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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 68

Alonso le cuenta a Lucía que se irá de la casa cuando ella se case con Marcelo. Rebeca descubre que Nora trató de suicidarse y culpa a Alonso.
4 Ago 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

announcer: televisa presents... alma: you can't go in.the doctor's with a patient. rebeca: but it turns out to bethat the patient she's with is my husband.what does it mean, alonso? alonso: it meansthat i came to ask sara if she wants to be my wife.sara, will you marry me?rebeca: what kind of joke is it? alonso: it's not a joke at all.if sara accepts, i'll marry her.rebeca: you're a damn tart! alonso: enough! enough! stop!stop! stop! stop, rebeca, stop! stop! calm down!stop! rebeca: [gasps] you're a wretch.last night you told me there was no other woman.alonso: yes. i told you so,but i realized there is one! rebeca: well, i'll repeat it,as i told you this morning. i won't sign the divorce,i wouldn't even if i was dead! and much lessto let you marry this one. alonso: and i'll repeatthat although it is the last thing i do in my life,i'll divorce you. i'll get my freedom.rebeca: you don't know who you're gettinginvolved with. you don't havethe slightest idea. alonso: could you leave usalone, please? alma: yes, sure.>> what's wrong with you? rebeca: you won't leave me,wretch. you won't leave mebecause you'll die first. alonso: sara, calm down.don't listen to rebeca's threats.she can't do anything to you. sara: no, no, no, but--although your marriage with her isn't working well,she's right. she's still your wife.alonso: but you're not the one to blame for the problemsi have with rebeca. you're not the one to blamefor what's going on. i was going to divorce herno matter whether you were with me or're not the problem! sara: maybe,but right now after what you've just proposedto me in front of your wife, i automatically becamethe problem. alonso: sara. sara, calm in me. everything will be fine.sara: no, i'm not so sure. alonso: sara,what i've just proposed to you is really serious.i promise you that-- sara: no, no.don't promise anything to me. solve your situationwith rebeca and once you've done it,we can talk again. rafaela: it doesn't surprise meat all that she went to see lucía's fatherto put pressure on her. marcelo: you don't knowhow much it makes me indignant that she's dared to do that.rafaela: she was asking me too. of course, i didn't tell heranything, but-- you already know your'll go on doing whatever she canto get what she wants. marcelo: ouch. ouch.rafaela: oh, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry.marcelo: stop. stop. rafaela: okay, okay, okay.marcelo: you don't know how much i'd liketo be able to marry lucía before that happens.rafaela: you think that thing can wait for so long?do you think you can waitwithout opening your mouth for such a long time?marcelo: to be honest, i doubt it very much.i'm afraid that when that bomb explodes,i screw everything, even my plans with lucía.rafaela: wait, wait, wait. why do you thinkthat will happen? marcelo: because i'm surethat when alonso finds out that federico had a relationshipwith his wife and that i came to pueblato look for her, the most likely thingis that he'll ban her daughter to marry me.rafaela: if she really loves you as i think she loves you,nothing will separate you. marcelo: [puffs]daniela: he's going to get married!marcelo's going to marry that woman!milagros: did he exactly tell you that?daniela: not exactly, but it's obvious to me.and i'm sure he's planning to do it really soon.milagros: as far as i know him, it doesn't seem strange to methat he's made such a prompt decisionlike that, but i wouldn't worry so muchbecause in case his wedding plans were true,we would still have to wait for that weddingto really happen. daniela: well, i don't meanto be sitting here with my arms crossedwaiting to see if that happens. i know that--i had said i gave up, but-- to be honest, i'm not willingto lose marcelo. milagros: oh,'ve finally reacted. daniela: you don't knowhow much it irritates me that-- he has never proposed to me,he has never dared to do it with me.why has he never fallen in love with me, milagros?what does she have that i don't have?milagros: he's excited about the change, that's all,but you'll see that things will turn out to come backto normal, darling. daniela: i don't knowwhen or how. milagros: calm know i'm with you and i'll do everything i canto help you. daniela: you don't knowhow much i appreciate that. to be honest,you've been like a mother to me. milagros: i'm so gladyou think so. well, i'll try to restfor a while. oh, i had forgotten.a commander called you. i don't remember exactly.apparently he tried to contact youon your cell phone, but he couldn't.daniela: and what did he want? milagros: to tell youthat they set rodrigo zúñiga free due to a lack of evidence.daniela: well, that's good for him, don't you think?milagros: [laughs] to be honest, i don't care.