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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 51

Ricardo amenaza a Rebeca con contarle a Alonso y Nora que ella mató a Adriana. Nora besa a Marcelo, Lucía los encuentra y la golpea para que se aleje de él.
12 Jun 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents... what's wrong with you?lucía: listen well what i'll tell you.i'm very glad you're trying to do something handywith your life. but, in the best way,i'll ask you to remain away from marcelo.nora: uh, now i can't even greet him.lucía: you know what i mean. i don't want more problemswith you, but if you look for me, you'll find me.nora: ouch, how scary. lucía: listen well,you don't know my aggressive sideand i swear you don't want to, because i'm worse than you.nazario: first of all, retails prices are too low.and the delivery volume is huge. we won't be able to achieve it.i'm sorry, but it surprises me that you had given green lightto such a contract. you've never likedsacrifying quality for quantity. alonso: i actuallydidn't read it well. i simply trusted amador.nazario: yes, and you'll say i'm seeing pink elephants,but it's also very weird that nobody knows the client.or, do you know him? alonso: no, that contractwas closed when i was convalescent.nazario: that's what's curious. i wasn't presentclosing that contract either. alonso: wouldn't you distrustamador for what happened with trini?nazario: no, that's different. you check the contractthoroughly. if you find it right, coherent,that can be implemented, i shut my mouthand i meet the deadlines. alonso: i promise i'll check itcarefully to finish with this once and for all.nazario: changing topics, have you seen magdalena?alonso: no. not lately. why? nazario: because the miserableof ricardo marquez is back in puebla.and your sister in law must be very unquiet.rebeca: i don't know what you mean.ricardo: you know perfectly well what i mean.what did you do to adriana? how did you shut her mouth,and marry her husband? rebeca: you're totally nuts.ricardo: maybe. but we'll seeyour husband's opinion when i'll talk with him.and with your daughter... you have a daughter, right?rebeca: don't you dare messing with her,let alone with my family because i'm capable to--ricardo: capable of what? to get rid of me,as you did with adriana? i always knew one had to bevery careful with you. but killing your own sister--rebeca: leave, please. ricardo: but i'll bewaiting for your call so we keep talking.that's my hotel data. lucía: is everything fine?rebeca: yes. he's leaving.ricardo: are you adriana's daughter?lucía: yes. and who are you?ricardo: i am... better ask your aunt.lucía: who was him, uh? come here, i'm talking to you.wait. who's that guy with whomyou were arguing? rebeca: nobody worthy.lucía: wouldn't he be the man who called this morningsaying he was your friend, and who wouldn't say his name?or, perhaps, he's something more than a friend.rebeca: don't talk rot. lucía: then answer me.who's that man you despise so much as to slap himon the street? rebeca: he's ricardo marquez,the man who stood your aunt magdalena in churchtwenty years ago. satisfied?lucía: does my aunt already know he's here?rebeca: i have no idea. lucía: why did he look for you?rebeca: i don't know. lucía: mellow out.don't get like this. rebeca: see, lucía...that man harmed us all pretty much, not onlyyour aunt, but the whole family. he changed our lives.i'm talking to you. what's wrong?adriana: do you know who took me to the hospital when i felt bad?ricardo marquez. i already know it all.rebeca: i don't know what that miserable told you,but i swear it wasn't my fault. he forced me, i wanted to--adriana: don't fool me because it won't work again.i curse the hour you thought of coming back.nazario: good seeing you. alonso is already dealingwith the issue of amador's order.are you hearing me, boy? marcelo: i'm were saying... nazario: where's your mind?marcelo: i was thinking of my mother.lucía is right. judging her all the timeand talking bad about her is awful.nazario: some people think sons are parent's worst judges.marcelo: you may think i'm shameless, but i have enoughreasons to think like this. nazario: tell me.what bothers you so much about her?marcelo: it's so many things. she's possessive,she wants to control other's lives,including mine. nazario: but don't beso cutting. she might have something good,a redeeming quality. marcelo: i've looked for it,but i haven't found anything positive.nazario: but do you love her? marcelo: of course,she's