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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 53

Marcelo está a punto de confesarle a Lucía que Rebeca era amante de Federico, pero Alonso los interrumpe. Rebeca le confiesa a Lucía que ella era amante de Federico y Marcelo quiere vengarse de ella.
17 Jun 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents...d brigida: i didn't know he wassuch a tattletale. rodrigo: he didn't tell me.brigida: right, i forgot sara ezquerra's child works theretoo. rodrigo: it doesn't matter whotold me, you shouldn't have gone ask sergio.i don't know how to make you see i'm not involved with any only new friend is daniela suarez.brigida: she's so rude! don't even mention her.rodrigo: i know you don't like her, and what a coincidence,she feels the same about you. brigida: oh, i'm so mortified.rodrigo: forget about daniela, if you keep bothering me andgetting involved in my life, i'll leave this house for know? brigida: how are you goingto support yourself, if you've been inside the housefor months doing nothing? rodrigo: i don't care,i'll do it. i rather go beg on the streetand keep living here with you. brigida: the one that can'tstand living with you or your father is me.i'm tired of not being taken into account and that youcriticize everything i do. let's see what you do when ileave the house and you two are left alone.lety: can i go in and see the boss?ligia: i don't think so, he's very busy.lety: why don't you let him decide that?i have some receipts he needs. ligia: give them to me,i'll deliver them for you. lety: why don't you like me?ligia: you're indifferent to me. honestly, i don't care.lety: you and rodrigo are one of a kind.although, you're actually a lot worse because you're olderand whinier. ligia: i don't knowwhy you insist in saying i'm involved with your friend'sex. lety: because i'm not stupid.ligia: if you weren't, you'd realize i have much higherexpectations. what could a kid like rodrigohave to offer me? please! lety: old clown!alonso: can you tell me what you were doing in marcelo's office?nora: we were just talking, i promise.alonso: i wasn't born yesterday, don't try to fool me.nora: dad, i assure you i wasn't messing with him.alonso: let's just drop it, but i'll tell you thisand i won't say it again, i agreed to have you herebecause you asked me, because you want to move on,but if you intend to be around him and get in the middle ofhis relationship with lucia, i'll tell you, you'll stopworking here immediately. nora: you're unfair, treat me as if i was a tramp who messeswith the first guy she sees. and i'm sure you'll support yourdaughter when she moves in with marcelo without getting married.won't you? alonso: what are you saying?nora: you heard me. lucia told me last night,and marcelo has just confirmed. but as usual, you're alwayspermissive with her and with me, you're always scandalizedbecause i was stupid enough to sleep with some guy once.alonso: nora, nora! normita, tell marcelo to cometo my office right now. norma: he's not here,he just left. alonso: where the hell did hego? norma: i have no idea.milagros: where did this woman put it?oh! what do you need?rebeca: i came to see your son. milagros: he's not here,you should know he's at your husband's office at this time.rebeca: yes, but we agreed to meet here, and here i'll wait.milagros: what do you have to do with him?but if you want to wait for him, do it outside.because i'm leaving. rebeca: i remind you thisapartment belongs to my family and i'll wait for him here.milagros: i don't care who's it from, marcelo pays the rent,therefore, he has every right over please... rebeca: let me go.milagros: you're a fool! look at what you just did.rebeca: it's not that bad. who's this?milagros: my son. my son federico.give me that. rebeca: i have to go.milagros: you're an idiot! federico: i can't take this.rebeca: again with that? federico: understand me,adriana, i need us to have a normal relationship,as any other couple, i want my family to meet you,at least my brother. rebeca: are you insane?hello. alonso: dear, i'll officiallyintroduce you to marcelo escalante.marcelo: a pleasure, ma'am. rebeca: a pleasure.marcelo: why don't you drop the mask?why don't you show yourself exactly as you are?rebeca: fool! rebeca: what did you want toprove