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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 50

Sara descubre que Lety está enamorada de Mario y le exige que renuncie a su trabajo. Ricardo va a buscar a Rebeca a su casa y ella le pide que se vaya, pero él se niega.
11 Jun 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents... lucía: i lovethat you kiss me like that. marcelo: how?lucía: like this. mario: samuel!samuel, samuel, samuel. i've come to ask youto wish me luck. i'm in a hurry. you know?please. samuel: luck for what?mario: i proposed to magdalena. and she's going to answer to mein a little while. samuel: so--marriage?mario: uh-huh. samuel: don't you thinkyou're going too fast, mario? mario: [laughs], no, samuel, i-- i'm not a teenager anymore.samuel: no, you aren't. mario: she isn't either.and you aren't either, so you should hurryto let me go and you can officiate at massif you do me the honor. samuel: well, but--listen, wait,you seem to be convinced that she's going to say yes.mario: she wouldn't have to say no.would she? samuel: well--i don't know,mario. anyway, i'm so happy for you.i love seeing you that happy. you deserve it.mario: that's what i say. i deserve let me go, please. just bless me.samuel: don't joke, man. mario: [laughs] okay, bye.samuel: good luck, friend. mario: thank you!magdalena: ricardo. ricardo: that's right.ricardo márquez, the stupid manthat stood you up on the day we were goingto get married. magdalena: what are you doinghere? ricardo: i came to puebla and--and i wanted to see you. how are you?magdalena: pardon? are you asking me thatafter 24 years? ricardo: i knowthat i didn't do the things right with youand that what i did is unforgivable,but although you doubt it, i'm really sorry.magdalena: you start feeling remorse at the right left without saying a word, without giving methe opportunity to understand why you humiliated me like that.ricardo: and the worst thing about it all is that the reasonsi had then to do what i did don't justify me at all.magdalena: and it doesn't justify you eitherto come to my house now as if nothing had happened.i don't know how you found me, but i'll ask you to leave.i'm not interested in talking to you.i'm not interested in seeing you, ricardo.i'm not interested in knowing anything at allabout you. and listen to me carefully,i buried you too many years ago.and you'll go on being dead to me.ricardo: magdalena, please. please, let's talkat another moment when you're more calm.look, this is the informationabout the hotel where i'm staying.magdalena: get out of here. get out of here.[gasps] lucía: don't you really wantto stay for dinner? marcelo: no, thank youvery much. rafaela's waiting for mefor dinner with the table ready. teresa: hey, lucía.a man called asking about your aunt magdalena.lucía: who? teresa: i don't knowbecause as soon as i told him that magdalena wasin nazario's house, he told me he'd see her thereand he put it down. lucía: tere, why do you giveinformation to a stranger? tere: i don't even have to askyou to forgive me, right? marcelo: [laughs]at least, she doesn't have any bad intentions.lucía: no, i know that, but now she left me intrigued.who could have been if all the people who knowmy aunt magdalena know she's livingin my godfather's house? marcelo: oh, i didn't knowyou were so curious. lucía: [laughs] just a bit.marcelo: a bit. lucía: but i don't haveany bad intentions. marcelo: no, i know.lucía: hey, guess what. marcelo: what?lucía: today mario hernández proposedto my aunt magdalena. and you don't knowhow nervous she was. marcelo: why?lucía: i don't know if you know about it, but--too many years ago my aunt lived somethingvery similar to what happened to me.on her wedding day, her boyfriend disappeared and--she didn't know anything about him again.marcelo: that must have been very painful for her,but as they say, every cloud has a silver lining,right? now she's going to marry mario hernández. and i thinkhe's a good man, isn't he? lucía: yes.she found a great man like i found you.nora: oh. i'm sorry for interrupting.lucía: you didn't interrupt anything. marcelo's leaving now.nora: see you tomorrow. lucía: why did she say that?marcelo: i don't know. i'm sure she said itbecause she's going to start working at the factory.lucía: doing what? marcelo: i have no idea.rebeca: how was your appointmentwith the psychiatrist? nora: it true that you agree on