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El Color de la Pasión Capítulo 47

Daniela está dispuesta a comenzar una amistad con Nora para separar a Marcelo y Lucía. Daniela le dice a Lucía que iba a tener un hijo de Marcelo, pero abortó porque sabía que él no lo quería.
5 Jun 2021 – 12:00 AM EDT

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announcer: televisa presents... magdalena: it was normita.she didn't want to come in, but she asked me to give youher regards and hand you these cookies.and they actually look good. nazario: thanks a lot.magdalena: lalo called too. he said that everybody at thefactory and him sends you regards.nazario: i really thank them all that they are worried about me.specially you, but you don't have to be locked up in hereall day to keep me company. magdalena: i do it gladly,you're a very important person to me.nazario: i know, but you have a job,you have a relationship with mario, you have many thingsto take care of. magdalena: i will, don't worry,but for now, i'll stay here with you, in case you need anything.nazario: what i'm trying to say is that you need to live yourlife. and i need to be aloneto process the pain. magdalena: nazario,would you like me to go live elsewhere?nazario: no, that's not what i meant.this is your house and you know it.magdalena: thanks. nazario: what i don't want isfor you to change your everyday life to take care of me.i can manage. magdalena: i know.i love you. nazario: me too.magdalena: goodnight. nazario: goodnight.alonso: i don't understand why lucia made you come.lucia: your cardiologist wouldn't answer the phone,and someone had to see you. sara: don't pay attention tohim, you did the right thing by calling me.and you can be at ease, because there's no reason tothink he could have a heart attack again.lucia: why did he get so bad then?sara: i guess he's not resting enough and he's too stressed.alonso: i didn't leave this room, i haven't even lifteda finger. sara: that's not enough,you have to put your mind to rest.and this means you have to be as calm as you possibly can.alonso: as i said, i can't ignore everything that'sgoing on. sara: i know.look, i'll prescribe you something that will help yourelax. and don't worry, it doesn'tcontradict your cardiologist's instructions.i'll still tell him. alonso: thanks.lucia: i'll call the pharmacy to see if they have it.alonso: thanks. lucia: thanks.alonso: since you're here, i want to ask you another favor.sara: anything. alonso: it's about nora.lucia: do you know what's the pharmacy's number?rebeca: no, why do you need it? lucia: sara came and sheprescribed dad a medication. there.rebeca: is she still with your dad?lucia: yes, she didn't leave yet, why?sara: i'll get the information for you.alonso: thank you, and sorry again for all the inconvenience.i took advantage of our friendship.sara: don't be silly. it's a pleasure to help you.and if you need anything, don't hesitate to call.alonso: thanks again. rebeca: oh, so romantic!why aren't you honest for once, and tell me what you want?to steal my husband from me? alonso: don't be stupid.rebeca: i'm not stupid. can't you see?this woman is crazy about you. alonso: be quiet!rebeca: why don't you just tell him what you want?what you feel for him? be brave and tell himin front of me. sara: your wife's right,you are the man i always dreamed of sharing my life with.satisfied? excuse me.lucia: you're leaving? sara: yes, my job is done.lucia: i'll walk you to the door.sara: no, thanks. there's no need.lucia: thanks for everything, sara.alonso: rebeca, you have no limits!rebeca: neither do you. and neither does that woman.i won't tolerate to be fooled. nora: what's going on?lucia: they are fighting, for a change.nora: why? lucia: i don't know.nora: it's their problem. sara: [sobs]alonso: it was outrageous the way you humiliated sara.rebeca: it's more outrageous that she came to my own houseto try to seduce you. alonso: don't be silly!she came here as my doctor, that's all.rebeca: didn't you hear her? what was it that she said?you're the man i dreamed of sharing my life with.alonso: she said that because you made her.rebeca: anyway, she's crazy about you.and i won't allow her to get close to you.i'll defend you with everything i've got.alonso: there's nothing to're talking as if i was going to go after sara and leave you.rebeca: you better not, because i won't let that womanor anyone to keep you away from are my husband. the love of my life.and i won't let you