to yourself? that you had the guts to messwith a woman like me? marcelo: maybe it's somethingelse. maybe i just want you to gothrough what you made others go through.rebeca: listen carefully, no one tells me when to startor end a relationship. i decide.marcelo: we're not the same. at least so far, i have nodeaths upon my shoulders. rebeca: what the hell do youmean? marcelo: don't know. rebeca: [sobs]silvia: i said you can't come in.nora: no, no, no, i need to see the doctor.silvia: sorry, doctor, i couldn't stop her.roman: don't worry, i'll take care of it.i wasn't expecting you until next week.nora: you said i could come if i needed you.roman: sit and tell me why you need me.nora: i need you to sooth me. i can't stand my sister,not anymore, i hate her. i hate her.i want her to die! roman: i don't think you meanthat. even if you hate her, i don'tthink you want her to die. nora: you have no idea what'slike living under her damned have no idea what's like to always feel miserable,and be treated like trash, she always took everythingi wanted away from me. she took him away from me,he took away the man i loved the most, don't you see?roman: tell me who's that man. nora: marcelo.marcelo escalante. she took him away from me.she knew he was for me. she knew it,and she took him away. i hate her.i hate her! alonso: lucia!lucia: come in, dad. alonso: tell me, what's thatabout you moving in with marcelo?lucia: excuse me? alonso: i just heard you'replanning to move in with him, and let me tell you,i do not agree. lucia: calm down!i'm not moving in with marcelo or with anyone.i just said that so that nora would stop bothering me.alonso: are you sure? lucia: absolutely.the day i leave this house, it will be because i'm gettingmarried as it's supposed to be. although i have to admiti don't like living here anymore.i'm just staying here because of you.that's all. alonso: that's blackmail.lucia: no, it's true. i would love to get alongwith nora and your wife. but there's no way,there never was, and there's never going to be a way.alonso: i should have never gotten remarried.or impose you another mother. lucia: dad, you had the rightto redo your life. you couldn't have known thingswould turn out this way. alonso: i thought rebecawas going to be a good mother to you...lucia: no, dad. don't explain, you don't haveto, and specially not to me. alonso: thank you.why don't you come downstairs? food must be ready.lucia: it's just that marcelo asked me out.both: [laugh] alonso: that's good!no wonder you look so pretty. in that case, have a good time.i love you. lucia: i love you.alonso: see you later. lucia: yes.[cell phone] marcelo: where are you?i'm waiting for you. lucia: who are you waiting for?marcelo: sorry, i thought you were rafaela.she said she was going to see your godfatherand that she wouldn't take long. lucia: what are you doing home?i thought you were coming for me right after work.we're not going out? marcelo: yes, but i had to comeget some things, i'll be there a little later, do you mind?lucia: no, that's okay, but i rather wait for you at therestaurant so i don't have to be here.i don't want to have awkward moments with my sister, my aunt,or both. marcelo: as you wish,i won't be long. lucia: don't worry.i'll wait for you at the place where you once stood me up,and i hope it doesn't happen again because you said youhad something important to tell me.marcelo: i didn't forget, no matter what, i'll tell youtoday. lucia: hey, so mysterious.okay, see you. marcelo: lucia,i love you. lucia: i love you more.marcelo: [thinks] you better hurry, i won't be waitingfor you all my life. rebeca: it's him, it's him.that's impossible. milagros: look at what you justdid! rebeca: it's not that bad.who's this? milagros: my son, my sonfederico. federico: this is our lastchance. either you stay with me,or it's over. rebeca: federico, please.federico... federico...