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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 89

Nora le dice a Rebeca que conoció al padre de Daniela. Lucía sospecha que Nora fue la última persona que estuvo con Alonso. Rodrigo acepta trabajar con Amador en la fábrica.
2 Sep 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

announcer: televisa presents... milagros: how's daniela?alfredo: bad. she's really bad.milagros: what do the doctors say?alfredo: doctors don't have to say anything.i've just been with her and she's unconscious. she's--full of tubes. milagros: everythingwill be fine. you'll see. alfredo: yes.dr. ezquerra's been so nice and i'm so grateful to marcelofor recommending her, but i'd be much more gratefulto him if he were here. it's obvious,he doesn't care about daniela. milagros: of course he does,but he couldn't come because-- just when we were coming here,two men detained him and took him.i don't know where. alfredo: why?milagros: they said he was accused of fraud,but i know he's innocent. [cellphone rings]i'm sorry. alfredo: yes.[cellphone rings] alfredo: aren't you goingto answer? milagros: i don't want. i don't want to talkto the one who's responsible for all our bad luck.norma: could you contact him? lucía: he doesn't answer.norma: why don't you call his home?lucía: no. no, no, no. i wouldn't likehis mom to answer. norma: if you want, i can call.lucía: no, normita. thank you. that's not necessary.i guess that-- as soon as he sees my call,he'll call me back. normita: oh, it's so strangethat he hasn't arrived. alfredo: doctor, please,for god's sake, talk to me clearly.does that mean that-- that my daughter can die?doctor: that's right. if the hematoma doesn't fadeand we have to operate, there isa high probability. alfredo: thiscan't be happening. doctor: sir,you should go and rest. we won't have the resultsin the short run. there's no pointin staying here. milagros: i'll tryto convince him. thank you for excuse me. lucía: daniela's a strong girl.and i'm sure she'll get over it. alfredo: um--i feel so responsible. i've never taken care of her.milagros: it's not time to blame should think that everything will be fineand that you'll be able to make up for lost time.alfredo: thank you very much for your words,but honestly, i don't think danielawill ever forgive me. milagros: she'll see she will. come on.listen to the doctor. go have a showeror at least try to rest for a while.anyway, you won't be ableto see your daughter again until the next visiting hour.amador: my god, why didn't you tell methat the old man had inherited some shares by alonso?rebeca: i didn't know either. it took me by surprise too,especially because he left him part of the sharesof the factory i had the right to.amador: oh. well,then, apparently my shares will be the onesthat will define a way because you can be surethat the old man will join lucía.rebeca: of course. amador: well,so, i guess we have to agree about everythingto make things work the way they should.rebeca: you can be sure things will not workthe way they should as long as marcelo escalantestill works at the factory. amador: you're right.i was about to forget to tell youthat marcelo escalante is already detained.rebeca: seriously? amador: seriously.he's been detained this morning and now we just have to waitfor three of four days for an order of imprisonmentto be imposed on him. rebeca: they'll be eternalto me. by the way,who's handling marcelo's case? amador: don't of my trustworthy people. i mean, i didn't want to get youinvolved in this because i thoughtthat the less you know the better, right?rebeca: yes, sure. i'll save myselffrom a lot of screams and complaints, right?bank operator 1: goodbye. good morning.[clears throat] we need the supporting document.ricardo: hello. good morning. bank operator 2: hello.good morning. how can i help you?ricardo: um-- bank operator 2: sit down,please. ricardo: thank you.look, i've tried to withdraw my funds out of my bank accountvia online banking, but-- i have a problem. i don't--i don't know if i understand it well. could you help me, please?bank operator 2: of course. let me see an id, please.and write your account number here.ricardo: thank you very much. bank operator 2: thank you.thank you. ricardo: thank you.