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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 88

La policía arresta a Marcelo por un fraude que no cometió. Rebeca se molesta mucho al descubrir que Nazario tiene el 10 por ciento de las acciones de la fábrica de Alonso.
1 Sep 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

announcer: televisa presents... do you know whatlucía's mother's name was? rafaela: at some pointi heard marcelo say her name was adriana.why do you ask? milagros: just... curious.i know her annoying aunt is called rebeca,so, well, i wanted to know her sister's name.i find it so strange that a man can get marriedto a couple of sisters, and that one of themcan live so carelessly, knowing she's takingher sister's place. rafaela: who knows?maybe the one taking her sister's placeisn't so careless. milagros: maybe.perhaps. marcelo is late.that means spending time with daniela isn't so bad.rafaela: i'll bring you some water.daniela: marcelo escalante... fuentes?what is this? ricardo: daniela.honey. what's up?daniela: what the heck is this? ricardo: why do you care?daniela: explain why you have documentsunder marcelo escalante fuentes's name.ricardo: you know him. daniela: answer me.why is his name on all these documents?i want to know what kind of work you do,other than making women fall for youto stand them up at church.ricardo: where did you get-- daniela: that doesn't matter!what matters is i'm realizing what kind of man you are.ricardo: love, i don't know what you've been toldabout me, but-- daniela: don't call me "love!"you're a fake, a liar and a i understand what kind of relationshipyou have with rebeca murillo. i don't understandhow i was so foolish to believe that storyyou told me about her. you deservesomeone tried to kill you. ricardo: daniela.daniela. daniela: let go of me!ricardo: listen. you know very wellyou're important to me. i beg you.please, let's clear up this misunderstanding.daniela: there's no misunderstanding.everyone tried to warn me about youbut i was such a fool. i didn't want to listen to them.but i finally see the truth.i know who you are. i don't know whatyou're planning against marcelo, but you better leave him alone,understood? ricardo: where are you going?daniela! daniela!daniela, listen. daniela: don't touch me!ricardo: what's wrong with you? listen to me!i'm talking to you. daniela, i'm talking.please, listen to me. daniela, i'm talking to you!daniela! [car horns][car horns] [tire screech][tire screech] [car honking][cell phone rings] alfredo: hello?ricardo: i'm ricardo márquez. alfredo: yes?ricardo: i've thought about it. i think...daniela deserves to be with a younger man.i've decided to accept your offer.alfredo: how much will it cost me?ricardo: i'll send you a message with the amountand bank account number so you can make the deposit.i hope this business is settled as soon as possible.alfredo: i'll make the deposit, tell me. what will you tell my daughterto leave her alone? ricardo: don't worry.i'll tell her something so she never wantsto see me again for the rest of her life.alfredo: you better. otherwise,i'll tell my daughter about our deal.daniela. daniela!ricardo: i need to see you. milagros: alfredo, good evening.i'm milagros fuentes. i'm calling to tell youthat in effect, marcelo's lover's motherwas called adriana. adriana murillo.that's all. later.hi, dear. marcelo: hi.milagros: rafaela told me you went out with did it go? marcelo: so so.milagros: don't tell me she's determinedto be with that scoundrel. marcelo: yeah.she's infatuated. she won't listento reason. milagros: well,she's desperate. she's looking for a wayto forget about you. if you at leastgave her some hope, it'd be different.marcelo: why should i? milagros: because you aren'twith another woman now. it's also convenient for youto be hopeful. as they say,when one door closes, another one opens.marcelo: stop it, mom. don't start.milagros: think about it. daniela cares for you.she always has. despite what she may be,she's a good woman. marcelo: yes, i knowshe's a good woman, but... it turns out i'm in lovewith lucía, not daniela. milagros: what if that girldefinitely doesn't want to get back together with you?will you be infatuated with her forever?marcelo: i don't know. i don't know,but that's not a reason to go after danielato forget lucía. tere: since falling asleepwith an empty