[shot] rebeca: [screams]this isn't over. [cell phone][car skids] [yells][cell phone] marcelo: to hell with you.amador: look who it is, ricardo marquez himself.ricardo: you finally show up. amador: you're unbelievable.only you would come back to puebla.ricardo: is that the way you welcome me after all theseyears? i thought you'd be warmer.amador: why would would i? i'm really not happy at allto see you here. ricardo: yet, you hired myservices for that business with your son.amador: that's different, ricardo.but the fact you're here, it's really stupid to me.ricardo: don't worry, i won't tell your partner we'reold friends. amador: please, alonso alreadyknows. ricardo: you didn't tell himabout what we did up north, did you?amador: i'm not that stupid. i just told him i met some workmates. ricardo: that's good.amador: i mean it, you being back in pueblais stupid. you know magdalena murillolives here. ricardo: of course i do.i already said hello to her. her, rebeca, and other womenin the family. amador: really?why did you come back? ricardo: did you forget iintroduced you to the client with which you're doing personalbusinesses with? therefore, i'm here to lookafter my earnings from that deal.and well, i'm also here to get back at least something of whati left behind. cheers.[sirens] sara: hello.magdalena: hello. sara: have you seen ricardomarquez again? magdalena: no, luckily, no.sara: do you know if he's still in town?magdalena: well, when mario went looking for him this morning,he was still here, yes. sara: why did he go lookingfor him? magdalena: he went to demand himto stay away from me, can you believe that?sara: i hope that makes him leave for good.magdalena: it's odd, suddenly everyone seems to care moreabout him than i do. my sister, you.sara: well, that's because i'm your friend and i don't want youto get upset. that's all.magdalena: that's what my sister said too.>> they need you at the emergency room.magdalena: me? >> yes, the doctor in chargesend me out for you. magdalena: yes, let's go.see you later. sara: yes.roman: nora, you asked me to let you stay until you were calmed.i think it's enough, i really have things to do.nora: no, i don't want to go home.roman: sooner or later you'll have to, you can't run awayfrom problems. nora: i have only one problem.and i already told you what it was.roman: i already told you i could help you, but you haveto help yourself, face it in order to solve it.nora: how do i do that? making my sister disappear?roman: you know that's not an option.nora: i don't see another way out.roman: i can help you find it. but it won't happen just likethat. we have to work on it littleby little. what if we meet twice a week sowe can move along with it? is that okay?nora: i don't think that will solve anything.roman: you don't have anything to lose, either.nora: it's obvious you don't have to live 24 hoursa day with saint lucia. roman: see you on monday, then.marcelo: sorry for being late. lucia: i thought you were goingto stand me up. marcelo: last time, i didn'tstand you up, i was just late. lucia: late?you were really late! marcelo: yes, but you werealready gone. lucia: right, because you werelate. marcelo: i don't do thatusually, but sometimes things come up that make me do that.lucia: what was it this time? marcelo: something that made mewaste my time and it's worthless to mention.shall we order? lucia: no, no, no,please tell me what you wanted to talk to me about.marcelo: if you don't mind, i rather tell you oncewe're done eating. lucia: is that bad that you feari'll run away? marcelo: you'll tell me once youhear me out. shall we order?[music] [music]teresa: don't tell me you didn't like the food, sir.alonso: no, it's good. i just lost my appetite,my wife didn't tell you where she was going?teresa: there's no way she'd tell me that, no way,she doesn't tell me a thing. alonso: she didn't tell me shewasn't coming back for lunch. she's not answering her cellphone, and neither does nora. teresa: i pity you for the wifeand kid you got. they are both so difficult.well, the girl even scares me. i don't really know how you putup with them... sorry, sir.but you hit the jackpot with lucia.she's really nice. i think she got it from hermother. hey, was adriana as beautifulas everyone says she was? alonso: what can i say?she was great. [phone rings]teresa: i'll answer the phone. alonso: great.teresa: hello? yes, he's here.i'll put him through. it's magdalena, it's urgent.alonso: magdalena, what's wrong? what?i'll be right there. teresa: did anything happen?alonso: i'm off to the hospital, my wife had an accident.teresa: my god! milagros: [cries]daniela: can i put an add on the paper to hire a maid?what's wrong? don't say you've been crying.milagros: i know everyone