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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 52

Nora le dice a Alonso que Marcelo y Lucía planean vivir juntos, él se molesta mucho. Rebeca descubre que Milagros es la madre de Federico.
16 Jun 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents... that all of a suddenyou're worried about me. rebeca: don't say're my sister and i care aboutwhat happens to you. listen to me, magdalena.don't let him get near you again.lucía: what time is it? marcelo: don't worry,it's still early. lucía: sorry for sleeping here,but i couldn't help it. marcelo: this is your home,isn't it? lucía: but it's filled with you.marcelo: does that mean there's nothing herethat reminds you of... lucía: no, no.don't even say it. marcelo: i love it when yourepeat it to me. [chuckles]okay, where do you want to go? lucía: no where.i want to stay with you here, always.marcelo: are you sure? lucía: yes.unless... you...[knocking] alonso: come in.amador: sorry. alonso: hello.amador: were you able to talk to nazario?alonso: yes, this morning. amador: and why didn't youtell me? alonso: because i told youthat before making a decision i wanted to check the contract.amador: and did you check it? alonso: yes.amador, i don't understand how you could signsuch an unfavorable contract for us.amador: i already told you, alonso.we're sacrificing the price, but we're recoveringwith the volume. it's to tie the client down.alonso: so we're going to have to renegotiate.amador: how am i going to renegotiate?it's going to be very complicated.they already deposited the advance payment.alonso: okay, if it's complicated i'm going to do it.let's see, what is the name of this company?it's called supplier of central cacband a guy named heriberto gaitan signed the way, how did they hear about us?amador: from our website i think.alonso: i imagine that you asked for referencesor you investigated a little, right?amador: i investigated everything,absolutely everything that needed to be investigated.alonso: okay, then if it's a serious companyi don't know why it can't be renegotiatedso please make an appointment with them for me, please.amador: no, it's not necessary. i'll take care of it.i'll talk to them. alonso: okay, then i would liketo go with you to meet our new clients.amador: there's no need. it's not necessary for youto lower my authority. i brought that client,i'll make sure to fix the problem.alonso: okay, but i'll tell you right nowthat the production won't start until we come toa coherent agreement. amador: understood.whatever you say, see you tomorrow.[telephone] nora: teresa!hello? ricardo: is this adriana'sdaughter? nora: no.i'm rebeca's daughter. ricardo: then you must be nora,right? nora: who is this?ricardo: a family friend. nora: and who do you wantto talk to? ricardo: with your mom,beautiful. nora: well, she's not here.she left and i don't know what time she'll be back.ricardo: too bad. i'll call her later.hopefully i have the pleasure to meet you later.nora: a strange man just called you.rebeca: who was it? nora: i don't know.he just said he was a friend of the family.he confused me with lucía, but i immediately told himi was your daughter. and then he told mehe hopes to meet me one day. rebeca: he didn't sayanything else? nora: no.why do you get like that? rebeca: no, because that manis the same one who stood up your aunt magdalena years ago.nora: really? and what did he want to talkto you about? rebeca: to bother me.but i'm not going to let him get near my familyand much less to you. please don't say anythingabout this to your father. nora: why?rebeca: because he's very delicate and i don't wantto mortify him. nora: fine.whatever you say. lucía: [sighs]mario: forgive me. i know that i behavedlike a child. magdalena: yes, your attitudereally disconcerted me. mario: i know it's nota justification, but when i found outthat guy looked for you again i was filled with jealousy,i was dying of jealousy. i thought--i thought i could lose you and i was scared, magdalena.i was really scared. magdalena: you're stupid.i swear that ricardo marquez doesn't mean anything to meand i also don't care or am interested why the hellhe came. mario: i'm also not interested.actually, i don't know why the hell he's here,but i assure you that i won't allow him or