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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 48

Daniela le dice a Marcelo que no puede vivir sin él, pero él le dice que no dejará a Lucía. Ligia y Rodrigo tienen intimidad en su departamento y Amador está a punto de descubrirlos.
8 Jun 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents...o sara: i didn't expect you.alonso: i can imagine. i came to apologizefor what happened last night. i don't approve of the wayrebeca treated you. sara: don't's her right to be jealous. you're her husbandand she loves you. alonso: i'm flatteredfor what you said. sara: don't misunderstand mebecause i didn't say i was in love with you.i just said that you're the kind of man i would've lovedto have as my partner. just that.alonso: it must be very hard to be alone, right?sara: it hasn't been easy, but i got used to it.besides, i'm not alone. i have my daughterand she fills a great part of my life.alonso: sure, i can imagine. well, i won't keep youany longer. i hope what happened last nightdoesn't affect our friendship. sara: i'm sorry if i'm beingsharp, but from now on, i think it would be betterif you called another doctor when you need one.i don't want to cause you nor me any more troublewith your wife. alonso: fine, it's okay.i'm really sorry. i promise i won't bother youanymore. excuse me.sara: alonso, wait.this is the information you needed.alonso: about what? sara: about the personwho can help nora. alonso: right, thank you.sara: you're welcome. alonso: bye.marcelo: at what time did that happen?lucía: this morning. that's why i arrived so late.marcelo: i don't understand your aunt's reactionwhen she saw that woman. lucía: the strangest thingwas that i felt that my aunt rebeca wanted clara to run away.and it may sound weird, but something tells me thatclara had nothing to do with my godmother's death.marcelo: well, enough. stop thinking about it.are you ready to start working. yes? where will you settle?lucía: i won't settle here. i will work from home.marcelo: why? lucía: because if you see me24 hours a day every day you'll get tired of meand i don't want that to happen. marcelo: i wouldn't get tired.but it would be convenient if you came here oftenso that your ex father-in-law doesn't feel the ownerof the place. marcelo: why is it that youalways mention rodrigo when you have the chance?marcelo: because i love it when you say you're no longerinterested in him. lucía: what about you?are you interested in daniela? marcelo: no, i told you thatdaniela was a very important person in my life,but nothing ties me to her now. norma: lucía, here you haveall the things you needed. i'm sorry i interrupted.lucía: don't worry. thank you, thank you, normita.norma: excuse me. marcelo: thank you, normita.norma: shall i close? marcelo: yes.both: [laugh] rebeca: well, magdalena.why did you come? magdalena: i heard that alonsois not in very good health, so i came to see him.rebeca: he's in his office. i realized that mario hernándezwas next to you all the time during trini's wake.i didn't know you were close friends.magdalena: we're more than that. rebeca: really?why haven't you told me? magdalena: because i hadn'thave the chance. rebeca: wasn't it becausehe and i had something once-- magdalena: i know what you'll tell me what everybody tells me.that mario didn't get married again because he could neverforget you. rebeca: that's nonsense,don't listen to them. you know people love gossiping.magdalena: thank you for your advice, rebeca,but mario and you were together so long ago that i think hedoesn't remember it anymore. rebeca: yes, maybe,but don't you find it weird that he's now dating my sister?magdalena: as weird as the fact that you married our oldestsister's husband. i'll say hi to alonso.alonso is not there. do you think he went out?rebeca: i guess so. marcelo: bye, honey.lucía: bye! go now! marcelo: you too.nora: i'm glad you arrived. you have guests.lucía: who? daniela: hello, lucía.nora: i'll leave you alone. lucía: what do you need?daniela: i want to talk to you. lucía: daniela, i don't knowwhat you're doing in my house-- daniela: i'm not here to argue.far from it, i came to apologize for allthe bad encounters we've had. lucía, i'm not bad-mannered.if i was rude to you it was because i was desperate.and i'm still are. lucía: daniela,i can understand you, but i didn't steal marcelofrom you. when he arrived at puebla, he--daniela: yes, i know. but it is very hard.mostly because my relationship was not an ordinary one.marcelo doesn't know this, but i was going to havea son of his. marcelo: what do you mean?daniela: i got pregnant before you moved to puebla.i was going to have a child of yours.a child i got rid of because you didn't love him.marcelo: i don't believe you. i don't believe you at all.daniela: why would i make