stomach is bad, i brought you dinner.don't say no. lucía: i had dinnerat magdalena's house. tere: really?lucía: i swear. she gave me good food.tere: why do you look so sad?you fought with marcelo, didn't you?lalo told me. lucía: i didn'tfight with him, but... we can't be together anymore.tere: but why? he loves you.he's handsome. he's smart.lucía: i know. i'm the one who can'tlove him back. tere: better get it together. there're women out there.what if they steal him from you? lucía: tere, stop.i don't want to talk about it. but hey, tell's it going with lalo? tere: we're together.boyfriend and girlfriend. lucía: i'm so glad.hey, lalo is a great man. tere: yeah,he's a really good person. lucía: yeah.tere..! [knocking on door]lalo: coming! i'm coming.clara: good evening. lalo: good evening.clara: sorry to bother you so late.aren't you busy? lalo: no, i was aboutto have dinner. if you'd like,you can have something. clara: no, no, thanks.i don't want to leave benito alone for too long.lalo: all right. then come in.please, come in. clara: thanks.lalo: sit down. make yourself, how can i help you? clara: well...i'm looking for a job. i wanted to ask youif you happen to know of one. lalo: so, like...what can you do? clara: i've alwaysworked cleaning. but i can also cookand do anything else. i need to work.lalo: you know what? i'd be happyto get you a job at the factorywhere i work, but everything's upside down.they're firing people. it's a shame.clara: right. too bad.let me know if you hear anything.lalo: sure thing. clara: can have dinner now. excuse me.lalo: don't worry. hey, ms. clara!i was thinking maybe you can help me herewith the cleaning and washing the know, because of work,i'm always outside. i don't have timeto take care of it. i don't know if--clara: i'd love to. lalo: can come once or twice a week.i'm ashamed i can't pay you much,but... well... it's something.clara: it's okay. when should i start?lalo: tomorrow. i'll give you the keys nowso you can... come and go when i'm not here.organize it freely. clara: but... you don'teven know me. lalo: don't worry.that doesn't matter. it doesn't matterbecause i have an eye for realizing itwhen people lie. clara: thanks, lalo.lalo: here you go. clara: thank you very much.thank you. lalo: no problem.clara: see you tomorrow. lalo: go ahead.sleep tight. clara: thanks.alfredo: good evening. i know it's late,but i've been trying to get in touch with youfor a while and i couldn't. regarding the investigationi requested you to do a few days agoabout three women, please pay attentionto rebeca murillo. she might also useadriana as a name. adriana murillo.well, that's all. keep me up-to-date.[cell phone rings] hello?yes, that's me. she's my daughter.i... is something wrong? what did you say?amador: i hope you really have something importantto tell me. you made me go outat this hour. ricardo: i want you to tell mewho marcelo escalante fuentes is.amador: does it matter? ricardo: why doesdaniela suárez know him? you remember her, right?she's the one who said your son was responsiblefor her cousin's death. amador: daniela suárez.yes, i know who she is. i didn't remember her existence.why? ricardo: i want youto answer my question. what was their relationship?or is the relationship between danielaand marcelo escalante, the guy we're suing.amador: they were, or are... i don't know.i think she was his fianceé or his girlfriend or something.why? ricardo: because untila moment ago, daniela and iwere in a relationship. amador: what?why were you with... such a... sophisticated kid?ricardo: that doesn't matter. what truly mattersis she saw all the papers for the lawsuit against her ex.obviously, she questioned me. amador: what?what a moron. why did you show it to her?ricardo: i didn't show her anything.she saw them by accident. and even thoughi don't think she understoodwhat they said at all, she could warn him.amador: darn it. do you realize thiscould ruin our plan? ricardo: no.i don't think he'll have enough timeto process a writ of amparo. as partners,i thought it was... my duty to inform you.just like it was your duty to let me know.amador: look... no matter how you look at it,this is because of your irresponsibilitylack of professionalism, regardless of the facti don't understand how you can be with a girlwho is half your age, who could be your daughter.ricardo: remember that until a while ago,you