my mother. nazario: that's not an answer.when you love a person, you do so with all herqualities, but also with all and each of her can't put on your mother all the responsibility.relations are of two. marcelo: yes, i know.nazario: you're sensible, mature surprises me that you can't manage this situation.marcelo: i really can't. nazario: you have to try hardbecause nobody is going to do it for have to do it alone. milagros: she thoughti'd complaint about something, but when i cleared upi wanted to be friends, she stepped back.daniela: i just hope you don't end up flesh and boneswith that stupid turning your back on me.milagros: don't be jealous. i already told you what it is,a simple tactic's change. [doorbell rings]daniela: i go get it. rafaela: good afternoon.i bring this to milagros. daniela: come in.milagros: what is it? rafaela: things you leftat your son's apartment. daniela: well, i leave you.milagros: where do you go? daniela: where i can.milagros: leave it on the table so you leave too.i don't feel like seeing your face.rafaela: i leave now, but i just wanted to tell youthat though you doubt it i really feel badfor what happened this morning. it's bad that you had foughtwith your son because of me. milagros: well, i reallythank you because finally my secrets came to light,as you called them. and marcelo didn't getsurprised, let alone scared. rafaela: don't thinkhe's calm. marcelo is no fool.he realized you told him only what you wanted.milagros: there wasn't anything else to tell him.rafaela: you and i know it's not so.and i don't mean to scared you, but despite you'd wantto hide it, sooner or later marcelo will find outhow his father died. and then, there'll be a lotto complain to you. milagros: i warn you--rafaela: save up your threateningbecause i won't open my mouth. and if i shut up,it won't be a favor to you, but to your's useless to keep making up your default, it's not too clean. excuse me.samuel: good afternoon. ligia: good afternoon, father.samuel: how are you, dear? is mario busy?ligia: no, but i tell him you're going.samuel: it's not necessary. i go.ligia: uh, perfect. see you.[knocking on door] i imagine i can come in.mario: why do you ask if you're already inside?samuel: sorry to interrupt, but i came to seehow you did yesterday. do you already have a datefor the wedding? mario: there won't be wedding.samuel: how come? don't tell memagdalena said no. mario: can we gosomewhere else? i feel too pressured.i can't concentrate in work. i feel like choking.should we go? samuel: sure, wherever you want.daniela: there's nothing to do in this town.[phone rings] rodrigo: hello.daniela: hi, it's daniela. rodrigo: hi,is anything happening? daniela: i thought it'd bea good idea meeting up again. rodrigo: what for?daniela: to talk. are you too busy?rodrigo: no, not at all. we can meet at the same placeat 5pm. daniela: sounds perfect.see you there. rodrigo: ok, see you there.bye. amador: who did you talk to?rodrigo: with a girlfriend. amador: daniela suarez?rodrigo: yes. amador: it seems weird to meyou've become friends with her. rodrigo: we have somethingin common, her ex is now the man of the womani was about to marry. amador: good fact, on second thought, why don't you inviteher home to dinner? it'd good meeting her.rodrigo: no, don't come out with my mom's issues, please.amador: my interest is completely differentfrom your mother's. my interest's nameis marcelo escalante. rodrigo: what?amador: if that girl was that bum's girlfriendfor so long, she must have some informationto help us getting rid of him. milagros: i can't believe it.why is this miracle? marcelo: i wanted to seewhere you live. milagros: so?what do you think? marcelo: it's very pretty.but don't you think you'd be more comfortablein your house in mexico? milagros: what do you careif it's not your expense? fortunately, i'm economicallyindependent and i can afford living wherever i please.marcelo: yes, you're right. changing topics,lucía told me you went seeing her.milagros: oh, there it comes. marcelo: what are you plotting?milagros: nothing, absolutely nothing.i'm just putting a bit on my part to havea good relation with your girlfriend.marcelo: and why that so sudden change of attitude?can i know? milagros: i still thinkshe's not the most suitable girl for you--want some coffee? marcelo: yes, please.milagros: and if i'm trying hard to keep things calm,it's because of you. my duty as a motheris supporting you, and above all respect you.haven't you wanted that always? marcelo: yes, but it seemsstrange