that?rebeca: yes. your father thinksit can make you good. and i think we don't loseanything by trying it, but i don't agreeon the fact that you accepted it on condition that you workedat the factory. nora: i told you i'd manageto do it without your help. rebeca: and what do you planto do there? well, what are you good at?nora: maybe nothing, but i want to learn.and that's something my dad knows.he does trust in me. rebeca: i trust in you too,honey, but i warn younot to get into trouble. and don't take advantageof your time in there to do somethingagainst lucía and marcelo because your fatherwon't have any mercy on you. nora: you really thinki'm silly, don't you? rebeca: no,but i hope you've learnt your lessonand you don't do another stupid thing.lucía: but i don't understand why neither you nor my dadtold me something about it. what do you earn by hiding it?marcelo: nobody's hiding anything from you, lucía.yes, it's true. nora told me that once,but i didn't think it was important.lucía: it is important to me, it's very important.marcelo, i'm pretty surethat if nora chose to work at the factory,it's just because she wants to be near youto get involved with you. marcelo: listen, wait,who do you think you're talking to?to a stupid man who will let himselfget involved with anybody? no.why don't you trust in me? lucía: no--i do trust in you, but i don't trust in my don't know her. you don't knowwhat she's capable of. besides,i'm fed up with the fact that so many womenare after you. marcelo: i love itwhen you get jealous. lucía: i'm not jealous.marcelo: when are you going to believe methat i'm not interested in anybody else but you?i'm not interested in your sister or danielaor anybody-- lucía: well, stop, stop,will you mention them all? marcelo: them all?lucía: swear to me i'm the only one you love.marcelo: what do you want me to do to make you believe me?lucía: hug me. marcelo: [laughs][sighs] don't be silly.lucía: oh, but i'll tell you something, you know?marcelo: what? lucía: if one day i find outyou're cheating on me, you don't knowwhat i'm capable of, okay? mario: well, ready?what else do you need? your bag? your keys?something you're forgetting? magdalena: sit down, please.i need to talk to you. mario: um--can we do it at the restaurant? we'll miss the bookingand it's very delicious. seriously. besides--magdalena: ricardo márquez was here.mario: who? magdalena: ricardo márquez.i can't believe he appeared either,but when i opened the door, he was standing there.mario: and how did he know where to find you?magdalena: i don't know. i don't know, mario.and i don't know why the hell he came back either.mario: as far as i can see, he left you so upset.magdalena: and how do you think i could be, mario?if the man that ruined my life appeared in that dooras a ghost after 24 years? mario: and what does that mean?magdalena: well-- i don't know,that i'm bewildered, i'm disconcerted, confused.mario: yes, but-- but what do you mean?that seeing him made you realize you still love him or--?magdalena: i didn't say that. mario: no, but it's obviousthat it made you feel something. magdalena: don't get mixed upand don't try to get me mixed up either.mario: and why did he leave you this?did you say you'd meet again or--or what?magdalena: no. no, i didn't say anything.he told me he wanted to talk to me calmly, but--of course i'm not-- i'm not interested.mario: well, maybe you should do fact, i think you need to do it.maybe it helps you clarify a lot of things,among them, what i mean for you, that the love of your life has come back.magdalena: [cries] mario. [cries]mario. [cries]letty: well, i think my car will no longer beat the garage tomorrow and i won't bother you anymore.sergio: don't worry. letty: [laughs]sergio: hey, letty. wait for me.well--i know you asked me not to ask youabout your interest in hernández again, i know,but to be honest, you left me so worried, left me thinking. letty: why?sergio: because--why? because what you feel for himis--is ridiculous. letty: what's ridiculousis your love for nora because she is a snakeand she isn't worth anything. however,hernández is a great man. sergio: well, yes,but he could be your dad. letty: what's wrong with that?sergio: well--don't you think that maybe that's what makes youfeel attracted to him? that paternal figureyou couldn't have when you were a child because--letty: no, wait, wait, stop, stop, stop.don't try to be my