were with a girl barely older then daniela,and that... she diedunder pretty strange circumstances.i thought so. bye.rebeca: nora! wake up, nora.wake up. i need to ask you something.nora: what? what? rebeca: do you knowwhat daniela's last name is? you know, that girlwho was marcelo's girlfriend. nora: what?why do you want to know? rebeca: suárez?is her last name suárez? nora: yeah, i think so.rebeca: do you know about her? about her dad?does she have siblings? nora: what?how would i know that? rebeca: you know if she's still in puebla?nora: no, no... the last thing i know...was... was... that... she accused rodrigoof her cousin ligia's death, but that was a while ago.why do you want to know about her?rebeca: no, no... it's nothing.i think i saw her. and... i don't know,maybe she heard marcelo and lucía broke upand wants to get him back. nora: i see.rebeca: go back to sleep. don't worry.nora: [whispers] okay. rebeca: my's their father. [ambulance][speakers]: doctor, please go to...alfredo: i was told a girl called daniela suárezmolina was brought here. nurse: wait a moment.yes, she was brought here approximately an hour ago.alfredo: where is she? i'm her father.nurse: she's in the e.r. alfredo: how is she?nurse: the doctor in charge has that information.if you go to the e.r., they'll tell you who it is.alfredo: where is it? nurse: there, then turn right.alfredo: thanks. brígida: why did ricardowant to see you? amador: remind me of what i already know.that he's a moron. but i'm a bigger foolfor trusting him. brígida: well, yeah.i don't know why you got involved with him againafter the trouble he got you in when we lived up north.not to mention what he didto magdalena murillo. amador: stop it.keep your comments to yourself. brígida: has he ever told you why...he left magdalena murillo? amador: why he did what?brígida: why he left magdalena murillo.amador: i don't know. apparently, for another woman,but of course, he didn't say who.ricardo is a... strange guy. he never talks about himself.just to tell you that according to himhe has a daughter. brígida: really?with whom? amador: i don't know.he didn't say. but anyway,what i can tell you is... who do you think he's dating?brígida: who? amador: that fool...daniela suárez. remember her?brígida: [stutters] how can i not remember her?she's the one who accused rodrigoof your lover's death. don't even mention her.just hearing her name makes me want to puke.i hope marcelo escalante and her go to hell.they were a couple, right? amador: yeah.marcelo escalante fuentes. we have to pray to godso that fool doesn't ruin our plans.brígida: what plans? milagros: marcelo,open the door! why didn't youanswer my calls? marcelo: i was in the shower.what happened? milagros: daniela's fathercalled. since you didn't answer,he called the land line. he called to let us knowdaniela had an accident. marcelo: what? when?milagros: yesterday. i don't know when.the thing is the poor guy spent the night at the hospital.he's still there. marcelo: how... how's daniela?milagros: alfredo was very nervous.he couldn't explain. he says he doesn't knowanyone here. he doesn't know if his daughteris being properly taken care of. so... we have to goand support him. marcelo: yes, calm down.i'll change and we'll go. milagros: i'll tell rafaela.hurry up. [knocking on door]lucía: who is it? rebeca: me.the public notary is waiting. lucía: so quickly?rebeca: you told me yesterday you wanted to seeyour father's will as soon as possible.i called and he gave usan appointment for this morning. do you want me to change it?lucía: no, no. the sooner, the better.i'll be ready in 10 minutes.rebeca: okay. i'll wait's pointless to take two cars.tere: ms. magdalena, it's great to see you.magdalena: thank you. i'm here to see lucía.has she woken up yet? tere: i'm not sure.why don't you go to her room? magdalena: thanks.rebeca: hello. it's a miracle.why are you here this early? tere, you can leave.tere: excuse me. magdalena: i cameto see how lucía is doing. rebeca: she's much better.also, thank you for being so kind to herwhen she was sick. i guess your dear friendsara ezquerra took care of her.magdalena: that's right. it wasn't just her.there was also a doctor who, when he checkedthe studies she had done, said something...i thought strange. rebeca: is that so?what? magdalena: apparently,lucía drank something that caused her know what's