thinks i'm insensitive.but above all, i'm a mother. and the pain of losing a childis something i wish no one has to go through.daniela: i know we never talked about this, but i remember thatwhen federico died, you kept saying a damned womanwas responsible for it. milagros: and i still do.daniela: who was her? milagros: i don't know,federico never said her name. or where she was from.i just know she took away my son.daniela: why haven't you ever done anything to find her?milagros: i'd love to have her in front of me and destroy her.but i don't even know her name. daniela: does marcelo knowanything? i'm asking because they wereclose. and i'm sure he must have toldhim something. milagros: that's odd,i never thought of asking him. daniela: maybe you should.lucia: no, enough, i can't keep eating.marcelo: please, we're almost done.lucia: no, it's just that... i've been thinking about itsince last night, and i have my head full of stupid thoughts.whatever it is, i want to know it now.marcelo: you're right, i can't keep waiting.but first, i want you to know something.lucia, i love you. i love you as i never lovedanyone. don't ever doubt that, okay?i love you. lucia: why should i doubt it?what did you lie to me about? marcelo: no, i never liedto you. i do have to admit,i kept things from you. something very importantand delicate. lucia: what is it?what is it? marcelo: the reason why i cameto puebla... lucia: enough, marcelo, tell me!marcelo: i came looking for the woman that caused my brotherto kill himself. lucia: she lives here?do i know her? marcelo: yes.lucia: who is she? please, tell me who she is.why do you remain quiet? who is she?[cell phone] marcelo: before i tell you hername, i want you to hear out the whole brother was deeply in love... lucia: answer it.marcelo: it's your dad. yes, alonso? tell me.yes, she's here. i'll put her through.lucia: hello? alonso: do you know where yoursister is? lucia: no, no, why?alonso: rebeca had an accident, she's at the hospital.lucia: what? is she okay?alonso: i don't know. i'm on my way over there,if you see her, let her know. lucia: yes, of course.alonso: thanks. marcelo: what happened?lucia: my aunt rebeca had an accident,but dad couldn't tell me anything because he's on hisway. marcelo: do you want to go?lucia: yes, even if we don't get along, i have to be there.but finish telling me. marcelo: we could wait untilwe can talk about this calmly. i want you to be calm to hearme, and now you're not. lucia: yes, you're right.i'll leave. marcelo: i'll drive you.lucia: no, i don't think that's prudent, i rather go alone.marcelo: as soon as you know anything, let me know, okay?lucia? i love you.teresa: miss, i'm glad you're home.your dad has been trying to locate you on the phone.nora: i turned it off so that no one could find me.teresa: your mom's at the hospital.nora: what? teresa: it seems she's beenin a crash, and since your phone was off, they couldn't tell you.nora: what happened? teresa: i don't know,i just know magdalena called and told your dad.magdalena: alonso. alonso: how's rebeca?magdalena: she's quiet alright. alonso: what happened?magdalena: i don't know the details, but she crashed againsta tree and was unconscious for a few minutes.she's scared and confused. alonso: are you sure that's all?magdalena: yes, relax, they already took some x-rays.and everything's fine. if you want to see her,she's in the emergency room. alonso: yes, i'll go see her.rafaela: nazario, i didn't hear you come in.nazario: what are you doing here?rafaela: since it's saturday and you only work part timeat the factory, i thought i'd stay and make somefood. nazario: no, i already can leave now. rafaela: okay, the table isready, and dinner is in the pan for you to just heat you don't miss that much what you were used to.nazario: who are you to tell me what to miss?sorry, i don't need you anymore, you can leave, thanks.rafaela: have a nice day. alonso: thank god you're okay.rebeca: i didn't think you'd care.alonso: don't be silly. of course i did it happen? rebeca: i don't know,i don't remember. not even where i was goingor coming from. alonso: relax, what mattersis that you're okay. rebeca: get me out of here,please, i don't want to be here anymore, i hate hospitals.alonso: calm down, i'll go talk to the doctor in charge and seeif he discharges you. magdalena, take care of her.magdalena: sure. alonso: i won't be long.magdalena: you really don't remember what happened?rebeca: i said i didn't. magdalena: okay, relax, don'tget upset, won't do you good. rebeca: my head really hurts.magdalena: yes, because of the blow.but it will go away. [music]lucia: hello, good afternoon. >> hello.lucia: which is rebeca murillo's room, please?