up something like this?marcelo: i don't know, but i want to know why you cameto tell lucía something you never told me.lucía: marcelo is right. it's not about's something you two have to discuss,so feel at home. marcelo: lucía, wait.lucía: no. finish discussing with your exgirlfriend all you have to discuss and then we'll seeif there's still something you and i have to discuss.marcelo: we have to talk. daniela: let go of me!i can walk alone. lucía: why is everythingalways so complicated? sara: alonso already knowswhat i feel for him. magdalena: did you tell him?sara: yes, in front of rebeca,who pushed me to do it. magdalena: i don't understand.sara: i went to see alonso yesterday because he wasn'twell. your sister arrived and gotjealous because i was with him, and in a clear attemptto humiliate me, she forced me to say what i feel.magdalena: rebeca, rebeca, it's always rebeca!it's unbelievable. how far will her evilnesstake her? sara: well, in a sense,i can understand her reaction. alonso is her husbandand she has the right to fight for him.magdalena: yes, she has no right to ridicule you in front of him.and she also has no right to make me think mariois an evil man. sara: what did she say?magdalena: she didn't miss her chance to remind mewhat people think about it. you know.that mario has not got married because he couldn't forget herand that it's not a coincidence that he's now dating her sister.sara: but don't pay attention to her!you know your sister perfectly well and you know she says thatkind of things to bother you. magdalena: yes,but the bad thing is that she made me be in doubt indeed.i hadn't consider it from that angle, and what if rebecais right? what if mario did approach mebecause i'm the sister of the woman he was deeplyin love with? or to make it worse,the woman he's still deeply in love with?sara: please, get those ideas outof your head. you're a woman of great worthand mario hernández knows that very well.magdalena: oh, sure. i'm so worth it that i wasjilted on my wedding day. sara: do not compare mariowith that stupid of ricardo márquez.i don't think there's another man as stupid as him on earth!magdalena: why are you so angry at him?sara: because what he did to you is unforgivable!marcelo: daniela, please! daniela: let go of me!marcelo: i just want to know if it was true.daniela: i swear on my mother's memory that it's true.marcelo: when did it all happen? daniela: i found out when i wason the trip with my dad, and i assure you it was a veryhard time for me until i decided to attackthe problem at its roots. marcelo: with your dad's help?daniela: of course not! he knew nothing about was something i had to go through alonewithout any support. marcelo: why didn't you tell me?why did you take that decision without asking me?daniela: because we had drifted apart at that time!you were still very sad about federico's death,you had moved to puebla and--marcelo: don't make up excuses! if i was the father of that kid,i had the right to know what was going on.daniela: answer me a question. what would you have doneif you had known? would you have married me?marcelo: i don't know. i don't know,but i swear i would've never abandoned my son,let alone reject him as you said before.daniela: that kind of support wouldn't have been enoughfor me, and if i did everything in secret like a criminal,i did it not to hurt you! marcelo: but you run to telllucía so, didn't you? why? daniela: because i wantedto soften her. don't you see that i love youwith all my heart and that i can't live without you?marcelo: daniela, please, keep calm.i really don't like seeing you like this.but that doesn't mean i will break up with lucíato make it up with you. even if i feel guilty,i won't do it. i swear i don't want to hurt youbut i don't want to lie to you. daniela: let go of me.i don't need your consolation. nora: is daniela gone?lucía: yes. nora: what did she tell you?lucía: she just wanted to talk to me.nora: i guess that about marcelo and i can see thatwhat she told you felt like a kick in the teeth.lucía: nora, seriously, i don't want to talk about itwith you. let alone knowing what you feelfor him. nora: poor you, must be very hard to be dating such a besieged man.i mean, you have me, then also daniela and who knowshow many more women. lucía: can you shut up?nora: you are very touchy! teresa: girls, i found thisin the table downstairs. i don't know where to put it from any of yours? lucía: yes, it's mine, tere.thank you. teresa: excuse me.nora: what's that? lucía: some of the factory'sadvertising leaflets. nora: what do you need them for?didn't you say you had finished the catalog dad asked youto make? lucía: yes, nora,but now i'm in charge of the factory's advertisingdesign. nora: did you know that lucíawill be part of the factory's staff?rebeca: no, i didn't know, but it's