodrigo: well, you know thati've never stopped loving her. i'm going to move mountainsso she gets back with me. amador: that's what i wantedto hear. okay.see you later. did they bring you your coffee?rodrigo: no. marcelo: i wish you the very happy. i promise to never bother youagain. lucía: no.marcelo. marcelo.marcelo! marcelo, don't leave!marcelo. [cries]nora: marcelo, how nice to see you.i just came from the public ministry--marcelo: good-bye, nora. nora: marcelo, why do you actthat way with me? marcelo: because a personwith good intentions wouldn't have sent methe picture you sent me, that's why.nora: i doubted it a lot, but the thing is thati thought-- marcelo: it no longer matters.i thank you because it made me make decisionsthat i should have made a long time ago.nora: what happened with marcelo?i just bumped into him outside and he looked really upset.lucía: nothing that you don't know happened, nora.we confirmed that we can't be togetherand we each took our own paths. nora: just like that?lucía: why do you pretend, nora? it must make you really happy,right? nora: of course not.i showed you that i wanted to help you guysget back together. lucía: forgive me that i don'tbelieve in your good heart, but either way not you or anyonecan do anything for us. nora: well, however it is,it makes me very happy that he's out of mom told me he was going to stay there a long time.lucía: your mother tells a lot of lies, nora.nazario: vinicio. vinicio: did you call me?nazario: yes. last night i saw youaround don alonso's house. vinicio: around?no, it was a coincidence that i passed by there.nazario: oh, and by coincidence you saw teresita?vinicio: yes, and, well, i wasn't going to ignore her,right? nazario: look, i'm going totell you something. that girl already has an owner,she can't be for you. vinicio: yes, i know that.i think you're thinking wrong about things, don nazario.nazario: oh, i'm glad they're just bad thoughts.let that be clear to you. vinicio: yes, yes.don't... don't worry.excuse me. lalo: what did that guy want?nazario: nothing, why? lalo: because it looked likeyou were having a serious chat. nazario: i was explaining to himhow things at work should be know, he has no idea. well, see you tomorrow.lalo: rest, don nazario. nazario: thank you.lucía: [sighs] [knocking]magdalena: hello? can i come in?lucía: yes, aunt, come in. magdalena: hello, precious.oh, i came to see you because mario told methat mario got out of jail on bail.oh, you should be happy. lucía: [cries]magdalena: oh, apparently i'm wrong.what's wrong, lucía? lucía: aunt, it's just thatit's really over now. it's over forever.marcelo told me that... he was holding on to meand that it's time that he leaves me alone.magdalena: no. no, no, look,marcelo has been going through very difficult timesand when one is like that, well, sometimes we say thingswe don't really mean. lucía: no, aunt.magdalena: yes, yes, you'll see that whenthe situation calms down he's going to look for you again.lucía: no, because i'm sure that this time it's the end.he's right. there are many thingsthat separate us and although i agree with himi couldn't prevent it from hurting me a lot, aunt.magdalena: come. come, come, come.lucía: [sighs] magdalena: everythingwill be fine. marcelo: where's my mom?rafaela: she went to the hospital.did you see lucía? marcelo: yes.rafaela: surely she told you that she came to see you,but i couldn't tell you because your mom didn't let me.marcelo: it doesn't matter. actually, nothing mattersanymore. rafaela: did she break upwith you again? marcelo: now it was mewho made the decision of not looking for her again.rafaela: but why? marcelo: because it's bestthat's why. you don't know how muchi would like to go back in time and never have come here.i'd live happy with life, but i can't do thatuntil the fraud problem is solved.and i can't leave daniela with how she is.rafaela: i know you can't. marcelo: [cries]alfredo: i really thought she was dying.i was there with her and i couldn't do anything,absolutely nothing. milagros: oh, yes,marcelo told me. i imagine the horrifying momentyou guys went through. alfredo: no, you have no idea.milagros: i remind you that i already lost a sonand i know better than anyone the pain that brings.alfredo: forgive me. i said it without thinking.milagros: i know that it's not the timeto talk about this, but you still haven't been ableto find out anything about what i asked you?alfredo: no, i haven't had news from the investigator.i suppose that when i have something concretehe'll tell me. milagros: and isadriana