>> wait. lucia: yes.>> sorry, she's not admitted. lucia: i'll go check theemergency room. >> yes.lucia: thanks. >> bye.nora: what are you doing here? lucia: i came to see yourmother, nora. nora: you're a don't care what happens to her, you would even be happyif she died. lucia: nora, stop being silly.nora: i'm not being silly. i know perfectly that you can'tstand her, i know you hate her. i know you wished she was farfrom here. alonso: enough, nora.if you'll make a scene, you'd better go home.nora: i want to see my mother. alonso: she's in the e.r.alonso: forgive her, she's nervous.lucia: it's okay, you don't have to excuse's my aunt? alonso: she's fine.thank god, she's fine. she says she doesn't rememberanything. lucia: is there anything i canhelp with? alonso: no, thanks, she's okay.we are about to leave, i was going to pay the bill.why don't you go home and wait for us?lucia: yes, dad. dear, sorry for interruptingyour meal. lucia: it's okay.alonso: i love you. lucia: i love you.marcelo: i was about to tell her everything, when i startedtalking, the call interrupted me.rafaela: do you know what happened to that woman?marcelo: i have no idea, i hope lucia calls me soonto tell me. as you know, after all that,i couldn't keep talking. rafaela: the important thingis that you decided to do it. so a couple more hourswon't change a thing. marcelo: i hope so.rafaela: i'll go see your mother to give her federico's picture.she's been calling to ask for it.marcelo: that's good, and you can find out how she's doing.rafaela: that's odd, i was sure it was here.maybe she was anxious and came for it.marcelo: at what time do you think she came?rafaela: who knows? marcelo: i don't think it'sright for her to come in as if this was her home.rafaela: don't overreact, she's your mother.marcelo: yes, but this is my space and she has to learnto respect it. i'll call her to discussthis in person. rafaela: instead of arguing withyour mom, you should go see nazario.marcelo: what for? rafaela: i think that he's notdoing well today. [doorbell]ricardo: hello, nazario, nice to see you.nazario: sorry i can't say the same.ricardo: could you tell magdalena i'm here, please?nazario: she's not home, but if she was i wouldn't let youin either. needless is to say!ricardo: i understand you're upset, but i'd like to...nazario: but nothing. leave that woman alone.ricardo: even if you don't believe me, i regret whati've done. nazario: you are?well, you're to late for that. why don't you get out of hereand leave her alone? ricardo: by the way,i heard about your wife. i'm sorry.nazario: i said get out! ricardo: excuse me.nazario: fool! brigida: is he really here?i can't believe it. amador: if i'm telling you now,it's because everybody knows it already.brigida: why did he come back? amador: he said he came backto make up for lost time. brigida: what does that mean?don't tell me he wants magdalena back.amador: how would i know what he wants?brigida: do you know what scares me the most?that he could hurt you. amador: me? why?brigida: because he's a criminal.he committed fraud when you were working together, and knowinghim, he would definitely make you look bad with yourpartner. amador: i couldn't look anyworse than i do now. brigida: do you say thatfor something in particular? amador: what do you mean?it's because of what your son did.that's why! rodrigo: dad?amador: what do you want? rodrigo: could you come herefor a second? amador: what for?rodrigo: i want you to meet daniela suarez.brigida: this is outrageous, how do you dare to bringthat girl home? amador: i asked him to.if you don't want to meet her, don't come into the living that okay? pour me a drink, go on.don't even go there. let's go.brigida: as usual i'm nothing around this house.nothing at all. [piano]amador: hello. rodrigo: dad, she's daniela.amador: i wanted to meet you so bad.daniela: yes, that's what rodrigo said but i reallydon't know why. amador: because