anyoneto hurt you again, you understand me?no one. magdalena: really?mario: really. magdalena: are you serious?mario: mm-hmm. lucía: now i understandwhy daniela doesn't want to lose you.both: [laugh] marcelo: she has tobecause i just want to be with you,only with you. let's see, tell me something,do you really want to stay with me here forever?lucía: i'd love to. but i don't thinkit'd be convenient because we've already hada lot of scandals in the family, don't you think?marcelo: [laughs] one more wouldn't cause mea problem. lucía: do you want to killmy dad from a heart attack? marcelo: no, no, not at all.i just want to be with you, only with you.[telephone] lucía: oh.marcelo: hello? milagros: oh, you're back.marcelo: hello, mom, do you need anything?milagros: yes, that you let me talk to rafaela.marcelo: she's not here. milagros: and is lucíastill there? marcelo: yes, she's here.milagros: no wonder you took long in answering.okay, well i won't take any more of your time.keep taking care of your girlfriend.lucía: she also called in the afternoonasking for rafaela. she wants her to take to herthe photo of federico. marcelo: what's strange is thatshe hasn't returned yet. lucía: surely she's atmy godfather's house. marcelo: who's house?lucía: it's just that when she called she told meshe was going over there. nazario: well, as you can see,there isn't much to clean. aside from the garden,the house isn't that big. and you don't have to cookbecause i usually eat at the factoryand magdalena eats at the hospital.rafaela: oh. nazario: at night i'll be finewith you leaving me something that i can heat up easilyand that's fine. rafaela: well, everythingis very fine, but i wouldn't like youto give me a job just because i know marcelo.i don't want to put you in a compromise.nazario: no, not at all, on the contrary.your offer is perfect. this house needsa lot of attention. i don't want my wifeto come pull on my feet at night.and, well... i also don't want magdalenato have to do everything. she has a lot of obligations.rafaela: well, yes. since we talked abouteverything, if you want i can start tomorrow.nazario: that sounds perfect. rafaela: actually,i'll stay right now. what do you feel like eating?nazario: no, no. i'll eat anything,i'll just heat it up. rafaela: it's obvious that youhaven't tried my refried beans and my enchiladasand other things i know how to do.[chuckles] nazario: but i wouldn't liketo take advantage of you. maybe marcelo is waitingfor you. rafaela: don't worry aboutmarcelo. he's busy with his the kitchen this way? nazario: yes, this way.what did you say you put in the beans?>> see you tomorrow, ligia. ligia: see you later,take care. >> you too, rest.ligia: thank you. sergio: see you tomorrow.ligia: oh, take care. sergio: hey, you know why rodrigo's mom came today?ligia: no, i have no idea. sergio: she came to ask meif i knew who her son was dating.ligia: well, i hope you didn't tell her anything.sergio: no, of course not. but, look, i'm going totell you something, ligia. doña brígida is a veryinsistent woman. sooner or latershe will find out. ligia: well, that's in god'shands now. sergio: yes.ligia: i'm leaving. see you later.sergio: see you tomorrow. leticia: it's her, isn't it?sergio: what? leticia: yes.ligia is rodrigo's friend and don't deny itbecause you know it very well. sergio: let's see,where did you get that from? leticia: the last timei was here with lucía we heard her talk on the phonewith a guy named rodrigo and although she acted stupidsaying there were many rodrigo's in the world,i'm sure that it was lucía's ex-boyfriend.sergio: oh, no. please, you havea big imagination. leticia: hmm.and you're really bad at lying. why do you cover for rodrigo?why do you care? sergio: i'm not coveringfor anyone. okay?and if it were true that ligia was dating rodrigoit's not my problem or yours. is that clear?leticia: fine, but don't think i'm a fool.sergio: i swear that you're more annoying than doña brígida.see you. [knocking]milagros: yes. daniela: i'm back.milagros: can you tell me where you went?daniela: i went to see my cousin because this town is boring.milagros: well, it's good that you get rid of your boredomwith your poor relative. meanwhile marcelo and lucíado the same thing together. daniela: what are you tryingto tell me? milagros: i'll leave