murillo, the one you met,really lucía's mother? alfredo: milagros: but you said thatyou thought that it was the same person.alfredo: that girl's mother died many years agoand the person i'm referring to is alive.i have no doubt about that. rebeca: oh, hello.i didn't know you were here. magdalena: i came to see lucía.rebeca: you don't have to clear that's been a long time since you've come to see meor nora. it seems like you forgotthat we're sisters. magdalena: unfortunately.rebeca: magdalena, do you really still believethat i had something to do with ricardo marquez?magdalena: oh, forget it. that's the least of it.actually, i have to thank you for what you did.because thanks to me not marrying that miserable mannow i'm with a great man. on the other hand you,it's evident that you maintain good relationswith that trash, with ricardo marquez.rebeca: you really are stubborn. how can i explain to youthat ricardo marquez is the person i hate mostin this world? magdalena: [laughs]rebeca, stop. who do you want to fool?if you hated him as much as you say you doyou would have never hired him to send marcelo to jail.rebeca: i don't know what you're talking about.magdalena: rebeca, don't pretend know, thank god marcelo was givenhis freedom under bail. i'm sure that with mario's helpsoon he will be able to prove that he never didanything wrong. excuse me.[cell phone] amador: hello, rebeca.good evening. what can i help you with?rebeca: you're an imbecile! you hired ricardo marquezto take care of marcelo escalante's case.amador: no, no, no. i know that your familyhad problems with him in the past,but i have to assure you that he's a very competentlawyer. rebeca: well, not really.he let him get out under bail. amador: what?rebeca: oh, well, apparently your trustworthy lawyerdidn't tell you. amador: no, no, no.look, i--i--i assure you that's not forever.that guy will be in jail again and--rebeca: i don't want him in jail next month or next year,i want him there now! amador: you're an imbecile.rebeca: godfather, thank you for being with me.i needed some air. nazario: and did that airhelp you feel better? lucía: no.i can't stop thinking about everything marcelo told me.nazario: don't take it so's obvious that now it's him who is disconcerted.did you talk to him about the earring, did you show him?lucía: no. no, and godfather,don't tell him anything, please. nazario: why not?lucía: because, no, i prefer to leave thingsthe way they are. swear it to me.nazario: yes, i swear. but that means thatyou're going to leave your father's death there?lucía: no, of course not. i'm not calm at all.and if something strange happened,i'm going to find the way to prove it.because, godfather, it's going to break norainto pieces and before talking i have to be absolutely sureof what her mother could have done.nazario: i completely agree. and changing the subject,i want to tell you something. lucía: what?nazario: rodrigo is back in the factoryreplacing marcelo. lucía: what?[sighs] rodrigo: for a moment i thoughti thought her aunt was going to kick me out,but my dad imposed and she had no other choicethan to accept me being there. sergio: let's see,but your dad really has that much influenceover this lady? rodrigo: well, i don't knowhow much, but it's clear that he knows how to manage her.sergio: and did you see lucía? rodrigo: no,but some day she's going to stop by there, right?sergio: well, who knows, maybe lucía is retakingher plans to marry marcelo and she's very busyorganizing everything. rodrigo: hey, i don't likeyour jokes. sergio: it's not a joke.marcelo got out today under bail.your dad didn't tell you? rodrigo: no.maybe he doesn't know. sergio: maybe he doesn't know,but he's going to find out and he's not going to like it.oh, well. rest.oh. i almost forgot.letty told me that daniela suarezhad an accident and is in serious condition.rodrigo: what do i care? sergio: nothing,but since she's the one who signaled youas the one responsible for ligia's deathand you were good friends i thought you'd be ricardo: come in.i insisted that we come here because i wanted you to seewhere i live. go ahead.what do you think? letty: well, it's nicefor a man who is alone. well, not that alone.ricardo: take a seat, sweetie. if you say that because ofdaniela i want you to know that that's over.letty: i found out what happened to her and i want you to knowthat i'm very sorry. you must be very worried, right?ricardo: the truth is, very. letty: do you really love her?ricardo: look, daniela is a very beautiful woman.she has a lot of details and it's very easy to love her.