that you-- milagros: it's cleari never look well with you. once in your life, try it,trust me a bit. marcelo: you're right.i don't have to mistrust you. but it's weird that you livehere with daniela. milagros: yes, but i can't kickher out of the apartment. she'll get to know thatit's useless insisting with you and she'll end upgoing back to mexico. oh, son.i'm so glad seeing you here. alonso: hi.rebeca: hi. how did you do in your firstday of work? alonso: more or less,i met some problems. but what worries me mostis that ricardo marquez is back in puebla.rebeca: did you see him? alonso: no, nazario told seems he went for magdalena last night.rebeca: he was here too. alonso: what did he want?rebeca: i don't know. i wouldn't interrogate him.alonso: calm down. i imagine not even magdalenagot like this when she saw him. rebeca: yes, i'm sorry.his visit stressed me out. alonso: why?rebeca: because that man knows everything about us,that we married, we have a daughter,absolutely everything. alonso: how does he knowif he hasn't been here for ages? rebeca: i have no idea.alonso: i think the best would be seeing him.rebeca: no, my love. talking with him is useless.alonso: i remind you that man stood your sister upwhen they're about to marry. rebeca: that wasmore than 20 years ago. it's useless giving himso much importance. i'm sure of it, sweetheart.alonso: why is he back? magdalena: why is he back?despite how much i think of it, i don't get it.lucía: i'm sorry. i'm sorry i don't knowwhat to tell you, but you know i love youand you count on me. magdalena: yes, i know.and thank you with all my heart, because i swear thatnow i'm the one who needs you. lucía: you have to be was 24 years ago what happened with that man.magdalena: 24 years. you're right.i'm giving too much importance to whom doesn't have it.i'll calm down. magdalena, calm down now.lucía: do you know what i felt when i saw him?magdalena: what? lucía: i don't know whyall this time i imagined a man with a different personality,but what i saw in him is a manwho hasn't done well at all. magdalena: may god forgive me,but i hope that has been so. lucía: can i ask you something?magdalena: sure. lucía: what did you feelwhen you saw him? magdalena: first,i felt my legs bending and that i'd faintin front of him. then, i was surprisedhaving him looking at me after so many years...and then... [sobs]and then i was full of rage, of fury,because of after so many years he shows up in the mostimportant and longed for day in my whole life.lucía: what did mario said? magdalena: oh, mario...he was as surprised as me. the very fool thinksi'm still in love of ricardo. can you believe it?when the only man i love after so many years is him,only him. [music][music] samuel: it's very bad thatyou had left her talking alone. mario: what did you want meto do? to stay and listen her sayingthat, despite the years, she still loves that guy?samuel: for god's sake, how would she still love himif he treated her so bad? besides, she hasn't knownabout him in almost 25 years. mario: yes, but you should'veheard her, she was nervous. according to her own words,she was very confused. what does that say to you?samuel: that's logical. besides, that doesn't meanthat her love for ricardo came back miraculously.mario: and if it did? samuel: i reallydon't recognize you. you're behaving like a boyand you should behave as the fully grown man you are.mario: yes, i'm a grown man, but dying of jealousy.don't you realize, i'm scared to deaththinking i can lose magdalena? samuel: then defend herand don't send her to hell for something she didn't do.or do you think it's easy for her meeting again the manwho destroyed her life? mario: i guess, no.samuel: clearly, i don't know anything about women,but i think you should be supporting her, insteadof turning your back on her. mario: saying thatyou're always right bothers me. it gets me down.samuel: yes, i know. come on, don't worry that much.that ricardo must have stopped by to just visit her,and he's in puebla for other issues.ricardo: what? sara: yes, i'd like to knowif, by chance, ricardo marquez is staying there.thanks very much. [phone dialing]yes. i'd like to know if mr. ricardo marquezis staying at your hotel? could you tell mefor how many days he's booked up?sure, i understand. thanks very much.i thought you'd come back at night.leticia: i didn't expect seeing you here either.and before you start telling me offbecause i didn't quit my job-- sara: no, dear.come, i want to talk with you about something else.come, please. sit