itto your imagination. daniela: of course i knowwhat you mean, but why are you telling me now?milagros: because marcelo is at his house with lucía.clear this up for me, what would a couple who's alonedo inside of an apartment? you must know better thananyone. daniela: apparentlythe good girl has decided to make him her boyfriend.milagros: maybe she will accomplish that.maybe the good girl gets pregnant and doesn't makethe stupidity of getting rid of the problem.daniela: stop rubbing the mistake i made in my facebecause i assure you that i'm the one who regrets itthe most. excuse me.marcelo: it's too bad you didn't accept staying.lucía: i swear that it's not because i don't want to.marcelo: i'm really scared you'll stop loving me.lucía: why would that happen? marcelo: because when youlearn about a part of my life that you still don't know aboutyou might change your mind. it's something i've been wantingto tell you for a long time now. lucía: well, tell me now.marcelo: no, not today. i promise i will later.i don't want to ruin this moment.lucía: marcelo, you're scaring me.does it have to do with nora? marcelo: no, she has nothingto do with hit. it's something very unfortunateand most of all very delicate. okay?so i prefer to talk about it calmly later.lucía: okay, i won't pressure you,but let it be soon, okay? marcelo: yes.i promise that i'll tell you tomorrow.but right now please think that i love youand that you're the most important thing in my life.lucía: i say the same thing. marcelo: good night.nora: i suppose you went running to my dad to tell himwhat happened this afternoon, right?lucía: no, i have no reason to. it's something betweenyou and me. nora: fine.i accept that this time i was the one who kissedmarcelo. lucía: what do you meanthis time? nora: it's not the first timewe have contact. there have been other timesin his apartment. he hasn't told you?lucía: why don't you save your words, nora?nothing that you'll tell me will make me doubt him.nora: well, worse for you, sister.because i assure you that marcelo isn't a saint.lucía: why don't you get out of my room?get out! i don't want to see you,i don't want to talk to you! get out of my room!nora: then listen to my mom and leave already.i'm sure that your godfather will be happy to welcome you,i mean now that he's so alone. lucía: i might grant youthat wish sooner than you think, nora.but i'm not going to go to my godfather's house.nora: oh, no? then where?lucía: well, i've been thinking about living with marcelo.we were talking about that today.nora: you're such a nun that i don't think you'd dare to.lucía: you don't know how much i've changed, nora.nora: okay. let's see what my dad sayswhen you tell him. [music][music] rebeca: hello.i didn't know you got back. alonso: i got here a while ago.rebeca: have you seen lucía? alonso: no, why?rebeca: because she went out with marcelo and she hasn'treturned. are you worried about something?alonso: yes. i'm worried about amador,i think he's up to something. rebeca: that's not if you didn't know how he was.alonso: that's exactly why i think i don't know him.a while ago something happened that i didn't tell you about,but before amador worked at the factoryhe worked with ricardo marquez in the north.rebeca: and he never told you? alonso: no, no.he gave me a series of explanationsthat didn't convince me and that's why i don't knowwhat to think. rebeca: well, i don'tunderstand. alonso: it's just that,now that i've been sick, amador...closed a contract with an unknown client.a very little convenient contract for the businessand it catches my attention that all that happenedright when ricardo marquez is in puebla.rebeca: and you think he returned because of that?alonso: i don't know, but i promise youi'm going to find out. rebeca: okay.i'll leave you. alonso: [sighs]amador: he stopped production until the contractis renegotiated and the worst part ishe wants to meet the client. rodrigo: and what do you planon doing? amador: look, the last optionis to reduce the margin of profit,although i wouldn't like to get to that extremity.rodrigo: i told you that it was very risky and you didn'tlisten to me. amador: yes, i know,but don't worry because alonso gaxiola won't take awaythat deal from me. rodrigo: well, changingthe subject, i was talking to daniela suarezabout marcelo. amador: and?rodrigo: she told me that marcelo had a brotherwho killed himself and right after thatmarcelo moved to pueblo, quitting a job that's muchbetter than the one he has at the factory.amador: look at that. anything else?rodrigo: no, nothing else, but the important thing isto investigate why he came and with what intention.amador: good job. see you.marcelo: what do you mean you're going to workat don nazario's house? rafaela: what's wrong with that?i already told you that i don't have muchto do here and i have extra time and i need to stay busy.marcelo: where did you get the idea of asking himfor a job? rafaela: it's just thatone day that i went to the market i ran into ms. magdalenaand while we were talking she said she was really busywith her job and she doesn't have time to attenddoña trini's house and i offeredto give her a hand. does that bother you?marcelo: well, no, but i would have likedto have known your plans. rafaela: sorry, but it wassomething i came up with when i saw don nazarioat the factory. marcelo: oh, yes,you went running to his house instead of coming herewith lucía like i asked you, right?rafaela: but i talked to her and she told me it was fineand not to worry. so don't scold me.marcelo: no. in some way i thank youfor not coming. rafaela: why?marcelo: conform yourself with knowing that each dayi confirm that lucía is the woman i want to spendthe rest of my life with. rafaela: hmm.[chuckles] marcelo: before i forget,my mother has been calling you all day.she wants you to send her my brother's photograph.i think it's a pretext to convince you to workfor her again. good luck with that.rafaela: oh. [knocking]ricardo: look at that. it's good that your daughtergave you my message. rebeca: i told you not tomess with my family and much less with my daughter.ricardo: don't worry, i didn't tell herwhat type of woman her mother is.rebeca: why did you return? ricardo: to get my life back.rebeca: and you plan on getting it back by makingshady deals with amador zúñiga? ricardo: i don't knowwhat you're talking about. rebeca: of course you'd be best if you got your thingsand left. ricardo: you're scared to death,right? because you know thatif i open my mouth your selfless wifeand decent woman costume would be gone.rebeca: i'm not afraid of you because like you said,no one found out about what happened between'd be your word against mine. ricardo: you don't knowhow convincing i can be. rebeca: no one will believe youbecause it's absurd that after so many yearsyou'd return to give an explanation no oneasked you for. you should have given itback then, but of course you were scaredand you went to hide like a coward.ricardo: come here. you feel really sure, right?rebeca: convince yourself. your image in front ofmagdalena and everyone else would be even listen to me and disappear again.ricardo: rebeca. rebeca!rebeca! rebeca.wait a minute. rebeca: let me go!ricardo: this isn't over! mario: what are you doing here?what do you have to do with this guy?rebeca: is t really that hard to imagine?i came to complain to this guy what he did to magdalenayears ago and to tell him to never bother her againor anyone from my family. ricardo: anyway,who are you? mario: mario hernandez.magdalena is my fiancée. ricardo: so this guywas your boyfriend and now he's your sister's boyfriend.we can expect anything from your family.mario: listen to me, imbecile, i don't know what the hellyou returned for, but for your own good,stay away from magdalena. ricardo: i understand youperfectly. i'd also be scared to deathto think that she could get back with me.rebeca: no, mario, please! mario: no, no, no.the one who will be scared is really careful. be really careful!rebeca: calm down. it's not worth getting yourhands dirty over a guy like him. let's go.mario: you've been warned. rebeca: let's go.come on. let's go.leave. mario: that guy is trash.ricardo: the show is over. who does he think he is?rebeca: okay, calm down. it's not worth it getting madover a guy like him. the important thing isthat it's clear to him that magdalena isn't alone.mario: hey, by the way, it's very strange for methat you defended her. rebeca: well, despite everythingmagdalena is my sister and i don't like a miserableperson like him hurting her again.i still don't forget what happened years ago.mario: i hope that