not surprising.nora: it's not surprising of my father to leave meout of things. i asked him if i could workat the factory long ago, but he said nothing at all.and now he lays a red carpet for lucía.rebeca: what do you want me to do, nora?nora: i want you to find the way to make him understandthat i'm also alive. rebeca: why do you want to work?nora: let me remind you that you wanted me to told me that if i didn't wise up, lucía would takemy place. rebeca: that was before.nora: before what? rebeca: before you got obsessedwith marcelo escalante. do you think i'm silly?i know perfectly well that you want to work at the factoryto be close to him. nora: you're just like everybodyand like my dad! you don't think i could beproductive either! you don't think so!you don't trust me either! rebeca: you know what i think?i think your father is right when he says you needpsychiatric help! nora: that's what you want,right? you want to send me to a mental hospital to get ridof me! you're very selfish!you're a selfish swine! rebeca: you're the selfish one!you think that you're the only one who needs help.we all have problems. very serious problems!nora: i thought that i was important to you.but you know what? i can do it myself.milagros: you finally appeared! i've been waiting for youfor hours! daniela: i'm sorry, milagros.i had things to do. milagros: you could've let meknow, i phoned you all dayand i couldn't reach you. daniela: because i run outof battery. milagros: that's not an apology,daniela. you said you would come for meat a certain time and you didn't!daniela: after i tell you why i was delayed,you'll understand. i went to see lucía gaxiolabecause i had something very important to tell her.something i haven't told you yet.milagros: you can tell me on the way because we'revery delayed. rafaela: do you need any help?milagros: i said i don't. let's go.daniela: how come? rafaela is not coming with us?milagros: no, she's not. daniela: who'll do the shoppingand everything? milagros: we will find someone.nobody's indispensable in this life.rafaela: good luck. daniela: who'll make the beds?milagros: we'll see. teresa: hello, boy.marcelo: hi. could you tell lucía i'm here?teresa: she's not at home. marcelo: did she tell youto tell me that? teresa: no, she's not here,really. marcelo: where is she?teresa: i don't know. marcelo: can you tell herthat i'll pick her car and come back later?teresa: sure, i'll give her the message.marcelo: thank you. teresa: i'm sorry.i'll close the door. excuse me.lucía: i came to see you because you've been pretty lost.leticia: now that i work, i don't have much free time.sit down. lucía: i can imagine.i have many things to tell you. leticia: do you?lucía: i'm dating marcelo. leticia: i'm happy for you.lucía: to be honest, i don't think we'll last long.leticia: what a pity. lucía: what's wrong with you?leticia: nothing. but you're not the only onewho has problems. lucía: i know, i know.what happens? leticia: i'm tiredof being alone. i'm fed up of not havinga boyfriend like any other girl of my age.what's more, i have never had a boyfriend, you see?lucía: you're talking as if you were an old lady.leticia: even the old ladies have someone who loves them.look at your aunt magdalena. i'm sorry, i'm sorry.i didn't mean to offend anybody. lucía: no, forgive me for beingso selfish and for being such a bad friend.i'm sorry. i'm sorry i didn't realizewhat you were going through. what can i do for you?leticia: nothing. you can't help me at all.lucía: why? leticia: because you have manyproblems and i--[cries] lucía: no, no...mario: hello. magdalena: hello.mario: is anything wrong? magdalena: yes, i want to askyou something, mario. why did you take a liking to me?mario: because you're a wonderful woman.magdalena: am i? what is so wonderful about a spinsterlike me? mario: why do you say that?magdalena: i was wondering if you had noticed me because i amrebeca's sister. mario: of course i didn't.magdalena: tell me the truth, you still have feelings for her?mario: i don't at all. listen, relationship with your sister was so long ago and so manyyears have gone by that it was almost insignificant.we were teenagers. magdalena: but you were veryhappy about the relationship. i remember that very well.besides, people say things-- mario: listen to me verycarefully. apart from your sister,there have been other women in my life.the thing is i never fell in love and that's whyi never got married. i haven't felt for any otherwoman what i feel for you. and it may be too soon,but i have to tell you this. you're the only womani'd like to live with. magdalena: i'm scared, mario.mario: don't be scared. may i know why you were suddenlyin doubt? you've been talking to someone.magdalena: don't worry about it. mario: ok, i'll do so.i won't pay attention to it, i'll pretend we never