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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 69

Milagros le reclama a Marcelo por no contarle que se casará con Lucía. Nora contesta el teléfono celular de Rebeca y cree que tiene un amante al escuchar la voz de un hombre.
5 Ago 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

announcer: televisa presents... marcelo: it's not that late.they were having fun talking here.rafaela: yes, especially normita.oh, she was so happy. she wouldn't stop talking.on the other hand, don nazario barely openedhis mouth. marcelo: well, of course,he felt really uncomfortable. rafaela: why?marcelo: oh, rafaela. don't tell me you didn't're so perceptive. rafaela: don't tell me that...marcelo: yes. rafaela: oh.look at that. and she looked so flushedthat i thought it was because of the wine.both: [laugh] norma: oh, thank're a gentleman. thank you for bringing meall the way here. nazario: i couldn't let youcome all the way here at this time.norma: like i said, a true gentleman.the dinner was really good, wasn't it?nazario: yes. norma: and rafaela is so nice.nazario: uh-huh. norma: it's been a long timesince i had dinner with such good company,don nazario. really, thank you so muchfor everything. nazario: you have nothingto thank me for. good night.norma: likewise, see you tomorrow.nazario: see you tomorrow. lucía: what's going on?[gasps] rebeca: you're're responsible for this! my love, wake up, please.wake up. alonso:, my love. baby.rebeca: she's dead. you killed her!alonso: shut up! my love, talk to me.for the love of god, talk to me, my love!nora: [groans] alonso: thank you, god.rebeca: we have to take her to the hospital beforesomething else happens. who knows how many damn pillsshe drank. alonso: to the hospital,quickly. alonso: lucía, the keysto my car. rebeca: no, no!my car is in the front. alonso: open the door, please.rebeca: careful. careful on the stairs, alonso,please. lucía: i'll go with you guys.alonso: no, you can't go, you're not me open the gate. alonso: rebeca.lucía: aunt. alonso: rebeca.rebeca! rebeca, wait!rebeca! lucía: dad, are you okay?alonso: yes, yes. it was just the effortof carrying your sister. i have to go with her.lucía: no, no, no. dad, first you have to seewhat's wrong with you. alonso: i repeat that i'm fine.lucía: you're not okay. did you take your pill yet?alonso: i don't know where the hell i left them.lucía: let's go inside so you can take them, please.alonso: no, but i need to be with your sister.i want to be with her. lucía: dad, we'll catch upto them, i swear, but you have to be okay.alonso: yes. why did she leave?why did she abandon me? lucía: dad, don't complicatethings anymore. alonso: why didn't shewait for me? lucía: dad, we're going togo with them right now. calm down.marcelo: normita, thank you for sending the documents,but i need to speak to don alonso.oh, yes, i understand. when he arrives can you tell himto call me, please? thank you.[knocking] yes.rafaela: you have visitors. marcelo: lucía?rafaela: your mother. you can't deny seeing her.marcelo: i'm not. hello, mom.milagros: hello. how are you doing?marcelo: a lot better, thanks. milagros: how strange thatyour girlfriend isn't here. marcelo: she's coming later.milagros: is it true that you're going to marry her?marcelo: yes, mom, it's true. milagros: and why didn't youtell me? marcelo: for obvious reasons.milagros: so you were planning on secretly getting marriedwithout telling me? marcelo: no, mom, i was going totell you soon. milagros: oh, good.and when is the wedding? marcelo: we don't havea date yet, but soon. milagros: and why the hurry?you barely know the girl. marcelo: i know her well enoughto know she's the woman i want to spend the restof my life with. milagros: oh.let's see, tell me the truth, is that rush to share your lifewith her have to do with that woman that your brotherkilled himself over? marcelo: no, mom, not at alland i already told you that i'm not going totalk to you about this until you tell mewhat i want to know. milagros: why do we alwayshave to fight? why do you always have toscold me? i'm your mother, marcelo,not your enemy. in short,when you want to talk to me like what we are,mother and son, you know where to find me.rafaela: your mom left? marcelo: uh-huh.rafaela: and? marcelo: well, nothing.she came in peace. rafaela: if you say so.marcelo: okay. i'm leaving.rafaela: where? marcelo: i'm going to seethe doctor because he found out that my wound opened on sundayand he wants to check me. rafaela: i'll go with you.marcelo: that's not necessary. i'm going to take a taxi.leticia: [knocks] mario: good morning.leticia: good morning. mario: what's this?leticia: i'm quitting. mario: why do you want to leave?leticia: you