[telephone rings] bank operator 2: here you are.ricardo: no. um--there must be a mistake.this is for my deposit and-- i don't know if it's pendingor whatever you call it, but-- could you check it again,please? bank operator 2: sure.look, indeed, this is the amount the systemshows me. if you want, you can come back tomorrow--ricardo: thank you. >> hey, what's wrong with you?[ambulance siren] milagros: [puffs]alfredo: let me take you home. milagros: thank you,but i'm used to taking a taxi. i prefer youto go rest directly. [cellphone rings]alfredo: oh, i'm sorry. [failed transaction sound][ringing tone] hello.ricardo: i've already checked my balance three timesand i still can't see the deposit.alfredo: you won't see it. you won't receivea single cent from me. ricardo: that was not our deal.i trusted your word and i could make danielaforget me. alfredo: i don't knowwhat you could have told her or what could have happenedbetween you, but that caused my daughterto be dying now! milagros: don't tell me it wasthat one called ricardo márquez. alfredo: yes,a real swine. milagros: i totally agree.well, i'll call you later, but if you need anything,don't hesitate to let me know. alfredo: the same about marcelo.milagros: i don't know what the hell is going on,but that damned lawyer hasn't called me yet.mario: if you suspected that something like thiscould happen, why didn't you tell me to geta constitutional protection? marcelo: because i didn't knowwhat rebeca murillo and her accomplice were up to.but i've made a copy of all the accounting filessince i started working at the factory.mario: okay, that's great. it will be very helpful.where do you have them? marcelo: in my or my mother can give them to you.i have them in an envelope in my room.mario: okay. i'll go there myself.what i find strange is that sergio hasn't told meanything. marcelo: i didn't tell him.mario: why not? marcelo: he's amador zúñiga'sson's best friend, isn't he? i didn't want to talk too much.mario: look, marcelo, you shouldn't distrust him.sergio's one of the people i really trust's logical that he can tell his friend about it, but--he wouldn't do anything that can harm you.i assure you that. in fact, he hurried upwith the bail request form. marcelo: how long do you thinkall this proceeding will take? mario: two days at the most.but you'll have to spend the night here.rodrigo: i swear that's the best newsi've received in a long time. sergio: sit down.are you really so glad? rodrigo: i'm sorry, yes.if marcelo's not going to work at the factory anymore,that means he won't be near lucía.and he's not likely to go back. sergio: well, hey, consider itfrom this point of view too. rodrigo: "mezcales", please. sergio: no. a--a beer for me.rodrigo: no. no beer. two "mezcales" and peanuts.sergio: two "mezcales". consider itfrom this point of view. now lucía won't have anybodyto support her at her dad's factorybecause i'm sure nora and her momhave inherited something too. according to my boss,they're going to have a lot of problemsbecause of that. rodrigo: that wouldn't surpriseme at all, but if it's truethat escalante's guilty, he's not a trustworthy person,sergio, and he deserves to bewhere he is. sergio: he says he's innocent.rodrigo: and what will he say? that he's guilty?sergio: he'll tell me the same you told mewhen you were accused of ligia's murder.and were you guilty or innocent? rodrigo: that's an episodeof my life i want to leave in the, don't mention it, please. sergio: i have to tell yousomething. rodrigo: tell me.sergio: marcelo escalante says that--he says that your dad, together with nora's mom,have planned all this fraud. do you think he's capable?rodrigo: thank you. [whispers] okay. thank you.nazario: are you still here? lucía: nazario,i'm waiting for marcelo. he doesn't--he doesn't arrive,he doesn't answer to me, he doesn't--[gasps] nazario: have you calledhis flat? lucía: no.normita told me to do that too, but i told heri don't want his mom to answer, but i was thinking that--if marcelo doesn't answer to me, it's because--maybe he doesn't want to talk to me.nazario: oh, no. those are silly things.lucía: what are you doing? nazario: calling.rafaela, this is marcelo