go. alonso: sometimes i thinkyou're not in love with me. that you just want to have me,like an object and that's all. rebeca: think what ever youwant, but you won't fool me. alonso: it's uselessto keep arguing. you already got the idea in yourhead and no one will get it out. sergio: stop, you'll finishtomorrow. lety: no, i want to finishwith this already. mario: goodnight, rest well.sergio: goodnight, sir, bye. hey, lety?what's wrong with you? you've been acting strangeall day. lety: i'm fine, you're imaginingthings. sergio: don't lie to me,i know you and you're not like're acting weird. specially with mr. hernandez.what? do you regret working here already?lety: no, of course not. sergio: so, tell me,i'm your friend. trust me.lety: the thing is i'm in love. sergio: what?that's good! may i know who he is?tell me. lety: mario hernandez.sergio: what? mario? your boss?are you crazy? he's so much older than you!he could be your father! and you know he's dating...lety: shut up! don't tell me what i alreadyknow. don't ever repeat what you justheard. i told you because i'm desperateand i have no one to tell it to. and as if it wasn't enough,magdalena is lucia's aunt. sergio: okay, i won't tell.lety: i hope so. sergio: wait, we're not donetalking. lety: we are, there's nothingto talk about. amador: why didn't you tell meyou stole some things? vinicio: i forgot.sorry. amador: you forgot?i don't even know how you had the courage to do that.vinicio: i thought i could make it look like a robbery.amador: great idea, what if they catch youfor what you stole? vinicio: no, it's put away,safe. amador: thank god you didn'tsell it. vinicio: it's not worth much.since we're discussing money, remember you didn't pay me yet.amador: how dare you charge me after the stupid thing you did?i didn't ask you to kill anyone. vinicio: i didn't,it was an accident, i told you. amador: an accident thatshouldn't have happened. lalo: good evening.amador: what are you doing here? lalo: just letting you knowi'm leaving. i wanted to tell you.amador: now i know, you can go now.vinicio: me too, i'll go start my round.lucia: lety's mom came to see him.and she said he was feeling bad because he's stressed.but i'm afraid he'll get another heart attack.marcelo: are you doubting the doctor?didn't you trust her? lucia: yes, but...marcelo: but nothing, stop. stop thinking silly things.lucia: i don't know how you do it, but you have the abilityto sooth me. marcelo: just that?lucia: no, the most important thing is that you make me feelsomething i never felt before. marcelo: what a coincidence,the same thing happens to me. nora: get out of here!get out! don't you hear me?get out! quick! go, go! fool!i promise he won't be yours, on my life i swear it.lety: i'm home. sara: good, dear.lety: is something wrong? sara: no, nothing.i didn't have a good day, that's all.lety: me neither. sara: why?don't tell me you don't like your job anymore?lety: that's not it, i like it but...sara: but what? lety: nothing, you wouldn'tunderstand. sara: how do you know?lety: please, mom, don't ask me questions.just give me a hug. sara: me too,i need your hug too. i need it so much.[chattering] lucia: dad?alonso: yes? lucia: marcelo wants to saygoodbye. marcelo: i know you haven't beenfeeling well, but i just wanted to say goodbye.alonso: don't pay attention to her, she overreacts, i feelbetter now. and i'm glad you're here,i want to discuss some things with you.dear, could you go check with the pharmacy? they didn't bringthe medications. lucia: sure.alonso: thanks. don't stand there, sit.marcelo: thanks. alonso: first of all,i want to tell you i'm glad my daughter accepted you,please, take care of her and be good to her.marcelo: don't worry, count on it.alonso: good. after clearing that out,let's move on to another subject.marcelo: tell me. alonso: as you can see, i won'tbe able to go back to the factory in a while and nazario,after all that happened, won't, i want you to be in charge, and if you see somethingstrange, tell me. marcelo: yes, don't worry.but where does all this leave mr. zuñiga?it seems you don't trust him that much, and i don'tunderstand why you're partners. alonso: the thing is that whenwe started the partnership, everything was good for bothof us, but then the relationship with amadorhas worn out. and that started doubtson both sides. marcelo: why are you stillpartners? alonso: he has given the companyeverything. but, i have to confess,i asked hernandez to get the papers ready to