talkedabout this. i mean,what were we talking about? okay?magdalena: okay. mario: madam,please. magdalena: thank you.rebeca: you're finally home. thank you.i thought you'd never be back. didn't your wonderful sara tellyou you had to rest? alonso: i went to see nazario.even if i don't feel okay, i have to take care of him.rebeca: were you there all day? alonso: no, i went to see sarabefore. rebeca: sure, that's why youleft in secret without letting me know.alonso: i left early to avoid arguing with you.rebeca: i thought everything was clear after our conversationlast night. alonso: i don't care aboutwhat we talked last night. i had to apologize to her.rebeca: why you? alonso: because you weren'tgoing to do it. rebeca: she's the one who hasto apologize to me after having tried to steal my husband!alonso: stop it, rebeca! my relationship with sarais over, she's no longer my doctor nor my friendnor anything! rebeca: i hope so!milagros: the more i think about what you told me,the more i feel like hitting could you do such a terrible thing?daniela: i didn't want to commit him, i didn't wantto force him so be with me just because i was goingto have a baby. milagros: should've told him and me too!daniela: i was very ashamed about it.milagros: why did you suddenly feel like telling that creep so?daniela: i was desperate. i know that province peopleare very prejudiced and i though i could soften her.milagros: that witch can't have any prejudices at all,let alone moral ones. daniela: after what i did,you can say the same about me. milagros: well,it's no use moaning about it. it's done now.but if there's a chance you could do it again...daniela: what? milagros: to get pregnant again.daniela: that's impossible. marcelo doesn't even let metouch him. milagros: well, maybe now,but you have to be patient. daniela: i find it weirdthat you're giving me this kind of advice.i didn't know you were so liberal.milagros: i've seen many things in my life.nothing horrifies me. [cell phone rings]rodrigo: hello. ligia: it's me.i wanted to tell you that my cousin is no longerat my apartment, which means you can visit mewhenever you want. rodrigo: i'd love to go today,but i'll meet sergio. ligia: do you think you'll enjoyyourself more with sergio than with me?rodrigo: no, i don't think so. but well, anyway.i promise that i'll be there tomorrow.good evening. ligia: rodrigo, wait.i wanted to tell you that i don't mind at what timeyou are free. it sounds perfect.i'll be waiting for you. good bye.leticia: were you talking to rodrigo zúñiga, my friend'sex boyfriend? don't act dumb, answer me![music] [music]leticia: don't stare at me! i asked you a question!ligia: i heard you! and no, i wasn't talkingto your friend's ex. he's not the only rodrigoin this world. leticia: don't get mad,it was just a guess. ligia: make sure the dooris closed when you leave. lucía: leti, why did you thinkthat she was talking to the rodrigo you and i know?leticia: because rodrigo worked here and sergio told me he goton very well with ligia. lucía: but the person she wastalking to was more than just a friend.leticia: yes. i wouldn't be surprisedif rodrigo were seeing her. he has a peculiar taste--lucía: oh, thank you. leticia: i don't mean you.i mean you sister and ligia, who's much older than him.lucía: to be honest, i don't care about that man's life.if she's dating him, i feel sorry for her.leticia: you're right. lucía: let's go.nora: why did you give my sister a job and sent me to hell?alonso: nora, please, we've already discussed it.nora: no, you told me you'd look for a place for me,but now it turns out there're no positions for me?alonso: yes, we'll find a place for you to work at the factory,considering what you want to do and what you know to do.nora: i know i'm useless! but i wanted to learnto earn a living. but as i'm not the daughterof the love of your life... alonso: nora, it's enough!nora: i curse the day you married that womanand had my sister, i curse the day you put heron an altar to adore her. alonso: shut up now!nora: beat me. come on, beat me!alonso: get out. get out, i said!get out! rebeca: what's going on?alonso: nora, your daughter, needs psychiatric helpimmediately. a psychiatrist must see herbecause i don't know what to do with her.rebeca: which doctor? alonso: i don't know him,but i've been suggested one. rebeca: if it was you dear sarawho suggested him, i won't let my daughter see him.alonso: it doesn't matter who suggested the doctor!i will take her no matter what. rebeca: nora has to be willingto do it, or will you force her to go?alonso: if she refuses to, of course i will.marcelo: hello. i was waiting for you.i brought your car. lucía: thank you.marcelo: can we talk? i think it's important to talk.lucía: okay, but not here. marcelo: wherever you want.rodrigo: leti ezquerra took my place, then?she