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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 49

Nora acepta tomar terapia y le confiesa al doctor que odia a Lucía. Ricardo va a buscar a Magdalena a su casa.
9 Jun 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents...: lucia: i love you, goodnight.alonso: get some rest. lucia: hey, dad,any news about clara? alonso: no, i'll call juareztomorrow and see if he knows anything.lucia: okay. >> no one seems to be home.juarez: there's a light on. good evening,we're trying to locate mrs. clara rosales buena.>> she's not home. juarez: do you know at what timeshe'll be back? >> why are you looking for her?juarez: we just need to ask her some questions, that's all.>> hey, my friend didn't kill anyone, just leave her alone.she has enough problems with her son's condition.juarez: we're not accusing her of anything yet.we just want to talk to her. do you know when we can findher? >> i don't know,she took her son and left. juarez: where to?>> i don't know, i came to see her a while agoand she was gone. she left without saying goodbye.amador: who's in bed with you, ligia?answer me. ligia: no one,it's my cousin. amador: what cousin?ligia: daniela. daniela suarez.amador: daniela suarez. ligia: she's a cousin that willstay with me for some days, that's all.please, just go, amador. amador: okay, i'll leave.ligia: what? you want me to introduce you to her?and explain to her our relationship?amador: enough. we'll talk.ligia: yes, we'll talk later, please leave.rodrigo: who was that? ligia: no one.rodrigo: it was him, wasn't it? they guy you were with beforeme. ligia: yes, it was him,but i already told him i don't want to see him again.rodrigo: his voice sounded a lot like...ligia: like who's? rodrigo: no one,that's impossible. bye.ligia: no, rodrigo, stay. rodrigo: no, you just want tokeep me here so that i don't bump into him.ligia: yes, rodrigo, he's very violent, i don't want himto hurt you. rodrigo: i can defend myself.ligia: rodrigo! marcelo: hello.lucia: hello. marcelo: did you come to tell meyou thought things over and that you won't be involvedwith a man with a past like mine?lucia: i've been thinking about it and i realized thati don't have to break up with you over something that happenedback when i wasn't part of your life.marcelo: are you sure of what you're telling me?lucia: yes. but i don't like one bitthe fact that daniela is still hung up on you.but what can i do? life is not perfect.marcelo: did you know you're the only one i want to spendthe rest of my life with? lucia: i think i do.marcelo: you think? lucia: i'm not sure.marcelo: what do you mean? lucia: and do you knowhow i feel about you? marcelo: i'd rather you showedme instead of telling me. lucia: how?milagros: oh, good morning.lucia: good morning. milagros: may i have a wordwith my son? lucia: yes.i'll be at my dad's office. marcelo: i'll be there later.what is it, mom? what do you need?milagros: you heard me. i came to talk to you.magdalena: hello, juanita. juanita: hello, how are you?magdalena: may i have 10 oranges please?juana: sure, pick them out yourself.magdalena: thanks. juanita: we heard about trini.what an awful thing. magdalena: yes, it was horrible.juanita: send my regards to nazario and tell them we allhere remember her wife very dearly.magdalena: sure, i will. juanita: thank you.rafaela: excuse me. magdalena: yes?rafaela: are you mr. trebiño's relative?magdalena: well, in a way, yes. in fact i live with him.rafaela: in that case, send him my regards too.magdalena: excuse me, who are you?rafaela: i'm rafaela ozuna, i'm sort of like marcelo'snanny. marcelo escalante,do you know him? magdalena: yes, of course i do.a pleasure, i'm magdalena murillo,lucia's aunt. rafaela: i heard about you,only good things, by the way. magdalena: thanks,sorry to leave you, but i have to take this home before goingto work. i'm taking care of things aroundthe house and i could be late. rafaela: go ahead.magdalena: juanita, let me pay you.juanita: thanks. magdalena: i'll take twomangoes. keep the change.juanita: thank you. rafaela: i'll take some mangoes.juanita: yes, go ahead. did you know trini?rafaela: no, i didn't have the pleasure,but i knew she was a good person.juanita: as little people in this world.rafaela: would you weight them for me?juanita: yes. milagros: don't you realize youhave a