break upthe partnership. but i'm trying no to harm amadorthat much. marcelo: i, it's that a fact? alonso: no, not yet.he just brought in a client, i want to see what he doeswith that new client and how things turn out.marcelo: okay. lucia: okay, i'll wait, thanks.rebeca: this is the last time you call sara ezquerra to comesee your dad. lucia: why?rebeca: because she's not his doctor.lucia: i know. but she's a friend of thefamily, and very trustworthy. rebeca: i'm his wifeand even if you're his daughter, everything related to his healthit's my call. get it?lucia: you're talking about him as if he couldn't make his owndecisions. rebeca: i already told him why idon't want that woman here. and he agreed.lucia: i doubt it. rebeca: i don't want to arguewith you, so do as i say. brigida: suarez sepulveda,suarez reynoso... suarez palacios...amador: what are you doing? brigida: nothing, i'm just you know anyone by the name suarez?amador: no, why? brigida: i finally found out thename of rodrigo's new friend. daniela suarez.hey, doesn't that name ring a bell?amador: no, not at all. brigida: rodrigo says she comesfrom a good family, but if she did, we would know who she was,don't you think? amador: i'll tell you thisfor one last time. and in good terms,stop snooping in your son's life, leave him alone.drop the phone guide and the phone.brigida: i remind you that every time rodrigo did thingson his own, he's been really irresponsible.amador: yes, but i think he learned the lesson,so trust him and stop treating him as a child.brigida: you're right. okay, i'll stay out of his life,his things. amador: i'll thank you,and so will him. is the bath ready?daniela: i have nothing to lose. [cell phone]nora: hello? daniela: don't tell me i wokeyou up? nora: who is this?daniela: you forgot about me so soon?nora: oh, hi. i knew you'd call.daniela: i've been thinking about your proposaland before i made a decision, i wanted to know what you werereferring to when you said we could help each other.nora: many things. for starters, i know my sisterbetter than anyone. and i know what her soft spotis. daniela: give me an example.nora: talking on the phone is really uncomfortable,why don't we meet tomorrow somewhere?daniela: i have a complicated day tomorrow, but...don't worry, i'll see what i can do and i'll make the time.nora: perfect. milagros: i was waiting for you.marcelo: what for? milagros: to tell you my thingsare ready. daniela is picking me uptomorrow to move to that place. marcelo: i don't see the pointof you staying in puebla, or daniela.milagros: she loves you, she won't let you go.marcelo: she has to understand we're over.and you have to help me and stop encouraging her,i won't take her back. milagros: well, i won't turn herback on her when she's asking me for support.i can't do it. you know i love her likea daughter. marcelo: mom, please.milagros: it's true. she's all alone,we're all she has. marcelo: and her dad.milagros: he gives her everything but doesn't take careof her. you know it, whether you like itor not, we are her family. marcelo: well, if you love herso much, help her start her life over with someone else.because she has no chance with me.milagros: you say it so lightly. marcelo: i say it as it well. [knock]alonso: come in, it's open. lucia: good morning, dad.alonso: good morning, honey. lucia: how did you start theday? alonso: well, the medicationssara gave me are working well. lucia: my aunt told me shedidn't want to see her again. and that you that true? alonso: not exactly,the thing is that i think i took advantage of sara'sfriendship. and i don't think we shouldbother her over silly things. lucia: you don't have to give meexcuses, it's something between you and your wife,and i don't have to get involved.i just don't think it's fair to sara.alonso: me neither. where are you going all dressedup? lucia: to the factory.alonso: what for? lucia: what do you mean?i promised you i was going to work in the business and that'swhat i'll do. besides, i didn't forget i haveto pay you back the money you lent me.alonso: forget about that. lucia: we'll discuss that later.i'll go have breakfast. alonso: have a nice day.lucia: thanks, dad. the same to you.[doorbell] teresa: come this way.clara: thanks. teresa: lucia, someone's lookingfor you. clara: good morning.lucia: good morning. clara: i was nearby by and ithought you might wanted to know that they'll start runningmy son the tests. lucia: so, it's true?clara: sure, why do you doubt it?lucia: well, i... clara: miss's been a long time. the last time i saw you, it wasright here, when your sister's thing happened, remember?