it's clear to himthat he needs to stay away or he's going to regret it.he's going to regret it! rebeca: okay, calm down.hey, is it true that you're going to marry magdalenaor did you just say that to make ricardo mad?mario: it's what i desire most in my life,to marry magdalena. rebeca: are you reallythat much in love with her? mario: that's right.rebeca: as much as you were with me?mario: [sighs] a thousand times more.marcelo: are you ready? rafaela: for what?marcelo: to take you to don nazario's housewhile i go to the factory. rafaela: oh, thank you,but go alone because i still have to finish here.i don't want you to complain to me that i'm not taking careof the house. marcelo: okay, whatever you say.i'm leaving. rafaela: marcelo.marcelo: yes? rafaela: i was thinkingabout what you said last night about you being sure aboutlucía being the woman you want to spendyour life with. marcelo: you don't agree?rafaela: it's not that. i don't want to mortify you,but you're taking long in telling her why you cameto puebla. marcelo: yes, last nighti told her that i wanted to tell her about somethingpersonal from my life that she didn't knowand that i would tell her today. rafaela: don't be afraid.if that girl really loves you, she's going to understand.marcelo: may god hear you. okay, i'm leaving now.rafaela: bye. marcelo: good-bye.[telephone] rafaela: hello?milagros: wow. i finally found you.did they give you my message? rafaela: yes, but i can'ttake federico's photograph to you right will have to be in the afternoon or at night.milagros: well, wow. as if you were so busy.rafaela: well, i am. i'm working hereand at marcelo's friend's house. and sorry for hanging up,but i'm running late. milagros: well, they bettertake advantage of you. insolent.daniela: good morning. what's for breakfast?milagros: i'm not your servant so if you're hungrygo make something. daniela: i still don'tunderstand why you didn't want to bring rafaela.milagros: oh. don't even mention that woman.put this in its place. daniela: fine, but if you don'twant her to come then we're going to have tofind someone else. because it's clear to methat neither you nor i have the dispositionto wash a plate. milagros: you're very rightand it's time to solve this problem.daniela: where are you going? milagros: to put an adin the newspaper and see if someonewho's worth it appears. because we're not going to letjust anybody in here. and it's evident that youdon't know how to do anything. daniela: [sighs]what an attitude. [music][music] magdalena: why did yougo see him? i don't understand, mario.mario: so that he knows you're not alone.magdalena: but you're giving him a lot of importance.ricardo--ricardo just approached me to say helloand i didn't see that he had any other'd be absurd. let's see, tell me thatif after so many years he'd come with anotherintention, don't you think? mario: i don't know,that could be. the thing is that,although you're mad, i'm satisfied with what i did.besides, i prefer that you find out from meand not from your sister or other people.magdalena: why would i find out from rebeca?mario: because when i got there rebeca was with ricardo.magdalena: and what was she doing there?mario: i don't know. when i asked her she said thatshe went to demand him to leave you alonejust like me. magdalena: she also cameto see me. she said she wasworried about me. mario: well, maybe it's true.maybe she really cares that you're okay, like i do.magdalena: well, hopefully. hopefully it were true,but no, rebeca only cares about herself.mario: then why did she go see that man?magdalena: i don't know, mario, but all of this is strange.especially because ricardo was the first onewho looked for rebeca at her house.mario: really? magdalena: yes.[knocking] lucía: come in!teresa: lucía, someone is here to see you.leticia: hello, stupid! lucía: hello, silly.teresa: okay, i'll leave you. i'm going to the kitchenin case you need anything. lucía: yes, thank you, tere.what are you doing here? you're supposed to be working.leticia: i know, but since i had to drop offsome bills and i can't wait to tell you this.lucía: what, what? leticia: we're right.lucía: about what? leticia: that rodrigo is seeingmario hernandez's secretary. look, today she was talkingto sergio and although he denied it to mei can assure you-- lucía: no, no, no, letty,don't go on. i don't care aboutrodrigo's life. the only man i care aboutand that i want to be with my entire life is namedmarcelo escalante. leticia: oh!does that mean that you guys solved your problems?lucía: will i answer your question if i tell youi'm the happiest woman in the world?leticia: oh, how cute. you don't know how happy i amto see you so happy. lucía: [laughs]look, marcelo is the most incredibleman in the world. letty, he's so...cute and sweet and so passionate.