responsibility towards her?marcelo: i'll be honest, i doubt any of this was true.milagros: i can't believe you think daniela could have liedabout something like that. marcelo: please, think about it,if she had been really pregnant, she would have told me rightaway. and she wouldn't have hiddensaying she didn't want to make things worse,'s not logical, i can put my finger on it.milagros: what's logical to you? to dump her as if she was athing you use and then you throw away?marcelo: don't exaggerate, some relationships work,and some don't. milagros: what does luciagaxiola have that daniela doesn't?what's so great about her that somehow she dazzled you?marcelo: i don't know, the only thing i can tell youis that lucia made me feel something i never felt before.milagros: that's exactly how daniela feels about you.but you just don't see it. marcelo: of course i see it,it's just that i fell in love with lucia and not with daniela.milagros: well, that's all, there's no way to get throughto you. and since you didn't even askedme where i live, here's the address and number,in case your girlfriend gives you any free time to come visit,or at least call your mother. rodrigo: mom, what are you doinghere? what's wrong? brigida: i'm waiting for youto wake up and ask you why you didn't tell me daniela suarezwas marcelo escalante's girlfriend.rodrigo: how did you find out? brigida: we know everythingaround here. what i don't get is why thatgirl precisely? rodrigo: how many times do ihave to tell you i'm not involved with her?she's a friend. brigida: i don't think she'sjust a friend when you came home really late last night.and don't deny you were with her.rodrigo: what if i was? brigida: you said she wasa decent girl that came from a good family.and it's not right for a woman...rodrigo: what's not right is for people to be as nosy as you.brigida: hey, don't talk to me like that.rodrigo: if you don't want me talking like that, stop messingwith my life. please, leave.brigida: i'm your mother, and i have the right to knowwhat you're up to. so please, invite her over sothat your dad and i can at least meet her.rodrigo: stop! you're making me mad!how could dad put up with you for so many years.or myself. make yourself at home.lucia: did your mom leave? marcelo: yes.lucia: and? marcelo: she just told me whereshe was going to live and she took the chance to defenddaniela. lucia: it's obvious she lovesher. marcelo: don't take itseriously, i don't know what to say, my mom's is a difficultwoman. lucia: i'd love to get alongwith her. for you, because she's your mom,and i don't want to be a conflict between you two.marcelo: in spite of you, i always had a bad relationshipwith her. ever since i was a kid,and now i'm an adult, it's a lot worse.lucia: you are responsible for that too.marcelo: yes, i guess. but i try to indulge her,but i can't. she resents me for some reason.and she wants to keep me by her side.lucia: was she like that when your dad was alive?marcelo: not that bad. when he died, she becamewhat she is now. then she got remarried, federicowas born and the differences between us began.she always tried to control him. lucia: but you did get alongwith him, right? marcelo: yes.i never cared about those differences.i think if i had been the one who died, my mother wouldn'thave suffered that much. lucia: don't be silly.marcelo: i mean it, sometimes i think my motherhates me. teresa: do you need anythingelse, or can i go run the errands?rebeca: no, go, but don't take hours.because lately you've been taking too long.teresa: i'll be back soon to have food ready.excuse me, sir. alonso: hello.rebeca: don't you think you're still weak and delicateto be walking on the streets? you should check with thecardiologist before you go see your sweetheart.alonso: i didn't go see sara. and stop bothering her.and me too. rebeca: i'd give anythingfor you to be jealous of me. alonso: why are you bringingthat up now? rebeca: i wished i was a littlemore important to you. alonso: i'm glad you said that,because you've been distant lately.i don't even have your support. rebeca: why do you say that?because of nora? we can't make her do whatshe doesn't want to do. alonso: if i convince her to gosee a psychiatrist, would you support me,so that she doesn't change her mind?rebeca: we should check out the doctor first, don't you think?alonso: that's where i went, i met doctor