[music] [music]rebeca: of course i remember. it was the same day you leftafter you stole everything from dare you come back? after what you did to trini?you're a murderer. a damned murderer!clara: you're crazy! i didn't hurt anyone.rebeca: where are you going? lucia: aunt, wait up!no, ma'am, wait. please, don't go.clara: i don't know why rebeca said that.i had nothing to do with that, i didn't even know triniwas dead. lucia: someone broke into herhouse and she was murdered the same day you went to seeher. clara: i swear on my son'slife, i have nothing to do with that.i just saw her for a moment while you were with her...lucia: relax, i'm not accusing you.clara: do you think i would have come looking for youif i had killed her? i wouldn't have even cometo ring the bell. lucia: i know, i know, but ineed you to tell the police. clara: i won't tell themanything. lucia: please, don't go.clara: no one will believe me. no one!you won't put that on me, no. lucia: i need you to talk to thepolice, tell them everything you're telling me.clara: no, no, let me go! i won't tell anyone anything!not me. lalo: this is wrong, check itagain. hey, marcelo.marcelo: what is it? lalo: did you know about this?marcelo: about what? lalo: a work order amador gaveme. marcelo: what about it?lalo: the amount! i mean, we've been doingcrockery, but the client wants too many and right away,we won't be able to have a good quality product.marcelo: i understand. lalo: nazario would have neverallowed such a thing, because above all, we haveto stop the regular work to deliver this on time.marcelo: don't worry, i'll talk to zuñigaor with alonso. lalo: i told you he would getaway with it, and who knows what he's up to with the nightguard. marcelo: what do you mean?lalo: i heard them arguing last night.marcelo: really? maybe he was scoldinghim for something. lalo: yes, right.i don't think so, because as soon as they saw me, they keptquiet and amador left right away.lucia: sorry, but it was not right for you to start yellinglike crazy. you just scared her away.rebeca: what did you expect? that i invited herin for coffee? lucia: don't make fun.i'm surprised that being so smart,you did that, as if you wanted her to runaway. rebeca: don't be silly,why would i want trini's murderer to go away?lucia: there's no prove that she did it.but now we're right where we started because the police islooking for her for clues and now we don't know her last name,her address or anything. rebeca: enough, stop scoldingme. you didn't do much to stop her.and tell me, what were you talking with her about?lucia: about her son, he's very sick.and she came to thank me for the money i gave her for the tests.rebeca: you gave her money? don't you see she's a thiefand maybe even a murderer? lucia: i know what you think,but it's not like clara thinks very highly of you either.rebeca: why is that? lucia: because the day i met hershe told me not to trust you. that you're not a good person.alonso: why are you arguing? rebeca: you know?let her tell you. i'll call officer juarez.[knock] amador: come in.marcelo: may i talk to you? amador: be quick, i'm working.marcelo: it's about the order you gave lalo a moment ago.amador: what? that's none of your business.marcelo: i just want to know in what terms was that contractsigned. could you give it to me, please?amador: of course not. that contract was alreadychecked and authorized by your boss.what's your problem? marcelo: i know, but...amador: nothing, i'll say this for the last time,you peasant. you might manage to dazzlealonso and his daughter, but in here that doesn't count.marcelo: i know i'm not an expert in all this,but that's no reason to do nothing about it.watching you do your things behind nazario and alonso'sback. amador: no one has to superviseme in this business. i'm a partner,not just an employee like you. marcelo: you told me that manytimes, and believe me, it's clear.excuse me. amador: fool!>> calm down, if benito sees you like this, he'll worry.clara: how can i? they are blaming me forsomething i didn't do. >> i think lucia is right,go to the police and clear things out.clara: and you think they would believe me?they'll get me in jail like, that can't happen to me, my son would be alone.