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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 67

Magdalena le dice a Lucía que no invitará a Rebeca a su boda, pues es una mala persona. Alonso le pide matrimonio a Sara frente a Rebeca.
3 Ago 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

sergio: i know that you don't..want to get invoved in that, even less since he's the mainsuspect for ligia's death, but sir, he's my friend.i have to help him. mario: listen, sergio, i respectyour decision, but as you say, i can't and shouldn't getinvolved in this. sergio: okay, i agree,but please, recommend a good criminal lawyer.mario: you shouldn't be so insecure.sergio: it's not that, sir, but i won't be able to dealwith all of that. mario: tell me you really think your friend is innocent?sergio: no, i'm sure he's innocent. he wouldn't killanyone. but it's a hard situation.mario: okay, i'll give you his number tomorrow's in the office. sergio: thank you very much.mario: [sighs] sergio: thank you, sir.excuse me. good night. nora: good night, my name's noragaxiola and i came to tell you that rodrigo zuñiga didn'tcommit the crime you're accusing him of.he didn't kill that woman. >> and how do you know that?nora: because rodrigo was with me the night of the murder.>> why should i believe you? nora: i know what you'rethinking. i'm in love with him and woulddo anything to help him. but no, let's make clear thati hate that man. he ruined my life. whole puebla laughedat me because of him. thanks to that i fell intoa hard depression. >> why are you helping nowif you hate him so much? nora: because i don't want tofeel guilty while he's in jail for something that i knowthat he didn't do. >> you're too considerate then.however, the accused never mentioned being with you.what's your name again? nora: nora, nora gaxiola.rodrigo didn't mention me because i warned him that if hetold anyone about what happened that night, i would deny it.>> sit down, feel comfortable. i'll take your statement.i need you to tell me where, when, in what circumstanceand at exactly what time you saw rodrigo zuñigalast wednesday night. ricardo: whisky, please.amador: double, and another for me, please. i've beenwaiting for you for hours. ricardo: well,i had things to do. what do you need?amador: i need to know if you'll tell the police that i was withyou the night of last wednesday until past midnight.ricardo: do you mean the night when that woman--?amador: ligia. ligia cervantes.yes, i had an affair with her. are you in or not?ricardo: yes. yes, but it will cost.amador: speak. ricardo: first of all,let's renegotiate the percentage of the profits i'll getfrom the new business once the partnership with alonso gaxiolais dissolved. amador: deal. what else?ricardo: i need you to be the guarantor of my lease landlord is unbearable and i have to fix that now.amador: i'm sorry, but i can't help you with that.ricardo: why? amador: because i'm so stupidthat i offered ligia to be her guarantorand that's how the cops related me to her.ricardo: through the contract? the police won't knowabout my contract. unless i get killed, of course.where's that whisky? amador: hold on.what's that, dude? ricardo: know what? you're not the only one who has affairs, huh?amador: look at you. nora: i told about 9:00 he called me and said he wanted to see me.i didn't want to, but he said that he would go to my houseotherwise, so i didn't have no choice but to accept.>> why didn't you want him to go to your house?nora: because i'm forbidden to see him.since my dad has a heart condition, i didn't want to doanything to upset him, so i left and nobody realized.>> where did you meet? nora: in the street.he waited for me out of iglesia del carmen. i got into his carand we talked for two hours at least.>> what did you talk about? nora: about everything.he told me about his story with this woman ligia.he said he approached her out of loneliness and that hewas just coming from seeing her. he said he had been directand said that he wanted to end their relationship,that he didn't want to see her again. after that, he apologizedfor what he did to me and my sister.>> your sister? nora: you're not supposedto know this, but rodrigo was going to marry her,but he walked out on her on their wedding day.ask anyone, they'll tell you. >> that must've been too hardfor her. nora: yes, but also for i said, rodrigo ruined the life of both of us.i was expecting his child, but he lfet me when i lost it.