over there? when did that happen?what? no, no. of course i didn't knowanything. okay, but don't get must be something silly. i'll call you later.lucía: what happened to marcelo? nazario: according to rafaela,two men went there and detained him.lucía: why? nazario: she sayshe's accused of fraud. lucía: no, no, no.this is absurd. no, nazario, i'll--i'll go with marcelo. nazario: where are you going?you don't even know where he is!lucía: i have to see him! nazario: wait, lucía.rebeca: and do you know anything about her,about her dad, if she has any brothers or sisters?nora: what? how the hell could i know that?rebeca: well-- do you knowif she's still in puebla? nora: no, no, no. um--the--the last thing i knew was that--was that she accused rodrigo for her cousin ligia's death,but that happened a long time ago.why? why do you want to know about her?rebeca: no, no. it doesn't matter,but i think i saw her and-- i don't know,maybe she heard that lucía and marcelo broke upand she wants to get him back. nora: i won't let her do that.operator: the cellphone number you've dialed is switched offor is not in service. ramos: hello.commander: how was it? ramos: you know who's detained? commander: [laughs] who?ramos: do you remember marcelo escalante?the owner of the gun lucía gaxiola's apparentlygot hurt accidentally with. he came then and showed youthe gun papers and talked to you for a while.commander: yes, yes. what? what is he accused of now?of another accident with guns? ramos: [laughs] no.of fraud. commander: oh.ramos: i thought it was very, i investigated a bit more and guess who is the lawyerwho's handling the case by the accusing party.commander: stop being so mysterious, ramos.ramos: ricardo márquez. commander: everybody's freeto hire any lawyer. ramos: no, but the fraudwas committed against lucía gaxiola's family.she's the accused's fiancée. besides, we know ricardo márquezhas had problems with rebeca murillo,who's part of the family too. don't you think it's strangethat he's the one who's handling the case?rafaela: maybe these ones? mario: oh. let me see.thank you very much. [puffs]uh-huh. perfect.thank you very much. milagros: which is my son'sexact situation? mario: as i've told you,we've already applied for bail. we're just waitingfor the judge's response. milagros: and what will happenif he doesn't authorize it? mario: a sentenceof imprisonment will be imposed. he'll be taken to prisonwhile the trial takes place. it usually takes a long time.milagros: oh. rafaela: god forbid that.mario: i have faith that he'll get, don't worry. besides, these paperswill help us prove his innocence.milagros: i want to see my son. could you take me to see him?mario: visits are very restricted by now,but i promise you i'll try to get you a permissionfor tomorrow. i'll call youas soon as i get it. do you think that's okay?thank you very much. excuse me.milagros: thank you. rafaela: thank you for coming.mario: thank you. excuse me.rafaela: poor my boy. he has such a big problem.milagros: i can't wait until tomorrow.i'm his mother and i have the right to see him.get a change of clothes for marcelowhile i phone for a taxi. rafaela: i'll go with you.milagros: oh, for god's sake, rafaela!if they don't let me see him, of course they won't let youeither. come on.go and do what i've told you. lucía: good afternoon.policeman: good afternoon. lucía: is marcelo escalantedetained here? nazario: escalante fuentes.policeman: just a minute. yes, he's here.lucía: okay. i want to see him. policeman: i'm so sorry,but that won't be possible. lucía: why not?policeman: because he can only talk to his lawyerand he's already been here. nazario: who's his lawyer?policeman: his lawyer is mario--mario hernández.lucía: well, i'm his fiancée and you can't forbid meto see him. please, i need to see him, sir.policeman: um--i've already told you that's not possible.besides, i have no authority to let you go in.nazario: who should we talk to? policeman: to the personwho's in that office, at the bottom on the right.but there's no point in going. nazario: oh, thank you anyway.lucía! lucía, come're worried. you're so won't get anything. lucía: nazario,of course i'll get it. whatever it costs.nazario: no. you can't fit a round