down.leticia: what about? sara: i've been thinkingand i guess that you and i deserve some, i'll ask some days at the hospital to go on trip.what do you think? leticia: do you thinki'll get licentiate hernandez out of my mind with it?sara: well, it could help, but what's important to meis spending some time you and i alone, away from here.leticia: i'm sorry, but i can't go on trip nowhere.i've just started to work, i won't ask for days off.sara: please, just a few days. leticia: i said no,and i won't quit my job. so, if you want to telllicentiate hernandez or your spinster girlfriendthat i'm in love with him, do it.sara: please, who is thinking now of mario hernandez?i'm asking you to leave for some weeks--leticia: don't you get the word no?i go to my room, i have to be back to work.nora: are you waiting for my sister?marcelo: yes, tere told me she went out.i hope she won't be late. nora: can i ask you something?marcelo: sure, tell me. nora: what do you seein lucía that i don't have? marcelo: please, what do youexpect for an answer? nora: the truth.i really don't get it. won't you give me the chanceto prove you can be very happy with me?very happy... marcelo: please,what are you doing? lucía: i warned you, nora,i warned you to be very careful. nora: [screams]marcelo: let go of her, please. lucía: my sister has to learnto respect what's not hers. nora: [screams]rebeca: the one who will learn to respect is time you touch my daughter, i kill you, did you hear?i kill you. marcelo: don't you dare.don't you dare or i'll be the one who won't answer.rebeca: let go of me. marcelo: someone has to putyou limits, and though you'll shake out rage,you won't ever touch lucía. rebeca: i curse the momentyou appeared in my house. you only came to destroymy home's peace. marcelo: there's no peacein this house and that's because of you.rebeca: get out. this is my houseand i want you out. lucía: marcelo won't gonowhere. if his presence bothers youso much, then you leave because this is also my house.rebeca: this is my house and i want you to leavealong with this lout. lucía: no!we won't go nowhere. marcelo: it's worthless.calm down. nora: thanks for defending me.rebeca: don't thank, better explain me what happened.lucía: i can't anymore. i swear i can't.marcelo: calm down. you're giving the issuetoo much importance. lucía: it's not today,it's my whole life. i've always bornmy sister's hatred and my aunt's resentment.i can't anymore. i can't, i swear it.marcelo: and i don't help you at all.please, forgive me. lucía: don't ask meforgiveness. you didn't do anything.marcelo: perhaps i did. perhaps your aunt is rightand i just came to destroy yours and allyour family's peace. lucía: my peace was destroyedway before you came. please, take me somewhere else.get me out of here. marcelo: yes.let's go where you want. calm down.nora: i swear i was only telling him bye,but lucía is paranoid. rebeca: are you sure?nora: i say yes. lucía just looks for excusesto attack me and take revenge for what happened with rodrigo.rebeca: then, don't give her reasons.only yesterday we talked about your not getting closeto that guy, and see this. nora: i didn't do anything bad!rebeca: ok, i believe you. but we'll see what your dadsays when lucía will give him her seems neither of us will look good.nora: well... we'll be two against one.if you and i have the same version,my sister's won't weight. rebeca: as if you didn't knowwho is his favorite. and more with marcelo's support.i don't know when that damned miserable won your dad's trust.but don't worry. it won't last too long.nora: oh, yeah? i don't know how you'll do that,after what i saw marcelo won't remain idle,he'll defend himself. rebeca: you still don't know,sweetie... and that stupid less.[music] [music]rodrigo: you haven't told me what you wanted to talk aboutwith me. daniela: nothing in your town, actually, i could die of i barely know anyone here... rodrigo: thanksfor the sincerity. daniela: i hope i didn't get youout of your job. rodrigo: no, not at all.daniela: by the way, what are you up to?rodrigo: i've been at some jobs, among them the officewhere your cousin is, and now a businessi'm starting with my dad. daniela: how interesting.rodrigo: by the way, what did your ex do in mexico?daniela: he got a super job at and exportations company.neither his mom nor i got why he left it all to come here.rodrigo: he must've been escaping from something.daniela: no, he's not the kind of guywho escapes from problems. i think it rather had to dowith what happened to his younger brother.rodrigo: what happened to him? daniela: he committed suicide.marcelo was very moved, and because of ithe decided changing his life drastically.and i wasn't included in that change anymore.