[knocking on door] rodrigo: come in.brígida: where--where are you going with that?rodrigo: i can't go on living here, mom.brígida: um-- da--darling, i understandthat you're so disappointed in your father like i am,maybe more, but-- you don't have to gobecause of that, honey. rodrigo: mom, i can't go onliving with him under the same roof anymoreor depending on him. the least i can do is--get back the little dignity i have left.brígida: but-- what am i going to do if--if you go? why do you punish me too?rodrigo: no, no, mom, listen, come here.i don't have anything to reproach to you,but please, understand me. i have to get my life in order.brígida: well, so i'm going with you, okay?because i don't want to go on livingwith your father anymore. i'll pack my suitcaseand see you in half an hour-- rodrigo: mom, but i don't reallyknow where to go. and--i can't maintain you.brígida: but that doesn't matter, honey,i won't ask you for anything. i just want to be near you,darling. rodrigo: mom, understand me.i need my own space. brígida: what space?you've just told me you don't have anywhere to go.rodrigo: don't worry about me. as soon as i find a placeand i install myself, i swear to you i'll call you.i promise. i love you very much.brígida: [cries] amador: ready.ricardo: do you see, madam? what have i told you?my friend's a decent person who can answer for meat any moment. >> i hope there's no need to.amador: i hope so too. >> excuse me.ricardo: sure, madam. you don't know how irritatingshe was. amador: to be honest,i think it's strange that she's been like thatbecause you have such a way with women.thank you. ricardo: the womanizer hereis you, not me. what was that woman's name?the one you had a relationship with?the one who was killed a few days ago.ligia, right? amador: we can talkabout something else, please. ricardo: oh, don't get riled.what matters is that both you and your son are free.amador: you don't have the slightest ideaof how much i suffered by seeing rodrigo locked up.well, you can't have it. you don't have any children.ricardo: you're wrong. i have a slight ideaalthough of course, i-- i have a daughter.amador: do you really have a daughter?you had never told me that. where have you left her?ricardo: what does it matter? she doesn't want to knowanything about me. [telephone]lety: mr. hernández's lawyer's office.gloria: hello, lety. how are you?lety: who's this? gloria: this is me, gloria.lety: and how did you find me? gloria: well, because sergiotold me you worked at the same placeand because i obviously have the number, well--i called you. lety: and why?gloria: because the other day i felt a bit--i don't know, strange because that daywhen we met in sergio's flat, i felt that--you didn't like seeing me there very much.lety: oh, of course not. the thing is it was strangeto me because i didn't know you and sergio visitedeach other. gloria: well, you see we do.lety: well, i'm glad for you because you've always beenafter him like a dog. gloria: well, you see,as the saying goes, that who perseveres succeeds.lety: [laughs] hey, you know what?i have too much work. i hope you're fine. bye.lucía: dad. alonso: honey. hi.lucía: can i talk to you? alonso: what is it about?lucía: about milagros and all the things she told you.alonso: oh, about that. tell me.lucía: i'm sorry for not saying anything, but--it's marcelo the one who should talk about it.and believe me that when the right time comes,he'll tell you all the truth, you and milagros.alonso: i have to confess that i'm curiousabout the story of your boyfriend's brother,but it's something that's not my businessunless that, as milagros says, you have something to doand you are involved in what happened with him.lucía: no, no, no. of course not, dad.alonso: well, look, then it's somethingi don't want to get involved in, specially because i havemuch more worrying things to deal with.lucía: which ones? alonso: i'm divorcing rebeca.that decision is already made. lucía: wow.has sara have something to do with all this?alonso: well, let's say that she was the one who helpedme make that decision. no, it doesn't meanthat she has put pressure on me to do it,but