interesting? she doesn't rememberdrinking anything. rebeca: i magdalena: do you knowwhat could have happened? rebeca: i have no idea.why do you ask? magdalena: becauseyou hate lucía. i know what you're capable ofto hurt her. rebeca: you're nuts.magdalena: no, i'm not. be carefulabout what you do. as i've told you many times,lucía isn't alone. lucía: aunt?magdalena: hi. lucía: i didn't knowyou were here. magdalena: i just got here.rebeca: well, i'll go see how nora is doing.are you feeling better? lucía: hi.magdalena: hi. how are you feeling?lucía: i'm better. i've made a decision.magdalena: really? lucía: i'll talk to marcelo.magdalena: that means..? lucía: no, i don't knowif i'm ready to get back together with him,but... i want to apologize.i've been really rude. but most of all,i want him to know i care about him.magdalena: i think it's great. [music][music] milagros: i don't get it![panting] why didn't daniela's father tell us last night?marcelo: i don't know. maybe it's not that bad.calm down. milagros: yeah.god hear you. but he was so worriedi'm really scared things might be bad.marcelo: mom, let's not get ahead of things.calm down. let's go.>> by any chance, are you marcelo escalante?marcelo: yes, that's me. >> please, come with us.marcelo: where? >> there's a lawsuitfor fraud against you. you're detained.milagros: what fraud? my son is a decent can't take him anywhere. marcelo: please, calm down.can i talk to my mother for a moment?>> please, make it quick. marcelo: i need a i need you to make two calls.the first is to the lawyer, mario hernández.explain to him what's going on. milagros: who's that?marcelo: he's a lawyer who'll know what to do.the second call is to sara ezquerra.she's a trust-worthy doctor who can help uswith daniela. milagros: hey,you don't have to handcuff him. >> you never know.>> take him. clara: come on.come with me to clean lalo's can sit there too. benito: i'd rather stay.clara: your godmother can't come today.i don't like it when you're alone for so long.benito: nothing will happen. i'm not a kid.clara: you're still mad at me because i didn't tell youthe police is looking for me, right?benito: you have to talk to them and clear things upso they stop bothering you. clara: i told youi can't take that risk. know where to find me if you need anything.rafaela: well, touch there. i think he alwaystouches this part. milagros: let's see.there, some names are there.rafaela: how is the lawyer called?milagros: [stutters] mario herná it's gone. here?rafaela: touch it again. milagros: okay, you...rafaela: no, not there. here.mario: hello. take a seat.the public notary will be here are you? lucía: much better.thanks. [cell phone rings]mario: please, go ahead. lucía: thanks.mario: excuse me. hello?milagros: is this mr. mario hernández?mario: at your service. milagros: i'm marceloescalante's mother. my son asked me to call youbecause... he was detained.mario: did they say what he's accused of?milagros: apparently, of fraud.but i know my son. i'm sure he hasn'tdone anything bad. mario: don't worry.i'll find out what's going on. i'll call youwhen i know. i'll call this number, okay?milagros: please, do so.mario: i assure you i will. goodbye.rafaela: [sighs] milagros: [sighs]mario: felicia, i need to talkto mr. mondragón. sergio.i'm in the middle of something very important,so i'll be late. i need you to take careof something, but i need you to be very carefuland discreet. i don't want youto tell anyone in the office. especially not it? milagros: thank you so much.rafaela: what did the doctor tell you?milagros: pretty much the same thing as the lawyer.she'll find out what's going on.i don't know what to do. rafaela: what do you mean?milagros: what else? i don't knowif i should stay here and wait to be calledor go to the hospital. rafaela: you should'll be called to that phone can't see marcelo. you should go and beby daniela's father's side. then you can find outwhat's going to happen to her. marcelo will ask.milagros: yeah. you're right.rafaela: please, if you learn anythingabout marcelo or daniela,let me know. milagros: of coursei'll let you know. rafaela: [sighs] marcelo and that poor girl too.rebeca: is something wrong? mario: excuse me?rebeca: it seems you've been worriedsince you got that phone call. mario: no, it's's a matter i'll take care of later.i've already asked someone to take care of what they can.nazario: good morning. mario: good morning.nazario: good morning. dear.lucía: godfather. rebeca: why is he here?mario: alonso named him as his executor,so he has to be there when the will is read.