know very well why. mario: no, wait, leticia,please. [sighs]look, magdalena is a mature woman,that means that she doesn't care about what happened yesterday.leticia: however it is, i feel very uncomfortableand i can't continue being here. mario: but you can't leaveright now, leticia. i'm going to get married,i'm going to be gone two weeks, i wanted to ask you and sergioto take care of the firm. leticia: it's just that i alsodon't feel comfortable with sergio.mario: why? leticia: because...personal reasons. mario: look, let's do something,don't quit until i return from my honeymoon.if you still want to leave when i return,you'll have the freedom to do so.leticia: it's just that i can't--mario: please. i ask for your support.i haven't even been able to get a new secretary.magdalena: what? so you also knewand you didn't tell me anything? sara: it wasn't my job to do so.magdalena: but you're my friend right?sara: well, yes, but letty is my daughter.magdalena: well, yes. you're right about had no reason to let that be known.sara: you have no idea how bad she feels, really.magdalena: i can't imagine. sara: that we're talking about family things...i need to tell you something. magdalena: what?sara: alonso is going to divorce rebeca.magdalena: really? and why do you know?sara: well, because according to himafter getting the divorce he wants to marry me.magdalena: really? [laughs]that's a surprise, sara. a great surprise.why didn't you tell me that there was somethingbetween you guys? why?sara: well, because it's something that barely started.magdalena: oh. sara: i felt that i wasobligated to tell you because whether you like itor not, rebeca is your sister. magdalena:'s her fault that alonso is leaving her.i frankly don't know how they stayed together so many years.and at least ricardo's revelation helped to makealonso decide to leave her. sara: and do you thinkshe really dated him and that he stood you upbecause of that? magdalena: ricardo marqueztold me that, but i still don't doubt it.i'm ashamed of saying it, but rebeca is capable of thatand much more. sara: [sighs]ricardo: hello. it looks like we're going tokeep seeing each other here, right?leticia: unfortunately. ricardo: why don't you let metell you my version of the story?maybe one of these days i can invite you to some coffeeto talk-- leticia: i'm not having coffeewith you ever. ricardo: whatever you say.either way i'm going to leave you my cell phone case one day you change your mind.leticia: don't you understand that i don't care aboutknowing anything about you and neither does my momand much know that she's going to redo her life.ricardo: really? with who?leticia: what do you care? mario: did you come to see me?ricardo: that's right. on a professional levelof course. mario: i imagine.come in. ricardo: excuse me.alonso: nora. nora gaxiola murillo?>> oh, i'm sorry, but i don't have anyoneregistered in that name. alonso: miss, check carefully.she must have came here 30 or 35 minutes ago.>> no. sorry, she's not here.lucía: oh. thank you.>> at your service. rebeca: hello?alonso: rebeca, where is nora? i'm at santa elena hospitaland she's not registered here. rebeca: of course i wasn'tgoing to take her there so your lover could assist her.alonso: where did you take her? rebeca: with someone i trust.alonso: with who, rebeca? who did you take nora to?rebeca: just know that she is in good hands.alonso: rebeca, i need to be with nora because--rebeca: nora doesn't want to see stop bothering her. alonso: rebeca!rebeca! lucía: dad, calm down.alonso: she hung up on me! lucía: lower your voice.alonso: she turned off her phone!she turned off her phone. lucía: dad, calm down, please.sara: what are you doing here? did something happen?alonso: nora. nora tried to kill herself.ricardo: this issue is taking too long and it's urgentfor my client to end the partnership.mario: yes, but that won't happen under the termsthat your client wants where all the advantagesare for him. ricardo: my client won'tgive in one bit and since i realize thatyou're incapable of solving the problem,i'll have to go directly to alonso gaxiola.mario: i'm mr. gaxiola's lawyer. what you have to talk to himabout you talk to me about. leave him alone.and leave his family alone. ricardo: it was also a shockto you to find out about what happened betweenrebeca and me, right? what did you used to call her?my pretty girlfriend. mario: if what you say about heris true or not, i don't care.the only thing i care about is named magdalena.ricardo: how funny. when i left, those womenwere lost in love with me. and now that i returnthey're both about to restart their lives.when are you marrying magdalena? mario: you're not hereto talk about my private life! when mr. gaxiola has an answer,i'll