>> your story is strange, and even if it's true, we needthe accused to confirm it. as i said, he never said he hadbeen with you, no matter how much we pushed him.nora: listen, if rodrigo doesn't want to say anything and wantsto rot in jail, that's his problem. i feel okay for sayingall i know and my mind is clear. goodbye.rafaela: i told him many times to stay, but he wouldn't listen.he took his car and left. marcelo: i didn't take my car.i took a cab. lucia: it's the same.and he didn't want me to call you, for god's sake.sara: you did right. lucia: yes, sorry.sara: can you leave me alone with the patient?lucia: can i stay here--? alonso: lucia,don't be stubborn. let's go out, okay?lucia: okay. alonso: let's go, hon.marcelo: i'm sorry they bothered you, ma'am.sara: don't call me ma'am, and they didn't bother me.okay, let's see that. marcelo: okay.ouch. rafaela: do you want to drinksomething? alonso: i'd like tea, please,and i think lucia would like tea too.rafaela: right away. both: thank you.alonso: lucia, honey, calm down. i don't thinkmarcelo's dying, okay? lucia: yes, dad, you're right.i have to calm down. alonso: yes.lucia: hey, how did you know all this? it was weird to see youcoming with sara. alonso: yeah, we had lunchtogether and we stayed talking, so when you called her, i wasstill there. lucia: did you have lunchtogether just like that? alonso: don't jumpto conclussions. i invited her as a friend.i needed to talk about something very important.lucia: dad, i believe you, but i don't know if aunt rebecawill. i doubt she'll like the idea of you and doctor ezquerraspending half sunday together. alonso: i know.lucia: are things between you that bad?alonso: they get worse every day.sara: you can come in. lucia: oh.thanks. sara: your boyfriendis perfectly okay. lucia: why was he bleeding then?sara: the wound opened because he walked, but you shouldn'tworry. luckily, i had everything i needed to clean it.lucia: i'm so relieved. sara: but you definitely haveto be still. you got a surgery some days have to get rest or otherwise you'll haveto go back to the hospital. lucia: you heard her?marcelo: yes, i did. alonso: we should let him rest.shall we go? sara: yes.marcelo: alonso. alonso: yes?marcelo: i'd like to talk to you.alonso: i guess that you want to make your engagement to luciaformal. marcelo: among other things.lucia: i think this isn't the moment--marcelo: i just want your dad to know that as soon as i cani'll talk to him. alonso: don't worry, marcelo,we'll have time for that. what matters nowis that you get well. sara: shall we?alonso: yes. lucia: dad, i'll stay a littlelonger, but i'll see you at home.alonso: okay, baby. don't take long.lucia: no. sara, thanks. sara: you're me if you need anything. lucia: okay.marcelo: thank you. sara: you're welcome.alonso: bye. lucia: [sighs]i'm glad it wasn't serious. marcelo: you see? rafaelaand you overreacted. lucia: we didn't overreact.marcelo: you did. ouch!lucia: what? hey, you're so mean.nazario: i'm glad you made up. magdalena: that means thatthe wedding plans are still on and we'll get married nextfriday, so i want to say something.i want you to be my witness. nazario: i didn't expect less.[laughs] magdalena: do you know what'sthe only thing i don't like about getting married?nazario: what? magdalena: that you'll be alone.nazario: oh, i'm never here. magdalena: whatever.having company would be better for you.tell me something. would you get married again?nazario: no way. i'm still in love with my wife,and i think that i'll love her until god reunites us.magdalena: in the meantime, i'm sure that trini, may sherest in peace, would be happy to see that you have company.nazario: no, i don't need company.speaking of weddings and couples,do you know if lucia set a date? magdalena: lucia?lucia's getting married? nazario: didn't you know that?yes, she and marcelo made up too and they want to get married.magdalena: gosh, i didn't know that.nazario: yes. there will be another wedding.leticia: so he's okay? sara: yes, i told you he is.lucia was scared and since she couldn't contact his doctor,she called me. leticia: why did she call toyour cell phone? where were you? sara: i was having lunchwith alonso gaxiola. leticia: why did you?sara: he wanted to talk to me. he invited me and i said yes.leticia: lucia's dad is married.sara: i know. there's nothing wrong aboutaccepting his invitation. alonso and i are good friends.leticia: who do you want to fool, mom?i know that you like him. sara: honey--leticia: admit it, you like that man.sara: yes. i think he's interesting.leticia: does that mean that you'd like to