[chuckles] letty: did you love my mom?ricardo: uh... sweetie,when that happened your mother and iwere very young and-- [door bell]amador: ricardo, open, please. i know you're there.letty: [sighs] amador: [knocking]ricardo, open up, please. [door bell]you're an imbecile and incompetent,but i'm a bigger imbecile for trusting god, now you're dating all of my son's friends?ricardo: don't be mistaken! letty is my daughter.amador: sorry. you already told me about her.ricardo: that's right, yes. letty: i have to go.ricardo: i'll call you later, sweetie.close the door, please. amador: my god,what one finds out. ricardo: you could have calledbefore coming, right? amador: oh, please, ricardo,of course i called you. your cell phone is explain to me why the hell marcelo escalantegot out of jail! rebeca: hello.have you decided if you're going to tell your sisterwhat you think about your father's death?lucía: i'll do it when i think it's convenient.rebeca: look, lucía, i understand that you wantto find someone guilty, but i swear that--lucía: no, don't swear anything to me!i inform you that starting tomorrowi'm working at the factory. rebeca: you already werein some way, isn't that right? lucía: yes, but now i want todo it from there. that means that i'm going touse an office and i'm going to start to makedecisions, aunt. ricardo: i told you clearlythat with the documentation that you had given meit was impossible for me to guarantee that they weregoing to deny his freedom under bail, you knew that!amador: okay, you should have repeated it to me then!just like you should have told me that the guywas going to be free before i had to find outby other people. ricardo: i found outwhen that happened. relax already, amador.sit down. look, marcelo escalanteis going to end up in jail sooner or later, don't worry.amador: that's not what we agreed on.and it's not what rebeca wants either.she wants, and she told me this,that the guy doesn't see the light of day again.ricardo: rebeca. rebeca!rebeca! i'm sick of that woman!i don't care about what she wants or needs!i'm sick of her. amador: what's wrong with you?i had no idea that you hated her so muchand frankly it seems out of place,i don't understand. ricardo: you don't understand?okay. rebeca is the reason whyi stood up magdalena. i had my life assured,i had everything solved and i threw it away.there! amador: you're not being seriousof course. ricardo: amador,if i'm telling you it's because everyone already knows.alonso already knew. i swear on my daughter's lifethat what i'm telling you is true.[music] [musicclara: [knocks] lalo: i'm coming!clara: good evening. lalo: good evening, doña clara.come in. clara: did you have dinneralready? lalo: i just finishedeating dinner. clara: oh, too bad.i brought you some tamales. lalo: oh, don't worry.i'll put these here and i'll eat them lateror i'll have them for breakfast. you're very kind.clara: well, not as much as you are with me.are you happy with my work? lalo: if i'm happy?i'm more than happy, really. look at the house,it's cleaner than ever and my clothes smells know what, i was thinkingthat i plan on recommending you to my boss.yes, he's a really nice man. he became a widowa few months ago and it'd be good for himto have a person to help him with the chores and things.clara: that'd be really nice. and do you think your bosswould hire me? since he doesn't know me,well... lalo: oh, who cares about that.he's a really nice guy and i'll talk to him tomorrow.clara: i'm going to appreciate that because i need to be busyall week. lalo: count on that.clara: thank you again and i'm leaving.i'll let you rest. lalo: all and say hello to benito. clara: yes, thank you.lalo: oh, they look so good. oh.let's see, rosendo. there it goes.rodrigo: mr. escalante no longer works with whatever you need starting right nowwill be with me. zúñiga.yes, rodrigo zúñiga. i'm at your service, sir.good-bye. lucí's nice to see you. lucía: i'm going to ask youto take all your things and leave.i don't want you here. rodrigo: your aunt agreedthat i could work here again. lucía: but not me!so please leave! rodrigo: lucía.don't you realize that i returned here for you?lucía: and you don't realize that you're no longeranything for me? i don't care about you.i don't want to have any type of relationshipwith you. rodrigo: i know.and it's also clear to me that you wouldn't accept me again,but whether you like it or not you need me right now.lucía: i need you? rodrigo: yes.lucía: and what for? rodrigo: for many things.lucía: [sighs] rodrigo: your aunt and my fatherare willing