let you know! ricardo: that sounds don't take long because my client and i,his legal representant, want to finish this issue.good day. sara: why don't you tryto calm down? understand that your mooddoesn't help your heart. lucía: it's what i tell him,but he doesn't listen to me and he doesn't knowwhere he left the medicine the cardiologist prescribed him.alonso: i don't need medicine. i need to know where nora is,if she's okay. where did rebeca take her?sara: let's see. this isn't the only hospitalin puebla. maybe she took herto a different one. alonso: then i'm going tolook for her. sara: alonso, alonso,what are you going to do? you're going to go to everyhospital in puebla? alonso: yes.sara: calm down. why don't we go to my officeand there we'll call each one one by one?lucía: yes, yes. dad, let's go.sara is right. calm down.sara: lucía. this must be the medicineyour dad was prescribed. why don't you go to the pharmacyto buy it and then catch up to us?lucía: fine. sara: come.let's go to my office. there were have all the numbersto every hospital. >> okay, the wound is healingquickly. the stitches are closingand i don't think there's a need to take them out.marcelo: perfect. so can i go to work now?>> what's the hurry? marcelo: i'm tired ofbeing inside doing nothing. it's the same thingif i'm sitting at home or at the office, right?>> fine you can go to work, but don't abuse yourself.start with two hours. marcelo: yes, doctor,don't worry. >> okay, that's all then.marcelo: thank you, doctor. >> see you later.marcelo: excuse me, see you later.lucía? lucía: oh, what are you--did you wound open again? marcelo: no, on the contrary,it's healing really well. i can even go to work now.what are you doing here? lucía: nora took a bunchof pills and we found her on the floor unconscious.marcelo: is she at this hospital?lucía: no, and that's the problem.we don't know where my aunt took her.marcelo: i don't understand. lucía: sorry, sorry.i'll explain on the way, it's just that my dadalso isn't well. he's in dr. ezquerra's officeand i have to take this medicine to him.will you come with me, please? marcelo: yes, let's go.alonso: yes, thank you. [sighs]sara: let's see. general hospital?alonso: yes. sara: 22 52220. alonso: miss, i'd like to knowif you have a patient registered by the name of nora gaxiolamurillo. yes, thank you.yes, i'll wait. yes, thank you.she's not registered at any hospital in puebla.[sighs] all this is rebeca's fault.why is she doing this to me? sara: she's punishing youbecause you asked her for a divorce.and it's obvious that your daughter did what she didfor the same reason. you're worried about her.alonso: this isn't your fault. if anyone is guilty hereit's me because i didn't know how to make nora a strong woman,confident. she always thought thati love lucía more than her. sara: but that's absurd.alonso: yes, but no matter how much i tried to get thatout of her head, i couldn't. the other day when i told herthat i was divorcing her mother, she wasn't worried about rebeca.she started yelling at me and saying that i was going toleave her. sara: either way you have tounderstand her. you can put her emotional healthat risk. alonso: yes.[knocking] sara: come in.lucía: here it is. alonso: thank you.what are you doing here? marcelo: i came to seethe doctor that operated me and i ran into lucíain the hall and she told me what's going on.sara: i'm going to check your blood pressure.alonso: yes, but i don't need medicine.i need to find my daughter. lucía: dad, please,don't act strong and listen to sara.marcelo: let's go. lucía: i won't take's not possible that we don't know where the hellshe took my sister. marcelo: calm down.lucía: it's the last straw. we don't even knowhow my sister is. why does she do that to my dad?did you see how he is? she's about to give himanother heart attack. why does she do this?marcelo: to make you and your dad's obvious that what she did was to blackmail him.lucía: yes, that's very clear. but it's incredible that noradares to put her life at risk that way.marcelo: maybe it's not true and that's why you can'tlocate her. lucía: what do you mean?marcelo: lucía, you might think that i'm crazy,but maybe all this drama was planned by your auntand sister to make your dad feel bad.lucía: no. no, i don't think that my auntwould dare to push her daughter that way.most of all because she knows that it's not right.marcelo: your aunt doesn't tempt her heart for thator worse things. the clearest example iswhat happened with my brother. please, lucía.your sister isn't the only one with emotional problems.federico also had them and she didn't the degree that he ended up shooting himself in the head.lucía: yes, but this is different.nora is her daughter and she's the person she lovesthe most in this world. marcelo: your aunt only lovesherself. she doesn't care aboutusing anyone to get what she wants.why doesn't anyone realize that? alonso: why do you say that?you don't know her well enough to accuse her of somethinglike that. or am i wrong?answer me. what reasons do you haveabout speaking that way about nora's mother?