peg in a square hole.understand. these things should be solved by fair means.let me do it. i'm calmer. lucía: [gasps]okay. i'll be waiting here. nazario: yes.lucía: [gasps] marcelo.nora: um--excuse me, is daniela suárezstill living here? alfredo: yes, yes.she lives here. nora: i'm a friend of hersand i've been calling her cellphone number,but she doesn't answer to me. so,i've come to see her. alfredo: daniela had an accidentand she's in the hospital. nora: really?i didn't know. is she seriously injured?alfredo: my daughter's too delicate.nora: i'm so sorry. um--i won't bother you anymore. alfredo: no, no. wait.excuse me, who should i tell her that came to see her?nora: nora. nora gaxiola. alfredo: are you...?nora: alonso gaxiola and rebeca murillo's you know them? alfredo: i know your mother.nora: oh. well,i'll say hi to her from you. goodbye.lucía: marcelo. marcelo: lucía.lucía: i want to see you. i need to see you.marcelo: if only you were here. nazario: it's pointless.they don't understand anything. lucía: didn't you get anything?nazario: no. let's go.lucía: [gasps] why are you so intransigent?[gasps] nazario: calm down, lucía!lucía: [grunts] nazario: wait, look,let's talk to magdalena's husband.i'm sure he'll help you with this, okay?milagros: what are you doing here?!lucía: i wanted to see marcelo. milagros: leave him alone!he got in trouble because of you!and daniela's dying because of you too.damn the time when my son decidedto come here, when he met you.nazario: don't listen to her. she's worried about her son.she's her mother. that's all. lucía: it doesn't surprise methat she blames me for what's happening to marcelo,but i don't understand why she said daniela's dying.nazario: i'm sure she was figuratively speaking.let's go see mr. hernández. okay?[music] [music]lalo: boys. dominoes in tobar's house, okay?>> i always lose, sir. lalo: we have to bringsome snacks. >> sir,i already owe him six biweekly pays.lalo: no, just bring something, not more people.get ready, okay? hey, vinicio.vinicio: what do you want now? lalo: you can see, nazario's back and--i don't want to spoil the fun, but i think the onewho won't last much here is you.vinicio: really? yes, i realizedthe old man's back, but-- he may have part of the factory,but i have the support from one of the owners.lalo: why don't you tell me what you knowabout amador zúñiga that he protects you so much?vinicio: [laughs] i know nothing about him.let's say he knows i'm a trustworthy person.brígida: look who's here. rodrigo: hi.amador: oh, my god. our disobedient child's cometo visit his parents' house. what a miracle.rodrigo: i have to talk to you. amador: about what?brígida: oh. [clears throat]i'll--i'll bring some water. amador: what did you wantto talk to me about? rodrigo: i've come to tell youthat i accept your proposal. i want to work at the factorywith you again. amador: are you serious?rodrigo: totally. amador: [sighs]can i know why you changed your mind?rodrigo: i've been thinking about it and--i think you're right. i can't miss this opportunity.amador: you're a very intelligent boy, rodrigo.i knew you'd come to your's a good decision. when do you want to start?rodrigo: tomorrow. amador: well,let's call it a fact, okay? that's it'll have exactly the same office you had before.rodrigo: i'm sorry, but as far as i know,that's where marcelo escalante is, right?amador: but-- unfortunately, mr. escalantedoesn't collaborate with us now. rodrigo: what a pity.amador: don't worry. let's drink a toast.rodrigo: no. no. if i'll start tomorrow,i think i should start solving certain things.amador: you're absolutely right. solve everything you have to do,be calm. see you tomorrowso that you can start working. rodrigo: see you.amador: see you. it's a good decision, you know?you won't regret. [laughs]brígida: and rodrigo? amador: um--he had to go.he had many things to solve. brígida: oh, he didn't saygoodbye to me. amador: don't worry.don't be sensitive. you have to be happy.i think we're about to get our son back.oh, i love you. milagros: please, let me see himat least for a minute. policeman: look,i'm really sorry, but visits aren't allowed.look, a lady came a while ago and i didn't let her come ineither. she was his