to do anything to get you out of hereand take away what belongs to you.let me help you so that doesn't happen.lucía: and how do you know that? don't tell me your dad told you.rodrigo: no. he didn't tell me openly,but i know him very well, lucía. lucía: well, if that were true,rodrigo, it seems strange to me that you dare to go againstyour dad. rodrigo: you don't know this,but lately the relationship between my father and ihas changed a lot. he's done thingsthat i don't agree with and i'm very disappointedin him. lucía: you're not the only oneand sorry, rodrigo, but i don't believeyour good intentions. it's very uncomfortable for meto have you here. rodrigo: i promise youthat i won't bother you, but at least give me the chanceto show you that i can be useful for you.and if you see that that's not the casei'll leave, i swear. amador: hey, the bills, rodrigo.oh.'s nice to have you around, lucía.lucía: well, from now on you'll have the pleasureto see me every day. amador: what does she meanby that? rodrigo: that she's going tostart working here. amador: really?rodrigo: yes. amador: oh, my god,just what i needed. rodrigo: it seems good to me.amador: the bills. rodrigo: the bills.rebeca: what are you doing here? lucía: i told youi was going to come to start making decisions, aunt.rebeca: that sounds good. i'm just going to ask youto find a different place because this is mine.lucía: don't worry. that's how it will be.rebeca: thank you. mario: but why didn't youtell me anything, my love? magdalena: because they barelygave me the appointment. mario: it's just that i havea very important meeting. i won't be able to go with you.magdalena: don't worry. we'll go togetherto the next one. mario: no, you know what,let me see if i can reschedule the meetingand we'll go together. magdalena: no, no.not at all. really.there's no problem if i go alone this time.mario: i'd like to go with you. magdalena: let's see,what will happen to me if i go alone this time?mario: nothing. [sighs]my love, at least tell mewhat the doctor's name is. magdalena: oh, it's dr. acosta,the same one who saw lucía, remember?mario: oh, yes. magdalena: he says it'san eminence. and since with the other doctorthe treatment hasn't worked very welland time keeps ticking, we're going to try with him,right? mario: are you reallyin such a hurry? magdalena: and you're not?mario: yes. i must accept that the ideaof having a child makes me hopeful.magdalena: and very soon you will have one.daddy, daddy, daddy. both: [laugh]rafaela: aww. [door bell]i'll get it. marcelo: thank you.rafaela: don nazario, welcome. come in.nazario: thank you, rafaela. marcelo: hello, don nazario.rafaela: did you see who's visiting us?all: [chuckle] nazario: hello, how are you?marcelo: good. rafaela: excuse me.nazario: go ahead. well, it makes me so happythat you're free already. marcelo: well, temporarily.we'll see what happens after the trial.nazario: don't be a pessimist. everything will be fineeven the problem with lucía. marcelo: if you don't mind,can we talk about this somewhere else so we can havemore privacy? nazario: wherever you'd like.milagros: where are you going? marcelo: i'm going outfor a moment with don nazario. milagros: but we agreedto go see daniela together. marcelo: yes, yes.i won't take long. if you want go aheadand i'll meet you there. should we go?nazario: let's go. excuse me, ma'am.milagros: yes. norma: i feel really badbecause this office is filled with random things and--lucía: no, normita, don't worry. this is perfect for me.i just have to make space and clean it.norma: it's just that you should takeyour father's place. you're his daughterand it corresponds to you. lucía: normita, don't worry.this is enough. besides, my dad's officebrings me a lot of memories and i get sad.norma: yes, me too. well, however it is,it makes me very happy that you're going to be here.especially so that don nazario feels supported becauseyou know that even though he's one of the owners, well,they don't give him a chance to make decisions.lucía: yes, but don't worry. we're going to be a team.norma: that makes me happy. lucía: okay, help me...norma: of course. lucía: fix the chairs, okay?norma: perfect. lucía: oh.norma: and are you going to let rodrigo work here?lucía: only for the moment. norma: okay, well,you should know, already know that whatever you needi'm at your service. lucía: thank you, normita.hey, can you bring me the relationship betweenclients and sales from the last six months?i need to catch up. norma: i'll bring it right now.lucía: thank you. norma: one question.lucía: tell me. norma: marcelo won't becoming back? lucía: no.not anymore. norma: okay.excuse me. [music][music] amador: rebeca, having lucíawalk around here daily isn't convenient for us.rebeca: i can't fire her. she's also an owner.amador: yes, i know, but she's putting her nose--rebeca: i'll take care of lucía and you worry about the issuewith marcelo escalante. amador: okay.i'm on that already. it's impossible for himto avoid jail. he's going to go to jailsooner or later. it's a question of patienceand waiting that's all. rebeca: oh, yeah, who says that?your marvelous lawyer? amador: yes, well,ricardo says that it's logical that the law gives him--rebeca: if i had known that you were going to hirethat stupid man i would have prevented itfrom the beginning! i order you to fire himimmediately and hire a new lawyer,understand? amador: count on that.for your knowledge, do you know what he saysabout you? he says you're the womanhe left magdalena for. rebeca: that's all nonsenseand i don't want to keep talking about that.amador: yes, i also didn't believe him.i thought he was bluffing-- rebeca: i don't want to keeptalking about that. so fire him right now.amador: right away. nazario: forgive me,but i don't understand why you can't returnto the factory now when my goddaughter needs you.marcelo: there's many reasons why, don nazario.first, because i'm accused of fraud and because of thatplace. and secondly,because i don't want to have any type of relationshipwith lucía. nazario: are you sure you don'twant to have anything to do with her?marcelo: believe me that it's best, don nazario.i've realized that nothing can existbetween us anymore. nazario: and you're not scaredthat rodrigo zúñiga is around her?marcelo: well, yes. i'm not going to denythat i don't like the idea, but i don't think that lucíawill get back with him and if she doesthat's her problem. nazario: well, what a strangeway of thinking. marcelo: it's not strange.the thing is that i'm not the manthat can make her happy. nazario: well, yes,but i don't understand the way young people short, let it be what god wants.marcelo: well, yes. nazario: hey,changing the subject, that girl danielawho was your girlfriend, why is she in the hospital?marcelo: she had a very serious accidentand she's in critical condition. i feel responsible in some way.nazario: oh, wow, now i really don't understand anything.let's have some beers so you can explain to me.marcelo: let's go. [telephone]roman: yes? [sighs]silvia, please tell her that i can't see her.have her make an appointment so she returns then.thank you. [telephone]silvia, what happened? don't worry,i'll take care of it. nora: hello.roman: silvia already told you that i can't see youand let it be clear to you that you can't comeany time that you want. if you want to see meyou have to make an appointment. nora: i didn't comefor a consultation. can i come in?roman: no, i'm busy. nora: [sighs]okay, i just came to tell you that lucía is very depressedand she needs you because this timeher and marcelo are over. roman: nora, please leave.nora: sorry if i bothered you. i just thought you'd liketo know. see you later.siliva: doctor, would you like another coffee?roman: thank you, silvia. clara: lalo is such a nice guy.he's so nice to me and benito. >> oh, good, godmother.clara: you know what he told me last night?that he's going to recommend me to his boss so he gives mea job at his house. >> oh, hopefully that happens.some extra cash would be good for you.clara: of course. especially since i can't beasking for a job anywhere because they could recognize meand let's not talk about it. >> don't think about that.clara: well, yes. i'm leaving becausetoday i have to wash clothes at lalo's houseand i'm running late. good-bye, son.oh. take care of my boythe grumpy one. >> take as long as you want,i'm not in a hurry. clara: see you later, son.>> and now? why are you so serious?you don't like it that your mom goes to work?benito: no. what i don't like is thatshe hides from the police. please, godmother,take me so i talk to them. >> you're could you think that? benito: if she's innocentthey have no reason to accuse her.>> no. maybe by wantingto fix the problem you make it even bigger.your mom is scared that they won't believe herand that they put her in jail like your father.benito: i thought you were going to agree with me.>> where are you going? benito: to my mom's room.