thinking about her, well-- made me make the decision.lucía: hey, dad, and-- and does nora know about it?alonso: [puffs] no. no, no, no. i don't think so.lucía: do you understand how much it will affect herwhen she knows? alonso: yes, yes. i know.besides, because we'll declare ourselves in war,her mother and me. lucía: yes.well, maybe doctor andrade can help her.oh, i didn't tell you, but he came to see her yesterdayand nora accepted to talk to him.alonso: oh, that's--that's a big step, don't you think?lucía: uh-huh. oh, dad.alonso: yes. [knocking on door]sara: come in. alma: i'm, mrs. martínez calledto cancel her appointment. sara: oh, that's great.i'm not ready to see anybody today. in fact,i'll ask you as a favor to cancel all the appointmentsi had for today. alma: as you wish.excuse me. sara: alma.and with regard to what happened here a while ago,i'll ask you for discretion. alma: don't oh, i'm sorry for meddlingin what's not my business, but-- you have the right to be happy,to have a relationship, to get isn't everything. sara: lock the doorwhen you go out. alma: excuse me.[knocking on door] rebeca: [breathes out]who's this? lucía: lucía.rebeca: what do you want? lucía: to talk to you.can you open the door, please? rebeca: [breathes out]what do you want to talk about? lucía: my dad told meyou're going to get divorced. rebeca: i won't divorce anybody.lucía: he's determined to do it. and from my point of view,you shouldn't complicate things even more.auntie, you should accept the divorce instead of fightinga death war with him where you'll only end upmore exhausted and the most affected onewill turn out to be my sister. rebeca: if your father worriedabout your sister's stability, he wouldn't be thinkingabout what he wants to do. lucía: you have to recognizethat the divorce is a fact. and you won't be ableto do anything against it, much less when he knowsabout federico. rebeca: oh, really?and who's going to tell him about that? you?then you don't worry about your sister either.lucía: i won't say anything, but marcelo's momis putting pressure on us to make the truth come out.and believe me, she won't stopuntil she manages to do that. she already knowsthat the woman federico was going out withlives in puebla. she already knowsthat i know who that woman is. and this morningshe came to this house to put pressure on mein front of my dad to make me say her name.rebeca: so that's why she came. lucía: auntie, thinkabout what i'm telling you. think about what will happenwhen all this comes out, but above all,think about my sister. and stop, stop making thingsmore complicated. rebeca: save your advice.and get out. i said get out!nazario: good night, normita. norma: are you still here?i thought you had already left. nazario: no.with so much work, it's impossible to leave early.and by the way, has alonso come backin the afternoon? norma: no.he didn't call either. nazario: that's strangebecause he's dealing with some importsthat are really important. he didn't give youany instructions? norma: no, but--i think this document has to do with that.nazario: let me see. oh, yes.this is exactly what i needed. norma: the one who made medeal with it was marcelo. he called at about 5:00 pm.he gave all the instructions and told mehe was really interested in it because it was very importantto deal with it. nazario: there's no doubtthat that boy, even if he's sick,can't be with his arms crossed. norma: yes.i told him i'd take these documents to his flatso that he can revise them and sign them.nazario: oh, don't worry. i'll go there to visit the boyand i'll take them there. norma: thank you,but i want to go there too. hey,and if we both want to say hi to him,we could go together, right? what do you think?nazario: sure. yes.norma: let's go then. >> goodbye.norma: goodbye. good night. nazario: have a good sleep.norma: let's go, nazario. sergio: seriously, i'm sorryfor not being here almost all day long,but the thing is i had to deal with rodrigo's caseand then i had to go to court to give some documentsto the judge. mario: no. don't you have the details you asked for meabout the criminal lawyer. sergio: oh, thank you very much,but i won't need this anymore. mario: why not?sergio: because rodrigo was set freedue to a lack of evidence. mario: wow.well, i'm glad to hear that, and specially for you because--no matter where you look at it from, this is a victory, sergio.sergio: yes. to be honest, i feel great.the problem is that we haven't foundthe one who killed ligia yet. mario: yes. yes, that's right,but--but sooner or later that will be'll see. sergio: i hope