havea relationship with him? does that mean that you'd liketo sleep with him like you slept with my dad, even though he wasgoing to marry magdalena murillo?sara: don't disrespect me. leticia: you disrespect yourselfwhen you like a man who's not available.sara: how can you say that? you like a man who won't beavailable soon, precisely because he'll marry magdalenamurillo. life is funny, don't you think?rebeca: you see what time it is? alonso: i do.rebeca: and you say it just like that? why you leftthis house without even saying goodbye?alonso: i went to see ricardo marquez.rebeca: why? alonso: to talk to him,you know about what. rebeca: why did he say?alonso: nothing, i couldn't find him.rebeca: what did you do the rest of the day?alonso: i didn't want to come back home, so i wentto a restarant. after that, i went to see marcelobecause his wound opened. satisfied?rebeca: why did you turn off your phone?alonso: because i didn't want to talk to you, rebeca.rebeca: why do you treat me like this?what did i do? alonso: rebeca, i thinkthat we should get divorced. rebeca: why?for the lies ricardo marquez made up about me?alonso: not only for what that man says, but also becausei stopped trusting you and because things between ushaven't worked for long. rebeca: don't you even thinkthat i'll divorce you and leave the way free for another woman.alonso: i don't know what you're talking about. all i know isthat i can't and i don't want to live with you anymore.[slam] [sighs]daniela: good morning. could you sleep?milagros: so-so. daniela: last night i wantedto ask you how things went with marcelo, but since you werein your bedroom with the lights off, i didn't want to botheryou. could you finally ask himabout the name of that woman? milagros: no.serve coffee. daniela: no way.then why did he come? milagros: to upset me,what else? daniela: won't you do anything?if i were you, i'd go see that girl lucia and force her tospeak. milagros: stop, stop.don't tell me what i have to do. daniela: excuse me,but i don't deserve that. i'm not your enemy. i supoortyou in everything and honestly, i don't deserve it.milagros: i'm sorry, all this upsets me.daniela: okay, but it's not fair to take it out on me.milagros: okay, i know. i said you're right.and you're right to tell me to make that stupid girl talk.magdalena: you don't know how bad i feel for being awayfrom you these days. i just learned about yourwedding with marcelo, girl. lucia: [laughs]magdalena: and worse, i didn't know about his accident.lucia: aunt, don't worry. i know you've been busywith your own business. magdalena: yes, but that's notan excuse. i don't understand how you and marcelo made up,because as far as i knew, you were offended.lucia: aunt, i realized that i'm in love in him.both: [laugh] magdalena: [sighs] you know?even though i didn't like it when you didn't tell mewhy you broke up, i love you, i adore you,and nothing would make me happier than seeing you deserve that, lucia. lucia: aunt, you'll bevery happy, very, very happy. i know that.magdalena: i know that too. lucia: [laughs]magdalena: i want to show you something.lucia: okay. magdalena: wedding invitations.lucia: [gasps] magdalena: do you like them?lucia: they're awesome. magdalena: i'll give your dadhis invitation today. he and nazario will be my witnesses.lucia: really? magdalena: yes.lucia: hey, aunt, and aunt rebeca?magdalena: let's say that my dear sister has always beena bearer of bad news, so i don't want her around that day.lucia: you're right, aunt. that woman has doneunforgivable things. magdalena: are you talking aboutsomething particular? lucia: i'm sorry, aunt.i can't talk about that now, but i promise that you'll learnabout it soon. lalo: you should give me a handand find a girlfriend for the four of us to go out.nazario: why you insist on getting me a girlfriend?lalo: what's wrong about it? nazario: i'm too old for that.lalo: come on, nazario, it's never late for that,even less when there's someone willing to take care of you,man. nazario: what do you mean?lalo: oh, don't play fool, you know what i mean.tere: i thought he would be boring, but he's so funny!and a gentleman. he knows how to treat a lady.both: [laugh] lucia: it's evidentthat lalo is charming. tere: what about me?lucia: you too, tere, you too. i really hope you'll gettogether. tere: well, i don't needto have a boyfriend urgently. lucia: [laughs] who said that,tere? but if you're going to havea boyfriend, he must be worthy, right?tere: yes, sure. lucia: hey, i have to go. i haveto print this before seeing