>> [sighs] lalo: don nazario,it's good that i see you. i need to talk to you.nazario: is there a problem in the workshop or with vinicio?lalo: no, none of that. the thing is thati have a new neighbor and it's urgent for herto get a job. nazario: okay, but wait a bitbecause i have to see my it urgent that you speak to me?lalo: no, i can wait. i'll go with youto see ms. lucía. nazario: you'll come with me?lalo: yes, i want to say hello to lucía, normita told me that you will beworking with us, welcome. lucía: [laughs]thank you, lalo. nazario: okay, already greeted her, you can leave now.lalo: excuse me. lucía: take care, lalo.lalo: all right. lucía: [laughs]nazario: he's a little nosy, but a very good person.lucía: yes, i know. and tere loves him.nazario: oh, good. hey, how are you doingon your first day of work? lucía: very good.i was looking at the bodega to see all the merchandisethat we have. nazario: oh, if you wanti'll go with you and explain. lucía: thank you, yes.nazario: go on. marcelo: hello.where's my mom? rafaela: she got desperateand went to the hospital. marcelo: i'll catch up to her.rafaela: hey, i want to tell you something, marcelo.marcelo: tell me. rafaela: a few days agowhen you were detained your mother told me somethingthat left me very worried. marcelo: what?rafaela: i don't know how she got that idea,but she's sure that the one guilty forfederico's death is someone from lucía's family.marcelo: and what did you tell her?rafaela: nothing, i stayed quiet.marcelo: don't worry. i'm sure that when she knowsthat my relationship with lucía ended she's going to leavethat alone. rafaela: i'm not so sure.marcelo: don't worry. i'm going to the hospital.rafaela: good luck. marcelo: thank you.[music] [mnazario: and all this merchandise is soldor compromised. all we have to dois program it for its delivery. lucía: perfect.hey, godfather, later can you give methe relationship of the deliveries?nazario: yes, of course, whatever you need.hey, a while ago i saw marcelo and i wanted to tell you--lucía: no, no, godfather, no. i don't want to talk about him.the less i think about him the easier i'm going to be ableto forget him. nazario: okay, whatever you say.and what about rodrigo zúñiga? have you seen him already?lucía: yes. nazario: and?lucía: godfather, he told me that my aunt rebecaand his dad want to keep all of thisand that he's going to help me so that doesn't happen.nazario: it doesn't sound like such a crazy ideathat they want to do that. but do you thinkhe's on your side? lucía: i don't know.oh, but i'm sure of something, he's willing to do anythingto win me over again. nazario: maybe.and what does your sister think about youcoming to work here every day? lucía: i don't think she knows.nazario: i'm saying this because maybe she'll wantto do the same. lucía: well, that wouldn't bea problem. she has the same right as i doand if that happens my dad would be very happy.nora: is my mom in her office? norma: yes, but she'son a long distance phone call. nora: hey, is it truethat my sister is working here? norma: yes.nora: and where is she? norma: in the office--nora: marcelo's. [chuckles]you? what are you doing here?rodrigo: working, nora. i got my old job back.nora: oh, well, how convenient, right?that you're working here right when my sisteris so alone. you do know that she broke upwith marcelo, right? rodrigo: yes, i heard somethingabout that. nora: well, if i were youi'd be more clever because it turns outthat my sister has another suitorthat has better probabilities than you do.rodrigo: you don't say. nora: you don't believe me,do you? okay.don't complain that i didn't warn you.rebeca: i was told you were looking for me.wait for me in my office. nora: mm-hmm.rebeca: i warned your father that i didn't want younear my daughter. rodrigo: ma'am, i didn'tlook for her. she came here.rebeca: don't get near her if you want to stay here.understand? understand?rodrigo: yes. milagros: see?daniela is going to get better. alfredo: hopefully.marcelo: how is she? milagros: like the doctor said,daniela is getting significantly better.marcelo: really? alfredo: yes.the doctor just told us that the clavicle is absorbingand they decided to get her out of the coma.milagros: that doesn't mean that she woke up already,but according to the doctor she will little by little.marcelo: what good news. alfredo: do you want to see her?i was just with her, even her face looks better.marcelo: if i can then i'd love to see her.milagros: well, go, my love. marcelo: excuse me.milagros: why don't we go get some coffee?alfredo: okay. marcelo: daniela,i know you can't hear me, but i want to tell you thati'm not going to abandon you. i'm going to be with youall the time necessary. i swear.[music] [music]