roman andradeand he gave me a good impression.rebeca: right, the doctor sara recommended you.alonso: that's not important. i need your support,nora needs our help. rebeca: okay, but first you haveto promise me you'll stay here and take care of yourself,you can't be walking around. alonso: i don't want to stayhome, actually, i'm going back to work tomorrow.rebeca: but... alonso: but nothing.if i'll get another heart attack, i want to get whiledoing what i like the most. and working in my things is whati like the most. i have to start working again.rebeca: okay, i'll support you in that too.alonso: thanks. amador: i was clear to you thatthat delivery had priority. lalo: yes, but we can'tdisregard the rest, right? amador: what rest?you're useless. nazario: what's going on?i asked a question, what's going on?amador: nothing, it's just that your protégé here won't followan order i gave him. since you speak his language,maybe you can convince him. lalo: nazario!so good to have you back! that means you're feelingbetter. nazario: i doubt i can ever becompletely well. but i guess this is better thanstaying in the house doing nothing.lalo: did they catch... nazario: no, they didn't.what were you and that man arguing about?lalo: let me tell you and you'll be surprised.nazario: what was it? sergio: ligia, i need you totype this and e-mail it to me. ligia: sure.sergio: thanks. rodrigo told me about you...ligia: yes, i hope you're discreet about it.sergio: sure, he's my friend. what do you expect from it?from this relationship? ligia: that's none of yourbusiness. if you worry about him,believe me i won't hurt him. and he's old enough to knowwhat he's doing. you better stay out of it.and mind your own business. you've been alone for a while,and you don't look very happy. [cell phone]excuse me, it's a personal call. as soon as i have that ready,i'll e-mail it to you. sergio: thanks, excuse me.ligia: what do you want? amador: hello, we need to talk.ligia: what about? amador: about my son.i'll meet you at your house at lunch time.milagros: tell me the truth, you made up the pregnancy thingto blackmail my son? daniela: of course not,why do you ask? milagros: because marcelois convinced that you lied to him.and he gave me some explanations that made me think he might beright. daniela: i can't believe he'strying to get that in your head to try to wash his hands clean.but it's even worse that you let him convince you.what type of person do you think i am?milagros: the type of person that's desperate to get backthe man she loves. daniela: yes, but no matter howdesperate i was, i'd never lie about something like that.milagros: listen carefully, if i find out you've been lyingto me, we'll be in serious trouble.because it's one thing that i support you, and other thatyou're trying to fool me. daniela: i swear it's no lie.i was going to have marcelo's child.a child i had to get rid of because i knew it wouldn't beenough for him to stay with me, and i don't want to be a singlemom. milagros: okay, let's drop it.let's go to the kitchen. to see what we can make.daniela: i still don't understand why you didn't wantto bring rafaela with you. milagros: she's a snitch!daniela: you should reconsider it, at least for her to comea few times. we would find out what goes onat marcelo's apartment. milagros: forget it,she's unconditional to him, and she'd rather die beforebetraying him. show me the pantry,let's see what we have. rafaela: [gasps]lucia: hello! may i come in?rafaela: sure, make yourself at home.lucia: thanks. rafaela: sit, please.lucia: thanks. how have you been?rafaela: a little bored, since milagros left,i don't have much to do. lucia: [chuckles]i can imagine. rafaela: guess who i meet at themarket today? lucia: who?rafaela: your aunt magdalena, marcelo told me about her,but i just met her today. she's so charming.lucia: she is, isn't she? rafaela: nothing like your otheraunt, they don't even seem to be sisters.she's so nice, simple, and the other one is...lucia: so, you already met rebeca.rafaela: not really, but i heard about her.what are you doing here? if you're here to see marcelo,he went to work really early. lucia: [chuckles]i know, i'm not looking for marcelo.i came for you. there's something importanti need to ask you. nora: i won't go see anypsychiatrist, any doctor, any priest, anything, i won't,period! alonso: i'm just askingyou