marcelo.tere: send him my greetings. lucia: yes. oh, crazy girl.tere: oh. i'm good-looking too, right?alonso: lucia, lucia. lucia: what's up, dad?alonso: come with me to the study, please, okay?lucia: i'm sorry, but i have to print some things.alonso: honey, it's just a moment.obey me, please. lucia: okay.alonso: thanks. lucia: good morning.milagros: hello. alonso: mrs. milagros told mewhat happened to marcelo's younger brother.i guess you know the story. lucia: yes, marcelo told mesomething about it, dad. milagros: please, don't know the whole story so much that you even know thename of the woman that killed my son,the woman that marcelo came to didn't want to say her name becauseyou're surely involved. alonso: honey, what can you say?if you have nothing to do with this, tell mrs. milagroswhat she wants to know. come on, honey.if you know the name of that woman, say it at once.[music] [music]alonso: honey, speak. we're waiting.lucia: okay, i know who's that woman.alonso: then what are you waiting to say her name?lucia: it's not up to me but marcelo to say it, ma'am.alonso: but marcelo doesn't want to tell her mom the name either.honestly, i don't know why. lucia: he must have a goodreason, dad. excuse me, ma'am, but i can't say anythingwithout marcelo's consent. excuse me.alonso: lucia, lucia! milagros: you see? it's obviousthat she's hiding something, and she's doing because she'ssomehow related with my son's death.alonso: ma'am, neither lucia nor anyone from this familyhad something to do with what happened to your son.milagros: it's evident. everybody in this familyare the same. rebeca: what was she doing here?alonso: she came to discuss something that's notyour business. rebeca: well, about what wetalked last night, i suggest you to not waste your timebecause i won't divorce you. alonso: if you wantto declare war, it's okay, but be sure that even thoughit's my last deed in this life, i'll divorce you.sara: the invitations are so beautiful.i can't believe you'll get married next week.magdalena: yes. yes, i'm so happy. mariowanted to get married soon, and to be honest, me can't miss it, huh? sara: of course not.magdalena: i thought of something and i wantyour opinion. i want leti to be oneof my maids of honor. sara: leti? my daughter?magdalena: yes, your daughter. look, lucia will carry the ringsand since they're friends, i think that it will be cool,right? besides, mario is very fond of leti.[cell phone rings] sara: excuse me.magdalena: listen, take your call and then you'll give meyour opinion. it's amazing, it's amazing.sara: this is doctor sara ezquerra. i can't answer now,please leave a message and i'll contact you as soon as possible.alonso: sara, it's alonso. i hope you'll call me back.rafaela: i know i told your mom that i'd help her at theapartment, but i won't be calm if i leave you alone.marcelo: don't worry, i promise that i'll stay here. besides,lucia will be here in soon. rafaela: okay, i won't argueanymore, because no matter what i say, i will lose.take care, please. marcelo: yes, you too.[doorbell] daniela: hello.i came over to see how you are. marcelo: i'm better, thanks.daniela: i'm so glad, and your mom too, but she didn't wantto come because she's still very angry at you.marcelo: yes, i can imagine it. daniela: excuse me, but i don'tunderstand why you don't want to tell her who's the womanthat was with your brother. that's--marcelo: daniela, please, mind your own business, okay?daniela: yes, i know that i'm no longer part of your lifeeven less of your family. marcelo: why did you come back?i thought you would stay in mexico definitely.daniela: don't worry, i didn't come for you. my cousin waskilled and the police contacted me to give me her body.marcelo: which cousin? daniela: ligia.ligia cervantes. i lived with her when i cameto puebla. guess who's the main suspect.marcelo: who? daniela: guess.marcelo: who? daniela: rodrigo zuñiga,your dear lucia's ex boyfriend. marcelo: really?daniela: what? didn't she tell you?it's strange that a couple that allegedly love each otherdon't trust each other. marcelo: i'm sure she didn'ttell me because she gave it no importance.daniela: excuse me, but i don't think she doesn't care aboutthe life of a man she almost married.they were even going to live here, right?marcelo: yes, that's right, but she has other plans and me too.daniela: tell me something. will you marry her?marcelo: nothing would make me happier.satisfied? daniela: some girlshave all the luck. you never thought the sameabout me. [slam]sergio: rodrigo can't be taken to prison because you haveno evidence that he had killed ligia cervantes.the fact that he was with her hours before her murderdoesn't confirm he's guilty and you know that.