>> good morning. all: good morning.>> please, sit. well, i supposeeveryone involved is here.let's proceed to read mr. alonsogaxiola beltrán's will. >> have you been toldthe reason you were detained marcelo: yes.>> do you have a lawyer or should we appoint one?marcelo: no, i have one. he should be here any minute.>> all right. you'll stay in these facilitiesuntil an order of imprisonment is ruledor you're freed. you can take him.>> this way, please. marcelo: it's not necessary.>> it's okay. [music]>> having read this, it is establishedthat all the good and propertiesof the deceased will be distributedamong his two daughters, lucía gaxiola murilloand nora gaxiola murillo, equally.rebeca: i was his wife. there's nothing for me?>> i haven't finished yet. please, allow me.all of the stocks of the talavera gaxiolas.a.d.c.b. factory will be distributedas follows... mario: do you haveany questions? >> no.i just need to explain somethingto all the heirs before i finish reading.lucía: explain what? >> it says here40% of the business's stocks are for... lucía gaxiola.the other 40% is for nora gaxiola.and the remaining 20% is for rebeca murillo gaxiola.but mr. gaxiola did something in lifethat isn't here, because it wasafter his will, but it necessarilymodifies the percentages. nora: what does that mean?>> well, that 40% for each daughterremains the same. butms. rebeca murillo will only inherit10%. rebeca: what aboutthe remaining 10% that's mine? who is it for?nazario: me. here are the documentsthat certify the validity of the transfer of the stocksto my name. lucía: as you can see,my godfather owns the factory nobody can fire him.rebeca: is that all? >> yes, ma'am.i only need your signatures.rebeca: nora, i'll wait outside.lucía: thanks. mario: i'll take my leave.lucía, you know you can count on mefor anything you need. lucía: thank youfor everything. thanks.mario: congratulations, mr. nazario.nazario: thank you. see you later.i didn't want to accept the gift,but... alonso insisted.lucía: you deserve that and so much more.thank you for everything. >> i'm at your service.nazario: excuse me. >> go ahead.lucía: i'm so happy. guess what we'll do.we're going to the factory nowso mr. amador zúñiga sees you and is bowled over.nazario: no, no. you don't haveto go with me. lucía: i can't misshis expression when sees you.nazario: no, wait. i want to ask yousomething first. how's your pregnancy going?are you all right? lucía: [sighs]nazario: marcelo told me. lucía: no...there was no pregnancy. it was a false alarm.>> congratulations. nazario: thank you.>> excuse me. nazario: goodbye.lucía: [chuckles] nazario: let's go.sara: alfredo suárez? alfredo: yes.sara: [sighs] i'm doctor sara ezquerra.i'm friends with marcelo escalante.i'm at your service. alfredo: a... are youtaking care of my daughter? sara: no, no.but i talked to the doctor in charge of herand i assure you she's in very good hands.alfredo: no, the doctor... he introduced himselfbut he hasn't told me anything specific.sara: that's because he's awaiting the resultsof some studies to give youan accurate diagnosis. you have to be patient.alfredo: yes, yes, i understand,but i haven't even been able to see her.sara: come with me. alfredo: thank you.sergio: thanks. i guess you know who i am.marcelo: we haven't met, but you workwith mr. hernández, right? sergio: i'll introduce myself.i'm sergio mondragón. mr. hernández willtake care of your case. he's in a meetingwith other clients now. he asked me to cometo check out your case. marcelo: i'll let you knowi'm not guilty of what i'm being accused of.but i think i know who's behind this.sergio: right... who?marcelo: rebeca murillo in alliance withamador zúñiga. sergio: if whatyou're telling me is true, you don't have to worry.marcelo: i suppose it'll take time to prove you think i can go out on bail?sergio: that's hard to tell. the judge has to rule it,so we can only wait. but i want you to knowwe're paying attention to your case.marcelo: thanks. sergio: see you later.marcelo: see you later. [machine beeping]alfredo: [sniffles] nora:, what's wrong?! rebeca: you don't thinkthe leftovers your father left me are bad?nora: my father probably knew you already