[music] [music]alonso: what reasons do you have to speak that way about rebeca?marcelo: the only reason i have has to do with--lucía: that-- marcelo doesn't trust my aunt.i don't trust her either and you don't either.alonso: it's one thing to trust and the other is to speak badlyabout a person with so much and i know rebeca for many years,but marcelo doesn't. marcelo: you don't need to knowa person for many years to know what they're capable of.alonso: that doesn't mean anything.lucía: no, dad. marcelo refers to what isspecifically happening with my sister--alonso: stop, lucía. let marcelo speak.marcelo: what lucía is trying to say is thati've come to believe that possibly your wife and daughterfaked this entire suicide attempt.alonso: that they faked it? marcelo: yes.this could possible all be fake and that's why you don't knowat what hospital she's at. sara: lucía, why don't you takeyour dad home so he can rest. alonso: no, i don't needto rest. i need to find nora,my daughter. sara: we called every possibleplace. it's best you go homeand wait for news there. lucía: yes, i agree, dad.marcelo: let's go, i'll go with you.lucía: no, no. you need to rest.i'll see you later, okay? sara, thank you for everything.sara: you're welcome. take care, please.alonso: yes. lucía: dad, let's go, please.please, dad. sara: the explanation you gaveto alonso isn't clear to me. do you know something aboutrebeca that makes you distrust her?marcelo: the only thing i know is that that woman is capableof everything. daniela: so i was right,he's going to marry her! milagros: calm down, sweetie.daniela: how do you want me to calm down when thisis happening? and how can you be so calm?i'm surprised that you haven't said anythingto marcelo. milagros: because getting angrywould have been useless like you.daniela: i can't stay this way. i have to do something.milagros: look, let's take this calmly.there's no point that we get worn out now.daniela: sorry, but this is getting worseand it's going to crush me. milagros: look, what you haveto do is trust me. right now you're going toget out of that bed, take a showerand get ready. daniela: no, what for?milagros: so we can go out to eat.daniela: no. milagros: yes, i'm inviting you.daniela: i'm not leaving this place.milagros: well, try. you need some air.go on, let's go! go on!hurry. daniela: i'm going, i'm going.magdalena: look, when i return from my vacation i'll returnwith my wedding photos and we'll look at them together,what do you think? >> it's the least i can expect.magdalena: yes? okay.oh, wait for me a moment, please.sara. what's wrong?why do you look like that? sara: because i'm a fool.because i'm stupid. magdalena: why do you say that?sara: well, because... because i was hopeful.because i thought that with alonso i was going tobe able to redo my life. magdalena: why do you say that?sara: because he can't get a divorce.magdalena: let's see, rebeca won't give in so easily, but--sara: no, it's not rebeca that worries me,it's his daughter, nora. magdalena: what does norahave to do with this? sara: she tried to kill herself.she tried to kill herself because her dad is going toabandon her. magdalena: what?sara: [sighs] lucía: i'll open, okay?marcelo: i've come to believe that possibly your wifeand daughter faked this entire suicide attempt.alonso: that they faked it? marcelo: yes, possibly all thisis fake and that's why you don't know in what hospitalshe's in. >> can i be frank?alonso: please. >> in the short timethat i've been treating nora, i can intuit that her problemsaren't only because of the jealousy towardsher sister. part of her unbalancecomes from the relationship she has with her mother.lucía: dad. my aunt rebeca's car is there.alonso: huh? lucía: no, dad.wait! dad!dad, wait. dad, you can't get agitated!dad. rebeca: my love, are you okay?do you want a glass of water? alonso: thank god you're don't know how anguished i was.rebeca: she needs to rest. alonso: where did you take her?rebeca: i already told you, with someone i trust completely.alonso: who is that person that you trust because i calledevery hospital in puebla and nora wasn't registeredin any of them! rebeca: of course not!i took her to a private clinic! alonso: with what doctor?i want information! rebeca: what are you thinking?that what happened was blackmail from noraand that i'm covering for her? alonso: i'm not thinkinganything. i want you to