psychologist because i don't have one,i didn't have one or i don't need it.good night. sergio: i understand.what about me after all? i'm not interested in her life,in rodrigo's life or anybody's life. i don't knowwhat i'm doing here. amador: so you already knewthis girl, daniela, is the idiot of marcelo escalante'sex-girlfriend. and you didn't tell me anything.brígida: but i tried to tell you.well, because i'm a gossip, you were about to beat me.amador: it would be good to know that girl.brígida: oh, no, no, i don't recommend it, you know?you don't know how smug she is. amador: yes? how do you know?brígida: because today i bumped into her and nora,nora gaxiola, at a café. they were talkingand to be honest, it was really strange to me.amador: pour me a drink. brígida: i mean, imagine,they are friends and rivals. nora was about to marry rodrigoand now it turns out that he's going out with--with his friend. no, and by the way,as i've just told you, you don't know how conceitedshe is. well, she really thinks the world doesn't deserve her.amador: well, relax because rodrigo isn't going outwith her. brígida: isn't he?amador: no. brígida: how do you know?amador: an acquaintance of them told me that.brígida: who? amador: i won't tell you who!you don't know her. it doesn't matter.brígida: well, but-- if he isn't going outwith daniela suárez, so who is he going out with?amador: he's not going out with anybody, brígida! stop!stop inventing girlfriends for your boyfriend.serve dinner, come on. brígida: hey,do you have any news about the murdererof nazario's wife? amador: no news.the only news is that the old manhas already started working at the factory again.believe me it would have been better if he had stayed at homemourning his wife forever. magdalena: [cries]nazario: what's the matter, girl?you're crying. magdalena: [cries]yes. ricardo márquez came back.nazario: who? magdalena: ricardo márquez.the swine came back on the very same daythat i was going to accept to marry another man.[cries] [telephone]alonso: hello. hello?rebeca: who was it? alonso: i don't know.they put it down. lucía: dad, can i talk to you?alonso: yes, sure. rebeca: see you later.lucía: thank you. dad, why hadn't you told methat nora's going to start working at the factory?alonso: because that's a decision we've just made.lucía: but did she asked you for itor did you offer it to her? alonso: sister wants to feel she's useful, she wants to workand, well, i can't say no. lucía: i know i don't haveto question your decisions, dad, but--i don't think it's a good idea because if nora'sat the factory near marcelo,some problems between her and me can arise.alonso: yes, honey, but understandi can't turn my back on her. nora's my daughter too.and she has the same rights you have.lucía: yes, dad, i know, but-- alonso: look, sit down,sit down. nora needs all our support.and that includes you too. and now she acceptedto have therapy. apparently she's on the right track.and all of us have to support herto help her achieve her aim. don't you think so?lucía: yes, yes. alonso: can i count on you?lucía: yes, dad. alonso: thank you.and you know what? don't worry. i'll pay too much attentionto everything your sister does. okay?lucía: please. alonso: yes. yes, yes, yes.sara: we have dinner later and later every day.letty: maybe because you leave the hospital later and later.sara: when you like what you do, you don't alwayslook at the time. letty: i likewhat i'm doing very much too and not because of that,i'll stay and sleep in the office.sara: i'm so glad you're working happilywith mario hernández. letty:'s the best that could have happened to mein my life. sara: oh, don't be exaggerated.letty: seriously. i'm serious. sara: hey, by the way,i haven't told you. i think your bosswill marry soon, you know? [clears throat]letty: marry magdalena murillo? sara: who else could it be?today he gave her an engagement ringand, by the way, it was really nice.letty: well, congratulations to them.sara: leticia! aren't you--?aren't you going to finish having dinner?!leticia, i'm talking to you! letty!do you want to tell me what the hellis going on with you? letty: nothing happens to me.i'm not hungry anymore. that's all.sara: no, don't try to get me mixed upbecause it's not the first time you get like thiswhen the subject about the relationshipbetween magdalena and your boss comes out.why does it bother you to talk about that?letty: it