girlfriend. milagros: but i'm his mother.nobody has more right to see him that i do.policeman: look, i'd help you, but understand me.that's not allowed. milagros: you don't have to knowthis, but the onewho's locked in there is the only son i have left.i lost his brother a few months ago.and as you can see, i need to see with my own eyesthat he's fine. please.policeman: okay, madam. come with me.guard: over here. open the door to this woman!this is for the prisoner. marcelo: mom.milagros: darling. [cries]marcelo: don't worry. calm down. what are you doing here?this isn't a place for you. milagros: neither is for you.and it's all that girl's fault. i don't know when you decidedto come to live to this damned townand get involved with her. marcelo: it's not lucía's faultat all. milagros: if it isn't hers,it's her family's because your lawyer told methey're accusing you of stealing i don't know how much moneyfrom her father's factory. marcelo: it's a misunderstandingand it will be clarified soon. milagros: [cries]marcelo: to change the subject, how's daniela?milagros: to be honest, she's very delicate.she had a very strong blow on her head.she's in a coma. and only god knowsif she'll get over it. she's another innocentwho's paying for things she shouldn't be paying at all.nora: apparently, she had a very terrible accidentand she's very delicate in the hospital.rebeca: and how do you know? nora: i was curious.i wanted to know if she was still in puebla.i called her cellphone number and she didn't answer to, i went to her flat. the one who opened the doorwas her dad and he was the one who told me the news.rebeca: you knew daniela's dad? nora: uh-huh.he looked so sad, poor man. i think daniela's dyingand that's why he had to come to puebla, you know?by the way, he told me he knew you.rebeca: me? nora: uh-huh.he asked me my name. and he asked meif i was your daughter. rebeca: what elsedid he tell you? nora: nothing.we didn't talk much. rebeca: oh.nora: i just thought it was strange that he knew you.he said he didn't know my father,but he knew you. and he even told meto say hi to you from him. how do you know each other?rebeca: i don't have the slightest ideaabout who that man is. nora: maybe if you see him,you'll remember who he is. ricardo: i've been tolddaniela suárez is hospitalized in here.could you tell me which room she is in?nurse: yes, she's in intensive care.ricardo: can i see her? alfredo: of course you can' do you dare to come here? ricardo: i didn't havethe slightest idea about what had happened.when you told me she was dying, i looked for herin every hospital of the phonebookuntil i got here. alfredo: don't you ever getclose to my daughter again. did you hear me?ever again. lucía: we met in the notarythis morning. and you didn't tell me anything,mario. why not? mario: i didn't want because--first, i wanted to know about the exact situation.besides, lucía, you've been feeling bad.i didn't want to make you get more upset.lucía: thank you very much for your kindness, but stillyou should have told me. nazario: don't complain anymore,darling. that boy'sin very serious trouble. we have to find the wayto support him. lucía: you're absolutely right,nazario. my aunt rebeca did it, right?mario: yes, according to marcelo.and amador zúñiga is obviously involved too.lucía: but marcelo's innocent! i know he's innocent!mario, please, you have to help himget out of there, please. you have to prove he's innocent.mario: look, i assure you i'm doing that,but as i told his mom, it's a long proceeding.we'll have to be patient. lucía: i can't be patient.magdalena: lucía, everything will be fine.mario's already working so that marcelo can be releasedon bail soon. nazario: do you thinkthat's possible? mario: i wouldn't like to comeahead of time, nazario, but-- i hope so.lucía: marcelo doesn't deserve to be going through this,auntie. to top it all, they didn't evenlet me see him to tell him that i believe in him.nazario: you'll have time to do so, darling.let me take you home. it's been a very hard're so tired. lucía: mario, please,let me know as soon as you know something, okay?mario: sure. don't worry. lucía: auntie.mario: nazario. nazario: goodbye.magdalena: goodbye. lucía: thank you.magdalena: take