to go once and see how you feel, maybe you are surprised.nora: dad, i'm not crazy. alonso: i'm not saying you are.but you have sudden mood swings. and sometimes you lose controland that's not normal. i want you to be happy.or tell me, are you happy? nora: no.alonso: then why don't you accept the help we're offeringyou? nora: she agreed?alonso: sure, go ask her. nora: okay, i'll do it on onecondition. alonso: what?nora: that you let me work in the factory.alonso: that's blackmailing. nora: maybe, but if you want meto be happy, you'll have to give something up.make me feel i'm as important to you as my sister is.instead of sitting and waiting for a stranger to fix me up.alonso: go see andrade and we'll discuss this later.nora: no, i'll go see him as long as i start workingwith you now. so, you decide.[doorbell] milagros: daniela!daniela, someone's at the door. daniela?i'm coming! i'm coming!lucia: good afternoon. milagros: what do you want?lucia: i want to talk to you. milagros: i have nothing to talkto you about. lucia: excuse me.milagros: hey, what's the matter with you?lucia: whether you like it or not, you'll hear me out.[music] [music]milagros: why? lucia: because you not losingthe only son you have left depends on it.milagros: i already lost marcelo.and that's thanks to you. lucia: i don't think it's thatbad, and you shouldn't make me the villain here.milagros: you should have thought of that earlier.milagros: i know you don't like me, you can't stand me,but i want that to change. milagros: i don't know how,since they one, i knew you were no good for my son.lucia: i know you think daniela is much better than me.and i know what happened a few months ago, and i'm reallysorry. milagros: don't say?lucia: even if you doubt it, i am.the thing is marcelo is with me now, and there's no reason thatwould make me give him up. and do you know why?milagros: i guess you'll tell me.lucia: because i love him. as i never loved anyonein my life. milagros: even more thanthat boyfriend you were going to marry?the one who stood you up? lucia: a lot more,a million times more. ma'am, you also love marceloin a different way, we both share a feeling for him,we shouldn't be enemies. don't you think?milagros: i think you're too cocky and proud.lucia: please, i know you won't change your mind about meovernight, but think about what i just said,excuse me. daniela: your plan didn't work.your sister didn't care. nora: don't lose it,this is just the start. daniela: thanks for the advice.don't worry, i'll figure out how to getmarcelo back on my own. brigida: oh, watch where you'regoing! norita, what a surprise.nora: hello, brigida. >> i'll wait at the table.hello. nora: hello.brigida: is this girl a friend of yours?nora: yes, meet daniela suarez. brigida: oh, what a small world!i wanted to meet you so bad. daniela: me?brigida: i'm rodrigo's mother. daniela: you're that neuroticwho answered the phone. sorry, but i'm not pleasedto meet you at all. excuse me.brigida: so rude! nora: yes, but what can i say?peasants. nazario: good afternoon,normita. norma: nazario, so good to seeyou. we just need alonso back so thateverything goes back to normal. nazario: that will be reallyhard for me. norma: i'm sorry, i meant...nazario: i know what you meant. it's marcelo here? norma: yes, he's didn't goto lunch yet. nazario: i'll go see him.norma: nazario, did they give you the cookies i sent you?norma: yes, thanks, they were good.norma: i'm glad he liked them. mario: hello.magdalena: excuse me for a moment, billie.hello, what are you doing here?mario: i wanted to ask you out for dinner and talk,but i couldn't wait. magdalena : aha.why not? what happened? mario: it's nothing bad,i was just upset about the last time we talked and i don't wantyou to think i only go out with you because you're rebeca'ssister. magdalena: oh, mario!please, you don't need to explain.we talked about it and we agreed it's all in my head.and that we would let it go, remember?mario: okay, i remember. i still have to give you this,to be at ease. and you have to knowyou're very important to me. you mean a lot to me,take it. magdalena: what's this?mario: open it. magdalena: let's see.mario? it's just that...mario: i know it's not the time or the place.but i couldn't wait. and i thought it would be a goodidea for you to have a moment to think before you sayyes or no. magdalena: but, mario...mario: don't say anything. i'll pick you up at eight,and that's... sorry, excuse me.sara: hello, mario. mario: hello.magdalena: mario! sara: what was he doing hereat this time? magdalena: he came to...he came to... propose to me.sara: my god! nazario: amador knew perfectlywell i didn't approve that contract.but he didn't care. and since i was absent he didit anyway. marcelo: he said alonso approvedit. nazario: i don't know how hegot that approval. marcelo: lalo said the amountis too big and that we won't be able to guarantee quality,with that deadline. nazario: right, and that'snot all, there's also the units price.i don't know what this scoundrel did,but it's barely over cost. marcelo: we have to talkto alonso. for other reasons, i wasn't ableto, i'll tell him today. nazario: let me do it,i'll take care of that. marcelo: you know you have allmy support. nazario: thanks,but i want to be the one to put that fool in his place.[music] ligia: i don't have much time,i have to go back to work. amador: not even enoughto invite me a drink? ligia: why do you want to talkto me about your son? amador: because it seems he'sgoing out with your cousin, right?ligia: what? amador: yes, she's danielasuarez. ligia: yes.amador: he's dating a daniela suarez, so it must be her.i want to know how much you told her about us.ligia: nothing at all. and don't worry, because she'snot going out with your son. amador: no? how can you be sosure? ligia: because she's in lovewith someone else. in fact he works withyour partner. as far as i know,you hate him. amador: you mean the sissyof marcelo escalante? ligia: aha.that's why she came to puebla. amador: darn!what i have to know! i don't know what i'd dowithout you. come here.ligia: i want nothing with you. amador: i get that your madbecause last time things didn't go that well.but it was your fault too. you're really stubborn.if you put some effort, everything could go backto normal. ligia: let me go, i mean it.i don't want to have anything to do with you, okay?i don't even want to see you again.amador: you're mad at me. but you'll grow out of calm. sooner or later.thanks for the information. it will be very useful.see you soon. daniela: hello.milagros: why did you leave without telling me where youwent? daniela: i went to buy dessert.i yelled when i was leaving, i guess you didn't hear me.did you need me? milagros: no, i didn't need you.but lucia was here. daniela: what? why was she here?milagros: she came to make me believe she's so nice.daniela: well, if we didn't know her!milagros: right, but maybe rafaela is right.daniela: about what? milagros: that i should be nicerto her. daniela: don't tell me you'llbe her friend now. milagros: of course not,and don't give me that tone, it wouldn't be bad to have herclose. daniela: sorry,i don't understand. milagros: it's clear,don't be silly. it's obvious that what we'vedone so far, was useless. except for making marcelo evenmore interested in her. i think we should changethe strategy. marcelo: how could you give herthe address? rafaela: lucia asked for it,and i had no reason to refuse. i'm not telling you for youto scold me, but because i don't like keeping thingsfrom you. and because you were goingto find out anyway. marcelo: why didn't she ask mefor it? rafaela: i'm sure she knew youwouldn't give it to her. marcelo: of course not,why would she want to talk to her?rafaela: don't be so worried, your girlfriend is a smartwoman and maybe she even gets your mom to like her.marcelo: please, as if you didn't know my mother.rafaela: maybe she softens her. marcelo: i'll talk to lucialater. sit, i don't want you waitingon me like my mom does. rafaela: i wanted to ask youif you didn't mind if i looked for other things to dowhile you're at work. i'm bored in here all day.marcelo: yes, do whatever you want.nothing behind my back, though. rafaela: you know i'd neverdo that. marcelo: you better!both: bon appetite. lucia: it's beautiful!so? you obviously said yes. magdalena: i don't know whati'll tell him. it was a surprise.lucia: well, at least you must have an idea whether you want tobe with him or not. magdalena: yes, but it's toosoon to discuss marriage. lucia: [laughs] sorry, aunt,take no offence, but you can't take much longer.magdalena: [laughs] i know i'm not that young!but... lucia: but?magdalena: [sighs] i'm afraid it happens again.lucia: aunt, i'll