>> do you know a woman called nora gaxiola?sergio: nora gaxiola? yes, but what does she haveto do with this? >> yesterday she came to saythat she was with the accused on the day and hour the murderwas committed. sergio: that's impossible.>> why? sergio: because she hatesrodrigo. that's why she couldn't havebeen with him that day or any other.lucia: i almost said it. i don't know how i could keepmy mouth shut, above all because my dad was questioningme. marcelo: i can't understand howmy mother dared to go see him and talk about that.lucia: because she's obsessed and she won't stop untillearning who's the woman your brother killed himself for.marcelo: lucia, calm down, please.lucia: i can't. you see that things got too farand we can't remain silent? marcelo: [sighs] yes.i'll talk to your dad. lucia: why him?marcelo: because the woman we talk about is his wifeand if i want to marry you, he's the first onethat must know about this. lucia: no. i don't thinkthat's convenient. marcelo: you just said thatwe can't remain silent. keep calm. sit down.your dad will be okay when he finds out the kind of personyour aunt is. lucia: listen, my dad will knowit sooner or later, but i don't think this is the right moment.marcelo: why? lucia: because it's somethingthat will affect nora directly. besides, my aunt magdalena isabout to get married and i think that we shouldn't detonatethis bomb in the family before such an important day for her.marcelo: right, but what do you propose then?lucia: let's wait. marcelo: but you came to say--lucia: i know. i'm not saying that we shouldbury this matter. we just have to be patient, okay?please, please. marcelo: [sighs]lucia: whose is this? milagros:'re here. rafaela: the doorman opened thedoor. what do you want for lunch today?milagros: nothing. all i need is a little peace.rafaela: marcelo told me what you talked about yesterday.milagros: yes, he wants to blackmail me, but i won't fallfor it. rafaela: i think that marceloshould know the truth. milagros: the only truth iswhat i told him, and you better not tell him anything, okay?rafaela: don't worry, i won't tell him what i know,or what i think i know. milagros: hold know who's the woman federico was dating, don't you?rafaela: i can't talk about that either.milagros: why everybody want to hide that from me?who are you covering up for? rafaela: be patient,sooner or later you'll know it. and that applies to you too.lucia: why can't she understand that you don't love her anymore?why does she come here? why do you let her in?marcelo: i have no reason to be rude at her.lucia: i have no reason to be rude at her. i do.many reasons. marcelo: lucia, please,don't be jealous of daniela. you're the only one i love.lucia: i hate that she's after you.i'm also angry because you didn't tell me anything.if i hadn't seen that, i wouldn't have known.marcelo: i didn't tell you because i didn't give itimportance, as surely you didn't give importance to what's goingon with rodrigo and that's why you didn't tell me.lucia: how did you find out? marcelo: daniela told me,because the woman that was killed was her cousin.lucia: what? really? i didn't know it.marcelo: are you hurt because rodrigo may be senteced?lucia: despite everything he did to me, i wish him no harm,and do you know why? if he hadn't walked out on me,we wouldn't be together. come on.>> you can leave. rodrigo: just like that?>> the investigation is still open,so you have to be contactable. that means that you can't leavetown or do whatever you want. that applies to your dad too,so please, give him the message. rodrigo: i will.>> anibal, go with the boy. anibal: sure.sergio: it's over. rodrigo: according to them,it isn't. sergio: them who? they have noevidence that links you to the murder and they won't find itbecause there's none. rodrigo: thank you, know, i'll never have enough time to pay for what you'redoing. above all, thanks for believingin me. sergio: we're friends,aren't we? hey,i have a doubt. rodrigo: what?sergio: were you really with nora on the night of the murder?rodrigo: with nora? sergio: yes. yesterday she cameand declared that she had been with you at the time of themurder and no matter how much i think about it, i don'tunderstand why she did it. rodrigo: neither do i.i swear that i haven't heard from her or seen her.i haven't talked to her either. sergio: okay, that doesn'tmatter. now