[laughs] leticia: that means thatyou guys already... lucía: you ask so manyquestions, silly. leticia: okay, fine.don't tell me, but i'm going to come upwith my own conclusions. you know i'm good at that.marcelo: don nazario, i wanted to thank youfor giving a job to rafaela. she didn't need it,but she said she got really bored in my apartment.nazario: you have nothing to thank because rafaelais great. besides needing someoneto take care of the house, well, it had to be someonetrustworthy. marcelo: rafaela is trustworthy.she's like family. she's been a true mother to me.nazario: you're attacking your mother againand that's not good. marcelo: no, what i'm sayingis true. rafaela has given methe best advice, the ones my mothernever gave me. in some way she's a very wiseand respectful woman. nazario: what does that mean?marcelo: well, although she hasn't hadthe best opportunities, she knows a lot about lifeand she's right in everything that she says.nazario: it's as if you were describing trini, my wife.marcelo: from what lucía has always told me,that when she talks to rafaela in some way it reminds herof her godmother. nazario: you don't knowhow much i miss her. you don't know how muchi need her. i can't get used toliving without her. leticia: hey, i'm really late,hopefully they don't fire me. lucía: i know, silly.leticia: oh, friend, you don't know how happyit makes me to see you happy. lucía: [chuckles]i swear--i swear, silly, that before you can imagineyou're going to find the man of your life, i'm sure.leticia: who knows. i'm leaving.i love you, stupid. lucía: i love you, silly.rebeca: how far has your relationship with marceloescalante gotten? lucía: that's not your business.rebeca: i'm telling you because you're becoming too closeand you're going to end up hitting a wall.lucía: you're going to end up hitting yourself when you see meliving my life with him, aunt. rebeca: you're so hopeful.lucía: you mean i was. and i'm referring to wheni was going to marry rodrigo and you loved the idea.i took really long in realizing why you supported that marriageso much. it's because you wanted meto leave this place. you knew perfectly wellthat rodrigo was a lout and i was going to behappy with him. rebeca: [chuckles]please. and how would i know that?lucía: you knew so well that you stayed quietwhen nora seduced him and now you opposemy relationship with marcelo because you know it's going tobe very different. you oppose becauseyou can't stand seeing me happy. you can't standthe daughter of the woman whom my dad always lovedgets what you've never gotten or ever will.did you hear what marcelo said? he's not going to allow youto touch me again. and i'll tell you something,i also won't allow it. [music][music] [cell phone]marcelo: hello? rebeca: we have to talk.marcelo: rebeca, i have nothing to say to you.rebeca: well, i do, so you're going to have tolisten to me. i'll see you at the apartmentin one hour and you better be there or else i will find youat the factory. i won't care that my husbandis there. nora: is it true thatyou and lucía are going to live together?marcelo: did your sister tell you that?nora: yes. but don't get hopeful,my dad won't let that happen. i won't let that happen.marcelo: you know what, i'm sick of you and your momand i'm going to tell you what i told her.leave your sister alone and don't get into her lifeand much less in mine. nora: lucía isn't a goddess,why don't you realize that? she's filled with defects.marcelo: surely, but they'll never compareto yours. i'm going to tell yousomething else. you're wasting your time with mebecause i won't fall in your game like rodrigo did.alonso: nora, wait for me in the office.i want to give you some things. nora: yes, dad.alonso: is there a problem with nora?marcelo: no, sir, not at all. do you need anything?alonso: yes, i want to