so.well, i'll go now because i have things to do--mario: no, no, no. wait. sit down, please.i want to ask you something. sergio: yes.mario: um-- would you like to be a witnessat my civil wedding? sergio: me?mario: yes, you. you, you. sergio: and--and--and why me?mario: and why not you? sure, unless you can't do itfor something or you don't want to do it for something--sergio: no, no, no. no, seriously,, not at all. of course i-- i want and i would be an honor to me to be your witness.mario: all right then. here's your invitationto the wedding. it's next week, on's the address of the you like it? it's pretty, isn't it?here's the time. then we'll celebratethe civil wedding in my house and there will bea small reception. of course you can gowith a friend. sergio: well, but--my closest friend is lety and-- for obvious reasons,i don't think it's a prudent thingto go there with her. mario: well,i wouldn't have any problems if you did. seriously.of course, if she accepts to go. sergio: well, let me ask her.mario: uh-huh. sergio: and--and seriously,i feel flattered because you asked meto be your witness at your wedding.mario: no, don't exaggerate. don't's not a big deal, but-- thank you.sergio: no. um--thank you, sir. excuse me.mario: sure. [laughs]sergio: hi. lety: hi.sergio: i bet you don't know what happened.rodrigo was set free due to a lack of evidence.what about that? oh, i thoughtyou'd be interested in it, at least a little interested.lety: that's good for him, but to be honest, i don't care.sergio: lety, what's going on? what's the matter?are you angry because you saw gloriain my flat? lety: of course not.i don't care about that friend of yoursat all, although let me tell you that that oneis just like nora or worse than her.i don't understand your eagernessto mix with scorpions. sergio: lety,understand that there's nothing between gloria and me.seriously. you saw her in my flat yesterdayonly because-- lety: no, no, don't have to give me any explanations.sergio: you're jealous, aren't you?lety: [laughs] of course not. you're--you're like operatedin your brain. i don't see you as a man,but as a friend, any friend.the only man i'm interested in is called mario hernándezand i'll still love him although he marries that mummyof magdalena murillo. [music][music] magdalena: what an interestingconfession, lety. lety: i'm sorry. i'm sorry.what i meant to say is that you and--magdalena: don't try to justify what you said.we feel what we feel. there's no need to hide it,right? and with regard to the conceptyou have about me, don't worry. believe me.i don't care about that either. well, excuse me.sergio: sure. see?you can't keep quiet. you just can' can't. mario: what a surprise.i didn't expect you. magdalena: you see.mario: how are you? magdalena: i came to--to see lety because i wanted to ask her to--well, that doesn't matter now. mario: is anything wrong?magdalena: yes. i've just found outthat sara's daughter is deeply in love with you.i've just heard her saying it to knew about it, didn't you? mario: yes.magdalena: and why didn't you tell me, mario?mario: because-- [puffs] because i didn't thinkit was so important, honey. sit down, please.magdalena: no, no, no, hey, it is important.understand that a girl is crazy about you.and according to her, she'll go on being in lovewith you even if you marry a woman like me.mario: look, magdalena, what happens to leticiais that she's clearly confused. she looks for a father figurein me because she didn't havea father, that's all. magdalena: well, i don't likeit at all anyway, specially because she workswith you here. she sees you every day and, well--mario: okay, okay, if you want me to fire her,i'll do it right now, okay? seriously.magdalena: no, no, no. no, no. no way.i wouldn't forgive myself if you fired heronly to prevent me from worrying. no.mario: don't tell me that-- that you're really jealousbecause of that girl. magdalena: oh, no.of course not. mario: [laughs]magdalena: i suppose you would never look at her, right?mario: no. no. magdalena: but, well,the thing is i don't like knowing that--a girl who could be almost like your daughteris crazily in love with you. and it's not just that.she's also really hurt because you're going to marry--a mummy. mario: [laughs] no,don't exagge-- did she say that?magdalena: [laughs] she did. both of them: [laugh]magdalena: but she's right. i stopped being a young girla long time ago. mario: well,i did too, so-- we're even. right?magdalena: okay. mario: [laughs] we're even.lalo: can i know what you're doing?vinicio: what? um--nothing. i was trying to put