care. nazario: thank you.magdalena: [snorts] rebeca doesn't have any wasn't enough for her to harm marcelo's brother. she's intentionally harming him.mario: no. and you don't know who her lawyer is.magdalena: no. who?mario: ricardo márquez. [music][music] sara: what are you doing here?ricardo: sara, i've come to see a friend of mine.well, she was something more than thatuntil a short time ago. sara: i'm--i'm not interestedin the details of your private life.i hope your friend is fine. ricardo: sara.what happened with rebeca? could you finally talk to herabout adriana's death? sara: yes. yes.and of course, she denied everything.ricardo: it was to be expected. what did she saywhen you showed her that document you got here?that's precisely what proves that everything i--sara: no, no. no. we need somethingmuch more solid to prove that she had somethingto do with what happened to her sister.i don't even want to imagine what alonso would have doneif he had been that document. ricardo: he would have forcedher to confess. alonso's death, the factthat he couldn't divorce her before and that he couldn'tmake her feel trapped have been very convenientfor rebeca. sara: what do you exactly mean?ricardo: it's very curious, but every timerebeca is about to fall down, somebody close to heror directly connected to her dies.alfredo: adriana. rebeca: i'm sorry, but i thinkyou're mistaking me for somebody else.alfredo: no, no, of course not. i don't havethe slightest doubt. we met a lot of years're adriana murillo. oh, i can't believeyou don't remember me. rebeca: you knew daniela's dad?nora: uh-huh. he looked so sad, poor man.i think daniela's dying and that's why he had to cometo puebla, you know? by the way, he told mehe knew you. rebeca: me?nora: uh-huh. he asked me my name.and he asked me if i was your daughter.[knocking on door] rebeca: who's this?teresa: this is me, madam. rebeca: come in.teresa: yes. oh, god. it's so dark in here.may i turn on the light? rebeca: no, i'm fine.thank you. what do you want? teresa: hey. there's no breadfor dinner. and i thought i could hurry up and goto the shop to bring some. rebeca: tere, when did you startasking me for permission to go get some bread?teresa: i thought i should tell you--rebeca: okay, okay. come on. hurry up. go get it.teresa: hey, madam. are you okay?rebeca: yes, thank you. come on, go.teresa: yes. bye. oh, why did i open my mouth?now i have to go out at this time to buy some bread.oh, god. vinicio: hi. good night.teresa: good night. vinicio: how are you?what? where are you going in such a hurry?teresa: to buy some bread. if i'm late, i'll be told off.vinicio: yes? teresa: yes.vinicio: but--you don't mind that i go with you.teresa: yes, i do mind. a lot.vinicio: hey. why do you treat me like that?why? lalo has spoken ill of me,hasn't he? yes. i'm sure he told youit was my fault that they fired nazario,but don't believe him. i swear i didn't have anythingto do with that. in fact, i'm really gladthe old man's back. teresa: why do you tell meall these things? vinicio: i don't want youto have the wrong image of me. teresa: look, i don't haveeither good or bad image of you. okay?and i don't know why you are here talking to me.lucía: nazario, it's not fair that marcelo'sgoing through all this. maybe his mom is--is absolutely right and-- and this is my fault.nazario: don't say silly things, darling.the only guilty one is your aunt rebeca.lucía: yes. and she's doing everythingto separate us to prevent us from making up.nazario: for god's sake, you didn't cause anythingat all. the thing is your auntwants marcelo out of the plant so that she can dowhatever she wants. and of course,amador zúñiga's her accomplice. lucía: yes, but you and iwon't let that happen, nazario. now you're the ownerof the factory too. you'll support me, won't you?nazario: of course i will, but the only bad thingabout all this is that we don't haveany knowledge of administrative issues.lucía: that's why we'll prove that marcelo's innocent,he'll come back to the factory, he'll have his position backand everything will be as it was before.nazario: oh. that means you don't want himto go out of puebla. lucía: i've never wanted that.nazario: oh, that means you don't want him to get