tell you something you told me whenthe same thing happened to me with won't happen again. and besides, we have to takechances in life, aunt. remember?magdalena: yes, i remember. what would you doif marcelo asked you to marry him right now?lucia: i'd say yes, no doubt about it.and i have everyone against me. his mother, his ex,aunt rebeca, nora. i don't care.but you have nothing that stops you.magdalena: [laughs] alonso: if you know anything,let me know. thanks.rebeca: who were you talking to? alonso: chief juarez.i was asking if he had anything on that clara seems they already know her full name and address.rebeca: when will they go get her?alonso: they went yesterday. but she has left town.rebeca: that's her conscience. alonso: she must be scared.rebeca: do they know where she went?alonso: no and he said it will be even harder to find her now.rebeca: well, let's change the subject, did you talk nora intogoing to the psychiatrist? alonso: yes, but on onecondition. she wants to workin the factory. rebeca: i hope you didn't agree.alonso: i had no choice. and it's odd that you don'tagree with her. rebeca: no, i don't, becausei know exactly why she wants to be be close to marcelo escalante.and you know that's trouble. alonso: she wants to feel usefuland we have to give her the benefit of the doubt.rebeca: i hope it doesn't backfire us.alonso: we have to take the risk, and if you don't agreewith nora working in the factory, you should talk herinto changing her mind. [music][music] >> hello.nora: is this doctor andrade's office?>> yes, it is. nora: good, i have anappointment with him, i'm nora gaxiola.>> sure, come in, sit. nora: i'm fine right here.thanks. >>, miss gaxiola is here. can go in. nora: good afternoon.good afternoon. roman: sorry, come in.sit, please. nora: so, you are doctor romanandrade? roman: yes.i am. i'll ask you to call meby my first name. that helps with trust.sit, please. nora: i doubt we get to trusteach other. you probably know i'm herejust to indulge my dad. but i'll tell you i'm not only problem is called lucia. roman: who's lucia?nora: my eldest sister, who i hate with all my heart.anything else you want to know? marcelo: explain, i don'tunderstand. lucia: it's only logical.i went to see your mom to make her understand i don't want tobe a conflict between you two. on the contrary,i don't want her to see me as an enemy.marcelo: what did she say? lucia: nothing really,but i think i got her thinking. marcelo: why didn't you tell mewhat you were going to do? lucia: i thought of it afterwe met in the office. marcelo: you could have asked meinstead of asking rafaela. lucia: you say it as if it wassomething bad. and i think it was ratherpositive. i feel very proud of myself.marcelo: i appreciate your intention, but i reallydon't think it'll work. lucia: at least we didn't slapeach other like the first time we met.and that's a lot. marcelo: let me tell you,i don't care if she approves of this or not,it's her problem. lucia: you say that now,but in the end those things will get you.realize, your mom is your only family left,and no matter how bad you get along, you need each other.marcelo: yes. lucia: the same way i needmy sister although we never got along.i love that you kiss me like that.marcelo: how? lucia: like this.mario: samuel! samuel, samuel, samuel!i came for you to wish me luck. i'm in a rush, please.samuel: luck with what? mario: i proposed to magdalena.and she'll answer in a while, so...samuel: proposed? isn't that too fast?mario: no! no, i'm not a teenager anymore.neither is she. and neither are you better hurry, so i can leave and you can get readyfor mass. samuel: well, wait,you look convinced that she'll say yes.mario: she has no reason to say no.does she? samuel: i don't know,anyway, i'm happy for you. i love seeing you this deserve it. mario: that's what i say,i deserve it. let me go, give meyour blessing. samuel: don't be silly!mario: come on! bye!samuel: good luck, mate. mario: thanks.samuel: blessing! trinidad: we have to takechances in life. or what?do you want to be a bitter, neurotic and totally unbearableold spinster? magdalena: no, of course not.[doorbell] ricardo: don't remember me anymore? magdalena: ricardo!ricardo: that's right. ricardo marquez.the fool that stood you up when we were going to getmarried. [music][music]

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