>> sit, why would they put you in jail?you didn't kill that woman! clara: i know,but they won't believe me. i'll rather get my things,my kid and go. >> please, don't be silly.if you leave, they will think you were responsible.and you can't leave with benito like this.what if you take him and he gets worse?clara: i'm scared, i'm scared.>> don't worry, oh, friend!as they say, you have nothing to hide.listen, maybe they don't even find you.rebeca: okay, i admit i tipped her off.but you won't send me to jail for that, will you?alonso: rebeca, please. rebeca: he's treating me as if iwas a criminal, as if i was that woman's accomplice.juarez: relax. no one's accusing you.anything else to add? rebeca: i have nothing elseto say. but maybe my niece, who spokewith her a lot more, has something to add.lucia: i don't think she killed my godmother.juarez: why are you so sure? lucia: it was obvious she hadno clue. and she said it herself,she wouldn't have dared to come if she had killed someoneclose to the family. a few days ago.rebeca: i think the opposite, i think she came here to confuseus. so that we thoughtshe's innocent. lucia: if that was so,she wouldn't have ran off all scared.rebeca: i think you're too naive.alonso: please, stop arguing. >> enough.juarez: that's all for now. if she comes back,let us now. alonso: i'll walk you out.[music] [music]milagros: where could that girl be?she should have been here a long time ago.rafaela: maybe she realized it made no sense to stay.milagros: the same i told my son, daniela really loves him.and she won't give him up. rafaela: you'll excuse me,but sometimes i feel is not love what she feels,it's just a whim. milagros: don't talk aboutthings you don't know. rafaela: daniela is used tohaving everything she wants. so, i guess she didn't like thatyour son rejected her. if she had some dignity,she would have packed and returned home.milagros: if you were prudent, you'd be quiet!rafaela: mrs. milagros, wait a little more and soon you won'thave to see my face again. milagros: i hope so.rafaela: same here. and i hope you can find somehelp. because i don't think you'll dothe cleaning around the house. milagros: you're too cockyand very ungrateful, leave me alone.i don't want to see your face starting now.rafaela: tell me if you need help with your bag.nora: hello. have you waited for me long?daniela: i told you i had a busy day and you even make me wastemy time? nora: when you hear what i haveto say, you won't think you wasted your time.daniela: i'm not really sure you can do something to getmarcelo back. your mom offered to help me onceand nothing happened. nora: you better stop.i heard you once talk about my mother like that.i won't do it again. daniel: don't get mad,maybe i was just mad at your family and i misinterpretedthings. nora: let's drop it,we are not here to talk about my mom, we came to talk aboutmy sister. what you have to do is lookfor her and talk to her. daniela: you think i haven'tdone that already? nora: i'm sure you have,but it was the wrong strategy. it's useless to yell at herand threaten her. you have do i explain? you have to talk differently.sara: hello, any patient? alma: mr. gaxiola is here,he had no appointment but he asked if he couldwait in your office. i let him in.sara: you did the right thing. thank you.good afternoon. alonso: good afternoon.sara: i wasn't expecting you. alonso: i know.i came to apologize about last night.i don't agree with the way rebeca treated you.sara: that's okay, it's logical that she's're her husband and she loves you.alonso: i'm flattered about what you said.sara: please, don't get things wrong.i never said i was in love with you.i just said you're the type of man i would have liked for me,that's all. alonso: it must be hard beingalone. sara: it wasn't easy,but let's say i got used to it. besides, i'm not alone,i have my daughter. and she fills a very importantpart of my life. alonso: yes, i'm sure.i won't keep you any longer, and i hope that what happenedlast night won't affect our relationship.sara: i'm sorry for being a little rude, but i think itwould be best if you called another doctor from now on.i don't want to get into trouble or get you into troublewith your wife. alonso: okay.i'm sorry, i won't bother you again.excuse me. sara: alonso, wait!here's the information that you asked.alonso: what information? sara: from a person that couldhelp nora. alonso: yes, thanks.sara: you are welcome. alonso: excuse me.sara: [sobs] marcelo: at what time did ithappen? lucia: this morning.that's why i arrived so late. marcelo: what surprises meis your aunt's