[phone rings] rodrigo: i'm sorry.hi. ligia: hi, it's ligia.rodrigo: oh, how are you? ligia: missing you.won't we meet tonight? rodrigo: no, i can't.what about tomorrow? ok, take care.bye. sergio, a friend.daniela: yes, sure. rodrigo: hey, i want to inviteyou to my house one of these days.daniela: to your house? what for?rodrigo: to meet my parents. daniela: no, i already metyour mom and i didn't like her at all.brígida: good afternoon. could you please tell mewhat's the office of licentiate sergio mondragon?ligia: mrs. zúñiga. how are you? good seeing you.brígida: i'm sorry. do i know you?ligia: don't you remember me? i went to your house to hand yousome papers for rodrigo, so he could work here.brígida: yes, sure. you're...ligia: ligia, ligia cervantes. how's rodrigo?brígida: very good, thanks very much.ligia: tell him we miss him very much here.brígida: sure, i'll be glad to send him your message.and sergio's office? ligia: on this hall,first door to the right. brígida: thanks a lot.ligia: you're welcome. good to see you.both: good afternoon. sergio: mrs. brí are you? brígida: my life, i needtalking to you. sergio: with me? what about?brígida: about my son. you're his best friendand must know if he's dating have to tell me who is she. sergio: well, i don't knowanything about it. i think he still loves lucía.brígida: no. lucía gaxiola is already past, and thoughrodrigo insists on denying he's seeing someone,i know he is. i want to know how she is.please, tell me. sergio: he hasn't told meanything, actually. brígida: really?sergio: yes, really. brígida: please,when you'll know something, tell me immediately.i don't want you to think i'm controlling my son's life.but i'm his mother and i'm worriedbecause i don't want him getting in get me, right? sergio: yes, sure.completely. brígida: then, i don't takemore of your time. sergio: i'm glad to see you.leticia: i'm really late. hi. brígida: what does this girldo here? leticia: i work here.brígida: uh. well, i can tell thatyou're going to help me. sergio: yes, we agreed on that.brígida: excuse me. sergio: see you.have a good day. leticia: what's mrs. nosydoing here? sergio: she came to ask mewho's rodrigo going out with. she said he's going outwith who knows who and she came to interrogate me.can't you believe it? leticia: what a pity she didn'task me, i'd have told her. sergio: do you know it?leticia: let's say so. marcelo: i don't likeleaving you like this. lucía: don't worry.i'll be fine. marcelo: don't you really wantcoming with me to the factory? i just have some things to do,and then we can go where you want.lucía: no, if i go there, i'll meet my dad.he'll ask why i've been like this, and i don't wantinvolving him in something that's only mine.marcelo: it's too strange to me that your dad let your auntand sister live in eternal conflict with you.lucía: my dad doesn't get to know many things,and he couldn't do anything. each time nora and i fight,we put him between a rock and a hard place.marcelo: why does he tolerate so much from his wife?lucía: i guess it's because he feels guilty because he's neverloved her as he loved my mom. that's why my auntis so full of resentment and frustration.marcelo: it's still too weird to me that the had marriedyour mom's sister. lucía: since i have memory,my aunt has been his wife and lived itas something natural. marcelo: well, i have to go.i promise i won't take long. lucía: don't worry.i won't be alone. rafaela is upstairs, right?marcelo: yes, i guess so. anyway, i leave you the keysjust in any case. lucía: thanks.marcelo: do you know that i love you, right?lucía: yes, if i didn't know it i couldn't put up with all this.marcelo: i won't take long. lucía: rafaela.rafaela? [phone rings]rafaela? hello.milagros: who's talking? lucía: it's lucía.are you mrs. milagros, right? milagros: i didn't recognizeyou. could you put rafaela through,please? lucía: she's not.i'm alone. milagros: oh, i see.after all, the apartment is yours, and i guessyou have right to get in and out whenever you please.lucía: do you want me to leave rafaela a message from you?milagros: yes. tell her that my son federico's photowasn't among the things she brought me, and that she'lldo me the favor to bring it as soon as she can.i think it's somewhere in the living room.lucía: sure, i tell her. milagros: thank you.good to hear you. lucía: you too. see you.rodrigo: lucía. lucía: you're a cynical,an idiot. rodrigo: what's wrong with you?lucía: you got a woman into our dared getting her here in my bed.rodrigo: you're imagining things.calm down-- lucía: shut up.i don't believe you anything. but before sending youto hell, i demand knowing who she is.i thank you so much having cheated on me.