doesn't bother me, but i think it's ridiculousthat two people at their age are a couple and he gives heran engagement ring as if they were two teenagers,especially i say it for your friendbecause she's a bitter old maid. oh, i don't really understandwhat he can see in her! sara: oh, my're interested in that man. that's the problem, isn't it?letty: i don't know what you're talking about, mom.sara: look at me and tell me the truth!are you specially interested in mario hernández?letty: no, mom. it's not a special interest.i'm in love with him. satisfied?sara: for god's sake, darling. realize what you're saying.letty: why is it atrocious? i'm sorry,but he's not a married man and i'm a thousand timesbetter than your friend! sara: shut up!letty: well, you wanted to know what was happening to me! right?well, you know now. sara: this isn'twhat's scaring me, but your'll resign first thing in the morningand you won't step a foot in there, did you hear me?letty: no, no, you can't make me do that!sara: of course i can! and if you don't obey me,i'll talk to mario hernández personally to tell himyou won't go back! rafaela: good morning, milagros.i didn't hear you come in. milagros: you have to putsome oil to that piece of furnitureif you don't want it to go dry and start breaking.milagros: that's why you came? to tell mehow i have to do my job? milagros: no.i've come to make peace. rafaela: that means?milagros: look, rafaela, anyway, i know how you arevery well. and, well, you know me too.that means that somehow or other we could understand each other,so i'll give you another opportunity.rafaela: another opportunity to do what?milagros: to work with me again. oh, but you wont's sleep there.rafaela: you're so nice, but-- but it turns out that i'm finethe way i am. milagros: well, it's the limit.i didn't know you were so pride. rafaela: let's talk need me more than i need you.milagros: you're wrong. i can get service 100 timesmore efficient than you. rafaela: maybe,but you won't find anybody to keep your secrets anywhereand that's why you want to enjoy some peace and quietwith me to prevent me from telling your soneverything i know. marcelo: what is it you know,rafaela? don't keep quiet. answer to me.what secrets do you know about my motherthat you've never told me? [music][music] marcelo: i'm waiting.rafaela: the thing is-- milagros: i'll tell you.come, sit down. this is about your father.marcelo: that is to say? milagros: rafaela has alwaysclaimed to me that i have never told you his true story.marcelo: what--what story? milagros: you don't know it,but-- your fatherwasn't that great man you think he was,he was a wretch who made fun of meand of you too. marcelo: why?milagros: because being married to me,he got involved with a tart and he was about to abandon us,but god didn't let him do it because he died suddenly.and look how things are, he gave me as a prizea second husband who did love me.marcelo: and that's all? milagros: yes.that's my big secret. or what? do you haveanything else to add? rafaela: no.marcelo: and why have you never told me all this?milagros: because i didn't want to stain your father's image.marcelo: however, you've spent all these years taking out on mewhat he did to you, right? now i start understandinga lot of things. milagros: no, no,don't get confused. the differencesthat have existed between you and meweren't caused by what your father did,but by your own character and rebelliousness.marcelo: please. of course not. milagros: well, thinkwhatever you want then. this is the firstand the last time i talk to you about this.after all, your father's dead now.and that's how he'll always be. marcelo: why do i havethe feeling that there's something more about it?something i'm sure you know. letty: good morning!sergio: hello. hey, your mom's called.and because of her tone, i think she was havinga terrible time. >> sergio,can i give you the documents? sergio: yes, later.letty: seriously? sergio: yes,so you should call her. letty: oh, no,because she'll lecture me because i disobeyed i won't. sergio: [laughs]what did you do this time? letty: i've already told heri'm in love with hernández. and you know what she told me?that i had to resign! can you believe that?sergio: well, maybe that's a good idea, right?maybe it's good for you to make a clean break.letty: no, you know? and mind your own business.sergio: okay. i didn't say anything.mario: good morning. letty: good morning, sir.mario: where's alicia? sergio: she hasn't arrived yet.letty: well, if you want, i can make you a coffee.mario: no, thank you. i don't need it.sergio: he isn't in a good mood. i had never seen him like this.i don't know what's wrong with him.letty: maybe he had an argument with his sweetheart.sergio: and you go on. and you go on.letty: [laughs] marcelo: please, rafaela,whatever it is, i want to know. rafaela: i've already told youthere's nothing else apart from what your momhas told you. marcelo: and i've alreadytold you i don't believe you. rafaela: so tell mewhat i'm supposed to be hiding. marcelo: i don't know.if i knew, i wouldn't be asking you,but i'm sure there's something's illogical that my mother and youkeep it as a great secret that my father had a lover,please. that's not so important.rafaela: to her, it was somethingthat humiliated her very much and she didn't want younor anybody to know about it. you know she worries too muchabout what people can say and all those stupid things.marcelo: your explanation isn't convincing.rafaela: well, i don't know what else you want to hear.marcelo: at least, tell me who that woman was, the onemy father apparently abandoned us for. what was her name?rafaela: why do you want to know her name? why does it matter?marcelo: do you know what her name was?!rafaela: oh. that happened such a long time agothat i don't remember now. marcelo: as far as i can see,there's no point in doing this. i won't make you saya single word. it's so sad to seei can't trust in you either. lalo: take this to "chapulín".i'm sure he must be sleeping in the store as usual.come on. amador: what's up, lalo?is the order i asked for ready? lalo: no.amador: what? lalo: nazario gave me the ordernot to do that for you today or tomorrow or ever.and he said that if you had a problem,he'd be glad to see you to solve it with him.amador: oh, lalito, of course i'll solve itwith him. listen, nazario! can you explain to mewith what authority you stop an orderthat has already been authorized by alonso?nazario: with the authority i have for being the chiefin the workshop. and lower your tonebecause we had already talked about it and you just pretendedto forget it. amador: nazario, we had alreadytalked about it. i remember perfectly.the circumstances have changed, the world has turned,today we have a signed commitment.nazario: oh, well, i don't care about that commitment at all,so do whatever you want. excuse me.amador: what's this, nazario? is it a revenge?are you taking revenge? who knows why?i mean, i know you think i had something to dowith your wife's death-- nazario: no, i'm sureabout that! and i'll prove that to you!amador: you're crazy, totally crazy.and right now, i'll talk to alonsoto see if that order can be delivered.luckily, he's already come back. nazario: you can talkto god if you want, but that orderwon't be delivered and that's it.amador: we'll see that. nazario: we'll see it.alonso: i need you to talk to normita and ask herto print the document i sent her by email.and make a lot of copies of it to give it to all the employees.okay? nora: um--that means--what?will i be the office girl or what?alonso: yes, honey. if you want to knowhow the factory works, you have to startwith the simplest things. nora: no, yes, but--dad,to be honest, this is the limit. alonso: honey, please, obey me,okay? nora: well--amador: i need to talk to you. alonso: yes, come in.honey, do what i asked you. go, okay?nora: whatever you order me. alonso: what's wrong?amador: what's wrong is that i can't leta crazy old man go through me just because who knowswhy the hell it got into his headthat i had something to do with his wife's death.alonso: i suppose the crazy old man is nazario.amador: of course. and now he's just told methat he won't deliver the order of the pottery because he justdoesn't feel like doing it. he told me i could dowhatever i want. alonso: amador, amador,as you can understand, i'm just starting working hereagain, so i don't know much about certain things.let me talk to him to see what explanationhe gives me. amador: well, of course,but, please, i hope you don't chooseto be on his side, i remind you we havea signed contract. i wouldn't like us to haveany legal problems because of this. okay?alonso: yes, i repeat it, let me see how things are.amador: you approved and revised the contract.