reaction when she saw her.lucia: the strangest thing was that i felt like she wantedher to ran off. and maybe it's absurd,but something tells me clara had nothing to do with it.marcelo: don't think about that anymore.are you ready for work? lucia: yes.marcelo: where will you work? lucia: not here, i'll work fromhome. marcelo: why?lucia: because if you see me all day, every day, you'll gettired of me and i don't want that.marcelo: that's exactly what i least it's good you're coming often so that your ex-fatherin law doesn't feel like he owns the place.lucia: why do you bring up rodrigo every chance you get?marcelo: because i love to hear you say you don't care about himanymore. lucia: and you?what about daniela? marcelo: i told you she wasimportant to me, but it's over now.norma: lucia, here's everything you asked.sorry to interrupt. lucia: no, thanks.norma: excuse me. should i close?marcelo: yes. both: [laugh]rebeca: so, what brings you here?magdalena: i heard alonso haven't been feeling well.i came to say hello. rebeca: he's in his office.i saw mario always next to you during trini's funeral.i didn't know you were that close.magdalena: we're more than that. rebeca: really?why didn't you tell me? magdalena: i didn't havethe chance. rebeca: isn't it because we wereonce involved? magdalena: i know where thisis going. you'll tell me what everybodyelse tells me, that mario never got remarriedbecause he couldn't forget you. rebeca: that's stupid, don'tlisten to them, people talk. magdalena: thanks for the advicebut you and mario happened so long ago, i think he doesn'teven remember. rebeca: yes, okay.but isn't it weird that precisely now he's datingmy sister precisely? magdalena: as weird as youmarrying our eldest sister's husband.i'll go see alonso. he's not in there.did he go out? rebeca: i'm sure.[music] [music]i was told you weren't feeling well.alonso: more or less, i should be at home,but i really wanted to see you. nazario: what can i do for you?alonso: this morning that woman clara showed up at the house.i don't know why, but rebeca opened the door and told herthe police was looking for her. and she ran off.nazario: don't say? alonso: you don't care much,do you? nazario: that's not it,it's just that i feel you'll get nothing from her.alonso: you still think amador zuñiga had to do with trini'sdeath. nazario: i'd rather not talkabout your partner because we won't get to an agreement.let's change the subject. why did you come?alonso: why do you ask? nazario: because i know you.and even if i'm sad and depressed,i can see you're going through something hard.alonso: you know me too well. i can't hide it from you.i needed to talk to a friend, i don't know if you're readyto hear some stupid things. nazario: anything that takesmy mind off my wife's memory is welcomed.don't beat around the bush, tell me what's going has to do with your wife, isn't it?alonso: no, not precisely. it's about another woman.lucia: you're stubborn. marcelo: why?lucia: because you insisted in driving me homeand i'll have to go get my car back tomorrow.the same as yesterday. marcelo: don't complain,i'll bring it by later. lucia: you're so charming!thanks, my love. marcelo: oh!lucia: what? what? marcelo: "my love"?you called me "love", it's the first time you called me that.lucia: does it bother you? marcelo: no, on the contrary,i love it. lucia: no, no, stop!i'll go now. marcelo: see you tonight,my love. lucia: oh, don't make fun!marcelo: [laughs] see you later.lucia: yes. marcelo: my love!lucia: stop! both: [laugh]marcelo: bye, my love. lucia: bye, go.marcelo: you too. nora: i'm glad you're have a visitor. lucia: who is it?daniela: hello, lucia. nora: i'll leave you alone.lucia: what do you need? daniela: i came to talk to you.lucia: daniela, i don't know what you're doinghere, but let me tell you... daniela: i'm not here to fight.on the contrary, i come to apologize for allthose nasty moments i put you through.i'm not a rude person. and if i was rude to you,it's because i was desperate. and i still am.lucia: i understand, but i didn't take marcelo away fromyou, when he came here, he was already...daniela: i know. but it was hard on me,specially because he wasn't just a random guy.marcelo doesn't know this, but i was going to havehis child. marcelo: what are you saying?daniela: i was pregnant before you came to puebla.we were going to have a child. a child i had to get rid ofbecause you didn't want it. 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