you have to have a bath because you smell, dude.come on. you'll go in the backseat.roman: i'm glad to see you. i thought you wouldn't keepyour word. nora: i i am. roman: did you have time tothink about what we talked about?please. nora: what?roman: are you really in love with marcelo escalanteor is it just a whim? nora: i told you that he isn't.and you? did you think about what i asked? are you in lovewith my sister? roman: nora, you're the patienthere. talking about me is of no use.nora: even if you deny it, i know you like her.i understand it, huh? oh, sorry.i know that lucia is nice, pretty, kind, intelligent,she's wonderful. roman: well, if she has so manyvirtues, you have reasons to admire her.nora: maybe. but i can't stand that she haseverything while i have nothing. roman: but you have many virtuestoo. your sister and you are just different.nora: which kind of women do you like more?lucia's kind or my kind? roman: nora, if you insist,i'll have no choice but to end the session.nora: okay, don't throw a tantrum. i'll behave, okay?[music] [music]nazario: who will take care of the exportation paperworknow that marcelo is off work? alonso: i can do it. i'llask normita to fill the form and then i'll sign it.i think that will be enough. nazario: that boy's beenso necessary these days. alonso: yes, i hope he'll comeback soon. nazario: how did you take thenews of his wedding with your daughter?alonso: i don't know what to think. it's a strangerelationship. they break up and made up all the time,but deep inside i'm glad because marcelo is a valuable person.nazario: yes, he's so kind. but he also has defects.alonso: why do you say that? nazario: i mean,marcelo isn't perfect. but he loves lucia and that'swhat should matter to us. i'll see if they're packingthe other pieces. excuse me. alonso: [sighs]hi, doctor ezquerra's office? is she there? it's mr. gaxiola.tell her it's alonso gaxiola, please.yes. okay, i get it. i'll call later, thanks.lucia: hey, what are you doing here?leticia: i used my lunch hour to visit you because i need to talkto you. lucia: about what? come.leticia: my mom. i came to say that i don't thinkit's moral or decent that she goes out with your dad.i'm so, so embarrassed. lucia: excuse me, leti,but neither of us have the right to judge them. they're oldenough, they're adults and know what they're doing.leticia: i don't think they know what they're doing.your dad is married, lucia. lucia: but not for long.and if he dared to approach your mom, it must befor something really good, don't you think?amador: i said yes, man. i'll sign it, of course.because i can't leave my house, i'm waiting for newsabout my son. of course.of course i'll sign that damn contract, count on it.i'll be there as soon as i can. brigida: what contractare you talking about? amador: ricardo marquez wants meto be his guarantor. brigida: i hope it's reallyricardo marquez for your own good.honey! my baby,my baby. how are you, sweetheart?rodrigo: fine. brigida: why did they releaseyou? rodrigo: ask sergio,i don't know. amador: i knew they couldn'tkeep you for long. rodrigo: the cops asked me totell you to stay contactable. you can't leave the country.brigida: don't talk about nasty things now. come, i'll feed you,boy. rodrigo: no, thanks. i can't.i'll sleep and have a bath. brigida: you deservehis contempt. sara: you'll see thatyou'll feel better with this, but i'll see you in eight daysanyway. >> thank you, doctor.excuse me. alonso: hi, may i come in?sara: yes, sure. come in. alonso: thanks.sara: why do you visit me? alonso: i came becausei've been calling you all morning and it's evidentthat you don't want to answer. i want to know whyyou don't want talk to me. sara: because--i think it's not convenient. alonso: why?sara: alonso, listen, it's clear that between usthere's a good friendship, but i think it's okay thatsee each other and even less that we go out're married. alonso: i'll get divorced.last night i asked rebeca the divorce.sara: but yesterday you said that it wasn't the moment,that you had to wait for nora-- alonso: but i also said thati would have to do it sometime. do you know what encouraged me?i realized that, since a long time,i enjoy your company, but not just that.i also like you, and i think that you like metoo, or am i wrong?sara: no, you're not wrong. alonso: sara.alma: you can't come in, the doctor is with a patient--rebeca: her patient turned out to be my husband.what is this, alonso? alonso: it means that i cameto ask sara if she wants to be my wife.sara, would you marry me?