had your own money.the money you inherited from your parentswhen they died. as far as i know,you haven't used it. rebeca: but it's not the same.on one hand, i hate that he took what's minefrom the factory to give the stocksto that old man. on the other hand,i'm really offended because he didn'tgive me part of the house. nora: don't worry about that.i own half of it. i won't kick you out.rebeca: how kind! nora: the one who mightbe interested in that you don't stayis lucía. but maybe we can buy her half.rebeca: yes. it's not a bad idea.but it's the factory i'm really worried aboutright now. it's what really matters.besides, you and i have to becloser than ever to make that kindof decisions. because your sisterwill surely be close to his godfather.we can't let them take away what's ours.nora: what's going to happen with amador zúñiga?he still... an associate, right?rebeca: don't worry about him. i know how to handle him.[music] amador: are you sure?ricardo: i told you. he didn't even have timeto process a writ of amparo. amador: great!congratulations. well, then.let's celebrate. should we meetin about half an hour at the usual place?ricardo: no, look... i have to go to the bankand do some stuff. i don't knowhow long it'll take. i'll call you later.amador: all right. hey...congratulations. i even thoughtyou wouldn't be able to do it again.bye. [busy signal]normita! can you pleasecome to my office for a moment?normita! >> [talking]>> the old man is back.lalo: it's great that you're we're all back on track.right, guys? norma: of course![clapping] lalo: mr. nazario!welcome. we love you.nazario: you're exaggerating. lalo: we love you so.lucía: i want you all to know that my godfatheris back to stay. all: [cheer]lucía: nobody will ever againkick him out. by my father's order,now he's also an owner. all: bravo!congratulations! nazario: you didn't haveto say all that, dear. lucía: it's importantthat everyone knows it. lalo: of course.what's more, hip hip...all: hurray! hip hip,hurray! mr. nazario!hip hip, hurray! go, mr. nazario!lucía: normita. normita.why isn't marcelo here? norma: he hasn't arrived.lucía: i'll wait for him in his office.norma: okay. excuse me.sara: the specialist will come soonto talk to you, but... if you need anything,please let me know. alfredo: thank you.thank you very much. sara: excuse me.alfredo: sure. milagros: i got herea while ago, but i couldn't find is daniela? alfredo: bad.she's... in a really bad condition.milagros: but what do the doctors say?alfredo: the doctors don't have to say anything.i just saw her. she's unconscious, she...has all these tubes... milagros: it'll be'll see. alfredo: ezquerra has been very kind.i'm very grateful to marcelofor recommending her. but i'd be more gratefulif he was here. it's obvioushe doesn't care about daniela.milagros: of course he cares. but he couldn't come because...when we were coming here, he was detained by two men.i don't know where they took him.alfredo: but why? milagros: they saidhe was accused of fraud. but i know he's innocent.[cell phone rings] sorry.alfredo: go ahead. [cell phone ringing]milagros: okay... alfredo: aren't you answering?milagros: no. i don't want to.i don't want to talk with the one responsiblefor all our tragedies. norma: were you ableto contact him? lucía: he's not answering.norma: why don't you try calling his house?lucía: no, no, no. i don't want his momto pick up the phone. norma: i can call.lucía: no, thanks. it's not necessary.i guess... he'll contact mewhen he sees i called him. norma: it's strangehe hasn't arrived yet. alfredo: mr. suárez. alfredo: doctor,i need to know what's wrong with my daughter.why is she unconscious? why isn't she waking up?doctor: we induced a coma to prevent worse damage.milagros: what kind of damage? please, explain look, she had a checkup.among other things, that aren't so serious,we discovered an intracranial hematoma.alfredo: what... d... d... does that mean?doctor: well, it's a hematomawhich is located inside the skull.we have to wait and see if it growsor disappears. alfredo: what if it grows?what happens then? doctor: she'll need surgery,keeping in mind the consequencesit might have. alfredo: gosh, please,explain clearly. does that meanmy daughter might die? doctor: that's right.[sighs] if the hematoma doesn't disappearand we have to operate on her, the possibilitiesof that happening... are high.