rodrigo talkswonders about you. he won't stop.but he wasn't even close, a pleasure, i'm amador zuñiga.make yourself at home. daniela: thanks.nora: you'll see you'll feel better back home.sara: i'm glad it was nothing and that you're going home.alonso: sara, again, thanks for everything.sara: you are welcome. nora: we should go,mom has to rest. alonso: yes, excuse me.sara: yes. sara: is she really okay?i'm asking because she acted strange.magdalena: she says she doesn't remember anything.who knows? [music][music] daniela: i liked your dad,nothing like your mom. rodrigo: don't mind her,she's always been very judgmental.i'm sure once she gets to know you, she'll change her mind.daniela: she doesn't worry me that much, to be honest.[cell phone] as soon as i get marcelo back,i'll take him back to mexico and my life will go backto what it used to be. rodrigo: i don't want todisappoint you, but i think that won't happen.daniela: why didn't you answer? rodrigo: it was sergio,my friend, i'll call him back. daniela: he calls you everyday,doesn't he? maybe he likes you.rodrigo: [chuckles] no way.he has no family in puebla, that's why he calls me so much.speaking of family, how come you're relatedto ligia? daniela: she's one of my mom'scousin's daughter. but we're not that close.rodrigo: yet, you stayed at her apartment for quite some time,right? daniela: yes, i didn't havea choice, we have nothing in common.i think that's obvious. rodrigo: yes, of course.daniela: she seems to be so lost in life,i pity her. rodrigo: me too.daniela: will you tell me who you were talking to?milagros: i insist, i can't believe it, it's thesecond time this week you come to visit me.marcelo: i was on my way to nazario's house and came by toget the keys to my apartment. milagros: you mean yourgirlfriend's apartment. marcelo: yes, she owns itbut i'm the one living there. so, it's pointless for you tohave the keys if you don't live there anymore.and specially that you go there when i'm not home.milagros: take the keys, they are on the counter.i guess that woman told you i was there.marcelo: what woman? milagros: your boss's wife,she got there and talked to me so rudely, i don't even wantto tell you. she said she was meeting youand she wanted to stay and wait for you,but i didn't let her. marcelo: so you ran into her?milagros: yes. may i know why you had to meether? marcelo: i wasn't going to meether, i told you to stay out of my things, and now i'll ask youto stay out of my apartment. milagros: okay, sorry.i just went to get your brother's picture.which, by the way, it was almost destroyed by that woman.marcelo: what did you say? milagros: when i was trying toget her out of the apartment, i was had federico's picture.and the fool dropped it. marcelo: rebeca saw the picture?milagros: yes, of course! i'm telling you she brokethe frame's glass. marcelo: i have to go.milagros: wait, i have to talk to you, it's about the womanwho caused your brother's death. i'm sure you know somethingabout her. marcelo: please, mom,i have to go. teresa: i don't understand whyyou're so nice to your aunt, when she's so rude to you.lucia: she's my aunt, and she's dad's wife.rebeca: thanks. thanks, i'm fine.nora: let me do this. teresa: excuse me, i'll bein the kitchen. alonso: easy.rebeca: thanks. i'm fine, thanks.lucia: how are you feeling? rebeca: fine, but my head hurts.alonso: i'll call the pharmacy to order the medicationsthey prescribed. rebeca: it really hurts,i think you should go get them. lucia: i can go, that's okay.alonso: no, i'll do it. i'll be right back.nora: you know? i'll get you your nightgown...rebeca: no, dear, would you bring me some water?i'm too thirsty. nora: yes, i'll be right back.lucia: okay, i'll let you rest. rebeca: please stay.could you close the door and get closer?lucia: what for? rebeca: remember i told youmarcelo wasn't what you thought he was?lucia: and do you remember i told you nothing you'd saywould make me doubt him? get some rest.rebeca: please, lucia. i'm not done.i want you to know the reason why marcelois in puebla. lucia: i already know.he came looking for the woman who caused his brother's death.rebeca: that woman is me. lucia: you?rebeca: yes. marcelo came to get revenge.and he's using you to do it. [music][music]

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