thisin its place. lalo: and who did you askpermission to use it? these tools are exclusivelyfor the people who work in this workshop.for anybody else. vinicio: oh, my god, how--how--how nervous you are. i only took itto tighten the screws onto a sheet.that's all, but you see i was putting itin its place again. stop. lalo: that's time you need something, first ask for itbecause then things get lost and we don't knowwho to blame for that, like the bradawl,it just disappeared on the day marcelo was hurt.vinicio: what? bradawl?what's that? lalo: you don't knowwhat a bradawl is? it's a piece of ironlike this one. vinicio: oh, this is a know? i didn't know it was called like that,but now that i know that one was lost, well--if i see it, i'll let you know.lalo: i'll tell you something. i don't trust you at all.vinicio: why's that? lalo: because you'reamador zúñiga's friend and you can't deny it.i've seen you whispering. vinicio: [laughs]well, you see he's not really my friend.he's already been fired and i'm still here,listening to alonso's orders. what do you think about that?excuse me. i have to take my walk.marcelo: for the record, you left me alone and abandonedall the afternoon. okay? lucía: honey, if it was for me,i'd be with you all day long, but i have to finishthese sketches. i don't want my dadto get angry because i don't do my job well.marcelo: all right, all right. i forgive you.and when is your aunt going to get married?lucía: next week. on friday. why?marcelo: because you told me we were going to get marriedafter her. do you think it's okayif we plan it for the following week?lucía: [laughs] and why so urgently?marcelo: because i'm afraid that something happensand you change your mind. lucía: honey,nothing, nothing will make me change my mind.i'll be your wife no matter what.marcelo: do you swear to me? lucía: yes, honey, i swear.see you tomorrow. nora: oh, yes.oh, i'll be your wife, honey, no matter what.i swear to you. oh, dear, if i were you,i wouldn't make any promises i can't keep.lucía: nora, could you leave me alone?i swear to you i don't want to argue today.nora: oh, nobody's arguing. i'm just reminding youthat i'll make sure you won't marry marcelo.alonso: nora, i need to talk to you.nora: oh, i know. you'll tell me offfor what i've just said to your favorite daughter,right? alonso: no,i won't tell you off. let's go to my office,'s something important. lucía: [snorts]rafaela: come in. make yourself at home.norma: thank you very much. rafaela: come in, come in.norma: the flat's so nice. it's so illuminated.and how many plants. we've come to bring marcelothese documents so that he can sign them.rafaela: uh-huh. norma: and, well, by the way,we want to say hi to him, right? nazario: well,as long as he can do that. marcelo: of course i can.hello, normita. norma: oh, i'm so glad to seeyou're much better. oh, i hope you come backto the factory soon because we need you very muchand, well, besides, we miss you very much, right?nazario: uh-huh. marcelo: i miss you too.believe me that if it was for me,i'd be already there. the thing is my jailer here...norma: [laughs] marcelo: ...doesn't even let meopen the door so that i don't catch a cold.nazario: [laughs] it's okay because that's have to take care. norma: [laughs]nazario: well, give him the documentsso that he can sign them and then we'll let him rest.norma: here you are. marcelo: yes. don't worry.norma: oh, it smells delicious. rafaela: i'm making a lasagnafor marcelo. oh, why don't you stayfor dinner? norma: oh, yes--nazario: no, we don't want to be a nuisance.marcelo: [laughs] no, no. you're not a nuisance at all.i'll be glad if you stay for dinner with us.norma: [laughs] well, i've already said yes,but--i've come with nazario. nazario: well, yes,but i don't think-- rafaela: oh, don't be a slacker,nazario. you already knowi don't cook so badly. nazario: no. on the contrary.rafaela: why will you go home to have dinner aloneif you can do it here with a good company?norma: right? [laughs]marcelo: nazario, please, we can open a wine bottleor whatever you want. nazario: um--well--thank you.rafaela: you can't drink that. norma: you havesuch a lovely view from here. nora: does my mom agree?alonso: no, she doesn't agree. it was me the onewho made that decision. things between your mom and mehaven't been good since a long time ago.we should go on with our lives separately.nora: so-- i guess you already havesomebody to rebuild your life with.alonso: [snorts] nora: right?alonso: honey, i won't lie to you.yes, i mean to make my relationship with saraofficial. nora: [cries]it's so