outof your life. lucía: i don't know.i can't forget what my dad told heard him. nazario: but your dadwas very annoyed at that time. and now,wherever he is, i'm sure the only thing he wantsis your happiness. rafaela: but how is he?what did he say? milagros: [puffs]they didn't let me talk to him very much.rafaela: oh. milagros: but i assure youhe's calm. he apparently trusts blindlyin mr. hernández. i don't know how he knows him,but the thing is that he trusts in him.rafaela: he is lucía's other aunt's husband.magdalena. remember? the ones who have just got married.milagros: lucía, lucía, lucía! [grunts]you don't know how much i hate her.and i don't understand what the hell my son seesin that girl, especially if he knowsthat federico's murderer is part of her family!rafaela: oh, god. milagros. why do you say that?milagros: i'm not stupid. if marcelo didn't wantto tell me that idiot's name, it's because he wants to protectthat girl and her people![grunts] [snorts][music] lucía: at least have the courageto accept it! all this marcelo's going throughis because of you! rebeca: it's not my faultif your ex-boyfriend has turned out to be a thief!lucía: marcelo's not a thief! rebeca: he isn't?well, the evidence shows the opposite.thank god amador found out about this fraud!and he asked me for authorization to proceedand i gave it to him. lucía: auntie,marcelo's incapable of stealing anything from anybody!rebeca: he'll have to prove it! lucía: my dad must be doublingover in his tomb by seeing everything you're doing.rebeca: who knows? maybe he's grateful to me.remember he died hating marcelo. maybe he's really thanking mebecause somebody's making marcelo pay for his treason.nora: sorry for interrupting, but román's waiting for youin the living room. lucía: thank you.nora: why were you arguing? rebeca: sit down.i'll tell you about it because you'll find out anyway.román: hi. lucía: hi.román: i went to see you in your aunt magdalena's house,but she told me you were here. lucía: there's no needto go on resting. román: i'm so sorrythat thing about your pregnancy has been a false alarm.i really feel so guilty because i insisted youon knowing the truth. lucía: don't worry, román.i'd have that doubt anyway. and i'm sorry,but i don't want to talk about that. now--[puffs] i need to focus on other things.román: is there something wrong? lucía: marcelo'sin very serious trouble. and i don't know how,but i have to help him. i can't let--román: it's okay. calm down.remember there is a remedy for everything except death.lucía: [puffs] i'm sorry, román.i don't know why i get like this every time i'm with you.i'm sorry. román: it's--because you trust in me to do that.and thank you for that. lucía: [puffs]sara: hi! leticia: hi, you arrived late!sara: [puffs] yes, i was--i was at the hospital, i had a lot of work.and you? how was your day? leticia: bad.sara: why? what happened? leticia: because i dressedin such a hot way for sergio and the idiot didn't show upat the office all day long. i don't know if he really hasa lot of work or if he's avoiding me.sara: oh, darling, please, don't be negative.besides, you always look hot. we'll have dinner now. okay?[puffs] oh, by the way,before i forget, do you know a girlcalled daniela suárez? she's apparentlymarcelo escalante's friend. leticia: uh-huh. no, no.she's not his friend. she's his ex-girlfriend.oh, and she's ligia's cousin. ligia was my boss's secretary,the one who was murdered. remember?sara: yes, yes, sure. leticia: and that's not all.that girl turns out to be my dad's girlfriend.sara: so, she's the one he went to visitat the hospital. but she's too young, isn't she?leticia: is daniela in the hospital?what happened to her? sara: she had an accident.she's very delicate. lucía: nora, dinner's ready.nora: oh. yes.i'm coming. lucía: what were you doing?nora: nothing. lucía: and why are you hidingyour cellphone? who were you going to call?nora: nobody. nobody. come. let's have dinner. come on.lucía: no. i want to see what you were--nora: lucía! lucía, don't! don't! stop!mind your own business! no!lucía: let go of me. nora: lucía!lucía: [breathes heavily] this is your mom's earring!nora: yes, i know. lucía: why do you have it?where did you find it?! answer to me!