knows nothing. sergio: she may not know,but there's a difference between her and you know what it is? rodrigo: what?sergio: she's willing to learn. that's why they fired you.rodrigo: i wasn't fired. i resigned.sergio: it's the same. in any case,you have no job now. and i can see you're becominga drunk, stop it! rodrigo: you stop it,you sound like my dad. sergio: maybe i do,but you've drunk twice as much in the same time.rodrigo: and i'll keep drinking. sir,a double one. [sms alert]sergio: who is it? who is it? rodrigo: it's nobody.sergio: "remember i'm waiting for you."are you seeing nora again? rodrigo: are you crazy?how could i? sergio: who is it, then?rodrigo: she's just a friend, sergio.sergio: she'd better not be nora because i don't want you to lieto me again! rodrigo: i'm not lying to you.i will tell you who she is. she's ligia.sergio: who? rodrigo: ligia!sergio: ligia? from the office? rodrigo: the same one.sergio: ligia. rodrigo: ligia, ligia.sergio: and so? are you dating her or what?rodrigo: it may sound weird, bus she makes me feel good.she seems to care about me. besides, she helps me not tothink about lucía all the time. sergio: don't get in trouble.rodrigo: i won't, relax, cheers. marcelo: you heard her when shesaid i didn't know it, and i don't think it is true.lucía: but i do. why would she make that up?marcelo: to make us argue as we're arguing now.lucía: i don't know your ex, but i think it's terriblefor a woman to make up something like that.marcelo: let's imagine daniela told the truth.she decided to get rid of the baby without my can't be responsible for a person who does thatto you. lucía: what an easy way out.marcelo: it's not that. it makes me indignant that shedidn't ask me about something that really concerned me.i should be mad at her because she didn't tell me.lucía: you know what? i can't believe you're talkinglike this about such a delicate matter.if i were on daniela's place and you treated me like this,i would feel utterly humiliated. marcelo: what do you want meto do? shall i break up with you to be with her just becauseshe said she was going to have a child?lucía: i have a question. what would you do if danielahad not got rid of the baby and were still pregnant?marcelo: i swear i would've taken care of my son,but i wouldn't have made it up with her.i don't know and i don't want to think about it becausethat's fortunately not the case. lucía: i don't know why, but ifeel the story about nora an rodrigo is happening again.marcelo: no, you can't compare it, please.rodrigo did that to you right before your relationship with daniela was long before i met you.lucía: but there're many things i don't know about you, marcelo.marcelo: yes, i have a past exactly like you.a past you will get to know little by little.give me your hand. listen to me carefully.i want to share my present and my future with you.just with you. [music][music] rebeca: hello, brígida.i didn't expect to see you, let alone this late.brígida: i'm sorry i came without letting you know.i was close by and as i haven't seen you in a long time,i decided to come and see how you were doing.rebeca: what do you mean? brígida: how's alonso's health,if you've found trinidad's murdererand how's norita doing. rebeca: alonso is much better.we know nothing about clara. nora is perfectly well.what else do you want me to tell you?brígida: i wanted to ask you if the name daniela suárezsounds familiar to you. rebeca: where did you hearthat name? brígida: my son named her.he says she's just a friend, but as i know him, i thinkthey're not just friends. rebeca: it's it seems they're exchanging their partners.brígida: what do you mean? rebeca: that that danielai already had the pleasure of meeting is marcelo escalante'sex girlfriend. ligia: i thought you were notcoming. rodrigo: here i am.ligia: you had forgotten about me.rodrigo: i'm sorry, i've been busy these days.a person close to our family died recently and i'm workingon a new project with my dad. ligia: but you still had timeto go for a drink with my cousin in spite of whoever's deathand business stuff, right? rodrigo: she told you about it.ligia: yes, she did. there was no reason not to,right? rodrigo: sure, of course.but i want you to know she approached me.ligia: i know. she told me so.and she also told me that you confessed her that you're stillin love with lucía gaxiola. she said you couldn'tforgive yourself. rodrigo: it's true.ligia: what a pity. i was hoping i could help youforget her. rodrigo: ligia,this is different. didn't you say at the beginningthat i shouldn't feel committed? ligia: yes, i said soand i meant it. but well,i wanted to make you feel that you could bemuch better with me. rodrigo: you're clearly right.>> good night. >> good night.>> fancy seeing you here. why are you here this late?>> i was waiting for you. >> what for?