tell mewhat they did to her, what did that doctoryou trust say? rebeca: find out.i'm not lying to you. alonso: i'm not calling anyone.i'm asking you. rebeca: isn't it obvious?your daughter drank a full bottle of pills.they cleaned her stomach and they recommendedthat she rest. anything else you want to know?alonso: yes! i want to know where the hellshe got those pills! rebeca: i have no idea!and if what you want to do is blame me like whenyour daughter did the same thing, you're wrong.surely that crazy man that you hired recommended it.alonso: where are the pills? i want to see them.rebeca: i threw them away. alonso: why?rebeca: what did you expect, that i keep them as a memoryor what? nora: enough!i want to rest! alonso: yes, sweetie.yes, you're right. you have to be calm.we'll talk about this later, my love.rebeca: what do you want? what are you doing standingthere? leave![music] [music]lalo: look, don nazario, i know you're going to thinki'm a broken record, but to me that vinicio guydoesn't deserve any of my trust. last night i found himlooking through the tool box. nazario: yes, okay, what doesthat have to do with it? lalo: what do you mean what?remember when i lost the awl? nazario: let's see,tell me lalo, what do you have in mind?lalo: i think that guy had something to dowith what happened to marcelo. nazario: no, man.he let me know and he took him to the hospital.lalo: that's what marcelo says, but when i have a gut feelingit's for a reason. nazario: but what interestcould vinicio have in harming marcelo?lalo: well, i have a theory. nazario: let's see,what is your theory? lalo: maybe viniciodidn't want to hurt marcelo. but here is somethingthat you're going to like. nazario: let's see.lalo: amador zúñiga does. nazario: amador zúñiga.lalo: yes. i say that he's the onethat ordered vinicio to hurt marcelo.nazario: it's a good theory, but we don't have proof.if i had evidence against the wretch that took my woman,he would have been rotting in jail by now.lalo: you already know who killed her?nazario: no, but i also have gut feelings like you doand i'm going to try to find that evidence in time.i swear. ricardo: bring two more, please.amador: only one. the bill.and you told me that ending the partnershipwas going to be very easy. you haven't progressed at all.ricardo: believe me that you're not the only oneinterested in that being solved. my accounts are almost at zero.i need to start making money. by the way,do you have any money i could borrow?amador: [chuckles] of course not.if i lend you money you won't be in a rushin making this progress. ricardo: oh, i'm not asking youto maintain me, just that you give meto get by the month. amador: i'm not lending youmoney. i have enough economic problemsto lend you money that i don't knowwhen i'll recover. ricardo: what problemscould you have? the issue with your sonis solved. amador: i'm not going toexplain them to you, ricardo. i have to go.ricardo: hey. pay the bill, yeah?amador: [chuckles] hurry with our problem.oh. how are you?daniela: hello. it's good i see you.i'm happy that your son has been freed.amador: yes, fortunately he's free now.despite the fact that your declaration put himbehind bars. excuse me.milagros: i suppose he's rodrigo's dad, right?daniela: exactly. [knocking]lucía: dad, can i come in? alonso: come in, my love.lucía: do you want something to eat?alonso: no, thank you. lucía: dad, i'm sorry thatmarcelo put so many ideas in your head and thatthat caused problems with my aunt and with nora.alonso: that guy talks a lot. he doesn't know your aunt rebecaand much less nora. okay, i also sometimesdon't know much. your sister is very fragile.lucía: dad, it's just that, when there are situationslike the ones from today-- alonso: my love, my love,i don't want to talk about this anymore.the important thing is that your sister is fine.lucía: yes. alonso: well, i'm leaving.lucía: no, no, no, where are you going?alonso: to the factory, i have a lot to do.lucía: no, dad, you have to stay and rest.alonso: no, my love. i'm leaving.besides, your sister doesn't want me near her.