[music] [music]marcelo: hi, normita. hasn't mr. alonso asked for me?norma: no, not at all. but there's a woman waitingfor you. her name is rafaela orzuna.marcelo: thank you. what happened?i left lucía in the apartment thinking that you were can i help you? rafaela: i came to talk with youbecause i couldn't wait till tonight.marcelo: what's the matter? rafaela: i'm too distressedfor the discussion we had this morning,and i don't like that you distrust me.marcelo: i'm sure that you and my mother are hidingsomething from me. rafaela: whatever it is,it's your mother's issues and you have to respect it.marcelo: so, you're accepting that there's somethingi don't know. rafaela: what your mom told youis the only thing i know for sure.the rest is just my ideas, and it's not good thati'd be commenting on it. that would be liketalking bad of your mom and that's not fair.marcelo: the more you try to justify yourself,the more i realize there's something hiding,something i don't know, something very serious.rafaela: in the end, everything is known.if something is hiding, it comes to light in the end.and if it doesn't, it's finally worthless.marcelo: i know well, and though my mother'dhave done something, you'd never give her away.though you don't like her much, you're very fond of herand would never betray her. rafaela: you see that your momdoesn't care about that. marcelo: already know her. my mom is very proud,and though she doesn't want to admit it, she needs youand will end up looking for you. rafaela: i need her too.well, meanwhile, i'll look for somethingto get busy with. i said i really get very boredin your apartment. by the way, is lucía there?marcelo: yes, go with her. i won't take long.i think she felt bad. rafaela: sure,i'll take care of her. lalo: will we dowhat amador asked or not? nazario: it dependson alonso's decision. lalo: jeez, we just needthat guy convincing him. rafaela: good afternoon.are you nazario? nazario: to serve you, mrs.rafaela: i wanted to meet you because i've heard lotsof nice things about you. nazario: thank you.who has told you so? rafaela: marcelo, whom else.i'm sorry, i haven't introduced myself.i'm rafaela orzuna. i work with marcelo's momsince before that guy was born. nazario: well, nice meeting you.rafaela: you too. lalo: i'm eduardo varragal,on of that guy's best friend. rafaela: i've also heardabout you. lalo: good or bad things?nazario: why don't go first to the workshop?i reach you right away. lalo: that's fine.excuse me, rafaelita. rafaela: go ahead.nazario: he's quite impertinent, but a good person.rafaela: you can tell. nazario: nice meeting you.rafaela: you too. nazario: normita,do you have the contracts-- rafaela: excuse me,maybe the question will seem a bit strange, but don't youneed anyone to help you and miss magdalenawith the housework? rebeca: magdalena.magdalena: hi, what a surprise. how are you?rebeca: fine. i wanted to see you to ask youhow you feel about your visit last night?magdalena: you can imagine. lucía told me that ricardowent for you too, and were talking.i don't really get what you two have to do.rebeca: i actually barely let him talk.did he say why he's back? did he give you any explanationof what happened? magdalena: no, just like you,i didn't give him much chance to talk.rebeca: you can't let him get close to you again.don't talk with him again. he'll want to tangle youand you can't let that happen. magdalena: why do you say so?rebeca: i'm still very upset for what he did to youso long ago. magdalena: it feels so weirdthat all of sudden you worry about me.rebeca: don't say so. you're my sisterand i worry about you. but do as i say,don't let him get close to you again.lucía: what time is it? marcelo: don't's still early. lucía: excusemy breach of trust, but i feel deeply asleep.marcelo: this is your house. lucía: but it's full of you.marcelo: does that mean that there's nothing in hereanymore reminding you of-- lucía: no. don't say even it.marcelo: i love that you repeat it to me.well, where do you want to go? lucía: nowhere.i want to stay here with you, always.marcelo: are you sure? lucía: yes.unless you... [music]

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