ask you to do something.marcelo: yes, tell me. alonso: i need you toinvestigate this company. central supplier cacb.i also want to know who its representatives are.amador: yes, of course, don't even worry.i'll assure you--exactly, the order will be ready in time.of course. yes, we had problemswith a few materials and that... look, i gave you my wordand you can count-- hello?hello? [...]rodrigo: don't deny it, mom. you went to see sergio.brígida: oh, i didn't know you had such a gossiper friend.rodrigo: he didn't tell me. brígida: oh, of course.i forgot that sara ezquerra's daughter works there, too.rodrigo: it doesn't matter who it was.what you shouldn't have done is go to sergio to ask himanything. i don't know in what tonei have to tell you that i'm not seeing only new friend is daniela suarez, so what?brígida: oh, that girl is so repugnant.rodrigo: yes, i know that you don't like her.what a coincidence, she feels the same about you.brígida: how mortifying, son. rodrigo: forget about daniela,okay? if you keep bothering meand you keep getting into my life, i'm going to leavethis house forever, understand? brígida: and how are you goingto maintain yourself when you've beenin this house for months scratching your belly?rodrigo: i don't care. i'm going to do it.i prefer to ask for handouts than living here with you.brígida: the one who can't stand living with you or your fatheris me! i'm sick of you guysnot paying attention to me and criticizing everything i do!we'll see what you two do when i leave the houseand you're left alone! leticia: can i see the boss?ligia: i don't think so, he's very busy.leticia: why don't you let him decide?i have some bills he needs. ligia: leave them,i'll give them to him. leticia: why don't you like me?ligia: i don't like you or dislike you.the truth is that i don't care.leticia: you and rodrigo are perfect for each other.although thinking about it, you're much more worsebecause you're older. ligia: i don't know why youinsist on the stupidity that i have something to dowith your friend's ex-boyfriend. leticia: because i'm not stupid.ligia: well, if you weren't, you'd realize that i havemuch higher expectations. what could a kid likerodrigo zúñiga offer me? dear god.leticia: old clown. alonso: can you tell mewhat you were doing in marcelo's office?nora: i was just talking to him, i swear.alonso: nora, i wasn't born yesterday.don't treat me like a fool. nora: dad, i assure you thati wasn't doing anything. alonso: let's leave it there.but i'm going to tell you something and i won't repeat it,i accepted you to work here because you asked me,because you want to move on, but if your intentionis to be with that guy and get in betweenthe relationship between lucía and him,i'll tell you right now that you're going to leavethis company immediately. nora: you're really unfair, treat me as if i'm a hooker who gets with the first manshe sees and i'm sure that you're going to applaudmy sister when she moves in with marcelowithout getting married, right? alonso: what are you saying?nora: what you heard. lucía told me last nightand marcelo just assured me. but like always,you're always so condescending with my sisterand with me you make a scandal because one dayi made the mistake of sleeping with a man.alonso: nora! nora!nora: no! alonso: normita,can you tell marcelo to come to my officeimmediately? normita: he's not here, sir,he just left. alonso: where the helldid he go? normita: i have no idea.alonso: when he gets back tell him it's urgentthat i talk to him! milagros: where did this womanleave it? oh.[gasps] what do you need?rebeca: i come to see your son. milagros: well, he's not should know that he's at your husband's officeat this time. rebeca: yes, but i agreedto meet him here and i'll wait for him here.milagros: hey, i don't understand what you have to dowith him, but if you want to wait for himyou're going to have to do it in the streetbecause i'm leaving. rebeca: i remind youthat this apartment belongs to my familyand i'll wait for him here. milagros: well, i don't carewho it belongs to. marcelo pays rentso he has the right over this do me the favor of-- oh!no! you're stupid!look what you've done! rebeca: it's not that serious.who is it? milagros: my son federico. [music][mus [music]

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