[sighs] milagros: do you know whatyou're going to order? daniela: i really don't feellike eating anything. milagros: stop thinkingabout my son for a moment. daniela: it's just that i feelso useless that sometimes i think i should look forother options, someone that loves meand values me. milagros: it's not the firsttime i hear you say that nonsense.i'm going to wash my hands. if the waiter comesorder some fish for me, please. ricardo: friend amador zúñiga didn't present us.i'm ricardo marquez, nice to meet you.daniela: he had no reason to. ricardo: but it would have beenpolite, don't you think? daniela: i suppose.ricardo: so you were the one who signaled rodrigoas the suspect of the death of that poor secretary?daniela: i didn't signal anybody, i just said thati saw him with her an hour before she was killed.ricardo: and did they find the murderer?daniela: from what i know, no. ricardo: well, if you'reinterested in finding the person guiltyi can help you. daniela: why?ricardo: because i'm a lawyer and because i have connections.and i know how to move very it's my information.if you need anything besides this.milagros: [sighs] did you order already?daniela: no, because the waiter didn't come yet.let me call him. amador: sergio!sergio: don amador, how are you?amador: good, thank you. rodrigo left the house,i imagine that you know where he is, right?sergio: yes, but, look, he doesn't want to see youand i think it's very important that you respect that decision.amador: look, i'm his dad. i appreciate your opinion.where is he? marcelo: i don't understandwhy you didn't let me be clear with your dad.lucía: because it wasn't the right time.especially because of his mood. didn't you see how worriedhe was about nora? marcelo: well, yes, but--lucía: besides, marcelo, you and i agreed that wewere going to wait until my aunt magdalenagot married. marcelo: it's just thati can't stay quiet anymore. yes, i understand that at firsti thought it was best to wait until you and i got married,but i don't think that's possible anymore.lucía: yes, i know. marcelo: you don't know how hardit is for me to keep quiet. lucía: oh, but when you cameto puebla it wasn't hard. marcelo: that's differentbecause at first i was quiet, but now he asked meand i had to lie to him and it's different to liethan to stay quiet. lucía: well, yes,i also feel bad for making you tell my dadthat nora's suicide attempt was only fake.marcelo: i really don't feel bad about thinking that.lucía: you don't know what that dad insinuated that to my aunt aunt rebeca went crazy and so did nora.she felt really offended. marcelo: well, too bad,but i really don't feel your sister is as fragileas you guys think. i think you guystake care of her too much. lucía: my dad is don't know anything about my sister,you don't know her. marcelo, nora is sick.understand it. marcelo: you're right.forgive me, i promise i won't criticize her anymore.lucía: well, i also have no right to do so.marcelo: why? lucía: because when the thingwith rodrigo happened, i tried to do the same thingthat nora did. marcelo: what?you tried to kill yourself because of that imbecile?lucía: i didn't try to kill myself,i just didn't want to think anymore.but now that i know you, i only think about you.[music] [music][door bell] rodrigo: who is it?what are you doing here? amador: it's time we talklike men, right? rodrigo: about what?about your relationship with ligia?i'm not interested in the details, dad.with what she told me is enough.amador: rodrigo, i think that you already know this,but there are moments in a man's lifewhen the necessity is a lot and the meat is weak,where one relates to people that they shouldn't,or am i wrong? rodrigo: i know.i had a relationship with ligia without loving her.amador: will you let me in? rodrigo: come in.amador: i come to propose to you that we start this all overand you return home. rodrigo: no, i'm not goingback home, dad. and i'm sorry for mom.amador: rodrigo, why are you so prideful?rodrigo: it's not about pride. i simply don't want to benear you. amador: look, i know thati've made mistakes, a lot, of all sizes,but why do you judge me so severely?did you forget that you slept and impregnated yourgirlfriend's sister three days before your wedding?rodrigo: yes, but it turns out that nora isn't dead, dad,and ligia is. amador: and...what are you trying to say with this, that i killed her?rodrigo: the only thing i know is that i didn't do it.amador: yes, it might be prudent that we give each other timeso you can see things from another perspective.what i wanted to make clear to you is that my homeis your home. the doors of your homewill always be open for you. sorry, but these jobsyou're circling are useless, rodrigo.ricardo: ms. artunez. >> mr. marquez.ricardo: how are you? >> good, thank you.i brought you a receipt. ricardo: why?it doesn't expire yet. >> no, it's a reminderso that you know that you have to payby the end of the month. ricardo: thank you very're always reminding me, thank you.[cell phone] nora: mom!mom! mom, your phone is ringing.yes? ricardo: hello, my love.have you missed me? nora: who's speaking?ricardo: i'm not calling rebeca murillo's cell phone?nora: yes, it's her daughter, who the hell are you?rebeca: give me the phone. give me that!nora: let me go! who the hell is the guywho called you? why does he call you loveand why does he suppose that you miss him?answer me! [music][music]