[music] [music][knocking on door] lucía: come in!teresa: lucía, you have a visit.lucía: who? teresa: the same womanwho came a month ago. she says she is marcelo's mom.what should i say? lucía: nothing.nothing, i'll go, tere. thank you.teresa: you're welcome. lucía: good morning.milagros: good morning, lucía. i suppose my visitsurprises you. lucía: to be honest, yes.what will you claim to me now, madam?milagros: no, no, on the contrary,i've come to talk to you on the best terms.i've been thinking about what you told me yesterdayand i think you're right. it isn't good for youor for me to be enemies. lucía: are you really saying so?milagros: seriously. honestly, i'd like usto enjoy some peace and quiet. i mean, especially for marcelo.he doesn't deserve we complicate his existence.lucía: i totally agree. and, madam, i repeatwhat i've told you. i'm completely willingto have a good relationship with youor at least, a cordial relationship.milagros: i hope it's more than that.both of them: [laughs] milagros: well, that was it.take care, darling. lucía: i'll see you out.milagros: no, no. no. don't take that trouble.i know the way out. rebeca: what a pleasure,milagros. don't tell me you're leaving.milagros: i don't have anything else to do here.rebeca: well, you already know you are always welcome hereand you can come whenever you want.why did she come? lucía: to make it up with me.rebeca: oh, look, who could say you would winthat woman so fast? but, well, i don't knowwhy it surprises me. the truth is you've always beensuch a charming girl. lucía: don't you think so.i doubt i have really won her. i mean,she has a thousand reasons to dislike me.what i don't understand is why she doesn't like youeither. rebeca: it must bebecause we are relatives. see you later.[telephone] oh, answer the phone,please, lucía! [telephone]lucía: hello. ricardo: rebeca there? lucía: she--she's just left.who's calling? ricardo: just tell hera friend has called her. sara: i need to talk to youfor a minute. it's about my daughter.let me help you. magdalena: i can do it myself.thank you. sara: what's wrong with you?don't tell me mario changed his mind.magdalena: i don't know. we couldn't even talkabout that, sara. sara: but--what? you were going to have dinnerso that you could give him your answer, right?magdalena: we couldn't go anywherebecause just before mario came to pick me up,i had the most disgusting visit. sara: who?magdalena: ricardo márquez. sara: what?magdalena: i don't know why the hell he came.sara: and what did he tell you? magdalena: a stupid thing.that he was just visiting puebla and he wanted to say hi to me.sara: how long is he staying? magdalena: oh, i don't havethe slightest idea. i have no idea.he could go to hell, i don't care. i want him to's been years, years that i've been waitingto see him to ask him for an explanation,but right now i swear to youi'm not interested in it anymore.i'm not interested in it anymore.sara: i have to see a patient. magdalena: no, no, sara!sara, sara, sara, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm i didn't want to get you downwith my problems, you know? you wanted to tell me somethingabout your daughter. please, sit down. tell me--sara: no, we'll talk about it later. it doesn't matter.magdalena: you wanted to tell me--sara. oh, my god.sara: [gasps] nora: [knocks on door]are you busy? marcelo: just a bit. why?nora: the thing is-- um--my dad asked meto make some copies of i don't know whator i don't know where they are. i don't know. to be honest,i don't understand. could you help me?marcelo: normita can help you. nora: you don't likethat i work here very much, do you?marcelo: on the contrary, i'm glad you wantto get yourself busy and be helpful.nora: are you? to be honest,i have a great motivation. do you want to know which one?lucía: i don't think marcelo's interested in knowing that,nora. why don't you let him work?nora: i was just asking him for helpto do something my dad asked me to do,but you know what? now that i think about itcarefully, i can do it myself.marcelo: hello. what's wrong?won't you say hi to me? lucía: you don't deserve it.marcelo: why not? lucía: do you thinki didn't realize my sister was seducing you thereand you were acting as if nothing was happening?marcelo: lucía, please, okay? when will you starttrusting in me? lucía: oh, i know.well, guess who visited me today.marcelo: who? lucía: your mom.marcelo: don't tell me she dared to--lucía: no, no, no. on the