>> to tell you that the check lucía gaxiola gave to that clarawas tracked. >> and so? why didn't you phoneme earlier? >> because i was checkingthe information. that's the bank where shecashed the check and then carried out a procedure,so we got her complete name. >> clara rosales buena.>> yes. and this is the best part.we got her address. brígida: amador!amador: i'm here! brígida: guess what.i found out who daniela suárez is.amador: who? brígida: oh, please!rodrigo's new friend. i went to rebeca's houseand i asked her if by any chance she knew who the girl was--amador: brígida, you don't get it, right?brígida: no, i don't know what you mean.amador: i told you very clearly and in a very good mannerto leave your son in peace. brígida: i didn't get involved!we were talking and i couldn't keep quiet, amador.amador: i'm fed up of you! i'm fed up!i'm fed up of how meddling you are!i'm fed up of your clumsiness. i'm fed up of you!i don't know how i managed to live all these yearswith you. brígida: where are you going to?amador: to any place where i don't have to see your face.brígida: no, amador, let me explain you.wait, amador! amador! rafaela: i don't thinkit's true. do you think she would've missedthe chance to tie you up? marcelo: she said she didn'twant to commit me. milagros: how considerate!she clearly made it all up to make you change your mind.marcelo: whether it was true or not, she got what she wanted.she made me feel awful. it's hard to admit it,but my mother is right. rafaela: about what?marcelo: about the fact that daniela is very lonelyand that she had all her hopes on me.i ended up letting her down. rafaela: it must have been sadfor her to lose you, but she's not defenseless.she managed to join forces with your mother.marcelo: do you think it was my mother's idea to sayshe had been pregnant? rafaela: i don't think so.your mother was mad because daniela took very longto come for her. i'm sure that she didn't knowwhere she was, let alone that she was telling your girlfriendthat bull of rubbish. marcelo: if i hadn't enteredto give lucía what she had forgotten, i would know nothingabout this. rafaela: and how did she react?marcelo: terribly bad. she's suspicious of me again.rafaela: and she still doesn't know about your brotherand her aunt. marcelo: don't even mention it.[music] [music]lucía: hello. alonso: hello.lucía: i wanted to say good night, dad.alonso: were you with marcelo? lucía: yes.alonso: it seems that things are not okay.did you have an argument? lucía: no, not exactly.alonso: and so? lucía: dad, when i thinkeverything is perfect, i find out there're thingsabout marcelo that i don't know and that i don't find niceat all. alonso: like what?lucía: don't get offended, i don't think i should talkabout his problems. alonso: you're right about that.but don't make things complicated, i'm surethat that boy loves you. that's why he fought for you.another man would've told you to go to hell after how youtreated him. lucía: yes, you're right,completely right. there's no reason to doubt him.thank you, dad. alonso: i love you.lucía: i love you too. alonso: sleep well.lucía: hey, dad. are there any news about clara?alonso: no, not yet. i will phone mr. juárez tomorrowto see if he had any news. lucía: okay.[knocking on door] >> it seems that there's nobodyhome. >> there's a light on.good night. we're trying to findmrs. clara rosales buena. >> she's not here.>> do you know at what time she'll be back?>> what do you need her for? >> we need to make hersome questions. >> clara didn't kill anybody,leave her in peace. her son's illness is enoughfor her. >> we're not accusing her yet.we just want to talk to her. do you know at what timeshe'll be back? >> i don't know.she took her son and left. >> where to?>> i swear i don't know. i came earlier todayand she wasn't here. she left without saying bye.rodrigo: i want to tell you something.ligia: tell me. rodrigo: before coming here,i met sergio and i told him about us.ligia: what's wrong with you? rodrigo: what's the problem?ligia: why did you tell him? rodrigo: because he's my friendand i trust him. ligia: but don't you realizewe work at the same place? my boss can find out about itat any moment, he may tell that gossip of leti.rodrigo: he won't tell anybody. he's very discreet, ligia.ligia: for the sake of both of us, i hope he doesn't.go home now. rodrigo: relax,nothing will happen, i swear, you won't be in trouble.ligia: fine, we'll talk about this later.go now. rodrigo: as you wish.[doorbell rings] ligia: daniela...what did you forget, danielita? amador: hi.ligia: amador. amador: did you miss me?ligia: not at all. amador: you've always beenvery bad at lying. ligia: let go of me, please.amador: what's wrong? who's here?who's lying in your bed, ligia? answer.

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