strange that it's preciselymy sister's best friend's mom. alonso: honey,that doesn't have anything to do.nora: it doesn't? and the fact that you're leavingjust when lucía's going to marry marcelodoesn't have anything to do with it either, right?because she's leaving the house, you don't have any reasonsto go on living here anymore. alonso: honey,don't think that, darling, please.don't think that, honey-- nora: no, i'm not stupid!i know you don't have any reasonsto go on living here with my momand of course with me either! alonso: honey,although i divorce your mom and leave the house,i'll still love you the way i've loved you so far,i'll always love you, honey. understand me.please, darling, don't think will go on working at the factory.i'll see you every day. nora: i don't careabout your factory at all! i know you gave me that jobbecause you felt pity for me, but you know what?i don't want your hand-outs anymore!alonso: nora, calm down, honey. nora: no, i won't calm down![cries] have a very good life with--with that unbearable doctor ezquerra!it's annoying! [music][music] lety: can i talk to you?sara: yes, darling, of course. i need to talk to you too.lety: i have to tell you about something that happenedat the lawyer's office today. sara: what happened?lety: [snorts] i was talking to sergioand out of a sudden your friend magdalena arrivedand-- she heard me when i told sergiothat i still loved mr. hernández and that i'd still love himalthough he married a mummy. sara: leticia,how could you be capable of saying something like that?lety: i didn't know she was there.sara: no, darling, even if she hadn't heard's not fair that you talk about magdalenalike that. you know what? precisely todayshe told me she'd like you to be her maid of honor.lety: oh, no, don't tell me that.i swear to you i didn't want to say anything,but sergio provoked me. sara: even if that had happened.leticia, you don't have any justifications.i feel so embarrassed with magdalena,she's my friend and-- and she doesn't deservethat aggression from you or form anybody.lety: i know. and, please, don't tell me tell me what you wanted to talk to me about.sara: about alonso gaxiola. lety: [snorts]look, mom, i know you're adultsand that you supposedly know what you do, but i don't thinkit's okay. he's a married man. sara: he sayshe's going to get divorced to marry me.lety: it's the most absurd and ridiculous thingi've ever heard. sara: why?lety: just because, mom! let's suppose he gets divorced,what will happen in the meantime?will you be his lover? sara: stop, leticia. enough.lety: you know what, mom? do whatever you want,but don't tell me about it. i don't want to know anythingbecause i won't be your accomplice.nora: what did you do to him? what did you do to himto make him make that decision of getting divorced?rebeca: the only thing i've always donewas to love him and adore him, but can't you see it?the relationship your father has with that woman isn't new.i'm sure they've been together for a long time.nora: but why? why did he choose that woman?why did he stop loving you? rebeca: because your fatherhas never loved me. you perfectly knowthat lucía's mother's ghost has always been around us.nora: lucía. lucía. lucía! it's always about lucía!that's why he made that decision. that's why!because as his favorite daughter is no longer stayingin this house, that's why he doesn't careabout staying, right? he doesn't carethat you or i stay here! rebeca:'re right. he doesn't care.he doesn't care about you or me. he has never cared about us,but listen to me carefully. nora: [cries]rebeca: you and i haven't been as close as beforelately, but we have to be togetherin all this. we can't let your fatherget rid of us because if your fatherleaves this house, he'll get rid of us.if he gets to marry that tart, we'll lose everything:stability, the house, everything!nora: [gasps] but what are we going to do?we can't make him stay here. rebeca: no.i can't, but you're strong enough to do it. brígida: [cries]amador: what happened? don't tell merodrigo was arrested again. brígida: rodrigo's left home.amador: where did he go? brígida: i don't know.he packed his suitcase and he said he didn't wantto go on living with you under the same roof.amador: calm down. i'll look for him,i'll talk to him and i'll convince himto come back. brígida: i doubt it very much.rodrigo's really hurt and, above all,very disappointed. in fact, i don't want youto look for him. maybe it's betterif he's far away from you to prevent youfrom polluting him. amador: brígida, for god's sake.i mean, i know i've done very bad thingsthat have hurt the family, but we have to fightto be together. brígida: oh, please, amador.don't expect this family to be the same againafter what you've done! amador: okay, calm down.i mean, anybody can have an affair.i'm sure i'm not the only man who's done a thing like that.brígida: i don't care about what the rest of them doas parents or as husbands! and obviously rodrigodoesn't care about that either. amador: well, calm downand let me-- brígida: don't touch me!don't get close to me! i assure youthat i didn't leave because i don't have anywhereto go! it's clearthat you and i won't share the same bed, okay?