contrary, i thinkthe talk we had yesterday was goodand she visited me to make it up with me.marcelo: i know i shouldn't tell you this,but i wouldn't trust in her. lucía: i don't likethat you talk like that about your mom.marcelo: yes, i--i know that i shouldn't alwaysthink bad about her, but i just don't trust in her,just like it happens to you with your dad's wife.lucía: well, guess what? today i realizedthat my aunt rebeca and your mom don't get on wellwith each other at all. marcelo: yes.i can guess so. [music][telephone] psychiatrist: yes.who? oh, all right.tell her to come in. rebeca: i'm sorry for comingwithout an appointment. psychiatrist: don't worry.thank you, silvia. silvia: yes, excuse me.rebeca: well, i suppose i should introduce myself.psychiatrist: you don't have to. my secretary has already told mewho you are. how can i help you?rebeca: let's say that-- i wanted to knowwhose hands my daughter is in. psychiatrist: well--i think that's logical. rebeca: i don't knowwhat my husband could have told you,but i want to tell you that nora'sa very sensitive girl, that the only thing she needsis a bit of patience, and she has never received itfrom her father or her sister. psychiatrist: and she hasreceived it from you? rebeca: of course.she's my only daughter, the only thing i haveand i'd give anything to make her get her way back.and to be honest, now that i know you,i'm sure that-- you'll be able to help her.psychiatrist: well, only if she wants me to.rebeca: yes, she will. i won't make you wasteany more of your time. i guess you're very busy.nice to meet you. psychiatrist: nice to meet you.nora: stupid idiot! what's wrong with you?!lucía: listen to me carefully, nora.i'm so glad you're trying to do somethinguseful with your life, but i'll ask you nicelyto stay away from marcelo. nora: it turns out that i can't even say hito him? lucía: you know what i mean,nora! i don't want to haveany more problems with you, but if you look for trouble,you'll get it. nora: oh, i'm so scared.lucía: listen to me carefully. nora: [moans]lucía: you don't know how aggressive i can be, nora,and i swear to you that you don't want to know itbecause i'm worse than you. nazario: first of all,the unit prices are so low. and the volume of salesis really big. we won't be able to do it.i'm sorry, but it surprises me that you have accepteda contract like that. you have never wantedto sacrifice the quality for the quantity.alonso: to be honest, i didn't read it carefully.i just trusted in amador. nazario: well, yes,you'll tell me i'm looking for troublewhere there's no choice, but it also surprises methat nobody knows the client. do you know it?alonso: no, no, no. that contract was signedwhen i was sick at home. nazario: that's whyit's so strange. i wasn't presentwhen that contract was signed either.alonso: nazario, could it be that you judge amadorbecause of what happened to trini?nazario: no. that's different, but listen, revise the contractcarefully. if you think it's correct, it's convincingand we can do it, i'll shut upand i'll get everything done to deliver it on time.alonso: i promise you i'll revise it carefullyto put an end to all this once and for all.nazario: to change the subject, have you seen magdalena?alonso: no. i haven't lately, why?nazario: because the swine of ricardo márquez is in pueblaagain. and i don't know,but your sister-in-law's really worried.ricardo: hello. won't you say hias you used to do in the old times?rebeca: don't you even dare. ricardo: it's're still the same. rebeca: however, you are a mess.why did you come back? ricardo: to visitmy old friends. rebeca: you can go back therejust like you came here. nobody wants you here.ricardo: wait a minute. you and i have to talk.rebeca: you're wrong. i don't have anythingto talk to you about. ricardo: well, i'll have to talkto your husband then. i'll have to see him.i don't know what you did to marry alonso gaxiola,but it's obvious that neither he nor magdalenanor anybody know why i abandoned your sister.the only one that knew about it was adrianaand she died mysteriously on the very same dayshe found out about it all. in fact, i'm pretty surethat nobody else knows about it. rebeca: i don't knowwhat you're talking about. ricardo: you perfectly knowwhat i'm talking about. what did you do to adriana?what did you to make her shut up and marry her husband?

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