[music] [music]sergio: and you? what are you doing there?rodrigo: i can't go on living with my parents anymore, sergio.sergio: are you coming? rodrigo: yes.sergio: i'll help you. rodrigo: no, no, no.i can do it. thank you. lucía:'re still here. alonso: yes. yes, honey,but i was going to bed now. lucía: how was your talkwith nora? alonso: bad.she got angry, shouted, got really annoyed.well, you can imagine her. lucía: dad,nora always reacts like this, but look, you'll seethat little by little, she'll start assimilating itand she'll see all this in a very different's a matter of time, dad. alonso: yes, i hope she doesbecause i won't take a step decision about divorcing rebecais already made. i'll talk to mario hernándeztomorrow to ask him to start the procedure.lucía: and what are you going to do?because this thing won't be solved in three days.will you leave home? alonso: no. no, no.i'll stay here until you go. i won't leave you alonewith your aunt rebeca and-- and your sisterto let them make your life miserable.lucía: dad, but-- we can go to a hotelif you want, wherever you want, dad.alonso: no. no, honey. this house is yourslike it was your mother's too. and you'll leave this houseto get married. by the way,do you already know the date of your wedding?lucía: no. not yet, but-- it will be really soon.marcelo wants to get married as soon as possible.alonso: i think that's great. when you know it, let me know.and why don't we go to sleep? because it was a difficult dayfor everybody. lucía: yes, yes, yes, let's go.alonso: [puffs] rodrigo: thank you very much.i promise you it will only be for a few days until i finda place to move in. sergio: you know you can stayhere as long as you can. i mean, my flat's not so big,but--we can be comfortable anyway, right?rodrigo: seriously, thank you for your support, sergio.sergio: i'm doing something you'd do for me, wouldn't you?[cell phone] why do you hang up?who was it? rodrigo: my dad.i don't want to talk to him now or ever.sergio: do you feel bad because--because he had a relationship with ligia too?rodrigo: how do you know that? sergio: well, rodrigo,i was in charge of your defense. i read all the file.rodrigo: sure. hey, and by the way,do you know what my dad answered when he was questionedabout ligia? sergio: i don't knowmany details. what i can tell youis that he accepted that he knew ligia.he accepted that he had a relationshipwith her and that he has a witnesswho says that on the night of the murderhe was somewhere else, but, well,let's change the subject. do you want somethingfor dinner? rodrigo: yes. what have you got?sergio: come here. help me. rafaela: and i had the ideato invite them. have you seen what time it is?marcelo: it's not so late. they were really comfortabletalking with us. rafaela: yes, specially normita.oh, she was delighted. and she didn't stop talking.marcelo: [laughs] rafaela: however, nazariodidn't say much. marcelo: [laughs] sure.he felt really uncomfortable. rafaela: why?marcelo: oh, rafaela, please, don't tell meyou didn't realize. you're so perceptive.rafaela: don't tell me that-- oh, wow.marcelo: [laughs] rafaela: i saw her so flushedthat i thought it was because of the wine.marcelo: [laughs] norma: oh, thank you very're a complete gentleman. above all, thank you very muchfor driving me here. nazario: oh, i couldn't let youcome here alone at this time. norma: [laughs]i've said it. a complete gentleman.nazario: well-- norma: how good dinner was,right? nazario: yes.norma: and--and how nice rafaela is.nazario: uh-huh. norma: it's been a long timesince i last had dinner with such a good company,nazario. seriously, thank you very muchfor everything. nazario: no, you don't haveanything to thank me for. good night.norma: the same to you. see you tomorrow.nazario: see you tomorrow. rebeca: honey, please, react!nora, please! alonso: what's going on?!lucía: what's going on? [breathes heavily]rebeca: you're the responsible're the responsible one for this!